Keeneland Select Players’ Podcast: Show #2

It’s the second edition of the Keeneland Select Players’ Podcast and there’s a lot going on. In the first part of the show, we get to know professional player Sean Boarman a little bit more. Sean will be a regular on the Keeneland shows. Next up we flash forward to a live hit from The Green Room from Opening Day where Sean and JK go over their wagers for the Palisades Stakes. A couple of unscheduled guests drop by – Keeneland’s Director of Simulcasting Jim Goodman and Jake Ballis of Blacktype Thoroughbreds (for more information about thoroughbred ownership check out

The show wraps with JK and Sean giving their thoughts on the two stakes races on Sunday. If you’re pressed for time, the Sunday capping starts at 29:06.

Plus, JK lectures PTF about the color orange.


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Hello and welcome to the Keeneland select players podcast. I’m your host, Peter Thomas foreign, a towel back with you for show number two in a little bit. We’ll be talking about the racing that’s going to be going on Sunday, April 7th. We’re going to be doing a little bit of a time jump on today’s show.

It might seem a little odd. I don’t want to reveal all the secrets, but we’re recording the show in two chunks. And this first chunk is designed to be more of an evergreen chunk. And then a little bit later today, we’re going to be recording the second part, which is gonna. Have a little piece of content by request where we talk to the co-hosts of this show in real time, before the featured race at Keeneland on opening day, the Palisade sprint, get a sense of how they construct their wagers.

We’re also going to talk to them about a handful of races on the Sunday card should be a lot of fun. Just bear with me. I will be worth it. I promise before we get to any of that stuff, I want to bring in a voice you heard on the first edition to this podcast and a voice you’re going to be hearing throughout the run of this Caitlin select players podcast.

Want to get to know professional? Horseplayer Sean Borman a little bit better, Sean. How are you this morning? Doing great, Pete, how are you? Things are good. I think I might’ve gotten and a little bit of trouble being cheeky on Twitter this morning. I don’t know if you saw that. I didn’t know. So somebody was, uh, complaining.

I think it was Elliot Honaker. Our friend, uh, will give Donegal racing another call. He’s one of the Donegal owners. Who always seemed to beat JK and me out of big scores. And he was complaining about a relative or close friend. Who’s getting married on Belmont day and wondering how to handle such a thing.

And I said, it’s as simple as this people in horse players’ lives have to just understand they can get married and die. They just can’t do it on triple crown Saturdays or the breeders’ cup. No, it’s a funny story. I’ve got a friend that did the exact same thing for years when he was a single man swore up and down that there were certain days couldn’t get married on Derby day being one Belmont day being one.

Um, he’s actually thrown a Belmont they party for years and years. What they did, he gets married Belmont. Well, I guess we know who wears the pants in that relationship. I’m not going to touch that one in case he listens to the Akron shit. Right? That’s amazing. Well, there it goes the other way too. I noticed.

I’m not sure if it’s like public knowledge or how he, this person is about his private life. So I’m not going to out him, but somebody that we know you may even be a guest on this show at some point chose the absolute perfect weekend to get married. I think it’s two weeks before the breeders cup. So all the preps are done.

Don’t have to worry about any of that. You get even a little distance from the breeders cup, so you don’t have to travel the multiple weekends in a row. If a wise guy were to sit down with a calendar in front of them and pick the right day to get married, this friend of ours did it. And I was very impressed with that one.

Uh, what about you? What time of year did you get married? Did you, did you have any of these conflicts? Uh, no. We got married in early August. I don’t know, man Saratoga. That’s a little dodgy. Yeah. It might’ve been claiming crown Bay if I remember. Right. But I mean, you know, Claiming crowding really cares.

You really just need to set aside breeders’ cup and triple crown. I’ve missed an Alabama day for a wedding. I probably, at some point in my life will have to, God forbid miss a Travers, but, but we shall see. All right. I want to get in to a little bit about your background, Sean. And as I like to do occasionally.

On this podcast on the other podcast, I I’ll ask the tough question first. And the tough question is as a professional player, do you have any concerns about coming on a podcast and sharing your opinions? There are those out there, a little haughty, uh, on Twitter, I’ve heard say a professional would never reveal his secrets, et cetera, et cetera.

How do you answer that question? Why are you comfortable coming on here and giving your opinions about these races? No, I have no concerns whatsoever. Um, because I’ve learned over the years that it’s not really your opinion, that matters. It’s how you bet your opinions at the window. And, you know, I know that I’ll hopefully still be able to go to windows and bed my opinions in a more efficient, smarter manner, even if I give them out.

So, um, now I really have no concerns whatsoever. Let’s talk about how you got started. When did you first become aware of horse racing as a lifelong Lexington guy? I imagine it was pretty early on. Sure. Yeah. I was aware that Cayman existed very early on. Um, but didn’t make my first trip to the track until I was 15 or 16, um, friend of mine and I skipped school one day.

