Show #31 – Triple Crown Prep Recaps (Chris Fallica)

PTF and JK look back at the preps for last weekend and give their thoughts on a few races from around the country. But first, Chris Fallica drops by to talk about NCAA men’s basketball, Soul Streit’s big win, and give a few Kentucky Derby thoughts.


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hello and welcome to the, in the money players podcast. This is show number 31 the Monday, April 8th. 2019 edition. I’m your host, Peter Thomas.  back with you in the Brooklyn bunker once again, and very happy to be joined by my cohost in this endeavor. He is calling in from the planet, Texas. He’s the people’s champion.

Jonathan Kinchin JK what’s up. PTO. What’s the word I got a good word for you. And the word is we’ve got a very special guest on today’s show. Chris . The bear from college game day is back with us and going to be here in just a minute or two JK to talk a little bit about this college basketball game tonight to talk about racing.

Over the weekend and also to look ahead to the master’s a little bit. And, uh, he didn’t get his picture taken because he was in Minneapolis, not out there at Santa Anita, but he also had a winning horse this weekend. No. It’s funny about, I got a funny fleeka story. I’ve got friends from all walks of life and some old college friends of mine.

They slightly follow like my erasing exploits, but not really. They’ll occasionally message me not too long ago. A friend of mine. Sent me a text message and asked if I knew Jim Rome. And I said, no, I don’t know. I’ve never met Jim Rome. And then the second person he asked if I knew Chris . So he’s the second, most famous person in racing.

And what, what did you think of soul Street’s big win this weekend. I thought he was really impressive. I actually talked to Chris earlier in the week when he, uh, about, um, you know, someone else. And he had mentioned that soul, she was going to be running and I was like, Oh, that’ll be fun. We had talked before soul Street’s last race.

And then I looked at the race and I noticed that other w was, was not, uh, you know, typical other bathroom. This one could actually win too. Chris had expressed to me that he’d be disappointed if soul street didn’t win. Um, I thought that the, that the other Baffert horse who had been training with game winner was going to be dangerous.

He worked right head and head with game winner. Obviously game winner was a little bit better on the Gallop out, but there was a little bit of concern. This is a kind of a quality animal that had a big figure in his first start to its soul street. He got the job done. He looked in trouble at the quarter pole.

Uh, he looked like he was asking and the Sadler horse right to the outside was traveling really well. Uh, but once Drayton asshole street, he opened up and held on and it’ll be fun to see him. If he could stay healthy, fun to see him kind of, kind of rise up the ranks. And the sprint division. All right, we’re going to be getting to that interview in a minute.

Second half of the show will then be us just going over stakes races from around the country on the weekend. But before we get to that, I also did want to ask you JK your thoughts after the first ever live podcast event at Bell’s in downtown Lexington. The other night, we raised some money for the thoroughbred retirement foundation.

Got to meet a lot of fans and see some old friends. What’d you think. It was a ton of fun. I mean, those, those things are, are, are, um, you know, when I first got into racing, I just used to remember kind of like going to events outside of the racetrack. Uh, I remember, uh, my buddy Robert and I, the first, one of the first derbies we went to, we went to the taste of the Derby and like, You know, kind of bumping into people and seeing people that are involved in the industry is always a ton of fun.

So we had some, some grade, one winning owners hanging out, watching. We had some, uh, we had the, the, the guy that purchased Teppan was hanging out, listening to us, talk about racing and yeah. And so that’s always a ton of fun. And then just to get to interact with people, you know, we, we obviously love what we do with this show, but it’s always fun when we get to run into people who have made money off of selections or just, you know, we help them on their drive to work.

Um, it’s an important part of my development as a horseplayer was listening to other people, talk about racing. And it’s, it’s pretty special and fun to be able to be a part of, you know, what people listen to when it comes to this type of stuff, there’s going to be more to come. I think the next event I’m going to be involved and I’m just going to go ahead and announce it.

It’s not official official, but I’m actually going to be doing a Kentucky Derby party. In Manhattan, Treadwell park will be the location. That’s the hell’s kitchen location. Uh, my friends and Bissera and James and cond to be helping put this together. And it’s really going to be a lot of fun. We’re going to have music.

We’re going to have food. We’re going to have drinks specials. We’re going to have bourbon tasting. And of course, we’re going to find a way to get a wagering component involved. Hopefully once again, For the benefit of the thoroughbred retirement foundation. Best of all, no tickets, no cover. You can just show up.

There’ll be much more to come on that. That’s a really good topic. And I don’t know if you can dive in yet, cause I’m not even really sure what my answer would be, but maybe we can, can put some, uh, some calls out to the world. What’s the best way to do one of those situations, like a Derby party. Like what’s the, what’s the best way to do it.

I’ve heard some people will deposit into their ADW. And then just take bets for people. Um, I I’ve seen that happen, um, but I’m sure there’s gotta be some kind of fun games you can do where you can, uh, you know, you can pick horses or do random, you know, do a random thing or maybe a Calcutta or something like that.

There’s some fun game. I’m sure you can come up with to get everybody involved. There’s obviously a big wall between what you can do in the privacy of your own home and what I’ll be doing at this public party. I was thinking of coming up with a version of a 50, 50 raffle that had horses being drawn. I was also thinking of talking to potential ADW partners about having a signup situation there where folks can come in, not necessarily having any way to bet and leave there as a.

Whomever bats customer, and being able to make some wagers on the spot we will see, but I love the idea for a future segment and we won’t wait too long, but we’ll do a future segment on hosting a Derby party and we’ll put it on one of the shows coming up between now and the big day. The first Saturday in may, UGK will not be part of this New York Derby party.

I presume you will be down in Louisville for the first Saturday in may. Will you be working, do you think, or will you just be hanging out as a fan and how do you project to be doing it this year? And we can’t make Felicia wait too much longer, but we’ll let you answer this one first. I think I’ll be hanging out.

I think I’ll be at the Derby. I don’t think I’ll be working. I mean, I’ll be playing in the contest, so some might call that work. Um, but, but, uh, no, I, I, you know, it’s going to be tough to my, my, my, uh, Robert didn’t get to come last year. He’d been my Derby partner in crime. Uh, uh, the Prince of team has kind of become my partner in crime.

Now we’ll go on to the Derby and I don’t know if he’s gonna go, Oh, it’s, um, it’d be better to be there by myself who knows. We’ll see, that’ll be interesting. I’m sure you’ll find somebody to hang out with Prince of Keala, Jake Ballis of black type thoroughbreds. One of our proud partners on this, in the money players podcast, and we’ve got a new partner JK, and it is the aforementioned Kentucky Derby bedding challenge.

Very happy to be, uh, doing a little bit of business with them. And of course that is an amazingly fun contest and a great opportunity to win big money on some of the best racing in the country. Opportunities to qualify for that event as well via their ADW, twin and elsewhere, we’ll have more details on how you can punch your ticket to the Kentucky Derby betting challenge in shows to come.

All right, with that said it is time to bring in our very special guest. Welcome back to the, in the money players podcast. Chris  Chris, how are you today? I’m doing well, just sitting here and, uh, In Minneapolis getting ready for a national championship game this evening. Start there. Actually, I wasn’t sure.

