Benny’s Trips for 2YO MSW races on Thursday, 8-15-19


Race 2

It’s only fitting to include a picture of the Champion mare Finest City, as I do reside in America’s finest city. Good luck to all….no bad beats.

Miss Marissa


Misc. Note:  Was entered to run 1 1/16 on grass on 8/11 in a MSW affair but was an AE scratch. Never been a fan of horses that are entered to run with such drastic differences – it’s the like the trainer doesn’t have a plan.

Race note:  Was 4-1 ML.  Place horse came back to the aforementioned MSW race on 8-11 easily with an 80 BSF.  Outside of this one, the field finished exactly 1-2-3-4 – so essentially the one speed that didn’t fire was ‘Marissa.’   

Trip Note:  Was away well and straight to the lead.  Pace seemed like a slow one with field fairly compact.  Field raced in pairs.  Was mildly contested by the favorite and was all in by the far turn. Never switched leads.  Eh.


Race Note:  Was 12-1 ML but the bet down meant nothing as 3 of 6 entered were scratches due to “off turf.”  Winner was 1-1* that went wire to wire.

Trip Note:  Away OK. Asked for speed early and earned stalking spot while being hard asked throughout.  There was no gain on the winner through the lane but was still green and learning. Switched leads midstretch and was lugging inward in spots the last 1/8.   Couldn’t see gallop out from either camera.

Ain’t None Lucky


Race note:  Race was restricted to horses that have sold for $45,000 or less in their most recent sale.  Winner of this race was 2-1* for Joe Sharp that was bet hard. Pletcher FTS was dead on board & up track.  Three horses with experience in this race finished 1st, 2nd & 4th.

Trip Note:  Broke very quick – nearly 1 length better than the entire field.  Was quick enough to make lead, but found herself in a decent pocket trip throughout.  Under a big shove midway in turn and all out drive late in the turn.  Eased around a stopper midway in stretch and well through the lane.  Good trip and good enough run.


Race Note:  Was 8-1 ML.  Actually took OK money given there was a 2-5* in the race.  Every horse with the exception of the favorite was an overlay.  The winner of this race looked like Landaluce and the jock was patting her after they passed the wire. He was giving her all kinds of praise back to the winner’s circle…might be a real good one.

Trip Note:  To her knees from the gate. To make matters worse the outer flow that was moving towards the rail caused her to shuffle.  This was a very bad start. Back to next to last.  Recovered well enough considering and saving ground through the turn. Harder ask midway in turn and eased out a bit for the drive.  All out ask now. Ran OK down the lane.  Not disgraced at all considering the trouble and what was in front of her.

Talk You Out of It


Misc. Note:  Was entered for a 5.5F turf sprint on 7-31 but was an AE scratch.

Race Note:  Was 4-1 ML.  Seven of the nine starters in here were FTS.  Pace was very fast early with hooked duelers that were 3-4 clear of the next.  Closers dominated, running 1-2-3-4.

Trip Note:  Mild bump away from the gate. No big deal.  Slight pause when entering the far turn when beat to the punch – again, no big deal.  Was 3-4W through the turn.  Was moving well enough late in turn but others but she should have been given the flow.  She’s the ML favorite and I’m playing against.  Won’t be using her on top.

Speed Talks


Race Notes:  Was only a 4 race card.  Rudy had two FTS in here and they ran 1-2.  Only one horse in the race with experience was a Ward filly who ran 3rd.  Was 10-1 ML.

Trip Notes:  Very slight leap at the start cost this one b.c she was outquicked early but has some speed.  Advance well down the backstretch but stuck 4W throughout the turn.  Green when switching leads but rider conceded defeat and she absolutely coasted in the last 1/8, maybe more.  Like this one if she can withstand the move to MSW, but at least the hike is a ‘restricted’ one.

Wicked Amber


Race Note:  Race was restricted to horses that have sold for $45,000 or less in their most recent sale.  Was 30-1 ML.  Ward FTS was bet hard and won for fun.

Trip Note:  Broke fine.  Was in the clear, bumped along throughout, and had zip.


Race Note:  Was 20-1 ML.  Rudy had 2 in here, running 1-2 and winning with bigger price. Race card was only 4 races as a monsoon rolled through. Be careful with figs.

