Show 40: More on Oaks and Derby (Pat Cummings

We’re back again, sooner than usual. There’s just too much to talk about in terms of both the DQ controversy(4:00) and the racing from the weekend. PTF and JK discuss Bricks and Mortar(10:31), Mitole(15:50), Twitter(18:30) and then review many more Oaks and Derby undercard races(22:30) while sliding down a few rabbit holes along the way. Then Pat Cummings(47:50) of the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation is here to talk about how the DQ might have been handled differently under other rules. He also highlights how new Category 1 rules could actually make racing safer in the USA.


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  • Just wondering – Baffert make a comment along the lines of taking his horses (or at least McKinzie) ouot of Cali after that disputed taking regarding Bolt D’Oro? I definitely remember that he was very upset. I don’t fault Mr. West and I agree that the wound is still quite raw and that he may ameliorate his comments at a later date.

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