Show #41: KDBC Winner Rick Broth and Monmouth’s Jason Beem

First up PTF and JK talk about the demise of DRF Tournaments (4:00) and PTF declares the folks who think War of Will caused the trouble in the Derby as “flat-earth-society” crazy (9:00). Then Rick Broth is here to discuss his unlikely win in the Kentucky Derby Betting Challenge (13:00). Lastly, Jason Beem stops by to talk about his cross country trip, opening weekend at Monmouth Park, and this weekend’s Serena’s Song stakes (35:0). Listeners looking for more handicapping should check out the latest NYRA Bets show to be posted shortly.


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hello and welcome to the, in the money players podcast. This is show number 41. It is Wednesday, May 8th. I am your host, Peter Thomas foreign, a towel I’m out of the bunker. I took the mobile. Recording unit out to port Washington to my mom’s house. I’m in my dad’s old office. I’ve said before on the show, I always enjoy in particular recording from here.

And tonight is no exception. I am joined by a man. He is out of Lex Vegas. He is back on the planet, Texas. He’s the people’s champion. Jonathan Kenshin JK what’s up PTO. What’s the word? I’m uh, I am. I’m here. I’m in my echoey kitchen. So, I mean, forgive me for that, but I’m ready to rock and roll big movie coming out tomorrow.

I’m ready for that. What have we got detective Peterson? Oh, you know, we need to talk about. Pokemon because parent has started collecting the cards and she’s aware of this online game aspect of it, but we haven’t gone there yet. I want to talk to you about how much I should be encouraging or discouraging this.

We can probably have that conversation. Off-air though. Do you think most of the listeners would prefer that? I’ll tell you like this. I know, I know you parent, Pete. I know your concerns. I know I’ve seen the pear bear in action. It’s just another screen thing. So if you feel like you got enough screen action working, you might want to steer clear.

But it, uh, it is a fun screened thing that gets you out, running around, walking around in parks and looking for things. If they think we’ll talk about it. But, uh, it’s, it’s just another screen. So I don’t know how you eat. You have to decide if you want another screen in your life, getting outdoors, separates it from other screens.

Let me ask you this though. JK, can you play the game at racetracks? Is this a way I can get her excited about going out, wandering around in the backyard at Belmont park? Our, our buddy Ken McMahon showed Austin his pokey decks, which is where like all his Pokemon live and in the Eddie Logan suite, and Austin has fondly, uh, fond memories of the Eddie Logan suite.

Not just because of Arcadia bringing him the great, uh, Ice cream sundae with the little horse cookie on it, but also because of, of kids, a Pokemon. Yeah. They, you can play it at most places. Most places. There’s a lot of people at the, uh, accessible step aside, thoroughbred retirement foundation and black type thoroughbreds.

This is the end. The money players podcast brought to you by Pokemon. Apparently lots of stuff to talk about. K let’s start off with the headline for the day. DRF tournaments. No more. Uh, I was accused of having some shot in Freud about this. Maybe that’s fair. Um, your thoughts? Well, look, um, you know, it’s, I’m sure people probably are really curious how we feel because we’ve, we’ve, uh, we’ve supported and pedaled the, the, the format and the, in the, in the site.

And so. Uh, here’s what I’ll tell you. And I feel, I feel pretty comfortable and thank God we can edit. If I say something I didn’t mean to, they were always at a disadvantage because they were trying to do what other more success more sites were doing with more success. And they kind of came to the party late.

Um, and I think they also found themselves kind of hamstrung by, uh, by the fact that they were a company that had switched hands a few times. And I feel like they. They, there was some questions for them at times about legality. And I feel like they kind of always brushed it aside cause they didn’t want to dive too deep in it.

And I would imagine that this is probably just a move that’s propping them up for a, another trade. And that’s my honest opinion. I, I think they probably just, they, um, they’ve, they’re, they’re probably not making as much as they want to make on it because the truth of the matter is it’s like I can go to other sites and I can deposit $200.

And I can play and I can take out my $400 tomorrow. I can’t do that on, on DRF tournaments. I think that that was one of their biggest obstacles that they had to overcome and they never could really overcome it for whatever reasons. And, um, and I think that probably had a lot to do with their inability to compete with the, uh, the companies that were already in place.

A few quick thoughts just to piggyback off what you’re saying. First of all, in business school, you’re not going to see it as an advisable strategy to show up in a space late with an inferior product. That’s that’s probably going to get you up. A poor grade on a paper. You know, we tried to make it as fun as we could for as long as we could.

I assume this has been something that’s been in the works for a long time. You think about the amount of money of players they must’ve been holding onto. Wouldn’t surprise me. Even around the same time my negotiations with them were breaking down. There were already thinking ahead to maybe not wanting to do this in the future.

And maybe the gap in time was had to do with the fact that I’m sure there was a significant amount of money that had to be paid out to customers. And by the way, kudos, I don’t know the inside workings, but I have a feeling our buddy Mike Zeppelin over there. Uh, may have been helpful in making sure people got paid.

I’ve just going to guess that without any inside information and props to them for at least doing the right thing, as far as that goes, and I think you are onto something about the legality, they were always kind of one foot on the boat, one foot on the dock, the idea that they were doing the contests, but only doing them as credit always seemed a little weird to me because we know that the feds for years were.

Aware of the existence of Derby Wars and horse tourneys and left them alone and let them operate suggesting that they were legal enough. But to try to be in that space competing only with credits was always very tricky. They were trying to ride that brand, that brand, even now, perhaps not what it was, uh, a couple of years ago, all these things I think contributed.

And then you’re probably right. I mean, it seems just like. They are, you know, selling everything. That’s not nailed down presumably to go through the sales ring again. So we’ll have to see what happens. Um, and the tournament space. There’s still plenty of good options out there. And that’s about all I have to say on that.

Unless you have a final thought on the DRF tournaments being out of is no, I mean, uh, you know, look, I, I think there’s a lot of ideas that we brought to Michael’s apron. Um, and, and I’ll tell you, one of them was no takeout Tuesdays, which is something that we got the breeders cup to do on HorsePlayers. Uh, and they’re still currently doing, and we brought that to Michael and Michael liked the idea, but when he took it to his, it got shut down.

Right. So there’s a lot of creative things we try to do to put them back. Like on like on an even playing field with the other ones. And like I said, I just, I’m not knocking anyone. It just wasn’t an important part of their business. And, and obviously there’ll be fine without the DRF tournaments, the DRF not going to go anywhere because they lost tournaments.

Um, it was a secondary thing for them and, and, you know, whatever, good luck to them. And we’ll always, always root for them and our friends over there. Um, I’ll agree with you. As far as this goes, JK, putting aside the corporate aspects of what DRF is in 2019, we do root for our friends over there and hope that things go well for their sake.