While we were at lesson one Catholic high school and decided we wanted to go to the races. First person we bumped into was president of the school, standing in a paddock racing form in hand, getting aid. So Valdez, early double. So we spent a few hours dodging him around and try and get bets down. But that was my first trip to feed.

You know, I’d say I was 15. You think your family kept you away from it or was it just coincidence? They weren’t that into it. What, how far back does racing go with the Borman clan? No, I don’t think they kept me away from it at all. It just wasn’t something we did, I guess. I mean, you know, growing up. The only time we would have gone was on the weekends.

And I was always playing sports and my sister always had stuff going on. I just, I just don’t think it really fit into our lives at the time. Um, but they, they certainly didn’t keep it from me. What was it about racing that attracted you from the get-go? Well, I’ve always been very interested in statistics and studying basketball players in all sports and.

You know, the handicapping of it is what got me the most interested in it was just sort of a puzzle. And I enjoyed trying to figure it out. I actually started becoming interested in gambling in general and making my own lines on major league baseball games and pro football games, terrible lines. I’m sure none the less.

And then, you know, just quickly figured out that if I wanted to, to make a bet on something, It was much easier to go to the racetrack and do it legally, somewhat, legally. I was under 18, but legally and earlier in my life. And then waiting until I was 21 to get into a casino or trying to find a bookie, it was just the easier outlets to bet on something.

And at what point did you get the somewhat crazy and radical idea that this was something you could do for a living? I was at briefly at the university of Kentucky and didn’t really like school and loved handicapping and bedding. And it just made a decision that I would, you know, I wanted to drop out of school and just give it a go to be a professional damper.

Talk to my parents about it. And they reluctantly very reluctantly gave me the, okay. They were concerned about my happiness more than, you know, probably in their mind fleeting idea of being a professional gambler. Um, so that’s what I did. I dropped out and just studied, read as much as I possibly could about racing and handicapping.

And just starting with a very small amount of money betting races. Did you have any aha moment that made you think this would be possible? I mean, was there somebody that you saw in your life who was doing this, or how did you even know the concept? I guess just reading racing books gave me the concept that it was possible.

Um, and then I was lucky enough to. Meet and learn under Mike Maloney at a pretty early age. And I guess watching Mike gave me the idea, or really first I just learned about Mike, I read an article that bracing form about him and it was a short little bio and that sort of gave me the idea that it’s certainly possible.

And then once I met him and saw how he went about his business, that. We’ll confirm the idea that it was possible, but it was really, you know, at the very beginning of it, it was just sort of an idea, you know, it was something I wanted to try. I had no idea if it was going to work lucky enough that it did, but it was just an idea of just something I wanted to do.

So I think you’ve wanted to do, that’s been going on now for, is it a couple of decades? How long have you been at this? I’ve been a very serious force player for about 20 years. And I’ve been what I would say professional for 15, 16 years. I want to follow up more about Mike, but first I want to talk about the books that you read back in the day that also got you on this path.

I’m going to assume the name Andy buyer is among those that you read back then. Of course, I’ve read all his books, the Steve Davidowitz books, James Quinn. B-roll hammer anything that I could find in a bookstore or DRS bookstore that was about handicapping and about gambling I bought and read. And re-read many times a lot of them.

I’m going to take a wild guess that the fundamentals of handicapping, a lot of those ideas came from the books, but it was under Mike’s to tillage that you really got into the bedding side of things that you referred to earlier as being the more important of the two. Am I right in that supposition?

Absolutely. You know, one of the really interesting things that Mike and I both learned, I think while we worked together every day was we would share information. We would compile and share the same information and we would sit right next to each other and talk the races over every day. And we would have wildly different betting results.

Most of the time betting on the same horses and that quickly showed me how much more important the betting side of this is than the handicapping side. It’s just how you construct your wagers and how you press the horses. You want to press and say divorces. You want to say that really dictate long-term profitability.

You know, I’ve always said I’m a, I’m a pretty good handicapper, but I know people that are far better handicappers than I am, that aren’t as good gamblers and couldn’t be a professional horseplay, but they could pick a lot more long price sources than I do. It sounds like instruction and money management and the emotional management that can make you a professional.

That’s great stuff. And that’s a lot of topics we’ll be getting into more on this show. And at some point we’re going to have to have you on the other show and we’ll do a lot more down the rabbit hole about some of those areas, because each one of those things you just mentioned could basically be a podcast in and of itself here today.

We’re just going to go a few more minutes talking about you and your background before we. Move on to the next segment. Start talking about those Caitlin Sunday races. So people are probably listening, being like Pete, why don’t you ask more about that? We will all in good time, but I’m just not sure that now is the time.

I do want to ask a couple more questions though. And the first one has to do with your edge. Clearly you believe that a big chunk of the edge has to do from your ability to construct wagers properly, but I’m guessing that’s not the only thing that gives you an edge to be able to do this professionally.

Where else does that come from? That’s a great question. I think, you know, Compile making and compiling, just proprietary data, speed figures, eight figures, bias, information, trick notes, all of that stuff contributes to my edge, but it’s really how you use that information. That, that is the biggest part of it.

