Show #30 – Sorting Out the Derby Picture (with Britney Eurton)


On the latest show, Britney Eurton is here to talk about the Derby picture and also give her thoughts on #IamHorseRacing. PTF and JK go over all the graded stakes at Keeneland and also discuss the Cross Country Pick Five. Plus, news about a special Arkansas Derby Day giveaway. Simply retweet the link to today’s show and you’re entered in a random drawing for two tickets to Ten Strike’s world famous party on the infield.


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PTF here. And we’ve got a great show for you today, but a couple of quick announcements before we launch into it, first off, come and see us at our first ever. In the money podcast live event, downtown Lexington Friday night after the race is approximately 7:00 PM. We will be at Bell’s and you should come see us.

Mike Maloney will be there. Author of bedding with an edge. Also Jake Ballis will be there of black type thoroughbreds along with me and J K and speaking of Jake ballasts, this show is. Brought to you by his black type thoroughbreds. For more information about race, horse ownership, checkout black type


Hello and welcome to the, in the money players podcast. I’m your host, Peter Thomas  towel back with you from the Brooklyn bunker. Once again. A lot of things happening in the, in the money media empire, I’m going to call it somewhat facetiously, but we are going to be talking about all those on this show.

Very excited to announce that a little bit later, we will bring in special guests, Brittany Earnin, Brittany Long overdue for an appearance on the show. We’re going to talk about the stakes racing at Santa Anita. This weekend, specifically the Santa Anita Derby. Maybe we’ll get. Her thought on the Santini to handicap as well.

And also talk to her about this hashtag that’s causing such a positive frenzy among certain corners of horse racing fans on the interwebs. I am horse racing. So that’s coming up in a little bit. Before that I want to bring in my co-host on this program, the copilot in this whole venture to talk about some of the stuff going on.

I am talking about the man he’s already taken the private plane out of planet, Texas. It has landed in Lex Vegas. He is the people’s champion. Jonathan Kenshin JK what’s up tonight. What’s going on little night, little nighttime episode, always, always a lot of fun. We do those. Um, I’ll be honest. This episode is interrupting something very important.

Um, I’m trying to get my girlfriend. Caught up on game of Thrones before April 14. I’m glad you mentioned game of Thrones by the way. Oh, she took a year break after the red wedding, which like, come on. Tough enough. Susan gave it up completely. She, she wouldn’t, she had heard what was going to happen.

Decided not to watch like says it’s too violent. I can’t watch. So then five minutes after every show ends, she comes up to me. She’s like, okay, so what happened? So she still wants to know what happens, but she refuses to watch the thing. And so it’s, it’s unbelievable. So, um, next, next, uh, next Sunday, it’s going to be the Keene contest.

The grade one gamble, one of my favorite contests of the entire year. So that’s going to take place. I’ve gotten dinner reservations. You don’t know this yet, but I’ve got a word that Duke Mateus is going to break his grade one gamble made. Really? Yeah, he’s going to come. So we’re going to go to a. We’re going to go to, I got Tony’s lined up, you know, you know, uh, he hasn’t been here since Tony’s existed, so we’ll go to Tony’s and then we’ll hurry home and watch, watch a game of Thrones.

Final season premiere. So I’m trying to get, I’m trying to get her caught up she’s but she’s, uh, anytime somebody gets their throat slit, she wants to take a break. So obviously, you know how, you know how slow this is going to go, boy. Yeah. You’re you’re you’re not gonna make it. My friend, we already did a little buy sell hold.

I remember on the ultimate argument of the iron throne, but th do you have any latest. Predictions as far as game of Thrones goes, I don’t know. I don’t feel like, I feel like it’s going to be a very Sopranos S where they’re not going to give it to anyone and you’re going to just be left, hanging on who they gave it to.

That’s what I feel like is going to happen. I, I don’t know. I don’t know if you saw Jimmy Fallon this week, but REO was on, uh, Maisie. Williams is her real name. Maisie made a joke that she actually, you know, she said she died in the second episode of the final season and, you know, so it made it a big deal.

It was really good acting and, and, and Jimmy was like, Oh, don’t worry about it. And she was like, Oh my God, I can’t believe I did that. And. And so, uh, um, obviously she doesn’t die in the second episode, so you can have, if there’s bookmakers out there, you can try to get that one, but that one up, well, I’m looking forward to it and ask for your Sopranos prediction.

I’m just going to say that don’t stop believe and would be quite the anachronism if it popped up in, uh, in game of Thrones. All right. Where should we go from here? Let’s talk about some of the exciting stuff going on. How about our new podcast? JK? Why don’t you tell the people about that? Just yeah, new, uh, Keelan select players podcast, I believe twice a week.

We’re going to, uh, maybe sometimes three, maybe sometimes one, but it’ll all equal out to about two a week. We’re going to do, uh, a special, you know, between 30 and hour, 30 minute and hour long episode where we’re going to just highlight, uh, you know, whether it’s the late pick four or some of the, you know, maybe early pick five from time to time, wherever the stakes are going to be, but we’re going to have a whole show focused on.

Keene Lynn and the racing going on there. So we’ll have an extra show popping up in your feed. Uh, throughout the week, so don’t be thrown off. You’ll still get the normal end of money players podcast, uh, early week, late week, and then you’ll have some, uh, some other things along the way to, to accompany it.

Um, we posted one already to today or today being a Wednesday, we already posted our first episode. We had Christina blacker on talking a little bit. About, uh, I am, uh, horse racing. She also talked about some keen Lynn stuff and her background. And then we had our buddy Sean Borman on to talk about some spots on Thursday and Friday.

We’ll be back later this week with the coverage from, from Sunday. I do need to apologize though. Hopefully no one bought any tickets. Just because of this, but newspaper of record is not going to run Sunday. She’s going to wait until, until Churchill. Okay. Yeah, that’s what I had heard originally. I thought you were privy to some new information.

All right. Well that might make it a little bit easier to make my flight from Cincinnati on Sunday night. If you’re interested in the show, please check it out. And keen Lynn select our sponsor on that one. We’ve got a special promo code. I T M 19. If you go to the keen Lynn website, I won’t give the full spiel here.