And I’ll just leave it at that. I have to go back to the topic of the minute JK, and that is the Kentucky Derby DQ. You sick of talking about this yet. Uh, yeah. You know, sometimes I go robot voice and I’m like the call drops. I’m thinking about faking one of those right now as possible. Do that to me, it’s important that we talk about this because there’s an element of this story we haven’t discussed yet.

And the real reason I need to talk about it is my podcast comments on Gary West did not age well, if you remember, I said, Oh, give the guy a break. These were quotes. He gave after a couple of long, really hard days. Let’s see what he says after a night of sleep. Um, not only did he double down JK, he came up with what I think is a theory.

I likened it on Twitter, stealing a quote from Rob dove, one of the top 10 pro punters in the UK today, akin it to the flat earth society. The idea that war of will cause the trouble. How delusional is this? So like sometimes I drive pretty aggressively. And I follow cars too closely or whatever. That’s not really illegal.

Maybe it’s not the smartest thing to do. But if driving behind someone and he looks in the mirror and he gets mad at me and he slams on his brake and I rear end him, and then he’s like, Oh, you you’re riding too close. I’m like, well, buddy, you slammed on your brakes. It’s like, I feel the same way about this.

Okay. Maybe war of will was in a tight spot. It’s the Derby. You’re going to be in tight spots. That’s fine. But when you take a right-handed turn, And, and you, and you cross two paths. Some people say two, some people say three, some people say four, some even say five, at least to you, that’s completely different.

And, and, and, and, and yes, maybe war of will was entitled behind the horse, but that happens all the time. Like I just, I find that to be a bizarre argument. Um, um, and like I said, on the other show, like, look, I’ve never had a Derby horse DQ, right. I’ve I’ve never had. Um, I’ve never been dqued for a significant score.

I’ve been DQ for scores, but not significant ones. So I don’t know how I would react. I think that I would, I would kind of man up towards the end of it all and try to look at it a little bit more objectively, but I don’t know. I might not, I might still be in the same thing he’s doing and complaining and pointing the finger, but, um, I don’t find the war of wills started the problem argument to be a legit one.

Fair enough. And that’s probably all we need to say about that for right now. We’ve got a terrific show coming up. I’ve got to sit down with Rick broth, the winner of the KTBC. He didn’t tell this story on air, but JK, you know, who he gives credit for the victory. Christina Helmers no, no, no. In fact, JK, it was you, he says after a rough couple of days on day two, he fist bumped you and then the magic came to him.

He credited you with the Midas touch. I pointed out that usually you have the opposite effect on mostly people. Well, I do what I can do and I’m very glad I could be of assistance. Unfortunately, I think when I touched his hand, all the, all the good stuff I hadn’t worked in when all the way to him and I lost it, transitive property of something or other horse blank.

All right. So here, after a brief word from one of our partners will be Rick broth. Here at the, in the money players podcast, we are proud to partner with the thoroughbred retirement foundation. Their mission is simple, saving thoroughbred, race horses, no longer able to race, and they do more than that too.

They’re also helping save people’s lives through the TRF second chances program. You can read all about it at their website, TRF And if you want to make a donation, which we encourage all of our listeners to do, please do so through TRF Inc org slash players. Our custom link. We want to show how HorsePlayers believe in this.

Cause that link again, T R F Inc. Org slash players. And now I’d like to welcome to the, in the money players podcast, the Kentucky Derby betting challenge champion, and an old pal. Rick broth, Rick, how are you today? Steve? You’re getting a car from you is the opposite of the grim rebate. Good has happened.

And plenty of good things have happened to you. In your contest career. I want to start off. I was actually down my list of questions going to ask you if you felt overshadowed in any way by the controversy surrounding this year’s Kentucky Derby, but it sounds like it’s been a publicity booed. You tell me you’ve got people calling you left and right here.

Right? You know, I was expecting my five seconds of fame, literally two days. So I’m kind of looking forward to my old life right now are people or in the mainstream media, if you don’t have some people just having total misconceptions with this about parimutuel, wagering and thinking somehow. A long shot.

Winning is worse for the track or some ideas like that. Are they looking to you as the one who outsmarted them all? Is this it’s pretty funny. Like I said, we went down, we went and filmed this thing for inside the dishes and I spent, you know, my wife’s like, I don’t want to say anything. You do it. So I spent 30 minutes talking, horse racing, talk with these people, promoting the game and pontificating on horse racing.

And when you see the video, it’s, you know, my wife talking and she did it and you know, they didn’t get any other paths. Right. Kind of farming. That’s mainstream media with a lot of things, especially regarding horse racing. It’s such a odd passion that we have, and we are out of the mainstream, these weird times where we get dragged into it.

Did they ask you about your take on the DQ? I mean, what do they expect you to say being the beneficiary of it, but maybe we’ll start there. I mean, put your own financial interest in this aside. Do you feel that justice was done the other day? You know, I mean, look, I everybody’s made fun of me because I’ve been known.

I’ve been, you know, I’ve been on the wrong I’ve every take down in the history from power’s court to Bayern. Not getting put up with the late I could go on, I can make a list and I’ve never been put up in my life. I’ll never get put up in my life to get put up. Like I did ultimate ultimate. Oh, that’s amazing.

How many, you know, the bottom line is if Warren will flip seals where, where he might have been cut or literally have been the end of forced termination. So, you know, I don’t like any take downs, but. You know, you can’t have rough shot like that. And the Derby someone’s gonna, like I said, just think about how bad that could’ve been.

So I don’t know. I hate take-downs. I think they made the right call. I’m leaving us a comment to me that I never, and I always say never to course down unless it’s brutal. Yeah. This was pretty brief. I agree with you on that head on, and it’s funny so much time is being spent dissecting that pan. It’s one of those weird things where like, Yeah on the pan.

I think it’s a foul, but I think if all I saw was the pan, I wasn’t sure if I think there was enough in it, you watch that head-on and to me, honestly, it becomes kind of a no brainer. It sounds like you’re in that camp as well. Even putting the 147,000 that you want aside. Correct. That’s the way I see it.

I mean, again, I hate K-Town. You know, I, I, like I said, I’ve, I’m always on the wrong end of them. But if I, in other words, if I was a steward, like, like I said, the power’s court one still bugs me. I mean, I was alive in the pick six Arlington million cats, a storm, a waves, and stick the horse blows by and he waves the stick and it was like, you know, it wasn’t the money.

It was like, absolutely. She should not, should not come down. You know? And then Mike Smith, Mike Smith, one of my favorite jackets, but when he didn’t let. You late come up the rail at Saratoga that cost me a fixed section, pick five. And it was same thing. It was like, you kidding? So, but this one could have gone either way, but I mean, I, you know, in the Kentucky and I’ll give you another one.