I believe. Well, we’ll be getting into a lot of this stuff. I want to ask one more about Mike Maloney. Before we do our little time jump here in the middle of the show, we’ve gotten some pretty good ideas about some of the lessons you learned from him. What’s a lesson you had to learn on your own. The most important lesson I had to learn was just had a loose, properly Adam handle the emotional side of losing.

It’s to me, the most important thing in this game is knowing you have obligations. You have to mean mortgages, car payments, whatever, and knowing you got to stay in business long enough to meet those obligations. So you you’ve got to know what you can handle emotionally. What amount of losing you can take cause losing will happen.

And you’ve just got to manage yourself and your emotions and your bankroll accordingly. No long time to learn that. You know, I, the first couple of years that I played, you know, I’m not ashamed to admit. I went broke probably twice learning that lesson, but yeah, once it sunk in, then I realized it was entirely possible to beat this game.

As long as I was around long enough to do it. That sounds a lot like professional poker players. I’ve heard almost everyone will tell you stories about going broke on the way up and going broke in gambling terms doesn’t mean sleeping in the street, sucking on a bottle of Woolite. It means you just come down to the end of your bankroll and need to like take time off and get a bank roll back and go at it again.

Correct. Exactly. You know, it’s like in the movie rounders, when. He loses his bank role. He starts driving a truck, fills a bankroll back. It’s very similar to that. You know, I lost money. I had to gamble with a couple of times and had to find more money to gamble with. Um, so that is very similar to that.

Yes, I wasn’t homeless, but I was not betting for a while. We’ve talked a bunch about Mike Maloney during the show, we talked a little bit on the other show also about how you were a consultant on his book, batting with an edge. What is your relationship like with him today? You’re, you’re obviously still friends, but you’re, you’re kind of on your own doing your own thing these days.

Right? Mike and I were great friends always will be. Um, we don’t sit together every day on a daily basis anymore. We still share some information and share the workload to some extent, but my lifestyle has changed where I couldn’t sit and work on a daily basis with him anymore, but you know, we’re great friends and still colleagues and always will be icing.

Excellent. All right. We’re going to be learning a lot more about Sean over the course of these shows. And now we’re going to take a quick break and then we’re going to come back, live from the green room at Keeneland right after this. Hey everyone. But he just wanted to remind you one more time about the special opportunity regarding Caitlin select and our podcast, the Caitlin select players podcast.

If you go to Keelan and you sign up for a Caitlin select account, you can bet 300 in the first 30 days and receive. 100 back into your account. Also, if you bet 500, you’ll get 50 back. You could repeat that. Offer twice, go to Caitlin to sign up today. Make sure you use the promo code ITM 19.

Okay. We are back at it here on the Keeland select players podcast. And as promised we are live from the green room, you hear a lot of background noise. That’s what it’s like there. We’ve got a great atmosphere on opening day and we have back with us as we had a minute ago, Sean Borman, we also have the people’s champion, Jonathan kitchen.

JK. How has your opening day been so far? Well, I didn’t have the first winter, but I did find the mute button just now. So I think it’s going to be a little bit easier. The Prince of Keelan is sitting next to me. He’s a little bit fired up right now. He’s carrying on where, where he’s talking. He’s talking two year old sail and he’s talking Santa Anita, he’s talking Lasix, he’s talking all kinds of things.

They really hate it over here. So I’ll be muting when Sean and I aren’t talking. Luckily, uh, Sean sitting right here next to me, we are coming to you live from opening day. We’re going to get a perspective on Sunday at Caitlin. And we’re going to talk a little bit about the state coming up. We had a request for folks to, uh, have us have JK and Sean, talk about what was going through their minds ahead of a race.

We’re going to use the Palisades sprint as an example of that. What do you think, Jake? Hey, do you want to start off by talking a little bit about Sunday and then we’ll loop back into what you boys are doing for this race? Well, yeah, of course we can. We can, uh, we can definitely move that, but PTF, you got to give me a little bit more time.

We do this on the regular show where I have to pull up the racing. I actually got excited in the room right now. It’s green room royalty right around the corner from that I wanted, I wanted to grow, try to grab him while I had it muted and bring him over here. But none other than Jim Goodman. Oh, very nice.

He’s like that. He’s like a, he’s a green room legend. He’s uh, he’s the King of the green room is if, if, if the Prince of Kima is Jake Ballis and then Jim Goodman is definitely the King of the green room. So I was going to try to snag him and bring him over here. But if you want to start, uh, on the race, you know, we might, uh, I didn’t bring my silver wig.

Well, maybe we’ll let Sean go first on that one. I like it well admitted about, uh, sh uh, Jim Goodman beforehand, you know, for those of you in New York, you’ll appreciate the size Sperling analogy. One of the reasons Jim Goodman runs such a great contest at Keelan in the grade one gamble, and the other contest they run there is, you know, he’s not.

