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Spring time in New York, spring time in New York.

Hello and welcome to the Nairobi bets late pick five podcast. This is the show for Saturday, May 11th. I’m your host, Peter Thomas foreign, a towel back with you, not in the Brooklyn bunker. I’m out at my mom’s house and my dad’s old office place. I always enjoy doing the shows from, and I’m happy to be joined today by my comrade in arms.

He’s the people’s champion, Jonathan kitchen JK. What’s up. I’ll tell you why we do a lot of shows where people might not be from the New York area out. Imagine that this show gets a lot of New York listens. They probably just put two and two together about who your father was. That is true. There are people who are surprised by that when people know my father, whose name was the same as mine, Pete four and a towel.

I instantly know three things about them, JK they’re from, or spend a lot of time in the general tri-state area. They have good taste in music, which to me means liking rock and roll and they’re of a certain age. So there you go. You may recognize yourself in those comments, but, uh, it’s always fun to do the shows from here.

Remember him spending so much time in here? Never really. Broadcast from here, but certainly would do all the prep work for the shows. So we’ve got, we’re coming off this crazy weekend for coverage of everything that happened last week at the Kentucky Derby, we’ve got several other shows up in the money, players, podcasts.

You can check those out. We’re here today to talk about what’s going on at Belmont this upcoming weekend. It’s kind of amazing. I haven’t made my way out to Belmont yet. I’ve got this trip coming up. To Chicago for the weekend, I will be betting on the NYRA races from the NYRA bets app and from Arlington where I’ll be hanging on Friday.

If you’re a listener in the area and you want to say hello, doing a little horseplayer meetup on Friday at AP. So please reach out to me via in the money podcast.com or you can hit me up on Twitter at looms boldly. How about you JK, when do you project to be making your NYRA debut this year? Well, I, I get there a little bit sooner.

If you didn’t have a haunted basement, I don’t want to, I don’t want to foot the bill for a hotel. So I don’t think I’ll be there until, uh, probably Belmont weekend. Probably maybe a couple of days before that maybe Wednesday or Thursday of Belmont weekends. So Belmont weekend is a big enough deal for you to spend the money on the hotel.

Is that what you’re saying? Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah, I can. I can’t miss the traditional. Uh, Peter Luger’s dinner on Friday night. So I got to make sure I get there for that. Speaking of great New York steak houses, I had a good one. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to this place, but you should put it on the list.

Tradition, big NYRA racing fan Matt Blankman for his birthday. He’s a May 7th birthday, and every year on that day. Or close to it. We go to Keens steakhouse in Midtown boy, what a historic place. It’s like half museum, half steak house, but the food is great. The atmosphere is great and we do it right. JK.

We show up, we get a cocktail in the sort of saloon portion beforehand. And we usually end up in there for a night cap as well. Have you been to Keens? I have never been to Keens, but I liked the kind of New York has a couple of places like that. We’ve talked about on the other show before the kind of half museum, half, whatever else it’s supposed to be.

Um, I’m going to go blank, but you’re going to, you’re going to help me out here with the bar that I like it has the McSorley’s McSorley’s. Thank you. I knew you’d save the day on that one. So I need to definitely check out the Keens would actually be a great place for an event for a NYRA bet sponsored racing event.

At some point, they’ve got a lot of extra space in the upstairs anyway. We’re not on the Keens payroll. They’re not one of our partners, just a little bit of a free plug, as we’re talking about cool things in New York and things that folks might want to do when they come into town like JK four Belmont weekend, will you be looking to play in the Belmont stakes challenge?

A lot of the attention of the contest playing world, going to be looking forward to that big live right bank roll event, JK. And now just a few weeks time. Does a bear use the restroom in a woods. I guess that means you’ll be there with bells on looking to last year. You almost won the contest this year.

You’ll be trying to go one better or not one better, about a hundred better. I’m guessing. Yeah. You know, what’s funny is I’m not sure I wouldn’t have won if I just didn’t bet anymore more. I think that the total didn’t really move much, but right. It was an unpredictable end. You had a tricky horse in the second last race, and then you had, uh, the shorty obviously justify winning the Belmont had results, been a little more logical in the turf race.

I don’t think you would have, but yeah, you could have sat in one. You could have bet justified a show in one, there were a lot of things going to happen. You mean that the turf race that got a horse by the name of spring quality that I’m pretty sure has not want to race sense. Didn’t hasn’t won since, but they got it done on that day and they sent you and I, uh, back to the ATM machine as I recall, but that’s going to happen sometimes it’s racing, hopefully better fortunes for you in the contest.