How about my other, my last big score in the Derby was Monarchos and if you remember the horse that came second was invisible ink, and I actually had a bigger bet that way. And he, he, he was interfered with so, but you can’t have, you know, I think they did the right thing. All right. I want to talk to you about your contest play.

The last time we spoke at length for an article or a piece on a podcast was when you won the grade one gamble a couple of years ago. And I remember you were like proudly. And defiantly old school in your handicapping, and very pleased with the idea that you armed with your paper and a pen we’re able to not only hang with, but best some of these computer oriented players and folks using all this technology.

What is it like for you now? A couple of years later in 2019, are you still all about the old school? Yeah. I mean, my kids call me the rock head and I’m a dinosaur, but I feel like it’s almost an advantage because everybody else is, you know, the names, but the guys with the computers and the programs and the whole bed and, and, you know, I feel like it’s almost an advantage.

They’re all on the same horse. Right. And I’m still on mine. So. So it’s still just a paper and a pen for you. You haven’t incorporated any new elements into the handicapping side of the equation. Since we talked to her a couple of years, and like I said, I don’t, I don’t want buyer numbers, horses don’t run in lanes.

I want, I want drop numbers. I don’t want to be clear, but I, again, I don’t want to sound cocky yet if you’re ever going to sound cocky. I think a couple of days after taking down that big score is the time to do it. I remember you were very in tune. To breeding angles. When we talk, there was something you wouldn’t give me everything, but there was something about the Cassa key, I think, was the horse that got the grade one gamble for you.

There was some angle in his breeding that got you onto the horse at a big number in that contest. Was it a breeding play that led you to this big exact data? That one you the KTBC this year? No. I mean, I have my secrets. I’m breeding, you know, Anthony Materra is a friend of mine and he’s the only guy that I’ve told my, you know, some of my inner secrets too, but I, you know, I have, I have some, some thoughts on things, but you know, uh, no, this one, when you know this one was just, but I got to tell you, the funniest thing is, uh, two weeks ago, My sons, you know, they, they said, dad, you need to do a podcast.

I have a podcast. We did a podcast four days before. This is the greatest thing of all is we did a podcast three or four days before the Derby. And we called it, let it ride podcasts. You know, I went out and bought a mic. I went to Mo I bought a microphone that day. And we literally got on the phone and they take me and Anthony just talking.

And I literally picked this trifecta one too. Oh my God. I got to go listen to that. And so, and I’m just telling you, it’s, it’s a little, if you will, I’ll send it to you, but if you’re listening to it, you’ll, you know, you’ll get, you’ll get you won’t believe because it was it’s freaky. How much, how close it was.

But the funniest thing is things like my wife sent it to some of her girlfriends that work for Delta it’s flight attendants, people that don’t go to the racetrack. And we’ve had like, you know, 50 phone calls of people that went in and girls that know never been to a race track and spent $12 stuff like that.

But it’s been, that’s been off the, you know, and now I think it’s like, I’m never going to be able to do repeat that. I mean, but it’s really funny. And then, Oh, I mean, you know, even what’s his name, uh, Keith Jones, it does the hockey for NBC. Yeah, he’s a, you know, like we, we, he’s sort of a friend of mine and he, you know, he’s like, yeah, Rick and I hit, thanks.

I hit for 24,022,000. I mean, I just getting, you know, my ex boss calls and he’s like, He’s like, Oh, Rick, you know, I listened to the podcast and you know, and his wife is in the hospital and he was this’ll help pay medical bills, Paul and I mean, it’s been, it’s just been unbelievable. That’s terrific. I listened to you.

I was driving up to, I was working in Nashville and I was driving and I listened to Steve Vick and heard you on the radio. And then Gary Palmer scene, you know, Gary from Churchill. And Gary wouldn’t call me back to get my credit card. And so I almost didn’t do it. Oh my goodness. Thank goodness Gary. You know, obviously it’s a crazy week for him.

He’s usually on the ball, but thank goodness that ended up happening. Oh man. Right. Let’s talk about strategy for the two days and give us, walk us through not just the big hit at the end, but how you got to that point, starting with Friday. What was your approach heading in and how did the place go for you?

I ran first and third for every race for two days, going into the last race, I was cold as could be. I was, my, everybody was making fun of me for my usual, you know, moping. I saw the other guy that runs the contest of in the bathroom peeing before the last right. And he looked at me and I said, man, I haven’t cashed ticket in two days.

Um, I we’re driving home to Nash. We’re drinking to drive to Nashville the night and I’m leaving in 27 minutes before the Derby. That is crazy. And I was probably in last place. And you were just betting minimums. You were just, so in other words, along the way, you were betting minimums, you didn’t hit at, you literally didn’t hit anything.

And how much did you have on the bank? Roll? Heading into the light I make, I have a thousand left. Okay. And you know, the thing about the live turn of all these live tournaments is. You know, everybody that knows me, always just says, you know, Rick, you have no right being in this. Cause I am, I am known as a coward.

I mean, as opposed to all these guys are off all in guys, you know, I’m, I’m the guy that if I have 30, if I have 40,000 in the last race, you know, I’m spending five and going home with the rest. Right. But, you know, these other guys are all trust fund babies and rich guys, you know what I’m saying? No, you’re saying it’s funny.

I mean, I’m not sure it’s strictly speaking accurate, but I know what you’re saying in terms of they can play regardless of whether or not they are, they play like the money is monopoly money and that’s a disadvantage for, to somebody for whom that money means something. Right. That’s what I’m saying. I’m a coward and I’m, you know, compared to these guys, so it’s for me to win a live tournament and then to win that one, a team win, same thing.

I’m not an all in guy. And, and that’s what I’m saying. What was so ironic was we did this podcast and we named it, let it ride for the first time in my life for the first time in my life, just to do the tournament was let it ride because. You know, I really couldn’t afford it. And I was questioning a minute before I did it casual.

I want to do this, you know, I, I really can’t, I can’t really afford this. I, my son’s getting married in a new house. I’ve got a bunch of good things coming up and I really, I can’t do that. And then I just took on doing it.

This is another unbelievable story. I watched the race with my son’s friend. I, you know, I lose and I just, we storm out of the track. And my wife’s looking at me. I’m just going, I’m in the bar and this is it. I’m taking a long break. I suck. I admitted I’m taking, she’s looking at me like, yes, you are a loser and we’re rushing, you know?

And I’m just like, Oh my God, I got to come up with 12 grand here for the visa. And this is thinking about how this is not good. And we were literally on I 65 and I get a call from Anthony. Cause you know, there’s an objection. And I’m like, what is, yeah, there’s an objection. Right. So I pull over and for 16 and a half minutes, we’re on the side of I 65, trying to get a straight answer from someone.