They’re sponsors of that show, not this one, but we’ll tell you to check it out and tell you to go to their website and use that promo code for more details. Two other things I definitely want to make sure we get across one. You heard the ad, the bumper at the top of the show, the preview party Friday night in Lexington.

It may be over by the time some of you get around to listening to this show, but hopefully most of you are listening Thursday, Friday. And if you’re in the Lexington area, you have the opportunity to come and join us at Bell’s in downtown Lexington, Mike Maloney and Jake Ballis will be joining us. We will be talking about the Caitlin meat.

And we will also be looking specifically at some of the races on Saturday. Probably those graded stakes races, maybe throw a shout out as we will hear later in this show to this cross country, pick five between Keene, Linde, and Niara going to be a lot of fun. And speaking of meat, preview material, that’s the other thrust of.

The first episode of the Keelan select players podcast, we do have some more evergreen info about Caitlin in there. So even if you’re listening to that after the Thursday races of God, even after the Friday races have gone, there should be some meat on the bone for you to chew on, on that first Caitlin select players, pod, and then the.

Other, other thing I want to talk about is this very generous offer made by our friends at 10 strike racing. Do you know the details on that one to tell people, or should I continue to filibuster here? I’ll let you go on with it. I know, I know of, but I don’t know. The details. 10 strike racing are famous for their Arkansas Derby party.

They rent a tent on the infield. The whole thing is catered beautifully. There’s been great. Beer and cocktails and whiskey in the two years I’ve gone. It’s the kind of thing I went once. It was my first trip to Arkansas a couple of years ago, and I loved it so much. I’ve gone back every year. This year, I’m coupling it with the opportunity to be a guest lecture at Marshall’s class at Rhodes college, that’s going to be a lot of fun and generous offer.

Marshall and clay have said there are two tickets to this world, famous Arkansas Derby party, and they wanted us to do a giveaway to the, in the money podcast listeners. So the way we’re going to do it is simple. When this show goes out, I send a tweet. That tweet. If you retweet it, you will automatically be entered in the contest.

I will pick an entry at random, too. Be the winner and join us for Arkansas Derby day. So if you have the opportunity to be at Oaklawn park for Arkansas Derby, if you’re, if you can get there at all, we still have a little bit of time on this, send that retweet around, who knows, maybe you’ll win and, uh, get a chance to check out this amazing party.

It’s going to be a lot of fun. Unfortunately, JK doesn’t sound like you’re going to be making it down there. No, I’m going to be, uh, I’ll be, uh, I’ll be actually in Austin for. Austin’s second soccer game. Um, so he, he’s got a, he’s got a game this Saturday. I’ll be there for that one. I’ll be there for the next Saturday.

I’ll obviously miss Derby day. So I want to make sure I catch all the ones I can. So I’ll be flying in next Saturday night. And into Lexington to make it in time for the contest on Sunday. Cool. Uh, what position is he playing or is it the kind of thing where they’re, they’re sort of figure that out as they go at that level, he’s playing the position where we hope that they’re all facing the right.

There’s no telling and yeah. And youth sports. So I’m just excited to get them out there and let them run around a little bit. Yeah, that’s great. That’s very, very cool. You’ll keep us posted on how that goes and really looking forward to hanging out with you this weekend in keenly. Okay. So with those notes out of the way, I think it’s time to bring in our guest for tonight’s show and that’s Brittany Earnin, and let’s do that now.

And now I’d like to welcome to the, in the money podcast. Airwaves, Brittany Earnin, Brittany, how are you tonight? I’m doing wonderful. Thank you so much for having me, you for making us a part of your night on this super busy week. We want to talk to you about the stakes races at Santa Anita. On Saturday.

We want to talk to you about I am horse racing, but before we get into that, want to talk to you a little bit about your time in racing, how much. Did growing up with a father as a trainer and being around the sport, influenced your love of horses. I feel like sometimes kids are kept a little bit away from it.

Sometimes they’re in the shedrow every day. Sometimes it’s somewhere in between. Where do you fall on that continuum? Well, I fell somewhere in between. I spent a lot of time at the track every summer because obviously the meat would move down to Del Mar. So for me, I spent. So much time with the horses going to the races, really experiencing it during the summer.

But I have to say some of my favorite parts growing up were going to the races and going to the backside and morning workouts with my father at Santa Anita. I have so many wonderful memories of that, but if I’m being honest, I did not envision a career in racing. I always loved it, but it wasn’t until I graduated college that I really became invested.

Didn’t it. I found myself on any day off. I had, if I didn’t have school or if I wasn’t taking acting classes, I was at the racetrack rooting my dad’s horses home and spending more time getting to know each of these horses back at the barn. Um, and I think. And you both will know that there’s something about this industry, that once you’re in it, you can’t leave it.

And that’s what happened with me. I never expected to be involved in racing from a professional standpoint, but I’m so lucky that I’ve ended up here. What was the change that made you go from, this is something you love, but you have this, these other ambitions career-wise to just saying, you know what, I’m going to do both at the same time, I’m going to make this life and racing.

I think it’s a bit of when you’re a teenager, you don’t want to spend a ton of time with your parents. I think that has probably something to do with it. And I absolutely adore my family, but I think each teenager goes through that. I spent time up at San Luis Obispo for college for the first two years.

And I think what really clicked is when I came back down and I finished my. Uh, degree at USC and I was so much closer to home and I think I grew up and I really started to appreciate what not only these animals do, but what everybody involved does. You know, I would hear my dad just, you know, be on vacation, come home.

The first thing he wanted to do was see the horses. And I think I just really grew to appreciate it. And I really grew from a handicapping perspective. I understood it better. And that just made the industry all that more fascinating to me. So I think it was a matter of just maturing and I found myself.

Yes pursuing acting. But at the same time, I found that perhaps there was something that I loved a little bit more and that’s when I was approached by TBG and the rest is kind of history. So I really thank them for opening my eyes to something that I ended up loving a lot more than what my dream was, which was acting.

So I, I happened to find a new dream along the way, and I’m grateful for it. So your dad’s obviously had some really good horses grade, one winners Breeder’s cup winners. I’m curious, when you look through all the horses he’s had, who’s your favorite horse? Your dad’s trained that, you know, doesn’t necessarily have to be the greatest or the, the, the one that’s one of the most money or one of the biggest races, but which one stands out to you as, as the one that you have the best relationship with.