I thought we might start with racing stuff, but I know you’ve been covering the tournament extensively your role at ESPN and also on your podcast, Stanford, Steve, and the bear show part of the ESPN podcast network. And what’s the atmosphere been like over the weekend. And what do you expect? We’re going to see tonight.

It was, it’s been a pretty good atmosphere. I mean, I’m actually looking out the window for the first time and the sun has actually made an appearance for the first time on Friday morning. It’s been kind of a, a gray really rainy Misty type a couple of days, but the weather look beautiful, bear outside, and I’m actually staying at the, uh, the hotel, which was the Michigan state hotel.

So it was a little, uh, it’s been a little somber here the last couple of days, but, uh, around town, I think Minneapolis gets us a little bit of a. A misconception, just because of where it’s located in the, how it could be impossible to go outside during the winter and such, but anyone who’s been here, I think it will tell you it’s actually a pretty good place for the final port, because you can kind of get wherever you need to get downtown, but by using the skywalk and not even walking around outside.

So I, I think it’s underrated in terms of a, uh, of a final four venue. Makes sense, the Skyway, I just know it from the replacement song, but it does sound like it gets, it gets very cold there in the winter, true or false. I’ve heard that sort of a dirty little secret of sports ticket dub is that the NCAA championship game is actually usually a pretty soft ticket.

In the secondary market, because four teams go in only to go out all those somber fans. You talk about most of them happy to get rid of their Monday ticket. If their team doesn’t advance. Is that true? Have you ever noticed that. It’s, uh, it, I would expect tonight’s a very, very soft ticket, but, but you’re right.

I mean, it just last night, I mean, even last night, Saturday night, walking back, uh, after the game on, uh, on Saturday, the people lined up outside, uh, who who’s got tickets for Monday, cause he was selling for Monday and that’s how it is. The fan bases you have here and kind of the lack of bows around two teams that aren’t necessarily seen as these entertaining type styles to watch.

I think it will be a soft ticket, but I don’t necessarily buy that whole narrative at all. This is going to be a terrible on the watchable. A championship game, because you got two teams who there’s a good redemption story for both of them with Virginia last year, being the, having to wear that Scarlet letter would be in the first never to lose to a 16 feet.

It’s almost like the basketball guy, like. Just trolling Tony Bennett and Richie back. Okay. You know what? You were going to make your life a living hell for a year. Cause you’re gonna, you’re gonna, you’re gonna be the first one to do it. And then next year we’re gonna, you’re gonna win a close camp against Oregon in the sweet 16, which you very easily could’ve lose lost.

You’re gonna somehow win that Purdue game, uh, w with the miraculous ending there, and then you’re going to get. Uh, a call go your way on the end of the game, where the officials are gonna miss a blatant, double dribble right in front of them, and you’re going to win the national championship. So you get got that.

And then you got Texas tech who lost in the elite eight last year, lost a majority of their team was unranked in the preseason pit seventh in the big 12. And here they are. You’re blown out by West Virginia was one of the worst teams in the big 12 this year in your first conference tournament game, you finished at the top 10, you’re at your three feet again, and here you are.

When your sweet 16 I’ll lead a national semifinal game as a, as an underdog meet. These are two teams who knows when they’re going to get back to being in a position to win the championship. So I’m looking forward to the game tonight, cause I liked the fresh blood angle. Chris I’ll, I’ll tell you right now.

I’m, I’m already, I’m already kind of tied in with Virginia, so I don’t really care, but I’m sure other people care. Who are we betting tonight? Who’s the, where do you see the value? Uh, and what about the over-under it’s a little bit low. I’m sure you’ve taken a look at that as well. Yeah, it is a little bit low and I would expect it actually needed to come down just a little bit more.

Cause I think, I think people expect a pretty low scoring game. Uh, just getting back to what, what I kind of said before it feel, what I’m watching with my eyes, like is telling me Texas tech. If the better team. And I think you’d have people from all over and tell you that, you know what, we played Kentucky and we played Carolina and, and those teams are, we felt were better to address talking to a coworker, a colleague or a friend of mine.

And he said, it’s pretty, it’s a pretty truthful analogy. I think he’s like, Virginia’s that team you play? And then after the game, go back to the locker room, you sitting down and you’re looking at each other and you say, you solve how the heck did we lose to that team? And I think it’s kind of true with the way they play.

It’s not always pretty. And, and you feel like you’re more athletic, you feel like you got more NBA players, you feel like you made shots and you feel like they went to prolong scoring droughts, but, but on somehow they beat you up. So my, my, my, my head says Texas texts, the better team, but there’s something about what I was joking with.

With peaches before about Virginia being miss  team, that’s just going to find a way ultimately to win. It’s a reasonable, a conundrum for sports betters going into the game tonight. JK, you said you’re already live. Is this some sort of pool action? What do you got going? Well, no, I, I, uh, uh, Benton, Virginia, when, after like when the final four was posted, like, you know, I guess like after the Elida.

Oh, I don’t know if you remember this, Pete, but I remember I texted you like. Yeah, six weeks ago after they played Syracuse, we got to find a number on Virginia, but we never, we never, never did anything about it. No, he didn’t do anything about it. It was a horse racing type angle. It was the contrarian thing going into the tournament with so many people with the foul taste in their mouth from last year, as, as Chris said, the Scarlet letter.

Of getting knocked out in the first round. I figured that might in the general populace create a little bit of juice, but of course it never actually was smart enough to do anything about it. Chris, how much racing are you? Go ahead. Yeah, I was gonna say you’re right, because I had not heard a, uh, one seed, like be such a contrarion one seed going.

And, and it’s funny. I mean, and I’m thinking back now, uh, uh, JK was talking about futures, you know, I can remember being out in Vegas, uh, in December for the Vegas bowl. And I was over at South point and I was, I was talking with any valuable out there, and this is like December. 15th or 16th or whatever, like that Friday was before the Vegas bowl when I was over there.

And he’s like, He’s like, he’s talking about college basketball future. He goes, I’m telling you like Texas tech is the team you need to watch out for. And I think they might’ve been like 75 to one at the time or somewhere in that range. And, and he was super high on Texas tech back in mid December. I know there are a lot of, a lot of Texas tech teachers floating around there really nice prices.

Yeah. I think in that sense, I’m kind of rooting for Texas tech tonight. That way those people get their didn’t get paid off on what turned out to be a really, really good bet. Mayor we’re we’re right around the corner. Not really at all. Right on the corner for a lot of things, not so much college football, but.

If, if you could get down a college football future right now, we can’t have you on the show and not, not, uh, try to plug some college football information. Do you see any value there? How about these Texas Longhorns? At what? 25 to one that seems like the worst price in the history of the world. Yeah. Well, I was going to say a teammate when winning 10 games, has that been a natural occurrence lately?

And I think Texas might be a little bit. Overrated at the start of the, of that night, that Texas Debra isn’t really over over-hyped and over-thought, but I don’t think people understand, like realize what they lost, uh, coming back, uh, this year from last year to see get Ellinger is back, but they lost a lot of production at receiver, a lot of experience in the offensive line.

And there are a lot of things that, that, that, that Tom Harman and that stuff has to replace. Now, I know the recruiting classes have been good, but I’ll be curious to see. Uh, how that team performs, especially early on with LSU early on a year. And then of course the red Rover game, uh, I, I wouldn’t be mine and he catches features of 20, 25 to one, and I hate being like the favorite guy, but it’s just hard for me to imagine Alabama Clemson.

