Show 42: Weekend Wrap and Preakness Look Ahead

PTF and JK are back with a recap of impressive performances in the Beaugay and Runhappy among others (30:15). There’s also a discussion of the team tactics in the Man o’ War (18:45). Lastly, they look ahead to next weekend’s Preakness with a lengthy discussion about those horses coming out of the Derby and the trips they had (52:10).


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  • Hypothesis (aka my opinion): There are no horses left that actually “want” more than 9 furlongs. The reason why the Met Mile, for instance, is the most exciting race (same may be said of the BC Mile – if not now, then soon) is that so few horses excel at distances longer than a mile. Each successive year’s Derby field makes this more and more apparent. The 1973 Derby field (13 horses, BTW) won more GS against open company than the entire fields of all Derbies since 2000. Horses bred for the TC are short and fragile. While track records fall at short distances almost monthly, records for races > 9 furlongs have remained for literally decades. Breeding? Lasix/drugs (in that they hide infirmities/shortcomings that are subsequently bred into progeny)? Any thoughts?

    • Doesn’t sound wrong but perhaps overstated to say “no horses left.” Certainly many fewer. The emphasis on speed and precocity and speed, which makes perfect economic sense, comes at a price.

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