Or only he doesn’t only run the contest. He’s also a client. Jim Goodman does a great job running contest because he’s a real contest player at some point we’re going to have him on. But I think for now, JK, we should just go ahead and talk about these Sunday races. And then we’re going to loop back and talk about the stake that’s about to happen.

And we’ll start off with Sean Boardman’s thoughts on this Palisade sprint. Sean, how are you going to be playing this one? I’m fully on board with the bulletin. I think he’s investor going to get the best trip and I’m going to key him first and second with the 10 next star and any 11 strike, silver and exact as and Tris.

Um, anti the nine of Sydney he’s over budget and not near good enough. All right. So in terms of the specifics of the wagers you’ll construct, um, will you be weighting the different combinations or is that basically how you’re going to play it? Yes, I will waited. I will make my biggest play, a 12, 11 exact, and then a smaller 12, 10 exact the 12 on top of those two with the try and then put the 12 seconds, maybe for 30% of what I did with my top.

All right. Sounds very good. J K, how are you seeing this one? Are you alive in any of your horizontals? Where are you going to be going back in this one? Well, unfortunately, Chad got beat in the fifth, so I’m not alive. In any, uh, any, uh, you know, pick five or anything like that. I did play a pick three back, hit the one in the last race.

I went ahead and thought, I thought there was about five or six horses in this race that can win. But I thought there was two that were most likely to win. And, uh, that was Wesley Ward’s, horse benign. I don’t know, obsidian, upstate, uh, I don’t know, whatever the nine’s horse name. And then also the 12 bulletin who was our Breeder’s cup, juvenile turf sprint winner.

I thought those two horses were the most likely winners. As a guy who’s got busted up in the early pick five and in the late pick five, you come back in the late pick three as a way to train, to try to save, uh, save a few dollars for the next day. I just wanted to try to catch this. Using just those two horses.

If the longer horses that I thought were live, beat me, then I’ll just have to deal with that. Uh, one of those being, yes, I am free who I think probably wants to go a little bit shorter. Uh, and then the horses that are, that are shipping in from fairgrounds, a friend of the show, Dan  final table. NHC player has pointed out to me that fairgrounds turf sprinters do well at Keeneland sprinting on the turf.

And I actually looked it up on stats Raceland today. And he’s absolutely right. They went in about a 15, 20% clip something around there with a 58% return on your money. So, um, those horses made me a little bit nervous, but I think the nine to 12 are the most likely winners. All right. So those are your approaches on this race.

While we have a minute here, as the horses are still in the paddock for this opening day sprint at Keelan, I think we should go ahead. J K and look at Sunday. There’s two stakes races, I believe on Sunday. JK, why don’t we start with you and your thoughts on the two Sunday steaks at Kaitlin speed. I have to tell you that when you’re around royalty, you, you can’t, uh, you can’t, uh, ignore it.

And we do have green room royalty with us right now. So I think it’s probably more appropriate that I hand the headset over to Jim Goodman. And you can have a quick conversation with Jim about all things. Beautiful. It is keenly. I love that idea. Jay can we’ll come back to you in a minute. So happy to welcome to the Caitlin select players podcast, Jim Goodman in it for an unexpected visit.

Jim, how are you today? I imagine this is a little bit like Christmas morning. Uh, yeah, I got up about that early this morning. I think I’ve got here seven 30 for three o’clock post time. Uh, I always just like Christmas morning, I always joke with you and Nate newbie, that part of the reason you guys do such a good job running contests.

It’s like the old size Sperling ad in New York, because you’re also a client. You’re also a horse player. In addition to putting on these events, how much do you think Jim, that it helps you as a contest director? The fact that you’re a contest player. Um, I think it obviously helps me run in contests by becoming a contest player.

I actually did contest before playing than them. And, uh, I did learn from Jonathan obviously, and a lot of other guys when I watched their play that, uh, uh, I I’m way below them and, uh, quality. But every once in a while I can get lucky. It does help me. To have run the contest and to audit contest and to see what kind of plays these guys make.

So it’s helped me be a better contest player. Uh, hopefully it’s may be, be a better contest host too. Cause I try to. Figure out what the guys do. No doubt. The grade one gamble and your fall contest. A lot of players, they just put them on their calendar at the beginning of the year and they don’t want to miss them.

What can we look forward to this year? Are we going to have record numbers when it comes to your spring contest next year? How’s it look? And, uh, as we approach this year’s grade one. Yeah, it was just talking to Jonathan before we came on and, uh, actually I’m a little bit slow and I think what’s happened is that people.

Are trying to qualify online in the feeders. And now those feeders are almost finished. There will be a couple on horse tourneys and DRF this weekend, but, uh, I’m getting some phone calls. Um, we have one 95 last spring. I don’t think we’ll approach that this spring. There’s a lot of other contests, a lot of, a lot of competition out there now.

And, uh, I would be happy if we get one 50, one 60, something like that. All right. We’ll see what happens next weekend. The eyes of the contest world will definitely be on Caitlyn. Jim, another question about you and your contest play. How many times have you been to the NHC at this point? And how important is that event to you in terms of, you know, your life as a, not just a contest host, but as a contest player.