And for me, para mutually as we approach Belmont stakes weekend this year, but still a lot of time between now and then some great. Weekends of racing, including this one. And previously on these shows, we’ve looked into the Saturday, NYRA bets late, pick five. We’re going to do things a little bit different this year, and we’re going to look at the NYRA cross-country pick five and to make an extra cool.

Two of our other partner tracks are involved this weekend with Monmouth and Woodbine, but putting our partners aside. I know you’re a big fan of this concept. JK, tell me why you like these cross-country bets so much. Well, I like him just because I think most pick five sequences have like this annoying race in them, you know, whatever it is.

It just that we don’t really have an opinion about not so much. The race is annoying. Um, what I love about this one and I, what I love about ones, I think we’ll see as the year progresses with, with what NYRA Betts is doing. And, and Niagara is doing what these cross-country pick fives is, is this one is going to be, they’re going to jump to Woodbine and grab us a stakes race.

They’re going to hop down to Monmouth and grab us a stakes race. And then they’re going to provide two stakes races on there in their own. Right. And the maiden race they’re giving us is a ton of fun, a lot of pedigree in that race. So that’ll be fun to do. I love them. They kind of happen in a condensed.

Little period. And, uh, this is, this is a plug for me and a plug for an IRA. It’s also fun that a lot of times when they do these cross country pick fives, they pop them right there on that Fox sports broadcast. So you can watch all five of those races in their entirety on Fox sports. I’m not sure if they’re going to be able to run the Woodbine race.

I didn’t not on the show this weekend, but. Typically, that’s what they’re doing. And I’m a fan of that. So cool. To be able to watch those races in that time period in HD, it sort of ramps up the like game show slash tournament, feel of it between the compressed timetable and that ability to follow along in HD.

I’m excited about it. And those are the races we’re going to talk about today. And it kicks off with Woodbine race eight. It’s the Ballade stakes four 59 Eastern I believe is the scheduled start time. JK. Who do you like in this one? PTF. I want, I need to in here, I’m going to go with the eight horse Scotty’s as a model for norm McKnight, obviously norm did his thing, not at Oaklawn park.

If you tuned in to any of the NYRA, uh, Fox sports Saturday at the races shows you probably saw norm McKnight, horse winning at Oaklawn park, he’s back to a Woodvine where he is he’s stable. Most of the year, this horse didn’t, you know, I don’t think there was an ownership change. I don’t think there’s anything crazy.

I think the horse. One of the, they wanted to run the horse and the honey Fox down at Gulf stream. They transferred barns for the run. Now he’s back here. She’s back here. Excuse me. With norm McKnight. She’s won eight times on this surface. Her figures are fast. She’s tactical. She’s drawn outside. Those outside trips typically do well on the Topita surface of at Woodbine.

I think she’s the most likely winner. However, I’m going to use another horse. Uh, the horse’s name is blur cane. I really like her name. And I’ll tell you that in a second, but I think she makes a little bit of sense here. Um, but I wouldn’t want to use her equally to Scotty’s model. Look, if you listen to our other shows, we talk a lot about bedding efficiently.

I’m not going to weigh down this show with an efficient betting conversation, but here’s what I’ll tell you. If you’re the typical horse player who goes to the window makes one. Pick five bet and you walk away with your one ticket and it cost you, you know, whatever, $144, I’m going to challenge you in this race.

Two, if you’re going to use both of these horses use Scotty’s model more, so have two different tickets. So I’ll go up there and call it eight with all of your numbers and do that for a dollar and then come back again and do it for less money with, with, with blur cane and the name blur a cane I grew up in Texas reminds me of this old Texas rap song.

And I don’t remember the name of it. It might be hurricane. I can’t remember. But at some point in the song, uh, this girl comes on and she started singing and she’s, she’s like a hurricane, but you can call him a blur, a cane, or maybe it’s slur. I don’t know what it is, but it reminded me of this. We should, we should get Pete to throw it in here so that you guys can, can have a listen to it.

But I don’t know if he’s in position to do so. Let’s catch it right now. Her resume watch when I get loose,

not too bad. JK. That’s not a bad jam. And the funny part about it is, is that we open up the show. We, we, we applaud your father and his career in rock and roll. And, and we, we try to appeal to the people that probably know of him. And then we throw a little old school rap in their ear for about 15 seconds.

Hopefully we didn’t, hopefully we didn’t lose him. I hope not either, but we’ll, uh, we’ll get things back on track. I’ve been very happy with the opening song for this show. That’s rock and roll enough also really. Not my father’s rock and roll with East freely, but, you know, we will keep things rocking and rolling.