That’s tough. I have a few because we’ve had a couple that have taken us on the most incredible rides. You know, dance with fate is one that comes to mind. First for me, he took my dad and my family to the Kentucky Derby for the first and only time. And that was an incredible experience. Obviously champagne room, the Breeder’s cup victory is something I will never forget, but from a personality standpoint, she wouldn’t be known to many, but a cow bred, unusual heat.

Named Pacific heat. And there was something about her. Yes, she was ultra talented, but she had this personality every time you would go over to herself, she loved the attention. And anytime you walked away, he starts to pause. She didn’t want you to leave, but she also did this lip popping movement that I just found.

Absolutely adorable. I don’t know if it was annoying to anybody else. She just had these quirks, but they were positive quirks. And you could just tell that she knew what she. What kind of challenges you had and she owned the room, but she wasn’t a mean diva. She was just the warmest horse that you’ve ever met.

And I just loved being able to go to the barn and visit her. And I, I’ll never, you know, I’m lucky enough that the owners have kept her and they bred her. So, um, we’ll hopefully get to see her babies on the racetrack and see if that personality is carried over. That’s cool. That’s very cool. You talked a little bit about.

Starting to understand, uh, the art of picking winners and handicapping and understanding the game from that level. At what point did you first become aware of horse players as a breed of human under themselves? What were your initial impression of us and how has that changed as you’ve gotten more involved in the game?

Oh, well, I was very aware from a very young age. Don’t tell anybody, but I like to make a few bets here and there. When I was younger at Dell bar, my, my go-to was across the board $2 across the board, and I could see how far I could take $20. That’s when I really start to start to understand what went into handicapping.

It was so fascinating to me because I love math. Math is definitely where I feel most comfortable and it’s such an analytical game. And. It’s an expertise and I highly respect handicappers for the time that they put into this, because the more time that I study. The more, I began to understand how there are so many different angles and ways that you can kind of find an edge into finding that potential long shot.

I highly respect, uh, what handicappers do, and I am still learning and in no way, shape or form, would I describe myself as an actor? Burke. So bring on any sort of insight you guys have. Oh, it’s, it’s so much fun to talk about. And it’s one of those things where you could really talk to 20, even super successful people and get them to talk about their processes and get 20 different answers.

So much of it to me is just. What your, what we talk about your bedding personality, your handicapping personality, sort of how you see the world and then plotting a course that works for you. And that’s interesting to me, that being interested in the math, I would think would normally take you in one direction and being interested and appreciative of horse flesh and knowing what a good horse looks like.

That might take you in another direction. Do you, which direction when it comes to the actual studying of the form, do you lean, or do you try to do both. I definitely lean. More of the math side than the actual analyzing of the form and the past performances, but being able to, and this is thanks to TVG having time to really spend in the paddock and working alongside the likes of a Kate and radar who can fully analyze, you know, how a horse is looking on the day.

Both their demeanor and physically how they’re looking. If they’re primed for a big effort, I’ve learned so much, um, that’s it completely of your rights, separate side of it. And some handicap was lean on that entirely. I’d like to incorporate both, because I think you can take a lot away from a, how a horse is handling themselves in the paddock.

But right now I think I’ve very much so just that analytical side of my brain, no doubt takes over. All right, let’s talk a little bit. Oh, you go ahead. JK. I just had a quick, Oh, I’m scared to go. And it’s, I got to, I got to find out what Brittany says about, uh, about Dubai. I saw, we saw you all over Instagram and, and, and Twitter the last week or so hanging out in, in, uh, in Dubai.

Was that your first trip? And, and how was it? And it was actually my second trip to Dubai. I am fascinated by how other jurisdictions and other countries go about racing. And so I’ve been lucky enough to go to both ASCA and Dubai and they’re completely different, but yeah. What I’ve seen across the board and something obviously that we do so well here with breeders cup is the hospitality is bar none, and they’d make it truly about the horses and the people enjoying the event.

So it was a fantastic day of racing too. I mean, we kicked it off with an Arabian race. That was a thriller and they were only separated perhaps. By a nose. I wasn’t expecting that. I don’t cover Arabian racing often, but it was a great day of racing and I was happy to see the American show up. I mean, how about X, Y jet third time?

No doubt was a charm. That was so exciting. That was quite a, uh, quite some, uh, gut guts shown in the stretch. And. Very cool to see a horse go there three years in a row and have circumstances line up the way that they did. What must it be like being at a race track with no bedding? I mean, would we just be completely lost out there or do you think we’d find our way.

I think you would absolutely find your way. I think that, you know, obviously on TVG reporting that or for the world feed, we’re still talking about wagering or, or who we like or how a horse looks because overseas, we can still back to being at the track. I think you’d just enjoy what they put forth.

There was a Gwen Steffani concert afterwards. Obviously there was a massive firework show after the races. And of course he would just appreciate. The racing and hopefully back home, somebody would make a couple of bets for you. Yeah. The cell phone would probably be a, be an overdrive. Might need an internet proxy or something.

Well, we’ll figure it out when we finally get there. Yeah. It was a little refreshing that my phone didn’t work the entire time I was there. I felt a little lost at first, but then for the most part, I think it was kind of nice. Okay. You had something else. No. Yeah, there, there’s no way. I’m not, I’m not breaking any laws in a foreign country.

It’s probably a good point. Let’s see when it, when, when you really, when you really stop and think about it, but you know, there’s always where there’s a will. There’s a way I will, I will just point that out. Let’s move back to closer to home, Brittany, and talk about the big races at Santa Anita. This weekend, have you had a chance?

They just drew pretty recently, but have you had a chance to go through the form a little bit in the Santini to handicapper Santini to Derby or heck you might know all these horses is a form by heart already. Honestly, quite familiar with most of them, obviously many of these races were scheduled for a few weeks ago, not including the Santa Anita Derby, but I spent this morning.

Talking with quite a few connections. Bob Baffert John Sadler, Dan ward for Instagram, and we have got some serious quality, um, in these races. I’m so looking forward to probably the highlight for me would see, would be seeing Mackenzie. Um, I’ve always been a huge fan of his not only because of his talent, but what he represents.