Yeah. They need to see as important. I’ve never played the BCBC. I don’t get much chance to play in a live bunny contest. I would like to at some point, uh, The NHC. I just got, um, involved because we had hosted an HC qualifiers for the 13 years I’ve been here. So I was lucky enough to qualify for the, and see the last five years before 2018.

I did not qualify last year. Uh, so. I’m going to try and get back this year with a one year hiatus. And if I can ever win that contest, I can retire and then play contest the time I don’t have to be here working when John, I love the sound of that gym. Yeah. Uh, a great place to qualify whether you’re talking about the breeders cup betting challenge or the Keeneland contest

We encourage folks to check out horse tourneys and horse players to see all the latest options. Very happy to announce. The breeders’ cup betting challenge is one of our latest sponsors on the podcast. Jim, anything else you’re particularly looking forward to happening at keen Lynn? This meeting, before we get back to Jonathan and Sean, to talk a little bit about Sunday’s actions, what are you really looking forward to this meat?

Well, Kaitlin obviously, uh, bluegrass day is going to be huge. We got five graded stakes races, and bluegrass has a full field and it’s, you know, it’s a wide open Derby. So you never know where the Derby winner is going to come out of it. It looks like California is better, but. Uh, you never know, and we’ve got three or four horses in there that really have a shot.

Um, we also have a pick five that we’re, that we’re doing with Niara on Saturday. Uh, the cross-country pick five and we’ve got three grading steaks, plus the wood plus the Carter from aqueduct. So. That’s a great wagering opportunity across two tracks, and you’ve got five graded, stakes races, amazing stuff.

That’s what players want to be able to bet on the best quality races across the country. Key Linda, and Niara providing that. And as horse players, we are very grateful, Jim, thank you so much for taking a minute to stop by unannounced with us today. We appreciate your time very much. And I personally look forward to seeing you over the course of this weekend.

We will be here. Thanks Pete. I appreciate it. I appreciate your support. Oh, always. Always. All right. J K good work there. Good. You know, JK, he’s not just a great co-host he’s also a great producer and that was fantastic. We’re getting all the vibes from the green room. Great. To have a little visit with Jim Goodman there.

And I want to talk to you JK about what’s going on at Kulid on Sunday. What are you seeing when you look at these stakes races, JK, when it comes to the Sunday kinda car? Well, I think that, you know, anytime you can be at kingdom and their stakes race or running, they’re always fun. I always get horses coming in from all over the place.

And the seventh on Saturday, you mentioned the first of the greatest stakes races, uh, for 77, a three-year-old fillies. They’re gonna, you know, we’ve got mother, mother who shows up here, right. For Bob Baffert. And, uh, I didn’t pack the silver wig. No one told me that I needed to have it while I was here in Lexington.

So I’m going to go ahead and look in a different direction. The horse that kind of caught my attention there, that I’m gonna try to build some things around is, is the three horse queen of bees. I thought that horse. I’d shown some talent Gulf stream early in the year. You know, it was a young three-year-old, so it’s ransom numbers.

I was a little bit, uh, I took a little bit of, uh, you know, notice to, I was two to one on debut in December, uh, was, was beat that day. Um, I had a trip note that, that wasn’t the best ride comes back and wins the next two races. Has a little bit of a break. And in a lot of, a lot of times with these three-year-olds these, these trainers and connections, get the Derby and Oaks fever.

I love it. When a horse just kind of stays in their wheelhouse. And that’s where I feel like this horse is staying right in her wheelhouse sprinting around one turn. And I think that that will we’ll go a long way. If I, if I hesitated for a second, I’m looking over at the paddock and I thought I saw a groom with a Texas.

Longhorns football shirt on. It was not a Texas Longhorn football shirt. It was just an orange shirt that said something that I couldn’t make out, but it wasn’t a Texas one, but that’s why I was thrown off Tennessee, Tennessee volunteers. Maybe that’s a little bit closer. Whoa. Well, listen. I know you’re from the Northeast, but that orange, that, that bright, obnoxious orange is not, this does not have nearly as much class.

As the Burt or I learned something every time I do this show with you JK sometimes it’s about the subtleties of form studies. Sometimes it’s about the colors that college football athletes wear. I’m watching the feed here as well. And I’m looking for this orange. Rube, and I’m not seeing him, but, but I, but I believe you now, how do you want to do this?

Should we bring in Shawn for his opinion on the seventh on Sunday? And then we’ll come back to you. Shut the second steak Shauna’s is sitting right here. He’s ready to rock and roll. Um, just, uh, let me give you a little roll call real quick, just to let you know who is that? Yeah, who’s in the mix today.

I’m very sad. I can’t be there. Well, the most, the two most important people in the green room right now are Misty. Oh, Misty is a legend and Misty is here. She’s she’s right over there. She’s waiting. Hello. Jessie is here. Jess is, uh, she’s running back to behind the bar. Jim Goodman still here. We’ve got Phil bond, Giovanni.

