NYRA Bets Podcast for Saturday, June 29

PTF and JK are back to talk about many things: the changes to the NYRA Bets Late Pick 5, Saturday’s intriguing sequence, and a look ahead to Saratoga among them.


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I’m your host, Peter Thomas for Nitel back with you back in New York in the Brooklyn bunker. Once again, why? No East freely, you might say why not? Suzanne Vega earlier in the week. Why? No, uh, birds at the beginning of the end of the ring show, well, I’m experiencing some computer woes and I’m going easy on myself rather than re cutting all the music.

That’s just sitting on the Mac. It’s in the hospital, uh, meant to get it back tomorrow. Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon, but that is the reason for the lack of music. This show, especially I think benefits from, uh, ACE freely kicking it at the beginning, but what are you going to do? Um, it is what it is and it will be back next week, God willing.

And the Creek don’t rise. Anyway, Peter Thomas foreign Intel back with you in the Brooklyn bunker and pleased to be joined by a man who is calling in from the planet, Texas. You know him, you love him. He’s the people’s champion. He’s Jonathan kitchen. What’s up my friend. Um, we’re a what? 10, 10, 12, 15, a lot.

Not very many days away from Saratoga. We’re going to go ahead and wrap this thing up with Belmont. We love us some Belmont, but I’m very, very excited about Saratoga. I’m looking forward to it, um, immensely. So, uh, it should be a lot of fun. Any announcement yet on your work responsibilities for Saratoga?

We got to keep that close to the vest a little bit longer. Yeah, not sure yet. Exactly. What’s going to go down, but, uh, I imagine I’ll be there. More often than I have been in the past and a busier than I have been in the past. But. Doing fun stuff. I’m doing a lot of fun. So I’m actually saw that, that, uh, we talked earlier today, the Travers is going to be on big Fox.

Um, so that’s exciting to see, to see that and to be great, to be a part of that show, uh, if possible. Well, I would hope that you would be, you’ve been killing it on there. I mean, you were given out winners, like, uh, people change their underwear or something. I don’t know what the analogy is, but, uh, from, from what I hear, you’ve been, you’ve been really rocking and rolling doing the Churchill stuff you’ve been enjoying that it’s been a lot of fun.

Um, it’s been different. It’s, it’s different than what, what I was expecting. You know, I just kind of always assumed that I was going to be the third guy sitting at the end of the desk. With Greg Wolfen and maybe Andy, or maybe, uh, Paula Duka or, or, or Gary Stevens or Richard Migliori or Maggie or, or whatever.

And, and, and so when, uh, when I got the opportunity to go kind of go off on my own, it was, uh, it was a little nerve wracking, to be honest. I mean, I’m not trained with what to do with a microphone and how to do, I’ve just never done any of that stuff. Um, but it’s been fun. I really have enjoyed it. Um, I think it’s also helped me get more comfortable in the, in that role of live television, which is.

It’s definitely something that you have to get used to. So it’s been fun. It’s intense. I mean, as somebody who just went through something similar, doing something I’d never done, I didn’t have to do as much like carrying the, the segments. You know, I always had, I was always the third person on the desk, but yeah, live TV when everybody’s watching and you’re in onset, it’s, it’s a different, it’s a different deal and I’m glad that you’re adjusting well to it.

And I love it. In fact, I hope this isn’t talking out of school, but, uh, we’ll just say one of your colleagues asked you if you’d been, if you’d gone to school for media and you said no, and I told you, you should have told them. I went to the PTF school of media. Cause that’s what happened after I plucked you from obscurity and then trained you.

And now you’ve gone on to, to surpass me and soon you’re going to have more Twitter followers and it’s all going to be over. Yeah, absolutely. It’s it’s coming. Um, I’m I’m slowly got, I think I got five new followers today. Oh, geez. I’ll tell you what the final Furlong podcast has boosted my numbers. I’ve never seen anything like it.

You know, we didn’t talk about it on the other show, but the, the incident with the jacket, uh, which I assume most people listening to this know all about, if not, you can read my account of it. On in the money podcast.com, but whoever thought that losing my jacket and turning myself, having a panic, I mean, I’m telling you the next morning I woke up and I had like a hundred more Twitter followers and it just kept, uh, it just kept cascading throughout the day.

It ended up being a good career move. I laid in bed, dying, laughing, reading the story. Like I, in fact, I think I might have texted you if I didn’t, I, I should have I’ve invented a new word because of that blog post called. L L O L it’s not a new word. It’s a new abbreviation because I think a lot of people say LOL now, and I think it’s lost its luster.

I literally was laughing out loud. That’s good. And that’s a good use of literally, by the way. I haven’t, I haven’t gone on about that in a while, but that’s one that yeah. People really do use in like a non-literal way. It’s just like a thing, but to live it, that’s pretty good. That’s pretty good. Um, anyway, I’m excited to go up to Southwell and, and visit Holly and the crew soon and, and, uh, taste some, uh, Champaign and, and, uh, and really properly ring the thing out.

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, read it on there, dig through the timeline. There’s a bunch of videos. Um, it was, it was really a lot of fun. And here down the stairs, you can probably hear in the background, comes a mugs, the handicapping Labrador, deigning to grace, us with her presence. That’s always fun.

She wants to play the pick five. Not only does she want to play the pick five, she’s very excited. About the new pick five news. Have you, I know you were running around busy scene. I did see it and there’s a reason I didn’t call it the Niagara bets late pick five podcast. I just called it the NYRA bets podcast today.