Ohio state Georgia. One of those four teams not winning. And I know a couple of off shore books have put some odds to win the playoff up right now. I think the safest bet you could probably make white now is whatever the number is on Clemson. Just to make the playoffs. That’s probably the best about it.

You could make white now, because if they’re going to win the ACC short of like Trevor Lawrence, getting injured and Travis ETN getting injured.  there’s just, no, even if they were to lose to Syracuse on the road early in the year, I mean, they’re going to wind up getting to the ECC title game and then they don’t want to being in if I’m applying once again.

So that, that would be the, I mean, it’s not, it’s not a sexy price. And I think they were like, minus. Two 50 or so to get there, but I mean, there’s nobody in any ACC coastal that could potentially be the Masisi dial again. I think, I think the safest that you can make right now would be Clemson just to make the playoffs seems like a pleasing price.

And you’re talking to a guy in J K minus two 50, that’s like a long shot for him. So, you know, that’s, it’s going to be music to his ears. All right. Well, I will say this minus two 50 is a long shot, but the price that we got yesterday on sole street that was, felt like free money at the end of the day.

Yeah, well, it was, uh, after his way, he, he rang you Jim’s first race off that, that long lay off. And when we went in after the race, Bob was like, Kind kinda just kind of mad because he like, he won’t lose next time and, uh, you can call it that sloppy tracking cost caught a horse that just completely freaked.

So he ran, he ran great. And then when the, uh, when, when the truck came out and I saw the feel of, I, you know, up, you ran, you drop that first off a long way off. He’s probably gonna take a little bit of a, of a step back figure wise, but he still, if he doesn’t win today, I’m actually going to be disappointed.

It’s funny because I was going back and forth with. W with Kirk and, uh, a couple of other guys who are in on the horse and, and they think I’m trying to like jinx the horse. And I said, if I’m handicapping at a Pixar or pick four, pick six, like I was, he’s a single for me. I said, Bob’s other horse. Uh, you can make a case for the Mandela horse.

I thought, uh, you could potentially make a case for it. But I said, he, even with. A little bit of regression. He should still, when this yelled at and he showed some guts yesterday, he didn’t necessarily get the best of trips, kind of being stuck in inside of another speed horse and, and having to squeeze through and get you to the front and then be impressed.

And it happened having enough to hold off the, uh, the closure. So we’ll, we’ll see where he goes. Now. I know the, uh, There was some talk amongst, amongst us that, uh, there potentially could be a race for him in, uh, Churchill the first on first weekend in may, uh, either on Friday or Saturday. So we’ll, we’ll see if that’s the road that up that we take.

I don’t know if we’re talking, uh, and allowance a little mini steaks or something like that, but, uh, hopefully, uh, hopefully he’ll run the first weekend in may and, uh, in Louisville they have a good old time. That’d be phenomenal. Looking back to this weekend, where did you actually watch the race? What were the circumstances under which you got to appreciate that win?

I was actually in my hotel room, just online, watching it on, uh, on, on my app and, uh, doing a little bit of work to get ready for the final four tonight, getting master stuff ready. So I was just literally in my rooms just to sit near fire in some, uh, Since then pick five instruction. Unfortunately, I got bounced up.

I got bounced in the light, pick five by the Hollander for Horace put up the tote board. Um, and the Philly steak race, which, which kind of hurt because I was, I was actually kind of against the dream tree in there and I used the other Baffert and I used the, at the model horse, a couple others, but I couldn’t get to a Hollendorfer horse, which unfortunately.

Cost me a nice little payday. So yeah, I was just, just taking it. I don’t know where the, uh, the local OTB would be in Minneapolis. I do know you guys, you got Canterbury park, which I, which I know is, is around here. I’m up with going there. You know, the last time the final four was here, we actually went to the, uh, the poker room there and played cards.

It was, it was a good time, but not yesterday, yesterday, we just stuck it in the, in the, in the hotel room. They supposed to have a lot of nice facilities for players at Canterbury when the racing meat is on, they do a contest in the late summer as well. I need a visual on this, where you up yelling at the computer screen, the full whip drive, or were you more calm, cool, and collected?

I w I was, I was calming cool until about, until about. In between the, the, the quarter pole and the pole where, where he, where he kinda got stared on the eyes. And then I kind of gave trading a little bit of original there and it gave a good, good little yes, with a fist pump at the end, too. When he finally up crossed the wire first.

I, I w the walls here, I think might be a little thin. I don’t want them, I didn’t want to scare anybody with my, uh, outrageous cheering, like, like I wasn’t in the, uh, in the NHC when I was trying to get that Doug on the old horse and final race day to make sure I got through Sunday. We don’t need you scaring children.

Mommy. The man for me is yelling next door. We can’t have that. And, and that’s, and that’s the, that’s the funny thing because, uh, I, the people who were staying in the room over, I. It met on Saturday night, walking back here. Cause they were coming back from the game as well. So I, I didn’t need any, uh, any, any, uh, any damage to my Sterling reputation such as it is while we have you, Chris, I want to look ahead to the Derby.

Of course. It’s that time of year. Do you have any future positions alive? For the Kentucky Derby. Do you have what you’d call your Derby horse yet? Or w where’s your head with the big race as we sit here just a few weeks out now. So for the, for the first time in years, I can’t remember the last time I actually don’t add any, uh, any Derby from, cause I thought about potentially playing the win the triple crown property.

Yes. But, uh, and I’m thinking to myself, I’m like, you’re probably better off just waiting and playing. I think one of Bob’s three horses is going to win. Okay.  or game, when I was just saying to myself, you know what, you’re probably better off just playing. Those three horses to wing the Derby and then just partly your winnings, each race.

I said, yes. Yes. Plus 500. I don’t know if that’s necessarily it, a really great price on to win the triple crown. So, uh, before this past weekend, I would have thought that either would have been gained winner or improbable, but Roadster certainly ran well. Uh, but there’s this little light. Inkling in the back of my head saying, you know what?

This could be a, uh, a real quiet Indian Charlie type deal where maybe, maybe game where, which you wouldn’t have never have thought coming into this year would be the, uh, uh, the, the third stringer of the, uh, of the trio based on how well he ran as a three year old and one of the juvenile over that track as well.

So you might wind up getting a whole, whole lot better price on game winner than you would’ve thought of coming into this year. We’ll see on probable does this weekend to and up in Oklahoma, he ran. He ran to get to loosen the rebel. And that was that wasn’t really, really comfy. So I would expect that he, with a better trip, he would certainly come back and, uh, MBD, similar group of horses on Saturday.

Elsewhere in the show, we’re going to go into races in more detail. But for right now, I’ll just ask you if you have any other horses on your radar, maybe not to win the Derby, as you have showed your hand pretty well, their team Baffert all the way for bear, but is there any other horse who’s really impressed you either this weekend or in any of the other preps who you’re thinking is going to be on your tickets at this point?

Obviously, it’s totally fair to just say, Hey, let them draw the race and I’ll handicap it. But just curious if you have any thoughts. Yeah. I mean, I always like to just let them draw the, I don’t want to get attached to them drawing the rail or drawing too. And then you’re you’re you’re completely okay.