Oh, Phil’s there. I love Phil Gulliver racing. Great friend of the podcast. And, uh, in real life, he’s helped me. Many times. He brought a parrot and Susan in the paddock at Del Mar one day we got some great pictures. Love Phil bond, Giovanni great conscious player. Great guy. I got a couple more to throw at you real quick.

Uh, and these, this is an all-star. Can I got Blake, Jesse Blake, Jesse racing manager. Of course for Lou tracing, fine contest player. Just like much like Sean Borman early in his life decided, Hey the heck with this real world stuff, I’m going to become a professional horse player and he’s done pretty well for himself.

And then, and then we also have, uh, I buried the lead here. We also have breeders cup betting challenge champion, the, the, the, uh, the, uh, the King of harness racing. I’m throwing out a lot of Kings here, right? Yeah. Well, there’s a lot there, there are a lot of Kings in the green room. It’s sort of like an international summit of Kings.

I can only imagine. I can only imagine. You mean Chuck rubs and he’s in the mix as well today. Huh? We’re having a good time. Went outside, watch one race live. It’s weird here. When you’re in the green room, you have to make a decision. Are you going to watch and lose on the screen? What are you going to go outside and watch and lose?

And so I have decided when things are going good and you watch it inside, you stay inside. If you watch your first race and you went outside, you go outside. So I’m bouncing back and forth. Cause I haven’t got to put it together yet, but we’re going to put it together here. In the, uh, in the eight and the seventh race here, the turf sprint we talked about earlier.

And then we’re going to put it together on Sunday with, uh, with, uh, maybe a little action late in the car with the two stakes race. I love it. One quick greenroom story for me, J K before we bring in Shawn for his thought on the seventh on Sunday. And I wonder if you remember, do you remember where we watched the pharaohs breeders cup?

Do you remember that? I do remember we went outside and watched it. It was, it was Travis stone for me. It was half and half and it was the first half of the race. W I watched inside in the green room, I wanted to watch them break and we walked outside and we had a treat that breeders’ cup where Travis had his high powered binoculars.

And if you stood next to Travis, the man couldn’t help himself. He’d start calling the races when they were on the back stretch, not like a call the way he calls the Kentucky Derby, but you know, he couldn’t help, but. Put some phrases in, and I can remember watching the Pharaoh in the breeders cup classic and Travis calling him along with a few key frames, Jesus, as he turned for home and, uh, put the sword to that field.

That was a, one of my great green room memories of all time. If you were, I assume you were standing beside me the whole time. I mean, I guess I was, uh, it was late in the day. I had already been eliminated for, with two, uh, with, with an entry in the breeders cup betting challenge. And so, uh, when you lose 10,000 on a day, Sometimes you turn to, uh, to Jesse to help help with the pain with an adult beverage.

And I hit that point. I’d probably want a bit, yeah, he was well into the maker’s 46 at that point. All right. Let’s turn this conversation back to Sunday at Keala. That’s what we’re supposed to be talking about. Anyway, Sean Borman, I want to hear yours. Thoughts about the first of these two steaks, then we’ll keep it with you for your thoughts on the second of the two steak Sunday, and then we’ll bring it back to JK.

But Sean, where are you with that first stakes race on Sunday? Well, Pete, you know, I hate to be unoriginal, but I’m on queen of bees also. I just, I love the way she’s coming into the race. It’s got a great figure pattern for improvement and did so well being wide on a day at Gulf stream. When I thought saving ground mid-summer.

So, um, I’m on queen of beast too. Fair enough. I mean, sometimes it’s as simple as go with the horse. Who’s the most logical, especially when you have. That extra bit of information in terms of how the track was playing. I mean, somebody like Sean, somebody like J K, if they’re going to do the trip work, I’m going to let that trip work worked for me.

And we’re going to keep it there and keep it with queen of B’s. Sean, what were your thoughts on the second race on Sunday? The second, the Appalachian, you know, I think this was one of the few times where I’m going to try to beat a Chad Brown. I don’t think he’s got, you know, I don’t love what he’s got in this race.

So I’m going to take a shot with princess, that Carolina for kidney peak. Um, I love the way she’s coming into the race. She finished. Great last time into a very slow pace. Ran a huge light number. So I’m going to take a shot with her. And I think I would single her in the pig for that, like the confidence very much.

And I want to bring in JK for his thoughts on that one. JK, if you’re back with us, where are you going in the second of the two stakes races on Sunday? Well, I thought clause for Chad was interesting. I kind of love it when I read draws that inside posts. I think Iran is one of the best at just sitting chilly in the pocket.

You know, he’s got strong hands. He’s got a great hold of a horse. Just kind of keeping them down in there. Now, look, you need a little bit of luck when you get that trip, that pocket trip, but you saved every step of ground on both turns. And, uh, as long as he can get, you know, get clear when he needs to get clear and make sure that he gets to get the full run out of Claus.