And this is a funny one because I mean, I think it’s, I really think it’s excellent news and I don’t think it should change the way we do the show and maybe it shouldn’t even change the name, but I figured we’d talk about it for the people who haven’t heard. Tell him what went down today. Um, as you know, the NYRA bets late pick five has been reserved for people that have NYRA bets or that are on track.

Uh, is it, is there any New York truck and you bet the nightmare bets from Belmont on Saratoga, I would assume if they’re open for simulcasting you could. Why wouldn’t you, so, yeah, I think so. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t speaking out of school there, but, um, it’s open to everyone now. So any ADW, any racetrack, any anywhere that accepts wagers, you’ll be able to.

To bet Saratoga’s pick fives, late pick fives from anywhere. So, um, that’s really cool. It’s you know, obviously a lot of people had, um, had issues, not a lot of people, a few people had issue with the fact that it was, it was restricted. I never really bothered me. It’s it’s I understand why they did it. It was a great marketing, uh, marketing idea by Tony Alavado to help kind of boost the Niagara bets participation and get people involved.

And to, to now that they’ve, they’ve done that they got the, the, the ups. They’ve got people playing through an IRA bets. Now they opened it back up. I really don’t have any problem with that. It’s a business move and. Um, I think it’s, I think it worked out just fine. I agree. And I think it’s time now to expand it and have a, how are you going to like this one?

K, I think part of the reason why it’s time to expand it is I would imagine NYRA and NYRA bets are looking forward to maybe some other cool new, uh, promotional ideas. Some other reasons why people might exclusively be playing at NYRA bets. If you pick up what I’m laying down. I’m picking up what you’re laying down, PTF.

I’m picking up what you’re laying down from my, from my mouth to God’s ears, over my, my innuendo to God’s ears. And God knows we’ve had enough innuendo this week. Um, what else is there to talk about JK, but previewing Saratoga and the other channel? I did a nice hour long interview with Sean Clancy. My, uh, My friend and mentor.

And first boss, that’ll get you in the mood telling great stories about hanging out on the back, stretch up there. And, um, definitely one that I think you’ll get a kick out of. It sort of fits the, it could have been either. It could have been an in the money players podcast, but I think it also fits in the, in the ring umbrella and with Sean to Galloway this week and you running around doing 72 things, I thought it was a good time to button hook.

Sean. You’ve you’ve had the pleasure of meeting him once or twice, right? Absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah, I have, I have met him and I’ve heard a lot of good stories mostly from, from people, what their experiences working with Sean. And, um, so it, I’m glad we got him on the airwaves actually. Wasn’t on the show.

So I’m looking for, it’s kind of fun sometimes because I don’t really get to listen. Two. Can you hear that in the background, by the way, I’m sorry to interrupt, but I think somebody could have heard that. And I just want to explain that no, my child is not being tortured. She’s just resisting the babysitter, putting her to bed, screaming and hollering.

But anyway, because as you, as you are. Yeah, no. What I was saying was, um, it’s been kind of, it’s kinda tough because I don’t get to listen to my favorite racing podcasts because I’m on it. And that would be kind of weird, but when I’m not on it, for whatever reasons that that sometimes I miss, it’s very fun to listen to it.

To listen to you and whoever, whoever it is that you have, I felt the same way about your great chat with Paul Matisse. The other week, you guys had some real next level ideas about turf racing that I’ve had my mind spinning, and I’ve been having some good chats with Rob dove about trying one of the top 10 pro punters in the UK.

Today. I actually mentioned him on the big show today and forgot to, uh, to slide that in there. I was mad at myself and I almost did it twice in one day. But it, it, uh, just trying to find ways of quantifying not, it’s not always the last three furlongs or last two furlongs it can sometimes be that burst of speed that Paul talks about can happen between the three and the one funny enough with their, the way they do sectionals over there.

Sometimes I think that can be. Easier to spot than what we have here. Dove calls that those eight strides that Paul was talking about dove refers to as the hot zone and looking for horses that make their move in the hot zone is something, um, that I think successful turf players are going to be able to do there.

There was a bunch of stuff on there. His ideas about. Breathing. Um, there, there, there was, if you miss that show with J K and Paul Matisse, go back and check it out. And I had a lot of followups and we’ll get to them the next time Paul’s on the show cause you, and he talk about a bunch of concepts, the Quicken and all these things that I want to give.

People the tools that they can look for this and whatever past performances that they use. And it’s something I’ll definitely ask Paul about. But do you have any thoughts about that for people looking at traditional PPS, JK, uh, how they might be able to identify that Quicken that you guys were talking about?

Well, you need fractional times and I think you need pace figures. Um, To, to be able to do it. So, uh, you know, I guess the other way, the way that I would do it maybe is time form us. Um, just kind of doing math between, you know, you can look at the, the, the, the speed figures, you know, for every section of the race, for every call, maybe doing some math in between there to try to, I wouldn’t know the exact way to go about it, but that’s the tree that I would bark up if I was looking to do that.

Yeah. Pace figures are key for sure. What else? JK, are you looking forward to when it comes to the Saratoga meet? Well, Pete, there’s, there’s a lot of things to get excited about the first week, weekend in August. Uh, most importantly obviously is, is, is your birthday. But traditionally, you know, we enjoy that day with a Whitney and a little backyard party at your house.

Um, I did some research and I, I was looking, I was looking at it. I was very excited about this, this turf, triple the turf, Trinity, and the turf Tiara, um, which I’ll explain in more detail, but the middle leg of that for the females is going to be on Friday, the Saratoga Oaks of, of your birthday weekend, Whitney weekend and the million dollar version for the boys.

