Benny’s Trips for Race 3 at Saratoga


Race 3

City Guy


Race Note:  Was 12-1ML. Dead on board.  Winner went wire to wire for Linda Rice colt that was a 2nd time starter.

Trip Note:  Nothing to note.  Broke 1 length a so slow.  Pace was fast and field very strung out.  Was hard ridden through turn at rail and never caught the rest of the group.  Gallop out was average.  If this one wins you can give the connections a healthy handshake for an amazing “put over.”

My Sacred Place


Horse note:  Looks like a router.  Bigger, longer stride than the others.

Trip Note:  This was a no try.  All riders nibbling and nudging – I mean – it’s a 5F sprint, right?  Not this jock.  Jock comfortable in not asking until late in turn.  Actually was just getting warmed up well past the wire and galloped out in front by midway through the clubhouse turn.  Interesting.

Decorated Invader


Race Note:  Was 4-1 ML.  Pace was a dawdle. Winner was a second time starter for Maker that had a dream trip up the rail.

Trip Note:  Restrained throughout at rail. Pace was slow and slowed even more down the backstretch.  Accordion flow.  Saved every inch until midway in turn.  Plenty of open air in front of this one early in far turn.  Gaining momentum for a wide.  Big run easing 3-4-5-6W by the time they reached the stretch.  Was gaining and passing foes but was slightly lugging in throughout lane.  Good run against the flow the claim 2nd.

Fame to Famous


Race Note:  Was 20-1 ML. 

Trip Note:  leaned back right when the gate opened. Broke last.  To rail by the first turn and saved ground pretty much the entire trip.  Gained lengths and positions down backstretch.  Was in the race by the midway point of stretch and easing around foes but was shuffled by 2 deep closers that put this one in tight, although it didn’t make a difference.  Was always going to run 4th.  This was an impressive, sustained run for almost the entire race.

No Bad Days


Race Note:  Was 20-1 ML.  Dead on board.  3-5* FTS for Assmussen wins.  Only horse in the field with experience runs second.  Pace was fast with hooked duelers that were 5 lengths clear by midway on the far turn.

Trip Note:  Was off about 1 length slow.   Nudged around the track near the rear of the field throughout.  No impact at any point.  So I ask – why TF is Tyler riding back?  Makes no sense.  He’s one of the best grass riders around and he lands here?  Only guessing but the 8-4 move over turf must be a good one – and Zito never tries with FTS anyway.  Sneaky suspicion that this one outruns his odds.

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