Oh my God. And then, then, then trying to make your way back into church Derby is a salmon swimming upstream, right? I mean, that’s something that I wouldn’t wish that on anybody. I mean, just the things that happened, you just wouldn’t believe it. I mean, we, they let us in through this. VIP entrance where the, all that we saw ran Paul Collins, where Baker Mayfield.

These people are all walking out and I’m like high five and these people going back and it was just, uh, it was been, uh, just, uh, unbelievable Dover, an important part of that story. So you’re on the phone. You and ATM are on the phone. You’re over on the side of the highway. You wait the 16 minutes. What does he say when the news is official and what was your reaction?

He didn’t want to talk to me because this is the other thing on the pot. This is the other ironic thing. He went in partners with another guy didn’t want any piece of me. And basically on the podcast, we both trashed, um, max seven, maximum security. We both trashed it and he just can’t stand the story and just trash the horse.

He and I loved country house. He ends up having a, he would have won the tournament if it’s not taken down. So he’s still a little, little mad at me. His other partner, the other person he went in with would have won the tournament, had maximum security, stayed home. Yeah. I’m not sure exactly all the details yet, but I think they would have won or this other guy would have one.

Uh, he, I guess he liked the seven and then Anthony told him we liked the 20, you know, so. So, right. So he had mixed emotions at that point, knowing he’s, it’s either going to be him or you more or less, he didn’t have mixed emotions. He was like, you’re you’re you got this, you fucked, you know,

I mean, he’s my boy, but he, you know, he. There was no mixed emotion. Like you owe me dinner for life. I always, I always buy anyway.

Oh, that’s too much. And how did you feel? I mean, after a lifetime of being on the wrong side of these DQS, or that he’s telling you this and the bizarre circumstances, I mean, what’s going through your head at that point. I, like I said, I just couldn’t, you know, couldn’t believe it, it was like, as it was surreal because you know, like I said, it, when, when there’s a DQ.

It’s it’s uh, it’s just, there’s no question about it. Which w who’s involved. That’s me. I’ve always, I mean, I’m just saying I’ve always had very bad luck with those tend to be put up. And like I said, if they put the seven second, I don’t want him to turn it. Right. Right. You need the unit, the, all the way down situation to develop.

How did you structure the trifecta play or the exact play that event eventually. Got you the win. What did you do with that thousand bucks? All I, all I liked was most three, or I liked Tacitus. Country house and code of honor. If you listen to the podcast, you’ll, you’ll hear it. I mean, it’s, it’s pretty much, I just, every other horse that’s who I like, but after two days of not cashing a ticket, you know, I said, eh, you know what, I set it on the podcast.

That’s what I’m going with. And that’s what I did. What did the tickets look like? A $20, a exact the box Exacta and I had a dollar 50 try. Gotcha. Gotcha. So you just messed around with those. Did you bet all the, the whole thousand in the race. And did you do any savers or was it just you? No, no savers. I just, I, you know, I have my own cowardly way about it.

And you should have maybe had it for a little bit more just based on what your opinion was and how much you had left. That’s why I was asking, but I mean, you can tell or not tell. No, I got to tell you, the other funny thing is, is I still haven’t even looked up what the Oaks Derby double was, but I mean, and if you knew how many tickets I had and picked threes and pick fours with my own money.

And pick fives with the 20 on it. I can’t tell you. And you know, somehow I cut bricks and mortars and bricks and mortar. As I hit the pick four pick five, we are, we are in a breakout, the world’s smallest violin situation based on the rest of the story. That’s what I’m saying. I’m just saying, you know, it actually could have been a lot better, but anyway, Oh, that’s your body.

That’s racing though. That’s racing. Oh, I know. I will comment on the concept. Like I said, it’s getting to be where the contests are becoming like poker. And it’s just guys with the, you know, three entries, you know, I, I don’t think I’ve, I don’t, can’t remember a time when I’ve ever had more than one entry in a tournament.

And these guys would, you know, on horse journeys, everything, the three entries and. Uh, just, you know, three entries every day, every bomb, it’s just, you know, it’s gotten tough lately. It ain’t easy. Where did you first discover? Uh, well, let’s start even further back than that. How did you become a racing fan?

Well, like I said, I, I think I told you the last time we were here, I grew up in Cleveland and, uh, No official down, uh, with my dad, my dad was a degenerate gambler and, uh, you know, and that’s why that’s kind of why I’m not because he was interesting and you’re not using that in like the affectionate. We sometimes use that term affectionately.

You’re talking about a problem. I mean, a semi-pro my old man was, he was a great guy, but I’m just saying there was times when he, you know, he went overboard and I guess that’s, that’s probably why I’ve always been sort of cautious, sort of a coward at the track, you know? So he would take you and that’s right.

I do remember some of the stories about you, uh, up at this all down, but, uh, what do you remember when you think back to those days? What do you remember about them? Oh, it was the greatest, I mean, back then, you know, it’s just, you know, the comradery, there was no, no, simulcasting that the carrot, you know, it’s kind of like, let it ride the characters.

Yeah. You know, just being at the track, come on. I mean, as a kid, the way you would be at the track. Just all the characters and you knew the nicknames. Yeah. This was old school. Was this got out? Like I said, when I’m, how much do I miss the old, just holding a physical racing form in my hand, a real racing form.

Like, you know, the ones I sell up in Woodbine with the, you know, just the big with the articles with, uh, You know, with you, you know what I’m saying? Yeah. I’ll I, I appreciate it. I miss, I miss being in it in a sense that that was a brand that meant so much and a product that meant so much. And it seems like it’s a less, so with each passing day, you mentioned the nicknames.

Did you or your dad have a nickname? Billy was, he was called checkers and he had the check system. He had a system that a guy named Bernie Kanner, um, basically his buddy, his best buddy at the time was Bernie Chander. His son, Fred, he’s a big problem in the Friday, but Bernie was like the, he was, this guy was the genius of all.

I still, I to this day still use most of his. Theories. And that’s what I’m saying. When most kids were learning, were Cub Scouts learning how to tie knots. So I would, I was theorizing on horse racing concepts. Is there one of those lessons from the old days, not going to ask you to give away all your secrets here, but is there one of those lessons from the old days that you find yourself leaning on, on a regular basis in 2019?

A lot of them. There’s still, there’s still it’s, it’s kinda like the constitution still hasn’t what can you share? Give us a glimmer. I’m not saying everything here, but is there one you’d give to us? TV’s you know, turned back. Sure. Uh, you know, there’s so there’s a lot of them, like I said, I, I, you know, um, I’m, I’m still a proponent of wait.