Is going to be on Sunday. So it’s like, we’re going to have the great race on Friday, the phenomenal day on Saturday as it always is. And then we’re going to follow it up with the Saratoga Derby on Sunday. That weekend is going to be remarkable. Um, and if you’re not familiar with the, the new, uh, triple series, uh, the turf charity is a, is the, essentially the triple crown on turf for, um, for the boys.

Then we’ll start with the Belmont Derby, which will be July 6th at Belmont. A million-dollar race, the million dollar Saratoga Derby, August 4th, we talked about and the million dollar jockey club Derby, which would be Saturday, September 7th. And then the, the, uh, the female counterpart will be the Belmont Oaks.

On Saturday, July 6th, Saratoga Oaks, Friday, August 2nd. And then the jockey club Oaks Saturday, September 7th should be a lot of fun to, uh, to catch all of those. It’s going to be very fun to watch that all unfold. And another just adds another layer to the meat. And I love the idea of having those big races on back to back to back days up there too.

I don’t know yet. I’ll talk at a school about another idea. I’ve been kicking the tires on. I may be doing a little bit of work with our friends at shake shack, helping them book the patio, AKA the secret spot, which is no longer secret and might start getting promoted by me, uh, slash us. And if you have a chance to come to Saratoga and you want to hang out and meet the characters from the podcast, there, there might be an opportunity to do that this year.

Last year, that area was closed when it wasn’t rented out for private parties pretty much. But this year we’ve got a new concept that could be a fun way to get, to meet more members of our extended in the money podcast. Family wait until it’s official, but I might become an intermediary through which people book that if you’re interested in that idea, Just generally don’t, don’t send me table that I need for, for a Whitney day.

We can’t handle that yet. But if you’re interested in that type of concept, folks, let me know. And it’s something that we might, uh, we might be able to, to get going. I had another Saratoga question. I was going to ask you, but it’s gone. It’s sort of gone in and out of my head as these things sometimes do, but are you, do you figure you’re going to be.

Able to be to social when you’re at Saratoga or you think you’re going to be, uh, all work, no, play this time around well is Pete. I don’t, I don’t subscribe to all work, no play in any, in any version of my life. Um, I think that, that, that, you know, when I’m there I’ll be on air at some point, but I think the way that it is with the amount of, of, of, of I say talent, I don’t mean it like, you know, as an adjective, but like the amount of people that we have.

I think that we will be doing like half days. So like, there’ll be some times where I’ll, you know, I’ll do like the early pick five and then I’m done. There’ll be days where I’ll do the late pick four late pick five, and then, you know, so it’s going to be kind of a vice versa thing. I don’t think there’ll be a one through 11 type of day, uh, for any of them.

Gotcha. Very cool. Hey, I discovered something funny, you know, we, I just said this on the show was Sean. How my favorite thing is when we just on the pods is when we just have conversations, we would have had any way. So I realized something, you know, I take credit for plucking you from obscurity. Um, Michelle, you has her claim to fame from when you used to.

Follow her around like a puppy dog at Del Mar. And she eventually felt bad for you and put you on TV, but you know, the real person who might get the claim for, uh, your most, your latest meteoric rise with the Fox broadcast. So we’ll give him a shout out here, Jonathan Fowler now of NYRA, but he’s known you for longer than that.

He helped book you apparently when he was at. Keene Linde years ago, booking you for a seminar with Nick tomorrow, and first sort of saw your act there and then later recommended you from what I understand. Again, hope I’m not talking out of school based on some of the work that you and I were doing together, maybe even at, uh, at NYRA, uh, you owe this man at least, uh, you know, you owe me now.

The three bottles of scotch or whatever it is, but, but he should at least get the bottle of champagne that you, Oh, Michelle you, and what is it with you? Owing people booze and not paying. It’s really hard to bring a bottle into a race track. That’s really the biggest issue. Right. Um, I tell you what I, I’m not gonna what I’m going to do.

It’s it’s, it’s a, it’s just to keep, I’m going to just keep going back to the, well, I’m going to just keep doubling down on the scotch until we break even on the stock. Yeah. That the road to ruin that way lies. All right. All right. Wise guy, I got a head to head. For you, the run for the horses, thoroughbred retirement foundation.

One of our, our, our initial sponsor on the show, you can make a donation for them. The great work they do. TRF Inc org slash players. Please make them donations. They are doing a charity race. I think it’s labor day weekend, head to head challenge. You and me in the 5k run for the horses. What do you say?

Whoa. I need to get my act together. I’m in only thing is I rescind the offer. I know you have had like a, I’m not trying to let you off the hook too easy, but I know you’ve had a bulky knee. I don’t want you out there running under, uh, under unsafe conditions. I’ll save any dark jokes that might go along with that, but I don’t want you running under unsafe conditions.

Yeah. If you have an injury where it would just, you know, you don’t, you know, it doesn’t count. It’s a non runner, no bets.  here with the run for the horses. But, but, but about it, I mean, you, you have an advantage are far younger and, and, you know, I’m training for a marathon that’s run in long way, 5k, you know, you might just be able to out sprint me and get it done, but I’ll, I’ll see that advantage.

And, and let’s see if we can get that done. Be a fun way to promote. TRF I have a few ideas. Um, we’ve been talking about doing some sort of event up in Saratoga with thoroughbred retirement foundation. I want to see if we can get black type thoroughbreds involved too, and that’ll be another fun meet and greet for players.