Cause unfortunately from time to time, if you get stuck down in there, you don’t get the full run from a horse. I think he could be extremely dangerous down on the inside, but I will tell you this. Winning envelope. The two horse drawn right outside to him for Chris block. Yours is a little bit interesting was 32 to one.

The other day you’re running against concrete Rose concrete Rose was the second choice to newspaper of record and second choice by a long way to newspaper of record in the Breeder’s cup, juvenile fillies turf. I think that winning envelopes could present a little bit of value. Um, was, was beaten a length that day by concrete Rose.

If you watch that Tampa race, it’s kind of a, uh, of a, of a salad bowl finish. I’ll give some credit to the, uh, Mattise brothers for that, uh, that, uh, expression salad bowl finished, where they’re all just kind of tossed in there together at the end. So I think winning envelopes a little bit interesting at a price to kind of pick up some pieces.

I don’t have morning lines, but I’d imagine that she’s not sure. No, I would imagine you’re right. We’re doing this actually, obviously, as you can tell on opening day Thursday, looking ahead to the Sunday races. So we don’t have all of that info, but those are both really interesting ideas. When it comes to the Sunday stakes racing, we’re going to be launching this podcast as we’re going to be doing two specific Keelan shows a week.

You can look forward to those throughout the meet, as well as checking in with us twice a week on the regular. In the money players podcast, Jay K, we’ve got three minutes to post. Here are your bets in, are you ready to fire here? What more can you tell us about what your plays are as they approach the gate for this featured Palisades turf sprint?

On opening day, I got the Prince of Keenan over here. He’s asking me if he can vet to it on bulletin. I told him that he probably could. Pete, why don’t you talk to him for a second and see what he, if you can talk some sense into them. Absolutely. Here we have the Prince of Caitlin himself. Jake Ballis of black type thoroughbreds.

Jake, how psyched are you for this key land? Opening day comes a day early this year on a Thursday. I just imagine you are riding high. As we approach this featured race on opening day. How are you? I love Kaitlin and. What makes it even better today? Is this three o’clock post-op. I love it. Right. Is how fun is that?

No, it’s great. Uh, there’s a lot. There’s a lot of young people out here. Um, I like, I dunno, I like the Twilight posts and they’re going to have the paddock and the party afterwards. So that should be a lot of fun as well. Keelan does such a great job. They call it racing as it ought to be Jake. I know you’d love Saratoga like me, but there’s some special place in my heart that I reserve for key Linda, the three weeks in the spring and the fall for you.

How important is this me to your racing year? You know, like you said, Saratoga is my number one place to go, or your favorite racing place. Caitlin would be second. And it’s a, uh, it’s a close, it’s a close second. It’s a. It’s very important. All the two year old races start here. Hopefully we’ll have a two year old that can, that can debut here at the last week.

Oh. But you know, to me, the season kind of. I know at wines, kind of the Darby preps, everything going on now, but to me to season starts at Caitlin with the two year olds. So, um, it’s, uh, it, it is a special place and it’s gorgeous out here. And the weather, this wood today couldn’t be any better. Yeah. Wait, I’m flying down tomorrow, going to spend the weekend in Lexington, obviously by the time this airs we’ll have already had our kickoff party for opening day, but for me, spring is all about the opening of baseball season and the opening of Keelan.

Jake, what are you doing in this race? Or do you have a bet going in this Palisades turf sprint as the horses approach, the gate they’re walking on the turf horse now, you know, I, I didn’t, I was asking Jonathan and, uh, Sean about bulletin not being able to get beat, I guess if bulletin doesn’t win, uh, I’d have to go with Johnny B on, uh, in Wesley with the Philly.

Uh, granted it as the favorite or the second choice. Sorry. Bulletins of favorites. I would, if I can be both and I’m going to try with Westlake and Johnny. All right. But what do you, I mean, you know, you better make your decision soon here, Jake, zero minutes to post. What are we doing? I’m going to go say bullets San over Wesley.

Exact, uh, CHOC exact for $200. All right, I’m going to go run. I like it. You go, Britain’s send me back to JK. We’ll talk as they get ready to go, I’m going to do it for $300. The same, exactly that way. If we’re in a contest together, I’m going to beat the big seller because I bet a hundred dollars more than him.

I didn’t tell you this. Pete hit me at the Hawthorne contest. I bet a $793. Doubled it on hidden scrolls with code of honor running second. And I go over to watch the video. There’s been pictures circulating me and Austin are hanging out with, uh, the mavens there, Chris, Alarmy the Shermans. And I look over to, uh, to, to, to Dave.

Good for, and I say, what what’d you bet? And he said, I bet, uh, $800. Exactly.

How did he know? How did he know? And I was like 800 I’m at seven 93. I’ve been sending out in three of them, beat beat. If he gets me, he’s like, Jonathan is 800. Like that’s where everyone has 800. Why didn’t you do it for 801? And I was like, I don’t know. I’m not as smart as you Jake. Hey, you’re back on air here.