Trip Note:  Was away OK and clean.  Watched head on before turn and this one with very “sound action.”  Ran OK through the turn without any real ask.  Wider than needed through turn and into lane.  Ran on OK.  This was a good education for a filly that should take to turf and move up.  If she gets in she’ll be a huge number and will get a couple bucks from me.

Raggedy Annie


Race Note: Was 15-1 ML but also a couple of scratches.

Trip Note:  No head on view available.  Seemed to break OK.  Ridden away from the gate pretty hard.  Average speed.  Seemed to bump a foe to her inside and both had a bit of trouble but hard to tell.  Stuck 4W through turn and was even all the way around.  Feel like this one needs more ground.

Race 4

Pharoah Cat


Race Note:  Might be a good race as these ran just as fast as G3 horses for the same age and sex in the very next race.  Six of eight in here were FTS.

Trip Note:  Away OK.  Good advance early to be in a forward spot.  Stuck 3-4W throughout turn while stalking.  Faded readily, with no apparent excuse.  Upside is new surface and hopefully not such a strong group. 


Race Note:  Was 6-1 ML for a barn that almost never wins first time out.

Trip Note: Away outward and slight bump from the gate. Behind a few foes early. Was showing decent enough speed when an inside foe was very green and dropped his rider.  This one basically got out the caution flag, pausing and then a bit wider than needed.  The riderless horse was now right to this one’s inside. Hard ask to get by the riderless horse while wider than needed but when he couldn’t do it the jock traded the caution flag for a white flag, pausing and allowing the riderless horse any part of the track he wanted.  After that one ran clear of ‘Cat,’ the jock started asked again. Nothing there. Green stretch.  Will likely improve but will need to. 

Mr. Thrifty


Race Note:  Was 4-1 ML. Track bias: None.

Trip Note:  Away fine and good speed.  Stalking a duel between 50-1 bomb on rail and 2-1* and eventual winner.  3W through turn and asked to pick up leaders late in turn.  Looked like he was a stalling a bit, but only b.c leader was getting away.  One closing foe came to this one’s outside at the top of the stretch & he fought him off well despite being beaten for the top spot.  No doubt was tired in the lane but was also sneaky game.  Turf pedigree is less than ideal.


Race Note:  Was 5-1 ML.  Winner of this race was a FTS for Jason Servis that went off at 2-1*. Third place finisher won a MSW going 4.5F next out at Parx, earning a 66 Beyer.

Trip Note:  Was a bit fidgety in the gate. Broke well enough and hard ridden for speed. The outside post cleared the field here.  Immediately after the leader that dove into the turn nicely.  This one was game. Tried hard to get to the eventual winner throughout.  Was gaining when the wire saved the leader.  Solid effort.

Proven Strategies


Race Note:  Plenty of vitamins in here.  FTS run 1-2-3 with Maker, Mott and Pletcher claiming the top spots.

Trip Note:  Away like a shot.  Held up early and keen, turning his head towards the infield almost the entire first turn.  The term, “No chance from here,” comes to mind.  On hold backstretch and still a touch a keen.  In a box entering the far turn.  Early move into far turn and up for lead by late turn.  Tried to kick away in lane, but tired now and overrun by the ‘vitamins.’  This one is a sprinter and love on the cutback.


Race Note:  Was 8-1 ML and hammered relative to the rest of the runners and their ML’s.

Trip Note:  Away quick. Holding head high not long after the start – I have no idea why as he was in the clear with no throwback.  Has pretty good speed.  Was nudged along into the far turn while 3W.  Was a bit green at the top of the stretch while being passed.  In BTW in lane and ran find late, but would tread lightly on one like this that had no real reason to so much greenness.

Now Is


Race Note:  Was 12-1 ML.  3-5* for Ward wins easy while stalking early lead.

Trip Note:  Away OK.  Outquicked early and assumed a closers roll.  Top 2 were 3-4 clear of this one by the midpoint of the far turn.  Moved 3W through the turn and by the early leader in the lane to claim 2nd.  Don’t know this one’s style, though.  Not a stretch runner and not quick enough to make the top.  Eh.


Race Note:  Was 20-1 ML.  Aside from this one, the winner was the only second time starter in the field and went wire to wire for Linda Rice at 3-1.

Trip Note:  Broke best and clean. Showed very good speed early. Clear stalk by far turn.  By midturn this stalker had 3 lengths on the rest.  Pace was fast and field was strung out.  Hard ask at the top of the stretch.  Leader getting away.  Tired the last 1/16 +.  Overall this was a very good trip.

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