Now I gotta start from scratch me. I mean, I. I talked about the, the, the rebel and the Omaha beach went well. I didn’t think that he would be able to wire that field the way he did. And, and he went, I, he’s not going to be able to get away in the Derby with that style. So w w w we’ll see, we’ll see how it goes.

Um, I didn’t unfortunately catch. Much of the other racing on, on Saturday, just because of the timing of the race of the big stakes races and the, and the games themselves. I mean, I did, I did get a chance to see the bluegrass replay and, uh, I don’t know if I’d be interested in anything, uh, coming out of that race.

I thought that that reef and handicapping it set up for a price Wars. And I thought the coma was the type of horse that he wanted the money, but. Well, someone would step up and win, but, uh, the way he kind of staggered home and none of those horses were comma. I don’t know. I I’d be weary of backing any of those blue gas runners in the, uh, in the, uh, in the Derby and, and, and, and the, what I was a little bit surprised to tackle this one.

Um, I, I thought being that his spot and the gate was already secure, they might just. Use this race as a total prep and just keep them fitting. And maybe I’m not even sure they necessarily needed to get to the bottom there. I don’t know if they did, but he ran a good race. And then I think he, uh, he’s now showing that he’s the mock horse to, uh, to watch out for where he got away at a big number in there in Tampa and ran a pretty good race in the Woodside.

I think he, uh, he wants a little bit of a thought as a water that potentially could run, uh, in the money and the dirt we know Mott’s record and the derbies and fairly. Great. But, um, he certainly got a chance. I think JK, we’re going to let bear go here, but you have one more quick one for him before we let him get back to the paying work at the final four.

They’re out on a bad weekend this weekend. Uh, pick six. Didn’t go. Good contest. Didn’t go. Good. I need a, I need a masters. Get out. Play. I need someone give me a 25 to one shot here to get me out for the, for the week. I need a masters play, plus I love watching the beautiful cut grass and HD. So I need something to root for.

Well, I’m going to give you three. I’m going to get, I mean, to give you three guys that I have played already on, unfortunately the first one I got. I got a better number than he is now. I got drawn while back 20 to one, uh, about six or eight weeks ago. And I think if you look at rom, he reminds me a lot of how I felt about books kept going into the 2017 year.

When you finally one of the U S open he’d been contending and everybody knew it was just a matter of time. Before he, he ended up winning his first major and they wound up doing it wrong. Very easily. Could have won two majors last year. He was in serious contention in the masters contention and the PGA couldn’t finish them off.

And if I know the golf tournaments for rounds and you got to count the first round and that’s how they, the crown, the winner, but rom had a poor first rabbit. You had 75 in the first round at Augusta last year. And then his final three is Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Score. Was two shots better than anybody in the field over that period?

I think he was third time around the course, uh, could really bode well for him, especially if he plays the par fives as well as I think he can. And then if you’re looking for two longer prices that may be, could potentially win a playing each way, speaking to the top five of the top 10, uh, I think Cameron Smith is a guy who has gotten away from people’s.

A thought process. You look at what he did last year on the final round finishing in the top five, he shot 66 months. I mean, I think people forget that because of how well Jordan speed played in the one that he made to get into contention to possibly win a slip as a really good putter. And we saw last year, how Patrick Reed just dominated the course with all those one putts making all those birdies, uh, in, in route to victory.

So the camera’s look as a guy. I usually eat either one or something right now. He’s got a good chance. I think. And Patrick can’t is a guy that hasn’t necessarily played well, really contended yet and majors, but he’s got a couple of top tens this year. He’s one of the better players on tour in terms of greens and regulation.

And that’s how you win at Augusta. Avoid the pick number. Now I represent Jordan, Speith talking about. Uh, his conversations with Jack Nicholas before, uh, he had played Augusta for the first time. And, and Jack’s advice to him was just put the ball in the middle of the green every single time. And you’re going to take big numbers out of play.

And you’re going to give yourself a chance at birdie, but odds are, you’re not going to make nothing worse than park. I can’t leave one of the better players on tour in greens and regulation. If he can, if he could put the ball on the green, it’ll give him a chance and he will go back and look. 15 of the last 19 masters winners or the top six for the week in terms of greens and regulation.

So you’ve got to give yourself a chance at birdie and don’t give yourself a chance at both your worst great analysis. I love it. And I love tying it back into, uh, Nicholas’s advice as well. Very, very cool stuff. All right, you go back to work. Thank you very much, Chris. We’ll have you back. As soon as we are able, always a pleasure.

My friend. Absolutely. Great talking to you guys. Hope to see you guys soon. Cheers. All right. JK, how fun was that such a sharp guy, Chris? Felica I love listening to Chris talk. I mean, just the knowledge about so many sports that we all like to participate in in, in whichever way we choose. But I will say this, he kind of got this brilliant idea in my head.

Can you imagine the amount of fun a weekend would be if you would combine last weekend and the next week, and you got the masters final four. Oh, you get the sanity to handicap, not normally, but obviously this weekend with the Sandy to Derby the wood, you get all these things, the Arkansas Derby, what an unbelievable overload of two days out would be.

It’s probably better that they split it up. Yes. I guess you could like go to Las Vegas and just go on a bender and make it all one long weekend, but we don’t recommend that that’s a, you know, don’t try this at home type of stuff for sure. All right. Let’s dive a bit deeper into the races. This weekend production meeting in the middle of the show.

Where do you want to begin? Let’s see what chart I have up starting an acronym. I like it. The roughly run. Wood Memorial is where we’re going to begin. And boy was that race, some real heart in the throat stuff, some madness going on there as a result of a move that will surely a receipt be receiving attention from the stewards in the form of days, because I mean, what was going on there out of the gate?

JK? It was tricky. Uh, you know, it was definitely a roughly run race at the beginning. You know, the, the head-on where you, where you kind of see them running into the turn, there was a lot of things going on. Um, you know, final jeopardy kind of got eliminated pretty quickly. The, in that race, but then, you know, tack it to us.

You know, obviously we had a friend who was alive to a lot of money, so I was rooting like, heck for that horse. And, and the trouble that he got in early, I thought was, was going to be too much to overcome, but obviously he found a way to do so. Yeah. Jovia was the one who caused the problem, actually, I guess more accurately Nick Juarez was the one who caused the problem.

A board. Yeah. Jovia really that just set this chain of events in motion, but I’ll say this JK at tackle us would have had every excuse to pack it in. After those two incidents, especially that first one being basically knocked sideways. I thought the horse showed a lot of courage. He did have that progressive look.

He wasn’t my selection in the race. I’m not a red boarding here. I, I ended up going with, uh, without shine. But obviously respect attack. That’s the thought that despite that last win him, having the run of the race, there were lots of reasons for him to improve and improve. He did. And obviously showing that kind of toughness in a roughly run race.

These are the kinds of attributes that could really help you on the first Saturday in may. This is looking like a horse to me who is awfully likely to run in the superfecta and maybe will do so at a forgotten price a little bit, depending on what happens this weekend, especially, but the 97 buyer speed figure.

Maybe that’s not going to make folks all that excited, but I thought this was a pretty exciting performance. All things considered. Of course, we also have to see how he comes back out of the race. Coulda gotten cut up, bruised, battered in the process. Want to make sure he comes back none the worse for wear before lumping on him as some sort of be somewhere in the super key, but I was impressed.