It’s great to meet people at the track, but you know, we get. Crazy busy at the track. Like we saw Belmont weekend, a guy came up onto to talk to us and it’s like, we’re literally putting the finishing touches on the pick six. That was not a good use of literally, by the way, we are putting in the finishing touches on the pick six.

And you kind of have to have give somebody a bum’s rush, which I feel bad about, but you know what happens when you’re everybody understands when there’s wagering involved. But after the races, social context, chance to raise money for TRF a chance to, you know, just have people meet Jake and hear more about all the great stuff going on at black type thoroughbreds.

What do you think? Is this a good idea? Amen. Good. Good. I am in, yeah, let’s do it. I mean, you know, I could potentially cook. Uh, we talked, we were joking around with our man, uh, Eric  a while ago about maybe get getting him involved in something like this. I know he and Jake are buddies. He also has a great respect for what the TRF is all about.

Could potentially get, get him involved. Um, Production meeting in the middle of the show, but it’s something that we should, it’s something that we should talk about in the weeks to come. And I can guarantee we’ll do something, even if it’s just a drinking thing, but if we can involve a food element and our friends up there, and our, you know, our two of our, basically our two first sponsors, how cool would that be?

Absolutely. Amen. All right. Let’s talk about some racist JK we’ve got, as you mentioned, it’s a little bit of a lean part of the meat in that everybody’s focusing towards Saratoga, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be some opportunities actually, before we get into it, did you take a swing at the, uh, the pick six carry over today and any, any good stories from that?

You learn anything good. Uh, no two singles and both got beat. So, um, um, that was tough, but I got the rest of the races. Right. I just missed the singles. I hit the three spread races. You miss the, you miss the, you hit the four spread races. You hit the two singles or you miss the two cycles, anything, but I mean, were there any, any stories to go with the missing the singles or just horses?

That weren’t good enough. No, I bet that horse, uh, you know, I singled that horse moved to Katy for whatever. However you say his name, the horse that, that had outworked bricks and mortar down in South Florida went off, even money on his VUS debut was ranked going a mile, cut back to six. And I thought that would do him.

Right. And it did him wrong and he just was bad. I mean, he wasn’t ever really in the race. So, um, and then I try to get cute and single, uh, Single Rudy’s outside horse, a six horse in the, in the dirt maiden race and the other Rudy wants. So that’s never fun. That’s never fun when you single and get beat by the other whomever.

Okay. But I, I realized that I have to do better with my game selection as it were. And so I am going to, I set some new parameters for multi race bets, whether it’s a double pick three, pick four, pick five, pick six. So I have three qualifiers. And the rule that I’ve made is that half of the races in the sequence have to meet one of those three qualifiers.

And here’s what they are. So in a double, you know, one of the races has to meet one of these. If it’s a pick three, two of them, pick five, three of them, you get the, you get the draft. Yup. The first one is I have to have a single, so that’s the first thing. In least that’s one of the things that can qualify me.

The second one is. I can limit it to two horses. I can only use if I can, if I can just get away with just using two horses, I feel like that is, I have a strong enough opinion in that race. That that’s the that’s the second one. And the third one is if I can toss the morning line or the actual favorite.

So if I can toss the, the five to two morning line favorite and not use that horse at all, then that’s another qualifying thing. So in a pick five, three of those races, Have to either be a single use to horses or not use the favorite, those, those, those have to happen if they don’t that I’m not playing in that pool.

I’ll look at the pick three. I’ll look at the pick four. I’ll look at the double, but I can’t just play blindly. Because, you know, there’s horses running in a circle. It, you just end up getting into situations. You shouldn’t Mugsy the handicapping Labrador, clearly approves of your plan. I think it’s actually really smart.

And I have observed that about you not to be critical or pile on, but sometimes it seems like you just get so much juice to, I’m going to play this pick five, or I’m just, I’m gonna play this pick four, whatever it is, as opposed to. Taking it to the next level and saying, wait a second, where should I allocate my funds most efficiently?

And I think those are great. I think those are pretty darn good rules, honestly. I mean, I think that sometimes Pete, what happens is, is that you have that one opinion in a five Ray sequence. And even if you single that one opinion, You think in your brulees? I think in my brain that, Oh, wow, this is still a great opportunity for me to play this.

Pick five. I can single this race. I, I, you know, I like a couple of horses here. I can, you know, but really it’s not just about that one situation you have to make. You have to look at the whole bet as a whole. And I would find myself singling one horse and then using five and every other leg I shouldn’t be in there.

You know, I shouldn’t be in that, in that tool. Cause I, you know, I should just bet that horse to win essentially. I think I’d, I’d vary it a little bit. And I think, you know, you don’t want to be too didactic about this, but I would say a pick three where you could confidently bet against two of the three favorites.

Like you could get spreading in the other races and still be okay. You know, I don’t think you’d necessarily need to have a leg where you only needed two there, but again, some of that’s gambling personality and the way you like to hammer combinations, maybe your way works better for you. But I mean, just for the people listening out there, I think this is a great way of thinking about the world, but I don’t think you have to follow every nuance of what JK saying blindly.

I think you can all, and that situation, Pete I’ll just play the double. Okay. So what you said is it picked three. If I can fade two favorites in one leg then, but, um, I want to spread in the other two, then I just want to play the double. Then I get it. I was thinking of the extra leg of, I don’t have an opinion and that’s when, when bad things happen or the favorite wins and you’re, you shouldn’t be there.