And I got a special one, a song I’ve been listening to a lot lately at the end of the show, a little one by Jonathan Richmond. We’ll hear 15 seconds of that. You know who Jonathan Richmond is? JK. You know, I don’t know music by people with real names. The click is okay in your book, Jonathan Richmond.

You’re you’re without a clue. All right, let’s get this thing back on the rails, please. All I’m going to do more or less is agree with you about Scotty’s model red, hot, normal. Night. I agree about the trip and the preferred surface to back I thought was in a tough spot, chasing speed in a race that held together looks very dangerous here.

I won’t take too much more time on that, but you mentioned JK that you’ve got something for us in this eighth race at Belmont, which will be the second race in this cross-country pick five sequence. So I was just going to be sort of master of the obvious and go with Veronica, who I know has one of your favorite angles in looking at figures that are already.

Faster than the field and then projecting improvement for the time away from the races, the form, the figures, it all leads to veranda for me. But what did you think here? I, I agree with you with the Barranca ran some really fast figures, uh, in the breeders cup actually showed up in the breeders cup last year, the juvenile, uh, turf juvenile fillies turf.

So she obviously makes a ton of sense. One that I would use pretty heavily. I’m going to try to get cute here and try to beat Chad with structural deficit. Um, you know, we talk about it in Saratoga all the time at zigging and zagging. When do you single Chad, when do you single Todd? I think there’s enough in here that I’m going to take a chance to try to beat him in this spot.

And I’m going to try to beat, uh, beat him with marinca. Like we mentioned, I’m also going to try to get him with inspector Havers. It’s a horse that shouldn’t be gay. He debuted on the, on the dirt sprinting. And then comes back and stretches out on the turf. If you look in the pedigree, you’ll notice this one’s a half, two inspector Lindley.

Who’s won some big races, a greater thanks races on the grass. So this horse that makes a ton of sense, I think is maybe 20% in the last few years with this move, uh, where he starts some short on the dirt comes right back and runs them on the turf. I think maybe three for 15, something like that. So it’s a move that, that makes sense.

If you’re a horse player in New York, you know how Shuggie is, is a conservative guy. This move makes a ton of sense. And then the next Philly that I’m going to call his affiliate, I’ll probably let Pete talk about it a little bit. Cause I know he signed a contract at some point of his career that, uh, any Philly that’s bred by this group, he’s got a bet them.

I, and I, and I’ll let, I’ll let Pete have the rest of that one. I’m sure you’re referring to tip at tap at JK. One of these Phillips bred horses. This one is one who they kept and are running as well. Lots of pedigree here with the kin to time and motion, who was a favorite of mine. And very interesting.

When you do a little bit of form handicapping and you go back to that debut on August 19th and see that newspaper of record one. And yet this one was seven to one. Bet into the teeth of newspaper of record. Clearly had talent, clearly has needed some time. I was leaning towards watching one against the strength of

I also agree with you actually about inspector Habers as well, but tip at tap it. No surprise. If there’s a lot more under the hood here and very curious to see what comes of her. Yeah. The only other one I’ll tell you to take a look at is romantic pursuit. Who is out of questing, obviously a brilliant Philly in her own.

Right. But on the dirt. So let let’s see. Uh, they, they obviously started this one on the dirt. Tried to get the dirt to go. That didn’t seem to work a second time turf. Um, I trust Kiran. So let’s see what happens with that one. If you’re trying to beat Chad, like I am, you got to use horses like this, that, that, that could get up and bite you.

He is a very, very interesting race. This eighth race at Belmont on Saturday. Let’s jump on the sea streak, JK and head down to Monmouth. Loved that boat ride by the way, and talk about their 10th race, which will be the third in this pick five sequence. Where are you going here? I’m going to take the horse with New York forum.

Uh, th th that, like I said, he hopped on the, on the ferry down there. I wish he could ferry out worse. That’d be fun. Um, I don’t think they would like it very much forever. Liesl drawn to the outside the horses, just from a class standpoint, kind of lays over this field. There’s some nice horses in here.

Don’t get me wrong. Breaking bread makes some sense. Malibu surprise makes some sense. I feel like the pace is going to be honest enough that forever Lisa will be able to get the job done for Michelle. And Melvin has been running against the vine, Ms. Gray has been running and, and, and, and, and a bunch of New York stakes races.

And, uh, it’s, it’s fair to say that the New York form is, is strong, strong form. And I think she’s just going to be loud. I think she’s going to get all of the, uh, all of the, uh, pace that she needs, and that will be a single for me in the sequence. All right. I was going to maybe give a look to low weekend, especially if speed is holding on the day.