He’s obviously named. Or the late Brad McKenzie, who was a very good friend of Bob Baffert and the ownership group. And it’s just wonderful to see kind of his name living on with, uh, such a talented, remarkable horse. So for me, looking forward to seeing him, but the Santa Anita Derby, you’ve got Roadster who had Mike Smith tickled pink after his last race.

You’ve got Instagram. Who’s a bit perplexing to me after his last effort, but the barn’s still high on him. And then of course, game winner who’s as gutsy and gritty as ever. I’m really looking forward to Saturday. I think we need this wonderful day of racing just for, you know, the California community.

And I just hope for some thrilling finishes and safe returns for all. I think that’s a sentiment we can all get behind. We know where your heart’s going to be in the Santa Anita handicap. Do you think McKinsey has a, has this field over a barrel or do you think there could be somebody else who steps up to grab the brass ring?

I don’t think that you can say that purely because he was beaten by gift box, left out and give props to the great post position. I’m just taking a look at it right now. Six horses post position for obviously John Sadler’s only had him for some amount of time, but he’s held him in very high regard since coming to Southern California from Chad Brown barn, he loves the distance for him, Joe, over Tario is obviously back in town.

So ride him. He got a great eye. I’d love to hear what you guys said. I thought he got a great. Set up though, when he, um, when he beat McKenzie and, and battle of, um, maybe battle of midway, I should say, not Mackenzie, Mackenzie was beat by battle of midway last out, but gift box to me, I don’t think he needs the perfect setup, but he could be the horse on the rise.

So I would not discount him by any means. What do you think of this one? J K. Well, I’m really happy that McKinsey drew the inside. And I think that McKinsey is the type of horse that. He’s going to be better off with a more aggressive ride. And I think when you, when they draw the rail like that sometimes kind of forces the hand of the rider and the connections.

There’s only one decision to be made. And don’t tell anyone, don’t tell anyone from Judd Mon or bill horn that about, but I think that that’s, so I’m excited to see McKinsey kind of written aggressively going a mile and a quarter. I think I have an old tweet that will probably come back and haunt me that he was going to win the Breeder’s cup classic in 2019.

So I’m going to need them. I’m going to need them to win this race first. Sounds pretty. I spoke to Bob this morning about the distance and he said getting a mile and a quarter to me is not a question for him, but it really comes down to the setup. So it’s interesting that you say that, and I’m curious because they weren’t drawn when we spoke, what kind of setup he’ll be looking for for McKenzie, because he was really leaning on that.

Um, when I spoke to him this morning, I mean, you’d think it would be a forward sort of grindy Bob Baffert mile and a quarter. Type situation where if somebody wants to go hammer and tongs, he might consider letting them go. But I mean, they got, I feel like you gotta be aggressive from down there and he might just have the talent to, to go gate to wire if nobody else wants to be aggressive and clear out in front of them, is that as a big McKinsey fan JK that’s that is the trip you’re you’re preferring and imagining.

That’s the one that my, uh, late pick five will be singled too.

I sure hope so. Let’s talk a little bit more about this Santa Anita Derby as well. I am a big Instagram fan. I feel like his unusual preparations we’ll call them, gave him license to be a short horse. Last time I thought that he showed some class in the race. Looked like a bit of a tired horse to me. And that was why he kind of only ran in snatches.

I’m really interested to see what he can do. What have you seen or heard about Instagram and the rest of this Santa Anita Derby field? Brittany? Well, I’m speaking with Dan ward this morning. I asked him what his thoughts were on that last effort. He said also the layout. Some say that seven for a long can be the toughest trip.

He said, I disagree that one turn mile. It’s very taxing and. He didn’t seem all too surprised that he got tired after the race. I know how high they were on him going into the race. He even said to me, we have no excuses. That being said, I was most impressed with the fact that he showed. Versatility in it’s two starts here prior to, um, getting some RNR and then coming back prior to that layup gate to wire victories.

And he was so flashing what he did. I think showing the ability to rate is going to benefit him more than anything else. Especially when you come to the first Saturday in may of 20 horses to having tactical ability is key, but he can’t be a gate to our horse that can’t do anything other than that. So I.

Somewhat jumped off of the bandwagon. I will be completely honest. That’s fair. But I’m looking, I’m looking forward to seeing what he does Saturday. I was so high on him after his debut. I lost a little, a little bit of faith. I get it. I mean, I think for a horse campaigned in a normal way, those gut reactions make sense.

The excuse I keep giving myself as it’s just such an odd situation that. Um, I think I’m willing to give one more chance at the end of the day, it’ll all depend on what happens in the market that my preference for Instagram goes along with the idea that he’s going to be a multiple of the price of game winner.

We’ll see what happens in the real market, and that might color how I’m looking at it. If I were to hold your feet to the fire, Brittany, to give a selection in this one, are you prepared to do that? At this point, you can reserve the right to do it later. Ooh. Okay. I’ll give you an initial selection without having really delved into the PPS.

Like I’m not even, I’m only looking at their post positions right now. Um, based off of the delight after the last effort, I will go Roadster. I’m very high on this horse. I thinking winter going to be ultra tough to beat. We know how gritty he is and he probably got a ton out of that race left out. But yeah.

I am a huge fan of Roadster. And if you would have seen the smile on Mike Smith’s face after he got off of him, makes me think that this horse is going to do something special. That’s a fun bit of info. And there was a time when we heard last year at Del Mar that this was the one for Baffert for this year.

And boy, that first race sure. Seemed to back up those claims. JK, where are you in this year? Santa Anita Derby. Well, I got a question for, for Brittany first. Hopefully she knows the answer. I’m a little bit embarrassed that I don’t know the answer, especially for a guy who gets constantly yelled at, by his girlfriend for being on Twitter.

But I don’t understand why Omaha beach is not in this race. How did I miss that? As he going to Arkansas, I guess. Yes, Omaha beach is going to the Arkansas Derby, extra hope was supposed to run in those races to see other Richard Mandela trainee, but he wasn’t pleased kind of how he came out of the rebel.