I was thinking of a situation where it would be the first and third legs. I totally agree with you if they’re very, if they’re adjoining, you’re absolutely right. But you know, you’re going to, I just think, you know, with all things in racing, you gotta be nimble. And I thought. I thought Paul was giving you great advice, especially for Paul, the guy who sort of pioneered the idea in the NHC, any way of avoiding playing too many turf races the year he won, you know, him advising you against taking that too.

Literally. No, that worked great for Paul that year, because all the races were off the turf, like in a general year in the NHC. I just don’t think you’re going to be able to have a top five finish, like completely avoiding turf races. I love that you want to lean away from them and stick to your strength.

But I think if you get too didactic or too, whatever, I, my brain is too tired to come up with all the right words at the moment. But, but you know, you just don’t want to get too. Um, stuck in to any one idea in horse racing at, you always have to dance on your toes. And, but I love the idea at the same time of creating rules for it to give you a structure.

And then, you know, like so many other things, you need to learn the rules before, you know, when to break them. Well, that makes sense. I got that, uh, from Paul as well, you know, obviously when, when we were having the conversation, um, but I will say that. If you find yourself doing things and then asking yourself, why did I just do that?

I think that putting some simple guidelines in your horseplay can help you avoid doing that, keeps you out of pitfalls a hundred percent. It keeps you out of pitfalls. And just the one piece of advice that we’ve, I think have hammered home in this conversation. I swear we’ll get to these races eventually, but just the idea of like looking at the sequence and saying.

Am I going to have more of an edge in the double, the pick three of the pick for the pick five. I don’t think that many people even bothered to do that. Look at the card holistically and decide where they can get their money in. Good. I think more people are like, I’m going to play the pick, whatever. Now mugs is playing with her toy.

That’s a nice background noise to have glad she’s feeling better. She was a little sick for a while, but she’s, uh, she’s clearly feeling her oats here back in business. All right. All right. Let’s talk about some of these races. Let’s go onto race five on Saturday, and we are looking at a maiden claimer on the turf, and I was going to put forward sky chief as one to use in here.

Forward looking runner back in Mike maker’s hands been close to some fast paces, good draw. Uh, certainly not one. I want to be beating me out of the first leg of this NYRA bets late. Pick five. What did you have in here, Jacob? Uh, over 12 lifetime, two chances at the 40 level. Um, one was off the other one was close.

Um, I’m with you on that one. I understand where you’re coming from there. Um, blacktop legend, I thought was, was interesting, but I, you know, often Jonathan Thomas, I JT fan, so that doesn’t really get me going and that pace was slow. Last time that that one sat off of, um, I ended up landing on mystic times, uh, blinkers on for George Weaver, as it runs since, uh, the spring.

And, uh, I, you know, look, the, the horse last time was an amazing, special weight. It Tampa, uh, was bet that day, um, ran well that day, his tactical is forward. Adding the blinkers to kind of increase the focus. Um, Manny Franco shows up and I know George really likes Manny. So I think the fact that he went to get Manny means that, uh, this horses is ready to rock and roll.

Otherwise I don’t see him reaching out for Manny to, to waste the time with a horse that needs a race. So, uh, missing times will be my top pick here. I also thought that French revolution would be interesting if he takes to the turf, obviously a, a, you know, well-bred type, um, that, uh, our buddy Jacob West actually actually purchased for the lows.

So. Um, didn’t really get any info out of him on it there. I think they’re all just trying to figure him out. So we’ll see how he runs. And I think a first gelding on the French revolution, did you say that? I didn’t say that, but that is correct. And if I, I mean, I, you know, not that we want to give you the whole field, but I don’t know that I want to get beat by noble lion.

With the big, uh, late pace rating on time for him and also a Weaver. You know, if they, if they do, if sky chief and mystic times hook up, that could set it up for the French revolution and noble lion types of the world, but I’ll stick with my topic, but that’s, that’s sort of the, the, the, of the universe I’d be, I’d be thinking about in there.

Let’s move on to race six. Um, You know, this is one where we’re looking at some firsters and I would use that trick of looking into the double pool early to see if there’s anything interesting. Um, anything surprising taking money, but I mean, in my quick reckoning of the race lion dance just looked awfully tough, closing into a blue fraction in the slop.

Last time the previous two races looked strong on figures. Just one who seems overdue to break the maiden. What did you think? Definitely check out the, uh, the probables, because there’s, uh, there’s drawn to his inside the one and two horse, a horse there’s a million dollars plus worth of animal to the inside of him for Chad Brown.

So, um, one I Jack and free enterprise, both very expensive, um, horses that have obviously taken a while to get to the races, but they’re here now and it feels like. Like they want to get, get these ones going so that they can, they can come back and maybe run at the next level at Saratoga. So, um, when I Jack and free enterprise, where, where I would go, however, I would do exactly what you suggested.

And I would take a look at the, uh, the probables to see if any of those two are taking money. If lion dance has been off the board that tells you what you need to know. Yeah. I was thinking that both of those Chad’s might need farther, you know, just on pedigree, but it, and they’re facing a serious rival in lion dance, but I’d say it almost the other way of either one of them is buried.

I probably don’t need to get beat by him, uh, might be worth using defensively. So we’ll see. Jacket is the, the dam. You see the dam he’s named after. What happens when you play me in head to head, you know, I’m on, like, I play it down. Cause I prefer the joke the way we do it, but I’m on, I’m on a little winning streak now I’ve improved.