I mean, there’s a lot of things that people don’t weight them and that’s one of the problems I have in the forum is. You know, in the racing form now they don’t put the weights of the other horses. Oh. In the, in the comment, in the running line. Right. So in other words, if you buy a racing form in a race track today, and you’re looking at the race and a horse two weeks ago, or three weeks ago ran in the race and it was an eight pound swing.

And now it’s four, the other way, it’s 12 pound swing. That that’s important to me. And that’s not even in the form anymore. And people don’t even know that. That’s one example, it’s the world, the world changing around us. That’s for sure. Because as there’s much more technology, it’s gotten worse and then all they do is give me information.

I don’t want it. I love how grumpy you are about all this stuff. It’s pretty fantastic. How did tournaments enter into it for you? Obviously the BCBC enjoyable as can be. I mean, I’ve enjoyed that. The first tournament you played in, did you get into attorneys through the, BCBC just hearing about this VIP way to experience, want to racing experience stays,

and that just got you into messing around online. How much are you playing online these days? No, I’m not, I’m not a big, big player, but, uh, and I haven’t had a great year. So up until this week, it’s been a little cold, but part of that’s because of the racing too, I mean, racing is weak. Let’s face it. You know, I’m pretty good on big days.

And let me tell you, that’s the reason why I did this tournament because racing has gotten so weak. I mean, I’m, I’m the worst. In other words, if it’s $6,000 claims at golf stream, Laurel, I mean, I’m old for life. Oh, my big scores in my day, I made the big score on drop. So Meyer in the Belmont. Oh, my scores have been on either breeders’ cup day or, or Derby Belmont or Preakness.

Literally I’ve had four or five big scores in my life and they’ve been on those days, the rest of the year. And I’m the worst. I have trouble believing that with, sorry. Yeah, I’m just saying, you know, like if I go to the one I used to people would make fun of me again. You know, I go to Gulf stream, I show up at the seventh race, the early, you know, cheap claimers to me.

How can he, how can you possibly handle it’s it’s it’s it’s a unique challenge. That’s for sure. Rick broth. Congratulations again. And thanks so much for your time today. Did you ever wonder what it would be like to own your own professional sports franchise? Well, we can’t offer you that, but we can offer you the chance to compete in thoroughbred racing at its highest levels.

Black type thoroughbreds is a new public partnership that can put you in the winner circle for more information about thoroughbred ownership. Contact Jake Ballis of black type thoroughbreds. Go to black type for more information, that web address, once again is black type And now I’d like to welcome back to the, in the money airwaves, our good friend, Jason beam, Jason, how are you today?

I’m doing good guys. So it’s good to be with you. And of course you are the, I guess your official title is the backup race caller at Monmouth park for this upcoming season. We’ve been talking a lot about Monmouth. I’m half thinking of trying to get down there. As soon as next Friday, I really want to check out all the stuff that’s going on with the sports book up and running.

And I’m hearing stories about this beer garden and the blue grotto and all these things. I’m well overdue for a visit. We’re going to talk to you all about Monmouth. We’re going to take look at the stake race on Saturday. But before that last we spoke was for the monster pod. When you appeared to be driving across country, I want to hear some stories from your cross-country trip.

The CR the trip was great. And, uh, it was one of those ones where it’s such a big undertaking going to country. And I had like, You know, I had six stops scheduled and no stay with some friends at a couple of different spots. And, uh, and somehow everything stayed on schedule and nothing went wrong. Uh, I went through, it took me like a full day to get through Montana.

So that was, uh, in and of itself stressful, but, uh, stopped in North Dakota. I went to Minnesota and stayed with some friends. There went to Canterbury park and check that place out, which is a really, really neat. The facility, it was a lot bigger than I was expecting. I was expecting to be kind of a smaller, uh, facility, but it’s, it’s huge.

Uh, went to, uh, Arlington and went to a day of racing at hospital and got to meet Peter glossy and, uh, check out the races in Chicago. There got to go to opening night at Churchill downs and the Tuesday of Derby week. And then finally made my way over here for our, uh, Derby day opener at love. Oh, that sounds fantastic.

How was opening weekend? What are your initial impressions of Monmouth? I mean, the track is it’s gorgeous. I mean, it’s obvious it’s. You know, it’s, I think 70, 73 years old, I think is when the, you know, the 70 years old or so, uh, but it’s kept up beautifully. You walk in, I mean, you feel like your work, it’s kind of like Belmont in the sense, like the whole backyard area is kind of like a big park and, uh, the paddocks right there when you walk in and it’s just that classic grandstand feel to it.

And, uh, it was, it was kind of surreal to get the call racist there just because of watching so many races there over the years. Sure. Um, what I, what I realized, well, I, you know, I was really nervous obviously for the first race. I hadn’t called races in a few months and, uh, you know what, it’s a big track with a lot of eyeballs on it.

And so, but like halfway through the first race, I distinctly remember as they were going onto the backstretch, it was a turf race and a mile. I remember thinking like, Oh, I remember how to do this. And what was so funny? It’s like, when you’re looking through the binoculars, You’re not seeing all the surrounding stuff.

So it kind of just looks the same as every other track because you’re so focused in, close in on the whole. So, uh, that was actually kind of reassuring. Cause I, I kind of talked myself into a little bit of nerves just cause I’m like, Oh my God, this is my butt park and the home of the Haskell and you know, Larry Cobas and Frank and Travis stone all called here and uh, And then once the race has started, it’s like, Oh yeah, I remember how to do this.

But it was, I mean, there was over 20,000 people there and it’s an open air booth. So you actually open up the windows, uh, and uh, you hear every noise from the crowd. And so when, you know, when they turned for home, you know, 20,000 people can make some noise. And so that was really, really cool because most booths I’ve worked from have been kind of enclosed.

So you don’t, and there’s also never been 20,000 people, Portland, so you didn’t have that same effect. So it w it was very, uh, It was really, it was really, really cool. That’s a good point. You make with your zoom in enough, it’s all horses running left with a little men on their backs, right? At that point, you know, you’re looking at silk feet, that’s all you’re doing.

You’re looking at, you’re looking at. So, uh, it’s not till you pay, you know, often  tell, you’re like, Oh wow, look at this beautiful setting we’re in. I love the backyard there. It reminds me very much of a European racetrack, the way it’s set up with the different bars and places to hang out and the cool way the paddock is as well.

Have you had an opportunity to explore the plant much or have you just been all business so far? I, uh, I got here on Thursday and I was given a, kind of a full tour by, uh, one of the guys at the publicity office. And, uh, so, so I, I definitely got to see most of the facility, uh, because I do the w I help out with the TV show before the races.