I thought that Michael Gorham trainee might be loose in here, but you’re like Mr. Early speed. So if you’re not liking that, it makes me question myself for a second. What are your thoughts on that one? You know, look, I played in a race the other day called the Kentucky Oaks. Uh, where it was supposed to be really fast and there’s going to be a lot of speed in here.

And there was a horse that was a loose, uh, on the lead and that went on and win the race. Uh, there’s another race that was run on, on Saturday, on Kentucky Derby, under the Churchill downs sprint, where I thought it was gonna fall apart. And the top three horses went ahead and, and, and stayed on for first, second.

And third, it feels to me like there could be a situation where someone gets loose. And I’m starting to realize as a horse player that the jockeys read the form too. And I have a feeling it will cook up. If you look deep in some of these horses, PPS, you’ll see wire to wire efforts. Um, uh, good one, honey, uh, four or five back wire to wire.

Uh, the weekend there’s a wire to wire in their malice suit. Malibu surprised, a pretty close to a wire and wire breaking bread. It’s Jorge Navarro, who cares what the form says, she’s going to go forward. So it, I just feel like I’m going to get the pace that I need. And with that JK, we’re going to move on back to Belmont, to close this thing out, starting off with the ninth race.

And we’ve got Skyler scram jet in here. Folks know I’m a big fan, gave us that nice podcast, exact in the Carter, no world to trouble in here. And I thought a good chance to wire him. What did you think. Once upon a time when I, when I would bet sports from time to time, I used to look for like the, the, the team that got beaten.

They, you know, they’d come back with a vengeance with focus and, and so, uh, I kind of have that feeling about Jason service right now, and friends, they fire. Uh, the horse didn’t run. Great. Last time Jason service obviously had a pretty rough weekend. I think friends, I fire who’s two for two of the Belmont service is super live in this spot.

And I think you you’ll probably get a fair enough number. The other horse that I definitely need, and probably my top pick in the race is recruiting. Ready. Um, recruiting ready comes out of the Commonwealth of Keeman where Bobby’s wicked one won that race. Bobby’s wicked. One came back and ran a one 30 time form U S figure for his race against them.

Totally on Churchill, Churchill down the Churchill down sprint. I think recruiting ready as the class of this group. And I think that in the situation where it possibly could fall apart, I don’t think it’s going to fall apart. They’re going to six for a longs. And typically those races can, can stick around and stay together.

Uh, those were the only two that I wanted to recruiting ready and forensic files. You think it’s going to be too hot for Skylar scramjet and, or last time was the time it’s funny. We usually say last time was the time for horses that win. But in this case, maybe from your point of view, anyway, last time was the time for one that ran second.

Well, the thing about scholar scramjet is, is, you know, that wasn’t the most competitive field, right? So the 13 to one, when you look in the program could be a little deceiving. You’re like, Oh, that horse ran good. He ran and ran second. He was 13 and one, but really, you know, world of trouble was all gone in that, in that race.

So, um, it’s not that I don’t think that Skyler scram jet can’t hang on. It’s just that I think that recruiting ready is that much better. If you look at recruiting writers, Ready’s last races. Bobby’s wicked one nice horse world of trouble. Nice horse. Um, you know, Imperial hint X, Y jet. I mean this horse has been banging heads with some real, real talented sprinters.

I just think that he’s sitting on a good race. It might well be we’ll we’ll find out on Saturday in that run. Happy steaks. I don’t think I named it, but when I mentioned it the first time, that’s the run happy. And then we move on to the feature, the grade one man of war, and we got an old friend here, J K magic wand making a trip across.

She’s got a rabbit hunting horn in tow. And I think you look at her form and. It’s going to be a big ask. I believe for the other signed on here. I just think she’s super talented. I’ve always thought she’d be better on a, on a tight from ish turf. I think those are the conditions we should get. She obviously acts when it’s softer as well.

What are your thoughts in this one? Well, yeah, I’m going to try my hardest to do a call back to our other show here. Let’s see if I can get it right. Well, Pete, I was going to ask you. What Rob dove. One of the top 10 pro punters in the UK today had to say, well, Rob and I for a long time have speculated about her wanting these conditions.

I have not had a chance to talk to Rob about this specifically. He typically defers to me on the ones happening on our shores that will often have his own opinions as well. Uh, I usually defer to him on what’s going on over there. Constantly defer to him on what’s going on over there. But I mean, I think.

