Benny Southstreet’s trip notes for the late Pick 5 at Churchill Downs on 5-30-20

Quote of the day: “If you hate money – don’t read my notes!” – Benny

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Take it away, Southstreet!

Churchill Downs


Late P5 Trips

Race 7

1 – Sneaking Out


Trip Notes: Was an eyeball dueler at the rail throughout. A good finish at the rail.

Race Notes:  1-2-3 early finished 1-3-2.  Pace was slow for these.  Great ride by Rosario.  Not sure any other rider wins on this one.  A tough one to endorse just based on the fact that Mia Mischief ran on the same day and the race was so much faster.

Bias: Slight late running and slight outside.

2 – Break Even


Trip Notes:  PP’s tell the story.  Was hand shoved late in the lane.  Ridden with confidence.

Race Notes: 1-2-3-4 early finished 1-2-OUT-3.  Speed held very well.

Bias:  None.

3 – Princess Causeway


Trip Notes: Reserved at the back, got the proper set up and made one run for the win.

Race Notes:  Hooked duelers that were 2-3L clear set the table for off the pace types.  Place horse was best.  Winner and show horse had great trips.

Bias:  Slight inside.

4 – Bell’s the One

No applicable note.  Has not raced on dirt since Dec. of ‘19.

5 – Unique Factor


Trip Notes:  Had a clear shot but was stuck wide vs a slower than normal pace.  Was 4-5+W in the turn and through the lane.

Race Notes: Winner was W2W on a measured lead.  Place horse was likely best.

Bias:  Strong inside.

6 – Take Charge Angel

No applicable note. No sprints over dirt since Oct. of ‘19.

7 – Spiced Perfection

No applicable note. No racing for 120+ days and a new conditioner.

8 – Mia Mischief


Trip Notes:  PP’s tell the story. Great stalking trip and powerful.

Race Notes:  Top two went 1-2 throughout with stalker powering away in the lane.

Bias:  Slight late running and slight outside.

9 – Lady Suebee

Trip Notes:  Was in a good spot and then got a terrible ride.  Rider too patient and back markers went by this one early in the FT.  Steadied/checked out of that spot and loss of important ground.  No chance after this.  Grinded home for show money.  Likely could have had a say for place money.

Race Notes:  Top two went 1-2 throughout with stalker powering away in the lane.

Bias:  Slight late running and slight outside.

Race 8

1 – Aztec Empire


Trip Notes:  Wow what a pitiful comment in the PP’s!  Was off 1L slow. Reserved near back. Found a terrible spot after catching the pack into the far turn. Pressed forward while in BTW and came to a box and had nowhere to go. This effort is excused.  No chance with this trip!

Race Notes:  Pace was slower for these.  3-5* for Pletcher was a troubled 4th and was a next out winner at GP in a MSW affair.

Bias:  Slight late running and strong outside.

2 – Tiz the Journey


Trip Notes: Reserved to the back because of impossible post.  Was 4L behind the last of the pack entering the FT.  Made move midway on turn 4-5-6-7-8W into the lane after making a visually impressive move.  Flattened lane.  Another that had no shot with this trip.

Race Notes:

Bias:  Slight late running and strong outside.

3 – Mau Mau


Trip Notes:  Nibbled at early and had no speed.  **This one left the screen on the pan shot and no head on is available.**

Race Notes:  4-5* for Chad Brown wins but was 2nd best to place horse who had trouble getting intimidated in the turn and re-rallied in the lane.

Bias:  N/A

5 – Dreams of Yvonne

No applicable note.  Layoff.

6 – What a Country


Trip Notes:  Great trip.  Had open air for a very long time and was able to relax. Saved ground throughout and wasn’t good enough when it mattered.  Eh. Will need very big improvement.  

Race Notes:  Place horse was comfortably best.

Bias:  None.

7 – Bear Alley (most recent dirt race)


Trip Notes: Made the lead easy and pulled  jock around the course.  Was disappointing after the easy lead.

Horse note: Strange horse.  Carries his head very low early (like A.P. Indy) but it raises up to a more natural gate later in the race.  Breathing problem?  Obviously it’s just a guess but his natural gate looks awkward.

Race Notes:  Pace was slow.  1-2* for Pletcher wins.

Bias:  N/A

8 – Oceanic


Trip Notes:  Had a good trip being forward and mildly contesting a slower than normal pace while on the outside.  Outrun in lane by a great tripper.  Gallop out might be false.  Winner was grabbed up and the pace was slow so most galloped out well anyway.

Race Notes:  

Bias:  N/A

9 – Ashiham


Trip Notes:  Didn’t care for throwback. Jock moved him to the middle of the track in search of open air.  Was asked in spots throughout.  Seems like a grinder.  Was 4-5W through the turn and OK stretch.

Race Notes:  Pace was fast.  Closers had a big advantage.

Bias:  N/A

10 – Mud Pie


Trip Notes:  Broke outward 3-4 paths early. Ridden for speed right away. Plan was clearly to send. Didn’t make the top.  Gradually faded throughout while drifting wide late on the FT.  Excused given start and the plan to “send.”

Race Notes:  Pace was strong throughout.  Looks like a very good race.  Pletcher runs 1-2 with 1-1* winning and coming back to win a 75K next out.  5th & 6th place finishers have also since won a MSW event.  Jockey downgrade but still worth following!  Will be a price.

Bias:  N/A

11 – Militarist (most recent dirt race)


Trip Notes:  SLightly bumped sideways early. Went from 8th to 3rd early.  Has hidden speed. Out run at rail in FT and slightly intimidated but no big deal.  Even the rest of the way in what seems like a very strong race.  Huge rider upgrade!  Interesting hidden speed + speed rider getting aboard makes this one very interesting.

Race Notes:  Place horse was next out winner that showed up in the Tampa Bay Derby (and was only 6-1). 

Bias:  N/A

12 – Bakers Bay


Trip Notes: Outquicked early while under urging. Not much speed here.  Was very wide against a slow pace and compact field.  Never switched leads despite rider trying to get him to change. 

Race Notes:  N/A

Bias:  Slight inside.

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