So that kind of gave me a little bit of a feel of. What it was like with people there, but once I got upstairs, you know, it’s, it’s a little bit of a process to work your way up to that booth. It’s a, there’s some long hallway, so you just don’t have time to, to kind of sneak down. And that was one of the things I did like about Portland was you could sneak down and walk around and then get back up before the next, uh, next call to post.

But, uh, what was really neat is the picnic area. It literally goes down to the quarter pole and it’s, I know it’s first come first serve out there. And there was people getting there early and. By the middle of the day, you know, every table was, was, was pretty full. So it was, you know, it was, it’s just such a neat place.

I I’m really, really, it’s really cool to get to be here. There. We’ve got JK here. We’re going to be talking about the stake race in a minute. Jonathan, do you have a question for Jason about life in general before we get ready to dial down into the steak? Well, you gotta, you gotta talk a little bit about my, one of my favorite tracks in the world.

Uh, you stopped that on the way I saw your video, which was a ton of fun to watch the video. When you stopped in at Hawthorne, beautiful Hawthorne in Cicero. Tell us a little bit about that. Stop. I thought I thought hopper, was it the term I kept using to describe it was, it felt like it just a neighborhood racetrack.

It felt like everybody that was there knows everybody who’s there. Uh, it, you know, it was just. The people there are also nice. You can tell them. I mean, everybody that’s there has been there for 20 or 30 years. I believe it’s one of the few family owned tracks. Uh, I think Oak lawn is the only other one that comes to mind, but.

Just, I mean, it literally just felt like, you know, Hey, this is a neighborhood hangout spot. Uh, you know, it was the very end of the season. The fields were pretty thin. So I mean the racing wasn’t great. Uh, I got to talk with Peter glossy who just had a ton of great stories and it was just really, really cool to talk to.

And those old tracks. And I guess mama fits in that category a little bit. Like they have some, so many nooks and crannies and little places and little areas to go find a discover. And, you know, I’ve been to a few newer tracks that just don’t have that. And so it’s, it was really kind of neat to Jim Miller kind of took me around a little bit.

It was, it was really cool to get to see all that stuff. But, uh, I just thought it felt like, I mean, I could, I could hang out there five days a week and be totally happy. For the uninitiated, Jason, describe glassy and maybe relay a tidbit or a story that you got from him and your journey. So, uh, Peter is, you know, I had him on my show about two months ago and, uh, and it was the first time I’d got to talk to him and he was, you know, he’s just, he’s just, he’s been in Chicago.

He grew up there. He called races in, I think he said quad cities for like a year or two. But other than that, his entire career has pretty much been announcing racing in Chicago. A lot of the hardest side and the thoroughbred side of the Hawthorne, uh, and that he did like a quick spill at running ACEs in Minnesota.

But, uh, he’s one of the few guys that. Been able to a work in one city is most of his career and B being in his hometown. Uh, well, we got up when I got upstairs the, from outside his room, you can get an amazing view of the Sears tower or whatever they call Willis tower now. Uh, and the skyline, you know, which in Chicago is incredible, but he’s similar to how I had a Riverdale has all of the sound equipment is up in his booth.

And, uh, and he looked at me, he goes, I think that’s why I’ve had cancer twice. Oh my God. Wow. I said, well, we used to have that river down too. And he goes, get checked. Geez. Oh, Lordy, dark humor. It was great. Cause he said, he said it so dry, but then he gave me kind of a little, a little dry smile afterwards.

And so I knew he was just kind of, uh, you know, I’m doing a Chicago trip this weekend. He was very cool. What’s that Chicago trip this weekend. And I haven’t been in a long time and I’ve never gone to Arlington before. In fact, if you’re a listener to this show and are in the Chicago area, reach out either through the, in the money blog or hit me up on Twitter at looms boldly.

We’re going to be doing a little bit of a meetup at Arlington on Friday. Rumor has it. Friends like Garrett Skiba and Dave Goodfriend are going to be around drew Kotani the, in the money business. Manager’s going to be there. Matt Miller, my buddy. It should be a lot of fun. Oh, well, Scott Cole’s rumored to potentially be around to the NHC chap.

So if you’re around, give us a call. Very excited to check that out. Before we get into this race. I do have one more question, Jason, about Monmouth and that has to do with your racing calendar. Uh, what’s coming up. W what days are you going to be running? I really do my next racing trip after this one to Chicago might be right down to Monmouth park.

When can I, when can I hit you up? It’s a Saturday and Sundays for the next couple of weeks. And then, uh, they re of course, uh, Memorial day weekends, a big weekend for a lot of tracks. Uh, it’s the food truck festival down here, which they tell me is borderline crazy. Like they just get huge crowds all three days.

Uh, and then. But from then on once June starts, they add Fridays into the mix. So it becomes Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Saturdays, and Sundays are 1250 first post. And then Friday, they go a little bit later at, uh, at one 15, but, uh, they’re throwing their throw at 12 at us this Saturday. So we’ve got a, uh, a nice full card and the, uh, the feature of the Serina song, uh, which you said, we’ll talk about here in a second, but, um, Yeah, there’ll be, it should be a fun weekend.

And as you know, like I said, it was a little bit of a softball weight, race card to get things started on Derby day, but we’re getting serious. Now, maybe that Saturday of Memorial day weekend, I was hoping you were going to tell me that you were running one of the next couple of Fridays, but that Saturday of Memorial day weekend, that might, that might work out unless I end up down at a fair Hill in Maryland for the burial.

Well, I’m, I’m, uh, I’m going to black-eyed Susan Day, the, uh, the Preakness Fridays, since we got the, since we’re not racing one myth, and it’s my day off from, uh, from the Barnum I’m, uh, I’m skipping down to black-eyed Susan Day for that. That’s a great idea. I should have promoted your podcast. I’m sure most of our listeners are your listeners too, but let them know quick where they can find you and about your schedule over on the barn.

Yeah, we do a show five days a week. Monday through Friday, you can find it wherever you get podcasts, iTunes, Stitcher, iHeart, or just good old fashioned bed. Excellent. And it’s a great show. Folks should definitely be checking it out. Jason, a very charismatic host. So check it out for sure.

All right. Let’s dive in to the Serenas song. Stakes Jason, you’re the guest. We have an interesting field assembled here short, but I’m kind of intrigued to see how this one plays out. Where do you see, uh, your tout going in this 10th race at Monmouth? The interesting thing to me is, is going to be the pace.

Uh, the opening weekend on the dirt. It was pretty beneficial, especially in the routes to be, to be close up. We saw one horse come from second and one horse go on to lead, uh, that, that one on the two dirt routes, uh, the dirt sprint, the sprints, they were. The horses who were kind of sitting just off the pace.

But I think in general, the, you know, the stereotype is that you want to be close up, but this race, I mean, the, the horse on the rail looks to have really, really, I mean, you know, open up by seven kind of speed two starts ago, uh, at Laurel going a mile, the turf race last time, I’m just kinda throwing out.