So, uh, Omaha beach to Arkansas. And if Roadster runs well, Mike Smith is going to be in a bit of a predicament, but I’d say it’s a good place to be in. Yeah. The old good problem to have. All right. Enough ducking the question, JK, where are you going? No a game winner. I think that, you know, like there was any doubt, he’s got the silver wig out.

He’s all excited to give. And I know we’re going to go with the Baffert exact the two while we’re at it. No, no, it’s funny. Well, yeah, I mean, I can, I can get down with that, but when I was, you know, Brittany brought up the point about Instagram, like just didn’t really look shorter, not he looked like in trouble, the entire race.

I remember I made a joke about how, what a rollercoaster, that race was like, Oh, he’s not going to run. Oh, he’s not, Oh, you’re coming. Oh no, he’s not. It, it was like a up and down situation for him. And I just don’t see him rebounding full. You know, full speed to be able to beat horses like game winner or Roadster.

I’m still a little concerned about Roadster, but he was ultra impressive. And that’s from a person who bet, uh, tried to beat him with Nolo contestant last time. But why are you concerned? Just out of curiosity? I just, I just, I just. Wonder about the distance. I don’t think it’s going to be a huge issue, but he just, you know, I’ll, you know, his two most impressive races are his most impressive race, obviously was the date view.

And then the last one was really impressive and just a little concern. And it’s a little bit weird for me that he had C plus works going into the last race. So. That’s either a really good sign that he’s going to really, like now he’s going to like really run off the screen or it could be a sign that he’s just an inconsistent horse and that there’s certain things have to go his way.

And if they don’t go his way and he might not run as well, um, he makes a ton of sense to me, but I think game winner in a mile and an eighth with something to close into. With, with Roadster having to be kind of aggressively written from the rail. I think a game winter’s going to be tough just quickly.

It’s interesting that you mentioned the works because I interviewed Bob right after Roadster one and he had mentioned one of his drills out of the gate and quote bed that was sick. So he was very pleased apparently with how he was coming into the race. So interesting. I mean, it’s one of those things that can be very subjective.

One person’s a C plus I suppose, can in this instance can be another person’s B plus or a minus. And also of course, the trainer knows what he’s looking for out of the work that might be different than what a Clockers looking for. I think trainer intent. Yeah. Trainer intent makes a huge, has a lot to do with it.

I mean, yeah. You know, Brittany can probably speak to, so, you know, some horse that had an issue with her dad that was either, you know, had a sensitive mouth or it was too aggressive or blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So they’re trying to do things in the morning that if, if a clocker who’s grading this work doesn’t know what the intention of the work is.

Could misinterpret, you know, how good the work actually was. Yes, definitely. All right. Well, let’s talk a bit about, I am horse racing, Brittany. I know you’ve been involved in this from the beginning on our other show, the Caitlin select players podcast. We had the opportunity to talk to Christina blacker a little bit about how it came about.

When did you first hear of the idea and why is it important to you? First heard about the idea of a few weeks ago was reached out to, in a group message by Jill Baffert. And it really came at a time where we felt like we needed to do more. We are all involved in this industry in some way, shape or form, but we wanted to do what we could to showcase the positive stories, because we felt there was a misconception and there was a public perception that perhaps was not correct that.

Maybe we don’t care about these horses and that couldn’t be further from the truth. So after about a four hour long, get together, this idea came about and the, I am horse racing really stands for the fact that there are so many people in this industry that make it up. And each of them are somehow connected to the horse from the trainer to the jockey, to the owner, to the groom, to the hot Walker, to the valid, to the valet guy.

To, um, the women in Mercado to the tellers, to the betters, we are all in this together. It’s much more than an industry. It’s a community and it’s a family. And I think that we wanted to give the opportunity and to many that feel that they don’t have a voice and give them the opportunity to share their stories.

Oh, very well said. And, and it just really is a message that. Resonates to me. When you meet people who are involved in racing, who do this every day, you realize to them the horse, isn’t some commodity. The horse is the backbone of everything these people do in these people. Build their, their lives around horses and, and couldn’t love the more and the message that needs to be heard now more than ever.

And, uh, Brittany, we thank you. And the other folks involved with, I am horse racing for spreading this message out there in the world. And it’s a standing offer from us to do whatever we can to help give a voice to that message and amplify that message. It’s such important work that you’re doing. We thank you for it.

Well, I appreciate your support and the support of the industry. It just goes to show, as I said, it is a family, how quickly this caught on and people sharing their own stories was truly wonderful. And it goes to show that we are all in this together and we are supportive of each other and we do each have a reason why we fell in love with the forest.

More importantly, why we’re still here? I think one of the most. Touching stories to me, if you haven’t heard it yet, was Carlos Santa Maria. He has been dealing with a health issue and dialysis every single day. And what really hit me with him saying I knew I wasn’t well, and my doctors were giving me medicine and they didn’t want me to come to the tr quite yet because I wasn’t a hundred percent, but I came to the tracks.

And I came to the barn with my horses and I physically felt better. There was something about that statement that just really resonated with me. And I think that’s the epitome of how most people feel in this industry. It’s fantastic stuff. JK, did you have one more question on, I am horse racing before we, uh, we let Brittany get on with her night.

No, we gotta, we gotta get a horseplayer on P and I were talking earlier. We got a great idea. I’m gonna just go ahead and production meeting inside the show. I’m going to give you this idea. Michael Bay chalk, when he won the NHC about four or five years ago, the horse that won it all for him. He claimed the horse and retired the horse.

To make sure that horse always had a safe and comfortable life for the rest of his life. And he still is footing the bill for that horse, uh, to this day, glorious dancer, very successful polo pony. Apparently I love basically, that’s another thing. It’s all about education, educating the public as well.

That once these horses move on to retirement, there’s so many other. There’s so many other ways that they enjoy life, whether it be in the past year or if they’re a jumping horse, or if they’re a pony for a young child, or if they’re a polo horse, there are so many fascinating, um, ways that these horses continue their life.

Once they’re done racing on the track. Um, and I love that. Story. If you could connect me with him, that would be great. We are all about suggestions of anyone that wants to share their story. You can go to, I am horseracing on the Twitter page, send a direct message, send an email. Um, we are more than happy to share, um, everyone’s stories because there are so many, that’s a good thing to know, and I’m glad we can pass that along to listeners.