I would imagine he would see it like me and might ask me about channel maker. Just looking at the basics of the form would appear the obvious alternative or what did you come up with? Yeah, magic wand for me seems like a fun single, uh, you know, she’s obviously the most classy type. Um, I had, uh, one of the biggest wagers of my entire life and the breeders’ cup betting challenge where magic wand, uh, made it a little bit interesting for affiliate that I had placed the wager on.

And so, um, I think that that her form is entirely too strong for this race. Um, I’m not gonna fall for the fast figure that epical got last time. I don’t bet, California turf horses showing up on the East coast. It’s very similar to a, but not as strict of a rule as bedding, uh, the East coast, dirt sprinters running on the West coast when Bob Baffert has one in there.

But, uh, you know, I guess channel maker, like you mentioned, has that freaky, freaky performance over this turf course, but I think magic wands and to be too tough, warm, I’ll single there as well. All right. We got a few other stakes races at Belmont JK, including sling. You don’t see too often a grade three as the opener.

On Saturday, that one is the vagrancy. I did not prep you for it. So I don’t feel like we should yap about that. But I do think we need to talk about the Peter pan and the bow gay at least quickly. Let’s start off with race for the Peter pan global campaign, making the return to the races in here, but I was pretty intrigued by Intrepid heart.

Uh, might be the one for me. What did you think? I absolutely love. Intrepid heart in the Belmont stakes. So I don’t I’m torn here. Right? Um, I think I’m going to watch this race. I’m going to hope and trumpet, heart runs second shows up in the Belmont and I can bet him there. Now. I’m kidding. I’m going to root a root for Intrepid heart, a friend of ours, and a friend of the show.

Jacob West purchased trumpet heart. I think that this horse is going to love the mile and a half. He’s a half. Two commissioner who, uh, ran so well in the race, but I, you know, look at the mile and an eighth, I think is perfect. They’ll be fine with that distance. Um, but I want them next time, global campaign, a half the bolt D’oro obviously makes a lot of sense.

He was banging on the door of the, of the Derby, uh, the Derby chase earlier in this year. I think those two are the ones that I liked the most. Unfortunately it doesn’t in this moment. It doesn’t appear that federal case is going to pan out to what I think they hoped. Federal case was going to pan out too when they purchased that horse off of Rudolph per se.

But we’ll see, he’s got some back numbers that could fit. If you had to, if you had to make me bet something right here, I would bet Intrepid heart, but, uh, I’m looking for the next race. Uh, so I’m gonna, I might, uh, get a little, uh, I might pass on this one more of a watch and wait approach for you there. I do want to put in a quick word about the Bo gay grade three goes as race.

Number seven, a form handicapping sent me right to Homer reek. With that, we talked about magic wand before home Rica has formed that one in wild illusion that would make her very, very tough to down. Just looks like the one for me. I don’t have a lot creative today. JK. I got to tell you what about you?

Yeah, Peter Brant and Chad Brown obviously have, have done some moves like this before our breeders cup filly and mare turf, winter sister, Charlie, I believe was purchased from over in France and brought over here and obviously made a, made her presence known. I agree. This horse has on time form us. The horse has figures over there that fit with this group.

You got to think there’s going to be a move up. Over here with now in Chad’s barn, looking for whatever it is they were looking for, whether it’s either Lasix or fast ground. Usually these Europeans, when they come over here and they switch permanently to, to chat or to, to whoever, uh, Christophe or whoever it is it’s usually from because they want fast ground or they need LASIK.

And, uh, and so whichever one it is, I think homework will be extremely tough on this one. I’d throw tight turns into that mix too. Yeah. Sister, Charlie was second in the French Oaks before coming over here and obviously making a big impact last season. So, all right. I think we gave the people a decent amount of stuff there to chew on JK, and that’s going to do it for this edition of the NYRA bets late pick five podcast.

Thank you. I want to thank. Everybody out there for listening. This new show has hit the ground running in terms of the numbers. And we appreciate the support. This show has also been a production of in the money media in the money media’s business manager is drew Courtney I’m Peter Thomas foreign, a towel.

May you win all your photos in celebration of the man of war festival at Belmont park, NYRA Betz is offering an exclusive 15% winners bonus on the NYRA bets late. Pick five this Saturday already considered racing’s best play. It just got even better with a 15% winners bonus exclusively available online with NYRA bets bet must be placed on the NYRA bets app to qualify.

Sign up for NYRA bets today with the promo code money. And earn a $200 new member bonus that’s NYRA bets.com N Y R a bets.com $200 bonus. Use that promo code money.

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