The all time record is now 11 and 96. So, you know, don’t don’t uh, don’t you, you get outta here with your free money jokes. All right. Let’s move on. Let’s move on to the perfect sting. Our old friend and former head to head participant actually Oni, uh, makes the return to the races in here. Yeah. I don’t really see where the pace is coming from for uni, but I I’m.

I mean, I just, I just think she’s too good. I mean, I just think the turn of foot that she has, it’s just going to find a way maybe I’m wrong, but it seems to me like she’s going to find a way to make it work out for herself. Uh, where did you land in here? Bella V for me, um, a little bit more tactical, um, you know, in the past has been more of a come from off, but, and the race against rushing fall a grade one, just a game was a little bit closer.

They flew home in that race. You get Manny Franco there. Johnny obviously, uh, taking his suspension from, from, uh, from Royal Ascot. I actually heard a behind the scenes thing, very funny about this, but I guess the last time I’ve heard this is look. This might not be true, but I’m pretty sure it is. We don’t, we don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story on the show.

No, last time Johnny got in trouble over there. Angel convinced. Uh, the Brits that, that, that Johnny had, you know, a lot of big mounts coming up at finger lakes on Monday and Tuesday. So they counted those days as part of his days, but they didn’t, they didn’t, they didn’t allow that. Oh my God. That’s amazing.

That’s. But I hope that’s true, but even if it’s not, like you said, it’s great. And to clarify for people who don’t know it was, I forgot. I don’t think he might’ve hit one time, too many, but it was more subtler things about where he hit, he was riding it American style and there was a shoulder tap, which they don’t do over there.

And he hit like close to the boot, which they don’t do over there. You know, they they’re very, their rules are very, uh, prescribed in terms of exactly. It wasn’t just like. Overly aggressive whipping. It had to do with some very low, much more what we consider technical things and, you know, he was apologetic and it’s just hard for him.

You know, you, you ride 99.5% of your rides in one style, and then you have to go and do it somewhere else. And, you know, I think he was taking his, uh, Taking his suspension, uh, with, with the right attitude. And, and, but I didn’t want people to think it was like, you know, related to animal cruelty, right? No, no, no.

Gary actually, Gary Stevens actually told me that he got days over there at one time before as well. So I’m sure more than once. I mean, he used to ride for stout all the time. Right, right. But, and the other one, I heard that Johnny went above his shoulder, which you can’t do over there when you, when you laugh, when you go to cough.

Yes, yes, yes. Maybe it was a combination of a combination of all those things. We’ll have to get Gary. I think we talked about this, the other show we got to get Gary on and you know, your call, if you want to just do that one as a one-on-one. Well, if you want to have me involved, I’d love to be, but that’d be, have a picture of one of the greatest horses he’s ever written on your wall and Saratoga.

I think you could be. They are. And here, you know, I have a point given shot a point, given painting a Fred stone, like late grade, Fred stone shot signed by Gary up here. You’ve slept under it in the, in the haunted bed. Yeah. Yeah. I was too worried about the haunted dead. I didn’t even notice that’s true.

But back to the racist real quick, I know we kind of got off on a tangent. We’ll put this horse in the race. I think Bellamy and, and I, I love Looney I’ll bet Looney when we get to Saratoga. Um, I just don’t know if she’s gonna get the set up she wants here, but I, I just think she’ll win anyway, but you, you, you know, you make a fair point.

She and she might, and she probably will, but if someone told me they wanted to try to beat her, I would high five them and tap them on the rear. And as they’re heading to the window.

All right, let’s see what happens there. Um, I’m happy, rare situation where I’m on the one to five shot and you’re spinning it. So we’ll see. We’ll see what goes on race eight is the mother goose. I love the time form abbreviation. Did you notice that. Uh, mom goose, goose. Ridiculous. I love it. Um, I was going to go with, SAFTA pretty simple case of potentially having, uh, potentially having a pace edge against, um, w for like underrated connections in Dermot, Magna, and Joel Rosario, and right there on the time form ratings, not far behind the others.

And, uh, I thought there might be. Uh, just a little more value there than, than meets the eye. How did you see it? I, I, well, I saw a couple of things. First thing is we we’ve talked about my, my friendly bet with Craig Berneke, uh, the grand Poobah of, as you, as you will call him, uh, Glen Hill farm, uh, about Serengeti infras, not winning another great one.

Yeah. Not cause I don’t think Tom Amos is great. And then I think she’s a cool Philly, but just more just, you know, I just think that weird setup for her and dah, dah, dah. I was, I was just, when I first opened this racial thing, please don’t tell me she’s here. And she’s not because this is one of the reasons I was worried about.

I feel more confident when we get up to Saratoga, but. I forgot. They changed it to a grade two, which makes me kind of sad. It was a very cool race. I remember when Rachel Alexander won, it made me very happy, but I guess it’s a grade two now. So I had nothing to worry about. Does Craig know that you originally thought that you said win another race again?

Not when another grade one, does he know this? Craig’s the boss, right? Craig says it’s a great ones. And that’s what it is. So I’m not arguing with him about that. Um, and I do agree with you on SAFTA and I, I want to add another thing. I know you were probably flying and so I want to tell you about it and for our listeners who maybe didn’t see it.

Did you see Dermot’s two year old that ran last weekend lady. I did not refer wreak, running fool. Freaky freaky, freaky, freaky, and, uh, uh, um, Richie Migliori and Maggie both said maybe I’m paraphrasing, but somewhere along the lines of that might be the most impressive to you. All racing. I’ve seen all year.