We’ve got a pretty powerful hive mind around these parts, Brittany, and I bet we’ll get some more good ideas. And I know that Michael’s work definitely helped inspire. HorsePlayers to give a lot of money to horse rescue organizations among them, our partner, the thoroughbred retirement foundation. I think of Brent, some Jeff and the speech he gave when he won the NHC tour, imploring HorsePlayers.

And this is a message I want all of our audience. To hear as often as possible when you have a big score, especially if it’s from a piece of information that you got from listening to Brittany and her work or something you got from us on the show, you know, thank us. That’s great. But consider. Yeah, making a donation whatever’s within your budget to one of these organizations and, uh, and helping give back to the animals that give so much to us.

And we’ve kept you much longer than we said we would. I apologize. I always have, I was being selfish. I was having much trouble, so much fun, but we hope you will come back and join us again soon. And we wish you the absolute best in all things. I would love to thank you so much for having me on, and I couldn’t have said it better myself, giving back to these horses that give us so much.

Thank you. All right, JK, we talked about those Santa Anita races with Brittany, but there’s a lot of other stakes action going on, including this cross-country pick five. Let’s talk about all those races. Let’s throw in some bonus steaks from our friends at Kaitlin, and we’ll start off with the sixth race at Keeneland on Saturday.

It’s the grade three Commonwealth. I got a couple ideas in here, old friend limousine, liberal returning to the party, but I actually might reach in a different direction. I’m going to let you go first and then I’ll, uh, piggyback off you. Our buddy in a long-term long-time buddy. We need to get him back on the show.

We haven’t talked to him in a long time. Matt Bernier tweeted that the Commonwealth looks like a war and he’s right. It is an absolute war. There’s a ton of speed in here. Um, I typically like to lean towards the speed horses, copper town down inside. I think the rail draw’s going to send him away from their expression with Javier on these guys are human.

And he’s been yelled at for the last week about, about not being aggressive. I don’t see him doing the same thing with Coppertone. I think he’ll put him into the race to get him out of there. Recruiting. Ready is going to run a little bit too swiftly early. There’s a ton of speed in here. I landed on a horse.

That’s a little bit sneaky. I think it should be a pretty good price. And that’s New York central for Steve asked me, he said, I thought the horse closed really well into a slow pace, but I think he’ll find himself a little bit further back, a little bit more ground to work with. It’ll be his second start as a four-year-old.

He hasn’t run since the Pat day mile last year. You know, before his previous start that he ran at Oaklawn. I think he’s in a present a lot of value. I think he’s super live. And then all the speed horses, you never know which one of them is going to stick around. Uh, but, uh, they all make sense to me, to a certain extent, uncontested makes sense to a certain extent, recruiting, ready, copper town.

Um, You know, there’s a bunch of them in there. I’m going to try to beat limousine liberal today. And then I will bet him at Churchill, uh, in a couple of weeks. And the first Saturday of may, I had a similar thought about limousine liberal. I had different horses potentially at prices to gravitate towards here.

Just going with the idea that with this much speed, it’s got to fall apart a little bit Warrior’s club who won this race last year has one of those angles. You know, I just love that making the move into the race that kind of falls apart late. I was not going to let him. Escape my radar today with a chance to be under the radar once again, and maybe just maybe get the right time ride at a price and the other horse.

I know it seems like he just doesn’t really like to win all that much after having that coming out party at Belmont last year, but still having fun. I’m going to give a long look too, if he’s a big enough price. And I might just try to mess around still having fun. The allergy to the camera might make him more of an underneath type play than a non top play.

But I definitely want to have the two of them in the mix. If you put a gun to my head and made me make a selection, I would make it Warrior’s club, but I’m kind of interested in those too. E equally as bedding vehicles, let’s move on to the Shakertown grade, two, five and a half on the turf. And I was thinking that, um, impermissible in Primus, how, how do we go with him with that?

The name of that horse. The horse that I’m singling in a turf sprint is you can call him that too. He just looks like he is the fastest and best of these. He has taken his race outside of, uh, just Florida. I don’t think this is necessarily a, what happens at Gulf stream stays at Gulf stream situation.

Some are really talented runners in here, old friend disco partner among them. But it’s, uh, Imprimis for me, it doesn’t sound like you have too much sad. Do you have anything at a price for people to mess around with them? No, you’d beat two really good horses. On their racetrack, you know, doing what they do and pay any price envisioned perfect.

Last time. And if you remember the race he liked, did it without even really being asked, he just like took over. Yes. He sat in behind like a crazy fast pace, but he was close enough to deserves that he deserves some credit for that. Look, if you’re not, I feel like singling in a turf sprint is like the biggest, you know, the biggest crush, your soul move.

You can do. Because no one else is going to do that. Um, so I I’m, I’m excited about the opportunity to do that. Look, if you want to be more diligent in this spot and, and make sure you cover all situations bound for nowhere is one that needs to be used. Conquest tsunami. Most of his sexy work has been done down the Hill, but it doesn’t mean he can’t win at five and a half.

I don’t know if he would actually be here if it wasn’t for the situation out in California, it’s like, they felt like, I felt like they brought, they put them on this. On the plane to come here, just because of the uncertainty, what was going on there? We’ll call, obviously it makes sense. Bay music, I thought was interesting as a speed horse shipping in from golden gate and then the two, uh, old gray, uh, the old gray horses.

And I don’t mean by old, I mean, gray as in color. Richard’s boy and disco partner both deserve a lot of credit, but I’m going to try to get cute here. And I’m going to try to get away with just having implement Imprimis as a horse who is improving with a super past fast, bigger, last time winning by three and kind of doing it.

Enhance. I had a similar impulse, which is which I don’t know if it’s good news or bad. It’s one of those things where yet it was a perfect trip, but it was just so fast. I’m not discounting the effort for the perfect trip. We’ll see what we can get away with in that spot bound for nowhere did win this race last year.

I just seemed like he was in. He’d had the prep and I don’t know, I’m, I’m, I’m withholding judgment. And wondering if, you know, he ran then went on to run so well at Royal Ascot, maybe they’re looking to fire the best bullet there with him. We will see on Saturday race, eight keen Linde is the grade one Madison it’s the start of that cross country.

