Monster Pod Kentucky Derby Preview

It’s the Monster Pod Kentucky Derby Preview: 23 horses, 23 horse people.

Pat Cummings on Plus Que Parfait (2:40)

Frank McGoey on War of Will (9:00)

George Weaver on Vekoma (15:00)

Rajiv Maragh on Haikal (21:40)

Rich Averill on Win Win Win (27:45)

Anthony Stabile on Tacitus (36:00)

Tim Carroll on Master Fencer (44:25)

Frank Mustari on Bodeexpress (49:10)

Hudson Davis on Signalman (52:50)

Michelle Yu on Game Winner (56:50)

Nancy Holthus on Omaha Beach (1:03:40)

Britney Eurton on Roadster (1:11:00)

John Nichols on By My Standards (1:20:00)

Clay Sanders on Long Range Toddy (1:25:00)

Benny Southstreet on Spin Off (1:30:00)

Sean Boarman on Maximum Security (1:34:00)

Sean Tugel on Improbable (1:40:00)

Chris Pipito on Code of Honor (1:46:45)

Duke Matties on Country House (1:52:35)

Grant LaGrange on Tax (1:58:30)

Jason Beem on Cutting Humor (2:03:50)

Ed DeRosa on Anothertwistafate (2:08:05)

Aron Wellman on Gray Magician (2:13:45)

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