So. Really curious to see if this one goes out. The two words is super interesting. This horse is one that they ran on the black eyes to the not only ran the black eyed Susan, but was heavily bet in the black eyed. Susan, I think was the second choice behind red Ruby who won, uh, didn’t really fire that day, but it was a really, really bad trip.

Uh, I remember having Jason Egan on our show last year, talking about that. He was really excited about the horse. He doesn’t have the horse anymore now. Uh, she ran second in a, a pretty decent little open allowance. Uh, two starts back. It didn’t last time, right? Kind of, uh, uh, not good effort and even money.

So I’m not sure why the, uh, the jump up in class, but I know that at least last year they were really high on the source. So all that being said with Malibu surprise, the four horse, figuring to have quite a bit of speed, this horse, it’s just a maiden breaker though. Uh, I feel like the race is going to really set up for the two outside horses who I think will probably be the two favorites.

Uh, and then. Well, where I’m seeing it picturing how it plays out is I got to think that the Navarro one is going to get first jump on forever Liesl. And so I’m thinking that the viral horse breaking bread could be really dangerous because this is a horse who a likes to win and B should be sitting. You know, kind of, uh, a third or fourth trip early on, whereas forever Lisa likes to come from a little bit further back, but forever Lisa has been keeping pretty good company in the top flight and, uh, heavily priced stakes, uh, up at aqueduct.

I mean, you know, you guys know those aqueduct horses are a lot of tough customers up in this corner. That’s for sure. JK, how do you see this one? Well, since this was the first Monmouth race with handicap this year, I want me to give them. Credit. And maybe I missed it towards the end of last year, but they had an issue at Monmouth where they weren’t showing the Gallop out in their races and they fixed that.

So I want to give them some claps for getting that fixed, where we can see these horses galloping out. Um, look, I’m biased in this race. I’m going to be completely honest. Uh, our buddy Jake Ballis. Yeah, it black type thoroughbreds bought forever Liesel for Mr. Kahlenberg obviously followed her career since, uh, she broke her maiden and obviously, uh, she, she makes a ton of sense in here just on the form.

So now that I’ve given my disclaimer, if it was wet, she’d wind for fun. She loves the wet. She’s the one like, you know, I don’t know. I mean, like every time she’s running the wet she’s in the money, I think she’s won three times. And the wet, I don’t see there being any weather there. What I will say is from a figure standpoint, she is better than the rest of these.

And I’m optimistic that there’s going to be some pace. I think breaking bread. Malibu’s a surprise of the horse that Jason mentioned down on the rail and the weekend. Those horses all seem like they have a little bit of speed. And I’m hopeful that if, if Jason noticed it and other people have noticed that there’s, there’s been some speed being, being, being favorable in the last, you know, last weekend, hopefully some of those horses will, will kind of hustle away from there and not want to get too far back.

And I’m hopeful that she’ll get a nice, a nice setup. I don’t think she needs one. Well, like Jason mentioned, she’d been running against really nice horses, right? I mean, a divine Ms. Gray ran a couple of days ago in a grade one. So, um, I think she’s the most likely winner from a, from a figure standpoint. I do worry about any horse all the time that needs to come from out of it, but I think she’ll be close enough.

And I think from a class standpoint, she should be able to handle these. Jason. I have another question for you, not specifically about this race, but about race calling in general. You talking about the potential for a bias over the Monmouth racing strip. How much, if at all, as a race caller, are you looking at bias and how might it inform your race calls?

So I actually take, I try not to handicap too much for the races that I’m calling. Uh, I obviously look at, you know, I scan through the form and, you know, depending on what track you’re at, sometimes you have to give picks, or you have to give analysis. Uh, I do help out with the TV show at the start. And so, you know, I, I need to be familiar with it, but yeah.

I other, other than looking for interesting tidbits about the horses or the races I don’t like to over handicap, just because I don’t want to be surprised. I want to call the race as it is today. Um, sometimes I just, I don’t like when guys try to get too predictive or. You know, kind of overhand, he kept telling.

Cause I think sometimes you set yourself up for failure because you’re not reporting, you’re reporting what you think might happen. So I’ve always, and I know that a lot of guys, you know, really, really do scope out a lot of the handicapping stuff and the pace of, I tend to look at the races as I’ve called them.

And then later I’ll go back and watch the replay a little bit more as a handicapped, you know, I’ll judge my race call and try to see what I liked and what I didn’t like. But, uh, I’ll also look at the race a little bit more as though I would hit the cap and, um, you know, like all stream West and stuff.

When I was down there for a few weeks, I mean, I really. Kind of, I just didn’t know that circuit very well. And I just, I was, I said, I need to just focus on knowing the names, knowing the silks reporting what’s happened. And honestly, being the first couple of weeks here at a new circuit, I’m kind of in that stage a little bit as well, because you just, you don’t know any of the silks yet army, you know, you know, when Judd Mont showed up the other day, I knew those ones.

And, uh, and when Rockwood, Robert Lapinski and hawkish were coming down, the stretch that by the way, that was really. Surreal calling Lopinto versus Judd mud. I never, I never thought I would get to do that, but, uh, but, but, but when it’s a new track in a new place, I just, I really just want to focus so much on the names and the silks that I do think for me, at least the handicapping takes a little bit of a backseat just because I really think my job is to report what’s happening.

Not necessarily what I think is going to happen. The other thing you have to focus on when you’re in New Jersey as the pizza. And I know our buddy Frank Minamata gave you some good advice. What did Frank tell you when it came to, uh, finding a nice slice. So it’s, it’s so funny, Jonathan. I’m I’m, I’m there, I’m staying kind of an extended stay hotel, like a residence in kind of deal.

And, uh, I’m looking at the little note pad where Frank and I had a call on Friday and he basically just walked me through a day at Monmouth. What do I need to know? Uh, you know, here at 1150, you’re going to call this guy to get the changes at new, and you’re going to go see Joe in the TV room and, you know, kind of just went through a day because the funny thing is, is, I mean, the race calling.

Kind of takes care of itself. It’s all the little things that you kind of have to learn because each track is a little bit different, but he, so we went through the whole day. I wrote it down on my little notepad here and he goes, okay, bring out another sheet. I go, okay. So I opened up the sheet, he goes, Raise those down.

I’m 35 and then he pauses. And then he goes Rockefellers prospect Avenue, and he starts, he goes to this list and I go, Frank I’m at the bottom of my sheet. Here he goes. Turn it off. So I’ve been there. There’s a place that’s, uh, right across the street from the track called daiquiris. A lot of the locals were real high on it.

I mentioned that to Frank and he goes, no, no, no.