Pick five. I believe the races in that are keenly to eight, nine, and 10 and aqueduct nine and 10. Those are the five races we’re going to talk about from here. We kind of have to speed round through it a little bit. But let’s just go and see how far we get with the Madison and some interesting potential contenders in here.

I landed on Amy’s challenge, who I thought if this four to one of the morning line or to materialize, I’d be really pleased. I think might be going a little bit. Shorter than that in real life, because the numbers look the fastest. There’s a potential pace advantage here, but there are other interesting ways to go, including late-night powwow, a horse who just doesn’t seem to ever want to lose the West Virginia bread.

JK. How did you see it? I think I would just, I think I just invented something for the podcast. We’re going to call these situations, the podcast payer, it’s in a multi race situation where we deem the race of podcast payer. You pick one horse. I pick the other. In other words, we’re telling our listeners, look, don’t worry about anything else.

You’re the only two you need. There’s only two. You need a multi race bets. I agree with you on Amy’s challenge, but I’m going to also go with Shamrock Rose. When I, when I hate a horse in a spot, who’s doing something I don’t think they should be doing and they run well. And then they come back to doing what they should be doing.

It’s like an automatic for me, that horse has to be used. I did not like Shamrock rows going two turns against a late and midnight. Bisou yes, it was a slow pace, but she ran. Honorably going to turns. Now she’s cutting back to the distance that obviously her best races have taken place at, and she’s doing it at a race track where she’s run well at Shamrock Rose to me in Amy challenge are the only two you need.

We’ll call it a hashtag podcast player. Okay. Race nine at Keene. Linda is the grade one Ashland Jay walk. After that. Seemingly inexplicable poor run. Last time. His back restless rider shows up in here. I want it to get cute. I wanted to come up with something at a price. I might just take a shot and I don’t think this is a JK kind of horse, but I was thinking I might just take a little bit of a shot with bells.

The one. A horse who, you know, the proverbial has done nothing wrong. Undefeated should be a very big price. And it’s just, I thought it was impressive enough going back and watching some of the tape in these races that may be, she can outrun her numbers in a place where I just don’t trust those at the shorter end of the OD spectrum.

How do you see it? Well, restless rider has been off a long time. She was, uh, she was obviously, she might’ve had an excuse and the golden rod on the, you know, with the sloppy track, but she ran pretty poorly there. Um, so I wasn’t really pleased with that feedback. I feel like there’s a little bit over bet with a Chad Brown vibe.

I don’t know how good she really is. And then jaywalk had absolutely no excuse in her last race. Um, and so she concerns me a little bit as a possible two year old that hasn’t hasn’t come on, um, with everyone else. So. I decided between two long shots, I’m going to use a bunch, obviously in the, in the, in the picks because of the, a of my opinion and the Shakertown with just kind of trying to get alive with implement improvements.

I’m going to use biz wax down on the inside. Um, this th this theme is gonna come up a few times, but I, I just feel like Mario being down on the rail, This horse has shown some speed in the past. Uh, the, the early pace figures are, are, our Swift was, was close enough to a fast pace and the honeybee, I feel like Mario has got no choice, but to get forward with his position.

And I think that, you know, in this short run, the short stretch, he’s going to be, he’s going to be in front when they turn for home and he’s just gotta be better. Um, better than the other ones on the day, whether jaywalk doesn’t fire feedback, doesn’t fire restless riders too far back. I think there’s some value to be had on the one horse biz wax.

So I’m going to use biz wax. Uh, as my top choice, but in the pick fives and stuff like that, you know, with my other strong opinions, I feel like I have, in other parts of the card, I’m going to use the one, the two, the three, the four, the five, the six to seven. I mean, I’ll probably throw out the eight, cause I refuse to use the all button, but I’m going to use all of those horses, but I’m going to use them weighted.

I’m not going to just use them equally across the board. All right. We’ve talked about that concept. We could pause on it here, but we do not have time. So with that, we’ll move on to the bluegrass. This one, unlike the previous race, I did find myself gravitating towards the favorites of Tacoma. Yeah, you could maybe say was a little bit aided by the fast pace in front last time, but had every reason to be short coming off that layoff and going two turns for the first time and all this stuff, but comas almost got to improve and should get a nice setup.

Again, I see no reason and not to have a coma all over my tickets and. I liked win-win win so much last time. And just looking back at the race and how that move was timed in there. I think I might be willing to give one more shot if the price. Is around this seven to two of the morning line, not one that I would want to lump on short again, but one, I would definitely be willing to give another try based on just what I thought, watching it back was like a little bit of a weird trip in the Tampa Bay Derby.

Who do you think wins the bluegrass? No. And for Goldman, he was close. I mean, look, he, he came from off of it, but he was closer. Then then, then code of honor and closer than a bourbon war to that fast paced, that hidden scroll set. So, I mean, obviously I, I, I will root for Tacoma. I think he’s got a really live shot signal, man has a shot in here.

Market King, uh, obviously a shot. Interesting situation with dream maker is I remember specifically listening to Mark Kasey after the Tampa Bay Derby and, and Cassie said they were going to add blinkers to dream maker and put them on the lead. Well, he did not add blinkers, so I’ve got no idea what the heck they’re.

Um, I, I love some, like it hot Brown. Really? Um, yeah, I loved the horse and I loved his turf races. I loved them in the width anticipation. I loved them. The Pilgrim. I loved him in the breeders’ cup, juvenile, uh, turf. I loved him in the John Bataglia. I loved him in the Jeff Ruby, and now he’s trying dirt for the first time and that’s fine or not for the first time.

But the first time since he’s decided he was a race horse, he’s been, he hasn’t, he tried dirt and the slop going five and a half. And then every race after that, he’s been first, second or third. Um, and then the third coming in the grade one that breeders’ cup juvenile turf. I just think he’s live he’s down on the rail.

I think you’re gonna get the same situation where he’s gonna be put into the race. Um, from a pace figure standpoint, he fits just fine. Make her horses stay. I think he’s going to be extremely dangerous. I mean, I, I kind of almost loved them. That’s interesting. So that’s your top pick? Uh, some like it hot Brown by a lot.