I definitely was impressed. And here’s a thing it’s not typically the type of horse that I prefer. Right. He, you know, he feels like kind of that lopey grinder type and I don’t usually gravitate towards those types of horses. I will say this though. Jose is, can, can at times be a hustling type of rider. I don’t know if we’ll where he’ll end up.

I believe he’s riding and probable next weekend. So he’ll obviously have a decision to make, um, And who knows what he’ll do in that situation, but tack it, this was actually kind of forwardly placed in this race, you know, and it was a quick enough pace. It wasn’t blistering, but you know, it was time, time, form code at all red.

So other pace figures that suggested it, might’ve been a little bit slower, but, uh, I usually defer to time for them when it comes to like a pay situation like that. And. And so he was poorly placed enough. You’d shown some toughness, he’s shown the ability to come from out of it. And you have to think that bill Mott horses will just continue to improve as they go along.

I actually think he’s pretty interesting either the type of horse that was some workout buzz and a good draw with some pace to kind of close into. I could see him getting a trip similar to like what animal kingdom got, um, you know, where you just kind of sat. Six seven to eight, maybe a little I’ll have another.

I think he might’ve been a little bit further back, but just that grindy type of sustained run all the way around those 10 furlongs and Churchill down. All right. Let’s move to the bluegrass stakes, which we spoke about for a minute. Props first and foremost to George Weaver, what it must’ve meant to the Kentucky native to get home with the coma in the bluegrass stakes, I was certainly rooting for him and, uh, was very excited by the result.

The buyer speed figure comes back a little bit light at 94, and I can understand the cynicism about some of these runners going forward for the Derby that Christopher Leeka put forward, though. I do have one I’ll put forward as the one to take out of the race in a minute. Okay. But just let’s start off with a reflection on what a great story that was for George Weaver, Invokana on Saturday at Keeneland.

Well, first of all, tackle, this ran a one 20 time form U S uh, but coma one 19 time for me versus yeah. Adam much, much closer look, he was impressive. I thought that he, um, you know, we, we kind of all figured that he was the most talented horse. He deserved to be the favorite. He was part of that suicidal Lee quick pace that we saw down in South Florida where hidden scroll kind of became, uh, the, the buzz horse or where he ran forth.

And, but coma was, was, was pretty close to that pace. Um, look, I, he ran really well. I thought something like a hot Brown was going to be a little bit more aggressive, but he ran well to and finished fourth. But, you know, McComb was the type of horse that if he’ll continue to progress as the distances grow, he’s a horse that could win.

He’s know he’s not the wild type and he’s never going to wow. Anyone, you know what his action, obviously, he’s got the funny, the funny way of going, but he’s a swimmer, as they say. Absolutely. But he ran a one 20 time form us’  matching, ran a one 19 prior to that the really good horse and a horse that I’ll definitely keep an eye on moving forward.

And I think if he can, wow. People in the morning at Churchill downs, uh, with the way that he, you know, having that funny action. But if he can still, wow, Clockers, that’s going to be a real big bonus for me. In terms of moving him up in the pecking order. Yeah, that’s fair. I definitely am not giving up on his chances in the big race.

He’ll he’ll certainly go there with a shot based on that bluegrass, the swimming thing, it sounds like it gets exaggerated, I guess, as he gets tired or distances get longer, but who knows? I mean, if, if he’s working well, he’s a horse that I want to be rooting for him so badly. I might try to find it.

Excuse me. To throw in on some tickets. What did the time form coding look like JK for the bluegrass stakes and or what was your impression about how the track was playing at Keeneland on Saturday? The coding is monochromatic. I learned that word, watching a Madagascar with, uh, with the, with the zebra, he made it, he made a joke about him being monochromatic character, right?

Absolutely. Yeah. So there was no color code there. It was, it was, uh, the raw fraction seemed honest enough, but, uh, but, but Craig Milkulski didn’t didn’t see any reason to, uh, to assign a color there. I thought on the day it seemed like speed was pretty good or at the very, the very least ground loss seems to mean something.

But this was part of the reason I was giving some serious, extra credit to when, when, when, who had two spots of trouble early on that I counted and then was wide the whole way. And just was staying on nicely, late in on a day when it didn’t seem like that was the preferred style sort of making wide sustained runs.

Win-win when is one the, you know, you might go back to your point. You made to me when I talked about code of honor and, and. The, on the Florida Derby and you discouraging me from betting back trips in slow races. This is certainly at least if you’re looking at the buyer is going to qualify as a slow race.

So I’m not saying win-win wins going to win the Derby or anything, but another one, I think I want to keep on side in the lower rungs of my verticals for the first Saturday in may. What did you think. Well, I’m really disappointed in you when you said you thought he was gonna win the Derby. I thought for sure you were going to say, I thought he was gonna win, win, win.

Um, but anyway, no, go ahead. He did have a trip and he, this is the second race he’s finished in. Um, and he, you know, he’s kind of had, you know, he kinda had a little bit of a setup last time. I wouldn’t say he had a set up this time by any means. Uh, he’s definitely want to keep an eye on it. I’ll go. I felt like he was maybe going to be distanced limited.

Which race did he have a setup in? Certainly not the Tampa Bay Derby where he had a horrible trip. No, but I’m saying the pace situation in the, in the, in the Tampa Bay Derby where it kind of all fell apart. I see. Um, so, you know, so I think sometimes my point is, is I think sometimes steadied trouble or wide trouble is overrated for closers and fast paced races, you know?

Cause it gives you an illusion that they’re like flying late while the race is flat falling apart. But I don’t think that’s what happened with win-win win in Florida at all. I mean, to me, he moved into the teeth of that pace. And to me here, I do not think anybody. I mean, you know, this race, this is a classic race that holds together how I look at that.

Sometimes as you look at the early call here at the early call, you, and then you look at the finish and you see the horses at the early call here. Uh, the, the ones that were first, second and fourth ended up, uh, ended up in the, in the same position, but reversed runners. I don’t think I’m describing this very well, but this pace held together.

This was not a flattered by pace effort. No, absolutely. I just think that, and I just think he’s definitely one that you can consider moving forward. And I remember when we had rich April on. Uh, double R who was throwing out winners like crazy. He had mentioned that win-win win was like stunning, physically.

And as a guy who’s owned a lot of horses who runs a lot of horses and looks at a lot of horses and it’s an opinion that, that I’ll carry through. He’s a nice, you know, obviously is a physically talented horse. Um, and I think he’s definitely one they can, they can get involved. Um, I’m just, I worry that he’s going to be over bet.

Based off of like his two kind of closing finishes where I think he could be a little wise guy should, especially with the trouble in the last two races. But I definitely think he’s one that I’ll consider moving forward. I’ll tell you right now, uh, when it comes out of this race, what we’re talking about, horses that we’re going to bet back.

Um, I wish we had a sophisticated enough. You know, future situation or I could bet some like it hot Brown in the, uh, in the Belmont Derby. I mean, this horse is super talented. He’ll run on any surface and he’s tactical and he’s trained by a guy that can get them to stay when he’s gonna, he’s gonna find the front end in so many of those, those three, uh, greatest stakes races that Naya is announced.

They’re going to be doing for the Phillies and for the boys. He’s gonna find himself on the front end of so many of those races with over bet, Chad Brown horses chasing him. I think some like it, hot Brown has got a big future on the grass and, and maybe even all the other services, but definitely on the grass.