She was impressive. She won by six. She won a Belmont. Um, give the listeners the name one more time, so they can be your S lady and, you know, Dermot actually said to the post race interview, like I, you know, we, you know, we’ll, we might sell this film. We’ll see what happens. I, I think she’ll be, she’d be worth, uh, I would think off of that performance.

Uh, you could value her at North of the seven figures. What kind of, what kind of commission is the podcast get in the money media, getting on the sale JK. Well, let’s see what happens if it’s one of you out there listening, ever happens. I hope Jeremy gets to keep the Philly. Cause you know, obviously he’s an up and coming guy trying to get his career started.

How much fun would it be for him to start weighting some graded stakes. Up at Saratoga. I imagine we will see her running in the, uh, in the grade ones there for them. That’s very exciting idea. That’s one of the fun divisions, always up there at Saratoga and keep an eye on fierce lady. The other thing I want to say about the race, I liked Dunbar road as well.

Peter Brant has one like now I know he’s got some partnerships, but in his horses running in his name. He’s six for 13 at the meet, uh, Dunbar road being one of those horses. Um, I think Dunbar road will run well here. I think SAFTA will run well here a horse that I will not bet and other people will do not fall forward.

If you were not paying attention to our. Our, uh, Belmont rap, Belmont, uh, steaks rap shows, gel Trin was on the good rail the entire time until the, the stretch she came off, she is going to be entirely over bet with that performance where she was riding in the good spots. I’m going to try to beat her. Um, with the two horses that we mentioned, the one in the three, uh, Chad’s horse and Dermot’s dormitory.

I like it. I do think at this time of year, and obviously I’ve picked some Chad horses, so I’m not religious about it as you can see, but, uh, I think dogmatic was the word I was searching for before that I just could not conjure for the life of me, but. I wonder sometimes with some of these Chad runners, if they’re, if he, if he’s like you thinking riding title concerned about, uh, saving stuff for Saratoga at this point, but gosh, he just has so much and so much of an edge that doesn’t need to worry about if he ever had to worry about that.

Probably doesn’t have to worry about it now. I mean, what price is he to win the Saratoga writing T uh, uh, training title. Well, the ride he might with the riding title too. Sorry. I’m so tired. It’s my body clock. It’s the middle of the night. I actually think it’s a shockingly good show for how exhausted I am.

I think I’ll have to do the show knackered more often, but anyway, I apologize for the inability to find the words and saying the wrong words, you know, like Mike Maloney says about if you’re going to play the bias game, we’ve also, you know, you got you better do it on your toes. Um, and, and the same with, with the jockey musical chairs.

If you’re going to play that game, you better do it on your toes. If you’re going to play the, you know, he’s saving horses for Saratoga and Del Mar game, you better play that one on your toes as well. Cause it’s, it can just get tricky. Um, but here’s the thing, you know, if you’re talking about Chad, Chad’s got the freaky, uh, guarana in the barn looking for the next.

Three-year-old filly race, uh, Dunbar road just needs to go ahead and get one in to see if she’s going to be able to hop in the gate with Gore on, or if they got to go a different route with her. I think that’s a, I think that’s a fair assessment. All right. We close things out with a starter allowance, going six furlongs on the turf.

My eye was drawn to brass ring for Leah Giamatti and regive Mirage who I thought would be up, uh, on the lead. And I thought it was a flow upgrade coming out of those fast read fractions on the last day. How are we going to get paid in this one, Jonathan? Well, here’s the thing is like, this is one of those races where I feel like you can use one.

I can use one, the one that I really like, or I need to use like five. Um, and depending on, on the ticket construction elsewhere would probably influence my decision to do that. Um, shrink the four horse ton of speed coming off. A layoff will be fresh. Um, the six. Uh, get mother, uh, get mother the Rose. What is that?

Yeah, mother arose. I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s lost his command of the English line. I often do. Um, fast forward, uh, Jose aggressive, you know, brass ring, like you mentioned the, uh, if you look one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, that horses last eight races. The first. And second fractions were all ran on time, form us, absolutely gonna rock and roll.

And I just think it’s going to these six Roman raisins don’t always fall apart. So one of them could absolutely hold on. I don’t know which one, one of them could hold on. I ended up landing on cat’s out of the bag. Another horse that doesn’t have any spaces in the name, but I did not mess that one up a cutback tight, drawn to the outside.

Tactical tactical ish cutback type. So should get that, you know, that trip sitting right in off of them. And when they are hopefully stopping, she’ll be finishing. If I was going to single out a single her, if I was going to spread, I would use every horse that I had named to this point, the four. Six seven and the eight.

All right. That’s going to do it for the NYRA bets Lake, pick five on Saturday, and we’ll probably do it for us. We’ve we’ve gone on longer than, uh, than I thought we would in a good way. Lots of good, weird tangents. People seem to like those. Any closing thoughts? Anything else on we’re getting probably far enough away from asking that this might be our last chance to talk about that.

If we want to do another five minutes, we ended up getting so much out of Craig earlier in the week. We didn’t really do much. Yeah, no, I thought it was really fun. I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed the, the early morning, um, early morning racing, you know, it’s, it’s funny actually. And I, and I thought Paul was going to say it when I had him on last week, but he had this idea, um, that like Belmont, like the Belmont festival, they should like expand it to Tuesday and they should just run like six races a day.