You have no, no concerns for you about the dirt based on the pedigree or based on what exactly? Well, no, I don’t want to be like overly, like it’s the pedigree that got me. It’s just that he ran well on from turf. He ran well on yielding turf, he ran well on soft turf. He ran well on fast poly and he ran well on wet, fast Polly.

Like, I mean, the guy who clearly brings this racetrack with him and he’ll just, he’ll run on the dirt as well. That is definitely a thing horses that bring their racetrack with them. And, you know, based on breeding, why not big Brown tap it? You’re, you’re definitely making me, uh, want to make sure I don’t sleep on some, like it hot Brown from that.

Let’s move to aqueduct the other two races that are going to be in this cross-country pick five. Do you think that the Carter is as simple as I think it is? Yep. Well, the trouble is that the guy that he’s going to gala, he’s just too fast. You know, he’s, he’s just too fast for these other ones. His figures are entirely too fast for these other ones.

Um, you know, he should have a target to run into. I just see he’s just too talented. I guess you could make a situation where Vino Rosso picks them up when they close, when they fall, if it falls apart. Yeah. Yeah, I don’t, I don’t think it will fall apart. I think he’s too far. Yes. And I’m very curious about the ride on Skylar.

Scramjet this is a horse who’s probably a little bit better than the form says if they kind of ride for second and don’t worry about world of trouble and let him do let world of trouble do world of trouble fit like things on the front end. I think Skyler scram jet could run second. If they try to run with him.

He could just get absolutely blown up and then be interesting next time with yet another excuse. So scholar scramjet is one that I’m interested in watching, but I just don’t think it’s going to be a great situation. If that eight, five exact is paying anything. I might just play that cold in here for a little bit of action though.

Just because those really are the two horses I like. And with that, we will move on to the wood Memorial. And we’ve got tackled us back in here, going to be very interesting to see how he runs high goal, making the return to the races. These are both horses that I was not after the last race, super duper pumped about bedding in their next starts.

I’ll be perfectly honest. JK, I’m still not sure exactly where I’m going in here. It’s a, it’s a race that confuses me a little bit. Other than to say, I kind of like both Todd Pletcher runners and I may just make for official purposes, the Todd Pletcher runners. My copex I’ll talk about their attributes in a little bit, but I want to hear your thoughts first on the wood Memorial.

Well, I won’t be rooting for final jeopardy that’s because I’m friends with Travis stone and I just don’t feel like he deserves to have three of the same silks in the Kentucky Derby. So for the sake of the sake of him not having to identify three pink silks with black diamonds, I’m going to root against final jeopardy.

Uh, he’s already going to have to deal with game winter and with a maximum security, I like outshine to PTF. So I’m right there with you on that one. Um, I thought he was a little bit closer to the fast paced attack. It’s his closed into, um, okay. Aggressive moves, sort of a similar angle to the one we talked about before though.

He didn’t get, he, he stayed on pretty well, but just lost to one that had the better trip and probably did more, a little bit more running than that rival in my opinion. Right. I completely agree. I, and I like deliver, um, uh, I like over-deliver a little bit was, was, uh, you know, got Kendrick in there. He’s going to be a little bit hustled.

That’s the only thing that worries me. He’s got some speed. He’s got Kendrick. I feel like he might be a part of what could be a pace meltdown and then taxes. I mean, I like taxes in the spot. I just worry about the price. The price is not going to be very attractive. Multi race plays the cross country.

Pick five. I’ll definitely be using him tax as well. Yeah, tax taxes was, was impressive. Um, but yeah, I think the only three I really want are tax taxes and, uh, outshine, I guess maybe there could be something else that sneaks in along the way, but those are the three I needed at this point. I just thought over-deliver showing up here at all.

Was. Was kind of interesting. It just made me put an extra eye on the horse and I think you might be right in terms of the way this race is going to develop it. Doesn’t exactly seem to do that well for a stretch out sprinter with speed. It is over deliver. Yes, he is. So that you said one thing that I think is important, you’re a little bit surprised that he showed up here.

And, and, and when you said that, then I would just remind you to look, to see who the owner is and your surprise will suddenly like suddenly not be, I know it was, I know he’s a rapidly owner. You, you think rapidly just wants to have one in the wood, Memorial, temporary at the price. This horse is going to be, I’m going to leave in for a penny anyway.

But I mean, I think you make some good cases about why the horse may not be best. Uh, it seemed to as best effect on the day we shall see about that. And that’s going to do it for show number 30 of the, in the money players podcast. I want to thank Jonathan kitchen and Brittany Earnin so much for their contributions.

Most of all, I want to thank all of you for listening. Shout out one more time to our sponsors for today’s show. Black type thoroughbreds for more information about race, horse ownership, checkout black type and come meet Jake Ballis Friday night at Bell’s in downtown Lexington. Mike Maloney will be there JK and I will be, there should be a lot of fun going to be talking more about the Saturday Keeneland steaks with that lot.

Also don’t forget your opportunity from our friends at 10 strike racing, you can win. Your seats to the 10 strike Arkansas Derby party. Just retweet the tweet with a link to this show and you will be entered automatically. Winner will be chosen at random. We’d love to see you in hot Springs. One more.

Thank you to our friends at thoroughbred retirement foundation, basically just can’t thank them enough. So we’ll throw that in there as well. And with that, we’re going to bring this show to a close. This show has been a production of in the money media. The, in the money media business manager is drew Kotani.

I’m Peter Thomas . We will be back sooner than you think with the other show. And for this show, we’ll be back early next week. I’m Peter Thomas foreign, a towel. You want all your photos?

Um, Hey everybody PTF. One more time. Just one more message. I want to tell you all about, and it has to do with the breeders’ cup betting challenge. There is a really cool qualifying tournament this weekend. We want you to know about. April 6th. It’s a $1,000 buy in and a one in 11 ratio. Very favorable play a ratio, 10%.

Take out really good opportunity. If you’ve got a larger bank roll to win your way in to the breeders’ cup betting challenge. Check it out now. On Look for the April 6th breeders’ cup betting challenge qualifier, and get involved when your way to the breeders’ cup betting challenge via

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