I buy that argument. Even if the track was a little bit in his favor on this day, this is a tough dirt race. It’s a, it’s a, I guess not technically a grade one, but it’s it’s as bad as close as you can come. Uh, To a grade one without actually being one. So to be able to set the pace there and then go back to the preferred surfaces and, and potentially also be value.

Yeah. I guess it’s really silly. I will. I won’t. I was going to argue with about the idea of win-win when being a wiseguy horse or being overweight, it’s not even worth arguing about, because we’ll see when we have some numbers to look at and we can have that conversation in a more intelligent way. Oh, we’ll look at odds checker maybe a little bit later in the week.

We’re obviously going to do so much Derby chatter between now and the first Saturday in may. It’s going to be, uh, going to be plenty of opportunities to dive deeper into that. I’ll take this opportunity to tell folks who can’t get enough of us JK that we’re going to keep going with. These Caitlin shows we had.

Some really, really good numbers, especially on the first of the two Keelan shows. I think our numbers got hurt a little bit on the Sunday when simply because the races being off the turf and the various things of tamp that down a little bit, but our first Caitlin show got numbers, the equal of our regular show.

So thank you for our listeners for coming on board to our new endeavor, the Keeneland select players podcast. Folks can go check out the Caitlin select website and with our promo code ITM 19 eligible for some special discounts over there at Caitlin select. And we’re going to keep those coming this week as well.

So be on the lookout. I think we’ll shoot to do one for Friday. We’ll cover Caitlin Saturday on the late week and the money players podcast. And then we’ll come back once again and look to do a Sunday show. I don’t know. You might have to keep things a little close to the vest, I guess, JK with it being the grade one gamble at all.

Yeah. If you didn’t get a chance to listen to the Sunday show, uh, Sean Borman, who talks about just kind of his life as a, as a professional player. And that was the show, uh, Keelan select players podcast. Number two, um, the beginnings of evergreen talking about Sean’s life as a professional player, but he mentions.

The, the idea that he doesn’t care really about sharing his thoughts, because it’s more important how he’s going to bet it. Same way I feel about talking about Sunday’s racist for the, for the, uh, Keelan grade one gamble. Um, you know, um, it doesn’t matter who I like. I’m going to, you know, maybe in the last race it matters, but I’m going to bet it.

In a way that it doesn’t really make a difference. So, and another thing, if you, if you’re considering playing in that contest, reach out to Jim Goodman. Um, I know he’ll take entries all week and, and, uh, and, uh, it’s, it’s, it’s one of my favorites. In fact, I’ll tell you right now, it is my absolute favorite contest of the entire year.

Outside of, of course, like, you know, breeders’ cup betting challenge or whatever, but it is my favorite contest of the year. I love being at Keelan. So if you’ve never played in that one, uh, you should definitely check it out. I don’t know if I told you Pete, but Duke Mateus is breaking has made you did.

You mentioned that you mentioned that on the show. That’s fantastic. It’d be great to have Duke asked for your sentiments about preferring Keelan contest, all others. Let’s just hope Nate newbie. Isn’t listening JK. Well, Nate knows. I love me some, uh, I love me some Santa Anita and I love me some, uh, some Eddie, Logan.

Uh, but since I just lost in both contests that I played in this weekend, I’m not feeling as warm and fuzzy about saying any tests as I normally do. I got to Santa Nita and the Santa Anita Derby and handicap in a minute, but I do want to take a minute to give props to another old friend of ours. Ryan Flanders gets the job done, takes home over $50,000.

In cash and prizes by winning the Saturday contest, he is a longtime client of our man, Benny South street. No doubt. There were some trip notes helping him along his way to that victory. And you know, I don’t want to tell everybody’s business on here. I’m just going to say it like this. Let’s just say. He knew there were some people at Santa Anita who hadn’t been able to make their regular income with everything going on out there.

And he made sure to take care of the people who take care of him in the Eddie Logan suite, and God bless Ryan Flanders. And that was a great, great win. We’ll see, J K he gets another early win this year. He might end up chasing the tour. He came off of close to you back a couple of years ago before Tommy masses came on the scene and assumed the role of your chief rival.

Maybe we will have a Ryan Flanders tour run in 2019. Yeah, Ryan could definitely win the tour if I’m not trying to win it. I changed it. I tweeted not too long ago, I tweeted it and I’m going to mess it up. But I said, uh, the top five things in this world that I used to, like, not like at all. And now I couldn’t live without one of them happens to be a Ryan Flanders also on that list, IPA beers, um, Baker Mayfield.

Um, and I can’t remember what the other thing was, but, uh, uh, all things that have definitely done a one 80 in my life and Ryan’s one of them great guy. Um, always, always fun to root, for fun to hang out with, except for when you make a bad play. And then he followed you around and yells at you. Huh? Here’s here’s a tease that you might not even get JK.

We’ve got some news coming up very soon on the podcast that is actually connected in a funny way to Baker Mayfield. Do you even know what I’m talking about? I think I do. Is it, is it, is it, is this t-shirt news? T-shirt exactly, exactly. But it’s not official official yet, so we’ll keep it. We’ll keep that between us for now, but I’m glad you picked up what I was laying down there.

We’ll just leave that out there as a tase JK. Just texted me about a horse. We need to talk about, I know we’re going to get back to that. We’re just going to do these three-year-old races first, and then we’ll go back and talk about a couple of things from the weekend and next up on that. Docket is the Santa Anita Derby Roadster turning the tables from the Del Mar few touristy when he was odds on and game winner was the other Baffert this time game winners, odds on Roadsters, the other Baffert.

And boy, I thought he ran very well. We got that great. Bit of Intel from Brittany ERT and about how pleased Mike Smith was after the last work. Hopefully for some of you out there smarter than me, use that little tidbit as a reason to keep, uh, the horse from ruining your day. Roadster gets the job done.

It’s a 98 buyer speed figure in the Santa Anita Derby. What did the time form number come back JK. And what was the pace coding? Uh, one 13 time form us for Roadster one 15 for game winner, one 14 for Instagram. And, uh, interestingly enough, uh, Instagram had a faster number than Roadster. Uh, no colors monochromatic as well here.

So, uh, they didn’t think there was anything going on with the patient. I thought it was kinda a little bit slow. One 12 at Santa Nita. I know the track. Has been a little bit slower for obvious reasons. Um, but, uh, one 12 and two was the, uh, the six for a long time. Huge question. Huge question about this race before you go on with your thought.

And I don’t know the answer yet. I need to dive back in there. The one downside of doing the show early on a Monday morning. I don’t know the answer to the question of did ground loss matter at Santa Anita on Saturday. Do you, do you have a thought yet? We can obviously come back to this, but I think it really matters in how you look at this race.

I think it does matter. And I’m, and I’m scrolling through some texts. Uh, the group texts I have with Jack Jenkins and Nick tomorrow and Travis stone. I think someone actually texted how much further game winter went and I was going to try to get it accurate, but I think it was like 47 feet further in a six horse field, four and a half.

And that’s kind of a lot of that’s a lot. That’s a lot of ground to lose. Um, And, and, and, and he kinda moved, you know, moved first. And I think Baffert even mentioned that he was a little bit concerned when he saw game winner, make the front, because you know, when he makes the front, sometimes he’ll kind of pull himself up and look around a little bit.

