Canterbury Park Selections – Thursday, Sept. 16th – by Howard Kravets

It’s Contest Day! The BCBC Big Ten Handicapping Contest is today. $3k entry fee ($2k bankroll, $1k into prize pool) with BCBC and NHC seats on the line. Get involved….go to for more info. AND….listen to the In The Money preview HERE w/myself, CBY analyst Angela Hermann, and PTF. First post is one hour earlier than normal, 13-race card, at 4:10pm.

It’s been my pleasure to write the Canterbury blog w/picks and analysis this year, hope you’ve found some winners during the meet! Please follow me on Twitter (@hkravets) and subscribe to my You Tube Channel, “HHH Racing Podcast“. The podcast contains great livestreams w/horse racing personalities throughout the country discussing big race days and Pick 4/5/6 sequences. 

Feel free to comment below the picks w/your thoughts about the blog, thank you! Good luck tonight!!     – HK

Race 1:  8-9-2

Race 2:  10-2-9  Early P5 starts here (Industry-low 10% takeout)

Race 3:  3-4-6

Race 4:  5-3-14

Race 5:  3-5-1

Race 6:  10-9-4

Race 7:  8-11-2

Race 8:  2-1-9    P6 starts here (Industry-low 10% takeout)

Race 9:  3-1-10   Late P5 starts here (Industry-low 10% takeout)

Race 10:  6-8-1

Race 11:  7-3-5

Race 12:  6-8-7

Race 13:  3-6-2

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