Kentucky Downs Show for Opening Day (Thursday)

PTF and Jack Jenkins are here with thoughts, tips, and analysis on Kentucky Downs’ Opening Day card.

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  • Boycott Kentucky Downs!! We can’t talk about needing lower rates as an industry and then support the next track to raise their takeout. I understand it’s minimal, but if they raise takeout to pay for HISA fees and it doesn’t hurt their handle, other tracks will surely do the same.

    • I understand your frustration and we’ll talk about this on a future show. I, too, wish they had made a different decision than passing the cost of HISA along to the players. That said, I still think the wagering product is still worth paying attention to and their overall takeouts are still low by industry standards. Obviously, they are sponsors, so I have a vested interest in saying this, but it has the added benefit of being true in my opinion. If you disagree, that’s ok, and there are lots of other wagering options. PTF

      • I totally understand your point, and it probably is still one of the best places to play, but I do worry what the other tracks will do if they have a record meet after raising takeout. Because of that I’ve gotta stay away. I hope you hit a big one PTF!

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