Look, it’s frustrating, I guess, for me, because of how talented we knew Roadster was. And the last two races I’ve tried to beat him. I tried to beat him with no luck. The last time, uh, and he won impressively and I tried to beat them this time with game winner and he won. And it’s not as if I didn’t know that he was a really talented horse.

And so that part can be a little bit frustrating. Um, I don’t believe I, I really want him in the Derby. Um, but, but at the same time it’s but why not though? He’s run two really impressive races and he, and he beat the horse. That, uh, if you had asked me before the race was run, who’s gonna win the Derby out.

I kind of started to lean game winter away from earlier statements that I had made about improbable. So look, uh, I really don’t know what to do with this race. I’m not crazy about the figure being slow. Um, you know, one 15 for game winner, even if, you know, he ran one 18 last time these other horses are running one 18, one 91 20.

We’ll see what happens. I guess he game winners got the right to improve and he definitely has the style and once the extra distance, but this race kind of confuses me. We had an, a hashtag ask ITM question about game winners trip, and it’s a really good one and I didn’t really know the answer, but I faked as best I could.

And I said, we talk about it more here. And the question was why in such a short field. Are you going so wide around both turns there? Surely that was the difference. Why wouldn’t Joelle just tuck the horse in behind it at least try to save ground and then make more of a sweeping move to the lead. It is my sense that that’s just not how game winter runs that he is just much more comfortable running outside and just kind of grinding.

And I, and, and. Yeah, it probably did. Like, just as an academic exercise, make it less likely he was going to win the Santa Anita Derby that said that same trip, Churchill downs, some days the rails good there, but very often. The four path will end up being as good as the rail. It just sort of evens out something about the composition of that track, the way that it’s banked, whatever it is very often ground lost.

In my opinion, doesn’t matter. They’re that same wide move. That’s going to look very, very dangerous and good on the first Saturday in may. And it couldn’t help. But notice that game winner Gallup’s out, back past Roadster. I think the extra distance is going to be his friend. I think if he looks a little unsexy now coming off a couple of losses, maybe this is what pushes him up into the low double digits of odds, depending on what happens this weekend.

I think this sets up game winner. Huge. For the Derby. He’s the one I watched coming out of it. And I’m just going to go ahead. Making the assumption that ground loss did matter. And just take a little bit of a mayor culpa on Instagram, who I just don’t think is as good as these other horses. I, I thought he should have won with that trip if he was as good as you know, we thought he was coming at two, I was the only one who defended him, everybody else.

We talked to had questions as to whether or not he trained on properly and or wanted to run this far. And from here, I’m willing to concede the points about him. Should he continue going forward? It would be very unlikely. I would stay team Instagram. And I think like you JK, I’m becoming very much team.

Well, the inside is not exactly where you’ve wanted to be at Santa Anita. And I think it’s probably even been more pronounced as. As the track has been intentionally slowed down to make it, honestly, I thought after they came back, the inside looked a little better in the other races I saw, I agree when the track was having its issues, the inside was not good, but I had been thinking it was better.

And you know, if that’s the case, if, if. That’s right. If the inside is bad, like everything I’m saying, kind of goes out the window. Don’t worry folks. I apologize for having it hauling like this. We’re going to do more digging and work and talk about this stuff more, but I’m starting with the opinion that.

The it, the inside was worth something. And that makes me negative on Instagram and much more positive on game winner. They all started. What’s the Matisse term. It all starts to become more of a salad bowl to me, if it’s the reverse where the inside was bad and the outside was better. But that’s your, that, is that your considered opinion or are you just speculating?

Uh, it’s, it’s N it’s in between the two of those. I feel like it’s, it’s partially true, but I, I guess I would probably want to dig a little bit deeper and obviously run backs are going to really confirm it. But, you know, regardless, I think Instagram actually ran. Okay. I don’t know. Positioned to like be dismissive of him at this point.

I think that he, uh, had a tricky campaign. Um, and I think that his, his, his two performances, his first one was honorable enough, although it was kind of a weird one and then this one was on. Yeah, well enough. So definitely, uh, Oh, you know, look, I, I don’t, I can see him sitting third in the, in the Derby and like, you know, one of the big horses not firing and next thing, you know, he’s ahead of the eighth pole and he’s got a shot.

I mean, I, I. Uh, I’m not going to be cutting in line to bet on him, but we’ll see how your progress is and how things you train moving forward. But I thought he ran well enough and back the game winner, you know, look, I just don’t think four wide, four wide in that situation with Roadster running them down, uh, w w w you know, was, was the right trip for him.

I do understand why they did that. Baffert horses are grinding the stay, you know, like one sustained. Sharp pace type horses, even as sprint. They’re just, I mean that that’s, he has horses in that mold, but I mean, I think the two horses everybody thinks about first, when they think of Baffert you don’t think of justified American Pharaoh is grindy.

Well, maybe the word grindy is not the right. I didn’t mean they’re not like push button, get out of hole type horses. They are just run. You know, twelves and some sub twelves, you know, these long distances and that’s just, you know, that’s what, that’s what arrogant was. Right. He was just, uh, uh, uh, talented, you know, grinding type of horse.

He said they keep coming out and you keep running American Pharaoh and justify were the same way. They just did it a little bit closer to the front. Than than Erica did. And most of his races outside of the Travers, I just feel like game winner. They keep him in the clear, because what’s the point of, of tucking them in behind horses, letting them eat dirt, and then asking him to like Quicken and accelerate to get out of a position, you know?

And it’s just, I never used the word grindy to, to talk about justify arrogant or American Pharaoh. I would definitely use it to talk about game on dude and, and game winner. Yeah. So, I mean, not grinding, maybe, maybe, maybe sustained. What would be the better word than grindy? Just a sustained, you know, running type.

They just, they just keep running. They’re just running fast. Pharaoh ran faster later in his races than, than early. One of the things I really liked about him and justify, I think justify had those kinds of races in him, but we never got to see them for various reasons. I’m guessing to me, he just ran.

Justify just ran so fast early that he just hung on better than, than anybody else than anybody else late. But anyway, it’s academic. I think your, your larger point is that while similar to mine, while game winner was not written, ideally to win that race, it doesn’t sound like you’re going to hold any of that against him going forward.

And if you had to pick one of these three to come back with from here, with what we know about the track right now, like me, it would be game winner. Yeah, it’d be game winter. I’m a little bit less, uh, excited as I was before this race, but that’s that makes sense. It’s obvious. Yeah. I think for me again, this has to do with the track.

If the track was in his favor, I would say what you said. If the track was against him, I’m much more excited now about betting him, because I think there’s just a chance that he’s actually better than the bear forum is going to look like. We’re going to come back to this discussion many times over and talk much more about how the track was playing on Saturday at et cetera.

As we go forward, we just have a few minutes left, but really not enough time to. Talk about all of this stuff in the depth that we want. So we’re just going to pick and choose, and we’ll start off with gift boxes. When JK in the Santa Anita handicap, uh, what did you make of this other than a very, very tough beat for the second.

Absolutely. I, uh, I would have been in trouble if I would have done well in the contest. I still would have been busted up because I would have gone all in on, on McKinsey. I thought McKinsey was going to be tough from down in there. And he ended up running really well. I mean, they, they laid it down from the quarter Paul home, both of those sports did.