He goes, look, he goes, it’s a really thin crust, the bar pie. He goes, if you do go there, make sure they cook it well done. And that, it’s just so funny because I mean, it’s a, it’s a little bit of a, cause I think with Frank. And I say this very lovingly. I think for him, the pizza is like 70 or 80% of it, the atmosphere, or owner’s like 20% of the owner loves him.

I feel like he upgrades the piece a little bit, a little bit. He might dispute that. He might question the purity of that claim, but I think that’s the case. Your body took me to the wind. One time it showed me this coffee shop that had good pizza. That just doesn’t even seem possible. JK. Yeah, I do. I feel like stories with Frank from the wind.

We could go on for a little while guys, and no doubt about it. JK, when do you project to get up to Monmouth? Are you going to make the pick your prize contest? That’s the big one. Unfortunately. For me, I have a con an unbridgeable gap type conflict. My brother is getting married that day. I will not be in attendance this year.

I’ll be there in spirit. Will you be there for that or any of these other bond with weekend days? Maybe we can plan a trip together and replicate the fun we had with the kids last year. Yeah, not to put you on the spot. Do we know the date, the exact date of the pick your prize? I think it’s June one. And then I can pull it off.

It would be like a weird thing where I have to, like, I think I’m going to be somewhere else for Fox on the 31st and then back to that place on the second, but I’ve done crazier things when it comes to quick travel, just get the private jet J K you’ll have no problem at all. Uh, rich, April stole the private jet for me.

Did you hear that? Rich Avril, not sorry to do this to you, Jason. You’re just becoming a, you’re just becoming a listener at this point, as we do our usual nonsense. But did you see that rich, a real frequent guest on our show? He was also on the monster pod, ran fifth in the KTBC the other day. Yeah, I guess he texted me before digital age ran and he said the three can’t lose.

So when the horse won, I figured he went, Oh, that’s right. Digital age, who he had previously tipped on the, uh, on the podcast as well. Some good stories. Continue to come out of the KTBC, including, uh, David rink, who was second, he was on the show or maybe I entered, no, I interviewed him for an article I wrote for Gulf stream after he did well in the Pegasus contest, he ended up running second there.

The funny thing about him, He was gonna have the same score the way he bet his tickets. He was gonna have the same score, no matter if it was maximum security staying up or going down, which I thought was funny. He was thinking he had a chance maybe to win without the takedown. I don’t know somebody there.

Would have had something crazy. I know Tony Joe was going to end up with about 45,000 as well. Maybe someone will have heard give us the gossip listeners out there. If you know anybody that would have hit really big had that result, not come down. Maybe that’ll be somebody to talk to in the, the future.

Have you, uh, you know, you obviously bring brand new. To Monmouth. You haven’t seen it on a contest day yet. It’s pretty impressive though. Jason, the amount of contest players would come down there for the smaller events. Let alone a big one. Like the pick your prize. Yeah, I know the, uh, the, I think they got an NHC qualifier coming up on Saturday.

Uh, which is a $250 contest, but, uh, the, uh, the one I’m looking forward to is the one you were talking about, the pick your price, just cause I know a couple of folks from, uh, out West to qualify for that who are coming out. So, uh, excited to see them out here. And the fact that same day, uh, my buddy, Gabe crude, who calls the races at Pompano, he’s going to call at Meadowlands.

That night. So I already promised Gabe that I’m going to make, I’m going to do the daily double that day. It’s called the race of mamas and go support him up at the Meadowlands. That’s very, very cool. All right, Jason beam, thank you so much. We look forward to talking with you throughout the season. W how long is your stretch?

How long do you have that residence in type thing booked for. Uh, my, my stay is 54 nights at the hotel. I’ll tell you. It was funny. When I went to check in the gal, she’s doing the check-ins. She goes, okay, sir, can I have you checking out on? And she paused. She goes June 24. And, uh, but, uh, yeah, so my last day is the 23rd.

In fact, my, my last weekend will be the, uh, the grade one United nations will, uh, I’ll get called grade one race. Can you believe? Well, that’s tremendous. That’s great. Is that going to be your that’s gonna be your first grade one, Jason. I’ve never called a graded stakes race yet. I was, uh, at Portland Meadows, obviously our biggest race was like 40 grand.

So that was never happening. But river downs, the cradle stakes used to be great. And oddly enough, the first year, it wasn’t great. It was the year Bellamy rode one and then I came two years later. So, uh, my first graded stakes race will be the Salvador mile coming up on Memorial day weekend. And then, uh, if, if everything goes right, the United nations will be my first grade one, which would be the 23rd of June.

Well, we’re going to have you back as often as you let us bother you. It’s great to hear from you and folks have to check out the barn show as well. Bet America radio network. Jason, thank you so much for your time tonight. Can I read board real quick about from the big Derby pot, I told you cutting humor.

Wasn’t going to hit the ball,

but I will, I will say, I will say he loomed up on the turn and scared me a little bit. That’s really funny. You, it is true. There weren’t that many horses that were dismissed out of hand, the way you dismissed out of humor so that you help listeners make money as well. Thank you for that. And for all of your efforts, we will be talking soon.

All right, guys, always love catching up with both of you. And that’s going to do it for this edition of the, in the money players podcast. I want to thank Jay. Kay. I want to thank Rick broth. I want to thank Jason beam. Also of course, props to our friends at the thoroughbred retirement foundation, black type thoroughbreds, and 10 strike racing.

But thanks. Most of all, to you, the listeners for making this show so much fun to do this show has been a production of in the money media. In the money media’s business manager is drew Courtney I’m Peter Thomas foreign Itau. May you win all your photos?

If you’re going to be in Baltimore on Preakness week, you should come hang out with me. I’m going to be at the America’s best racing pre Preakness party. On Wednesday night, they’ve been doing this the last few years. It’s been a big hit it’s at the Mount Washington Tavern. There’ll be lots of fun stuff going on, including complimentary drink, tickets, snacks, a door prize, and we’re going to be doing a Preakness preview panel featuring myself.

Gabby God debt, who everybody knows from her fine work on TV and Sean  who listeners will know from his many great appearances on this show. There’s also going to be a silent auction. Tickets on site are $30, but you can beat that by using the promo code ITM pod for $5 off easiest way. To get these tickets is to go to event and then search for the America’s best racing pre Preakness party.

And then as you purchase tickets, you use that code ITM pod. We’re going to have a lot of fun down there in Baltimore. We hope you join us. If you have any trouble getting the tickets, et cetera, reach out to me. You can find me on Twitter blooms boldly, or send me a message through the, in the money website.

We’ll help get you sorted out. Why aren’t you there with me and Sean and Gabby and the ABR team and the rest Wednesday of Preakness week in Baltimore. Mt. Washington Tavern. We’ll see you then. .

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