I just hit the record button. What’s going on? No, I’m just, you know, they had a little scratch here. Uh, Sean Boarman’s favorite trainer. Hi, may Makia, uh, scratched chair, gladiator King. So we’re going to sit around and watch them circle for a little while to imagine they’ll back them up, move all the things over.

Um, however, I did want to tell you guys, I’m a little excited. I’m looking forward to reporting back to you guys. Um, tonight going to dinner with hall of fame jockey. Johnny Velazquez. Oh, fantastic. I can’t wait to hear about that, Johnny. One of the good guys for sure. Sure. It’s somebody I’ve always felt an affinity for, you know, he was we’re about the same age.

So when he came into the game, that’s when I came into the game really, and I always felt, uh, close to him and have enjoyed his career right from the get-go. And he’s just. In the limited interactions I’ve had with him just seems like a great guy. You guys are gonna have a great time. Where are you going to dinner tonight and Lexington?

Uh, I think a place called Azura. Um, and so it’s a Jake Ballo special. You know what I wish I wish that this race was happening earlier, where I could get all the listeners to donate to the TRF as like a, as a good day, or cause I want everyone to donate $5 to dare me to ask Johnny what the heck he was doing.

At the dinner table, ask him what he was doing on this temple city three years ago in Saratoga when I needed them for, uh, for a pick for so, Oh dear. Don’t make me retroactively. Don’t ask that done. So we’ll get the donuts. Oh man. Don’t be that guy. J K. All right. They are, the scratch has been scratched.

The Gates have been moved and we are just about ready for this Palisades turf sprint at Keeland. And we’ll come back to you for a minute. Once it’s wrapped. They are at the post and the rock. In the Palisades turf sprint bulletin was out alertly yes, I am free is right there to the inside as well. And the opening strives app pacinian comes out running in third.

Real news is in fourth on captain’s fifth vote has one lane off the rail in sixth tobacco road moves up one spot toward the inside from seventh mixed star toward the outside is eighth strike. Silver center of the course is in ninth. And then vivid verse who’s 10th back toward the inside. Joyful heart is 11th dome.

Carlos was off of steps slowly and as 12th and last bulletin, the leader 22.1 seconds for the opening quarter bulletin leading app Simeon by a length and a half. Yes, I am free. Is third toward the inside. Three likes off the lead as they turned for home. Top of the stretch bulletin is the leader here comes up to Sydney and to the outside.

Yes, I am free is running in third down toward the rail. Moving by the eighth pole on cap tries to find more momentum to the center of the chorus in fourth, real news fifth for outside, they’ve all got a catch bulletin and bulletins opened up by four. Real news is coming late down the center of the chorus, but bulletins in front and all grill running of the Palisades turf sprint took bulletin.

Sean. What’s your reaction to bulletins performance there. And how did it end up for you? Pair mutually didn’t end up great. You know what I’m saying? Inside of the nine, but I couldn’t get him to staff all the way, so I’m not going to catch anything, but it was a good player. I think sometimes it’s all about the decision you make, not about the outcome you get, and that might be the case.

There sounds like Jake Bowers, caches win-back J K how’d you end up doing there. Uh, I’m alive in the pick three. So I, uh, like I said, I, you know, I, I had some fixed size spreading a little bit more in this race when I got beat out of that pick five. I didn’t feel like I, you know, you know, I think Mike Maloney and the book that you guys wrote together, betting with an edge mentioned like earning the right to bet more.

Yes. I didn’t earn the right to use more horses in the Spotify was going to play it. I played the pick five using more spreadsheet type in, you know, and doing it efficiently. Uh, but as I came back in the pick three, I felt like if I was going to play the pick three, I couldn’t do that. I needed to kind of narrow it and I did narrow it to just the nine and 12.

Um, and I did that efficiently as well. I did it, you know, with more money on the 12th and I did on the nine. So I’m alive in the last four, seven, 12, I think. Um, so, you know, hopefully we can pick up some, some pieces and, and, uh, when that bill comes out today, I can try to live like a tough guy when, when Johnny reaches for it, I’ll reach a little bit harder if I can, if I can just hit this bet.

All right. God speed. J K God. Speed to everybody down at the green room, you could hear what a great atmosphere it is down there. Odd Caitlin opening day, big, late money. I don’t know if that was a Jake Ballis or was a big, late money pushes bulletin into even money. He obliges. The backers at that number and, uh, really never looked in doubt here in the Palisades turf sprint on opening day.

Akilah also during the course of the show, you heard our thoughts about opening Sunday and, uh, hopefully folks will be able to catch some tickets based on that Intel as well. And that’s going to do it for this second episode of the Keelan select players podcast. I’m Peter Thomas for to tell. Thanks so much to Sean Borman.

To Jake Ballis to Jim Goodman and to Jonathan kitchen. Most of all, thanks to all of you, the listeners for making not only the, in the money players, podcast, such a success, but also this new Caitlin select players podcast, we will be back before you know it until then may you win all your photos?

we’ll do share your balance.

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