And I actually thought, um, it live, I thought it was gift box when they showed the shutter came. I thought it was, was McKinsey. Um, I still think Mackenzie’s keep progressing. Moving forward. Um, I’d be excited to love to see him run in the met mile. Uh, I think he’d be extremely dangerous in that race, but I don’t, I’m convinced he can still go a mile and a quarter, um, especially with the right setup and a full campaign of like stamina and, and, and, and a real, like, true longevity with his, like the fitness that he’s, that he’s, uh, that he’s built.

So I think he’s going to be fine. And I, and I’ll, I’ll, I’ll stand by my tweets still. That I think he’s gonna win the 2019 breeders cup class sticking to your guns. They’re all. Give a quick word about the Santini to Oaks. Then maybe we’ll move back across the country for a thought and a couple of quick races.

Bella. Faena extremely visually impressive. The buyer team ends up splitting the Varian in such a way where this gets an 89. I was talking to Sean Borman. There’s a case to be made. This figure was a hundred and. That might be the view I choose to take of it going forward and looking at her as we head into the Kentucky Oaks, especially if they’re making her a price based off the 89.

And there’s a good case to be made that she was a hundred. Maybe we’ll ask Sean about that. We’ll go on a little tangent on one of the Keelan shows this week, but I was super impressed and I think she obviously deserves her place at the top of the market for the Santa Nita Oaks. Do you have anything to piggyback there?

Do you want to move us on to another race? Oh, I, you know, she is good. Um, I’m going to try, I don’t know how, and I don’t know where, and I don’t know with who, but I’m going to try to beat her, uh, come the first Friday in may. I, I just, um, I’ve just never been. Like wowed by her. Um, she’s never been, been, been wild.

I actually tried to try to beat her a little bit with Florida Lamar who actually ran better than her previous star when she ran a slop. I mean, she’s probably not who I’ll try to use the beat Bellfina, but I do think I will try to get creative and try to beat her and come Oaks day. Uh, but I’ll need to clean up on who I’m going to beat her with.

All right, I’ll give you a shot. There’s a few, you know, we got another grade one to talk about. We have a unanimous podcast, a winner who was super impressive. Where do you want to go next? To you, Pete, I’m letting I’m letting you drive this ship today. Imprimis baby. That was a nice one for us, tipped everywhere and obliged in a visually impressive performance with bound for nowhere, also running great and being set up nicely, quite possibly for another tilt at Royal.

Ask it your thoughts on impervious JK. Yeah, after the break, I thought she’s, this horse has no shot. Um, and then, you know, came running in and actually ended up waiting kind of easily from what I heard from the post race interview. They’re gonna, they’re gonna try to hop on the same flight that you’re on.

Uh, to, to, to head out, to ask it, to run for run there. I didn’t realize that. Wow. That is exciting news JK. And I’m hearing it, hearing it here first. I like it. Yeah. We talked about the horse so much beforehand. I don’t know how much there is to say other than. Wow. Especially as you point out given the break, that that is usually a distance where the tardy beginning is going to mean that you’re not going to be able to get it done.

One Oh one buyer speed figure. What at the time form numbers look like for him, one 26 last time, one 23. This time I’m interested to see. Uh, Craig actually had bound for nowhere faster, I guess that’s because bound for nowhere attended that first fraction that was coded red, uh, was on the lead there. So I’m assuming that’s why a bound for nowhere.

I got the better figure, but I would assume they’re both going to probably go to Royal Ascot. So they were next to each other in this exact, uh, they can probably sit next to each other on the plane. Yeah. I like it. Quick word on the Carter world of trouble. Not the brilliant effort I was expecting, but the money will still spend.

It was a, you know, it wasn’t the, uh, the, the runoff performance that I think we all thought, but it was impressive enough. And, and he’s, uh, let’s not forget. He’s, he’s a talented sprinter on both surfaces. So a lot of opportunities for them to make money this year, a lot of opportunities for him to, uh, to, to, to pick up some checks.

And obviously we don’t know exactly what’s going to happen, but to this day, we’re going to assume that the Breeder’s cup is still going to be at Santa Anita. And I’d love to see this horse running down the Hill. Uh, with the ability that he has to, to finish in his, his quickness and, and, uh, as you know, the Carter was at seven for as long as he can, he can sprint going five and a half.

I think he’d be extremely dangerous down the Hill and, uh, would be the favorite in my opinion, win that race. Vino, Rosa took so much money here, JK, and I just wonder if it wasn’t too sharp for him at the end of the day, if he might be seen to a better effect going longer in a race like the met mile or the Whitney or.

One of those types of spots. Whitney may be particularly interesting with getting the two turn aspect in there. I don’t know. What do you think it was entirely over bed? I never really got it. I, everyone, I had talked to that, that, that, that knows anything about horse racing thought that world approval was going to win for fun.

So, uh, his price was a little bit. Short, you know, larger than I thought it was going to be. And then Vino Rosso obviously was over bet. So yeah, I think he definitely wants a little bit more ground. I could see the, the met mile kind of working for him. And I would imagine that he’ll show up there being owned by, uh, Uh, by, you know, New York connections, I would, I would assume that the met mile will be what he shows up next.

Mike Ripley, of course, the owner of Vino Rosso. Yeah. It was a really interesting exercise. We’ll just close on this thought. Cause we’re just out of time, but really interesting exercise in tote board reading because the toe action was so strong on Vino Rosso, and I just never let it convince me, but I will admit.

That the coldness to my mind on the board of world of trouble did give me a little bit of pause. I went ahead and made the same bad I would have made anyway, but it did make me wonder. And I thought it was interesting that we, it wasn’t that the tepidity was wrong in a sense, the horse, you know, the horse ran a grade one.

I’m not trying to knock the effort at all, but it was interesting that we didn’t see the brilliance the way that I was expecting to see when I thought the horse would be one to two or shorter ends up four to five. And gets the job done and it’s a grade one on the dirt and a huge win for the horse, but I just thought it was an interesting example of where the tote can give you clues that you want to pay attention to, but maybe not let dictate your yeah, absolutely.

I think that, you know, I think the total board is important. You always need to take it into account. Um, uh, one of my pet peeves when it comes to presenters and I try not to do it, but it’s actually harder now that I’ve been put in that position is like, You know, calling a horse, a favorite who clearly is not going to be the favorite based on the will pays, you know, there’s things going it’s harder to do than you would imagine, but.

You know, you got to look at it. It tells you a lot of, uh, it tells you a lot about what’s going on and you can really, uh, kind of get some clues and understand where the final prices are going to end up. If you dig a little bit deeper into those pools. Okay. That’s all the time we have. We’re going to be back plenty this week.

Want to thank JK? I want to thank Chris for Leeka. Most of all, I want to thank all of you. The listeners special, thanks to our partners, including black type thoroughbreds, including 10 strike racing, very excited to be going to their Arkansas Derby party next weekend. And of course, our friends at the thoroughbred retirement foundation, this show has been a production of in the money media.

Our director of business development is drew Kotani. I’m Peter Thomas foreign Italian. Maybe when all your photos

Peter Thomas for Nitel one last time. Thank you all for listening today. If you can’t get enough of our act, make sure you tune in this week for the Caitlin select players podcast. Also make sure to check out the Keelan select website, Keelan special offers for in the money players, podcast, listeners.

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