And kind of spread it all out and, you know, like have the acorn on Tuesday and then have like, blah, blah, blah, blah on Wednesday and have the true North on Thursday. You know what I’m just like, do it, ask God does and just kind of run it through the entire thing. Um, and, uh, and just six races a day. And I thought that was kind of an interesting idea.

I think something like that could work in our country, but, uh, But, uh, you know, it is a lot of fun. Cause you know, when you get six races a day, you feel good. You don’t feel cheated when you’re, when you’re watching, where I’ll ask, gotten you only get six races. Oh, I find it much better. I mean, I get why they don’t do it here in terms of the economics and track as TV studio and, and, you know, you get the people’s attention for this limited amount of days and you run your I’m stuff down their throats.

But I mean, as sport, as a fan, as a horseplayer, I mean, it would be, it would be tremendous. I we’d have to, you’d have to, they’d have to do it with a little bit of faith cause it’s would be kind of. Revolutionary, and I don’t know exactly how it would go down, but I, I love that idea. I love the idea of doing, you know, a sunset, a short sunset card on, uh, on the Thursday would be phenomenal and give you a chance to, uh, to really enjoy a day at the races and maybe focus on some more quality stuff.

Derby Dermie could probably get away with a Derby week, too. Um, But they, they wouldn’t want to, they wouldn’t want to lose that big, big day with all those eyes watching, you know what I mean? That that would be the problem with Derby. Yeah, it’s it’s I mean, I can see why it’s tricky, but I just, I love the creativity of it.

And I certainly love, I mean, the racing day over there, it’s just amazing. Cause you have these other, you know, lunch is like a huge thing, like getting there and it’s just this great chance to socialize. The racing days is chaotic and it leaves you wanting more and I’m a big leave. You wanting more. You know, as a marketing tool, leaving people wanting more is smart, and then you get all the, the incredible socializing after just, you know, don’t not lend your jacket to that.

Freezing a young woman in the car park and you’ll be fine. We wouldn’t have had the fun story though. So I’m glad you took one for the team. Goodness gracious it all it all. Like I said, it all came back. It all, it all worked out performance wise. I thought I thought the blue point thing, you know, we got to talk about that for at least a minute.

I mean, that was, that was great. Uh, it was just so exciting to see a horse pull off that feat. The retirement is puzzling to me, but, um, We’ll see, maybe he is going to end up shuttling to Australia and then it would make perfect sense. But for folks who didn’t follow that story, I mean, to have a, to have a horse when two grade ones to group ones in five days, the Dettori four timer.

And I think I told my, uh, I told my story about, uh, being on the wrong side, laying the, the fifth one in a row and getting all the. The sensations of what that would have felt like and, uh, realizing it was a, a very lazy way to, uh, to make enough money that I could have easily, probably just blown in the next race.

Anyway, uh, not my finest hour. I got away with one they’re very happy about it was thrilled to see. Haley Turner. Uh, the other big story for me, Stradivarius to win three years in a row, two gold cups in a row that was just such an exciting race. And, uh, crystal ocean. We’ll give him a shout out to hoping he’ll make it all the way to the breeders’ cup.

This year sounds like Ali. Who won the Norfolk is going to come to the breeders’ cup. There should be a lot more cross pollination between Ascott and the breeders’ cup. I think as time goes on and I think we’ll see at least a couple of horses come in and make it over. And I’d really like to see the crystal ocean magical rematch might be fun too.

The racing was, was magnificent. I really enjoyed it. So I’m looking forward to, uh, getting over there at some point in the near future, not looking forward to wearing that outfit. Well, you don’t necessarily have to, it depends on where you’re going to be, you know, in the queen and you can get away with a suit and be absolutely fine going though, if I’m going, I’m going well, you, you know, you can’t even get in, you can’t even get in the Royal enclosure though.

I would say J K a, I don’t know, maybe. I know you’ve got, you’ve got, uh, you’ve got a prominent relative. We always talk about your brother. We don’t talk about your uncle. Who’s a prominent actor. Maybe you could get in acting mode. You could, you could, you got the skin tone, you could hang around with the, the coterie of, uh, of hangers on and body guards with Sheik Muhammad.

How’s your Arabic. The non-existent. I wouldn’t even know. I wouldn’t even know. I don’t even know one word. Well, that’s going to be a problem then. So, but I it’s, it’s not an easy thing to get into the Royal enclosure, but I guess you’re right. If you’re there and you’re in the kit, it could be, it could open you to certain social.

Opportunities that wouldn’t be there. That wouldn’t be there without it, but we’ll see, we’re going to be talking a lot more about ask it, um, in the run-up to next year and hopefully have a chance to, to do some cool things. I teased it on the Steve Beck show that. I want to try to maybe put together something along the lines of a tour that that will give American horse players a chance to cross this item off their bucket list and make it easy.

You don’t have to worry about the hotel or the full itinerary, tee that up for you and possibly if all goes well, um, maybe even have a handicap and contest to play in over there. So a lot of irons in the fire regarding Royal Ascot, I have a feeling 2020 will be your year. I have a feeling as well. I’m looking forward to it.

All right. That is going to do it for this edition of the NYRA bets podcast. Uh, we’ve got a thank you JK for, uh, for being here once again. We’ll thank our sponsors. NYRA bets. The show has been a production of in the money media in the money media’s business manager is drew Kotani I’m Peter Thomas foreign, a towel.

May you win all your photos.

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  • As someone who has finally gained enough confidence to try something more ambitous than the “pick 1”, I thank JK for a great criterion/filter for deciding how/whether to bet multi-race wagers. I will definitely use this going forward!!

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