NYRA Bets Podcast for Saturday, May 18 (Scott Coles)

NHC champion Scott Coles joins PTF and JK (3:00) to talk about the all graded stakes Pick Four at Pimlico on Saturday (11:45). Then PTF and JK go over Saturday’s NYRA Bets Late Pick Five (26:30).


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Hello and welcome to the NYRA bets late pick five podcast. I’m your host, Peter Thomas foreign, a towel back with you to talk about the racing on Preakness day 2019. That is Saturday, May 18th. As we record this, it is Thursday, May 16th. And I’m in a different location. The Brooklyn bunker has been abandoned, trying out something new I’m coming to you from the Brooklyn podcasting studio, an actual pro recording studio that you can pretty much throw a rock from my house and find so that’s, uh, that’s pretty cool.

And I’m looking forward to doing the show here, doing the regular in the money players podcast, also from this location today. So you’ll probably hear this spiel twice. If you’re listening to both shows very happy to be joined by my usual cohost disappointingly. He is not in Baltimore for the Preakness.

He is. However, on the planet, Texas, we’re talking about the people’s champion, Jonathan Kenshin what’s up J K I don’t know what’s going on. I’ve never been asked more. And my, I don’t know, whatever 10 years of, of 12 years, whatever it is, falling racing. Like if I’m at, if I’m at the Preakness of I’m in Baltimore.

So it’s making me kind of feel like I’m missing something. Um, I’ve been trying to steer clear of Twitter and seeing all the fun people. Yeah. Eating delicious food and, and, uh, and the weather looks wonderful. And so a little bit bummed out, but it’s all right, because they’re going to be running in a circle here today, tomorrow the next day.

So that always makes me happy. Well, this is what happens when you have a friends and the partners with a horse in the Preakness itself, JK, and we will have as a guest on the other show, Marshall Graham to talk about Warrior’s charge and the rest. But on this show, we’ve got a very special guest and this is a guy I owe a favor to because.

With you with you nowhere to be found at Arlington last weekend, I needed a new personal handicapper and none other than NHC champion, Scott Coles build that role. And we took down the pick six there’s a little bit of a wrinkle to the story. I’ll let him tell that part. Welcome to the, in the money.

Airwaves Scott calls. How are you? My friend. Hey, I’m doing great. It’s great to be back. And yeah, let’s just keep it as we, there is, there are some words we could add to the end of that sentence. J K can you guess what they are? Uh, no, I’m there. I’m going blank. We took down the pick six, but. We lost money,

but it was a lover. You were alive, two horses that ran second, probably both would have got us that jackpot. And it turns out that we were. The carry over is 1900. The jackpot was 2,500 and we were one 80 of it out. I don’t know if it was a thousand percent takeout or if no one was playing, but it was somehow we found the horse that won that didn’t pay anything.

Well, it was a little bit silly. We were treated though to some proper. Wiseguy activity when our friend Matt Miller showed how to sweep a jackpot, taking down the carry over jackpot in the super high five to end the day. So at least somebody got it right. He did. And he was playing against our top picks.

So, I mean, that was a, that was pretty impressive. He did, he took it all good stuff for Matt and a wonderful dinner out after I had so much fun in Chicago, I’m actually gearing to get back. For Arlington, uh, not Arlington million day, but the preview day that they call it stars and stripes where Scott you’ll be receiving an award again, as I understand it.

Uh, I will. I, uh, I believe I’m supposed to bring the trophy back just like the invitation and pretend that I’ve never seen it. Um, tell me eclipse awards. We’re gonna have this guy. I don’t, I really, I was really hoping they would come with a new trophy or maybe I was getting multiple, but they, uh, it’ll be fun because I’ll be able to have a lot of, uh, Friends and family that live in the area, able to come out that day.

It’s a Saturday. Hopefully we’ll finally get some sun in Illinois and, um, it should be a good day. So it’d be great. Whoever can make it out there. I was, uh, I was fortunate enough to be at Saratoga when Paul Matisse received his eclipse award. Uh, and, uh, the, uh, the, uh, the backyard came to the front side for that, for that one, it was, it was a lot of fun.

That’s a great picture. You can find on Paul’s, uh, Twitter still of him looking very Regal in his purple for his NHC crowning. I don’t know. You’ve got a special outfit plan, Scott, um, and I never even had to get a crazy outfit until the Derby. So I’ll see if I can come up with one more else. Maybe. There’s not enough pictures of it.

Maybe I can repeat. Maybe you’re going to have on that. You’re going to have on the Cubs hat, maybe a purple. Did they make those? I don’t know. Hi, my friends, uh, were joking that I needed to find a mix, a Cubs fedora. I liked that. I liked that idea just to keep my brand, you know, I’ve been on brand. I did wear the fedora to the Cub game the other day.

I didn’t think to emblazon it with the logo that probably would have been the hipper movie. I want to ask her, what have you done on TV? That’s a good point. I missed my opportunity. It could be like Jonathan kinship being on TV all the time, but there you go. Before we get started looking at these races, Scott, I just wanted to ask you how things have been going.

Sometimes these big victories we see in contest propel players to sort of another level where the good luck keeps rolling. In other instances, Uh, sometimes it can hitting that big can lead to a bit of a cold spell, maybe some overconfidence. How has it been for you in your months playing since you’re a big NHC win?

Um, yeah, I haven’t played in as many tournaments as I’d hoped. There’ll be more coming up this summer. I’ve just been kind of letting things settle in that Hawthorne invitational. I mean, I had myself in, uh, Great spot. And I think Jake and I had a similar plan all day and, you know, our hosts or horse just got choked to death.

I mean, but that’s where I wanted to be. I got everything alive and I got a $2,900. I bet it all. And didn’t scroll Beth. So, I mean, I wasn’t upset with the way I played. It’s just that racist. Or that contest only really rewards being right in the last race and kind of getting there with as much money as you can, because that’s the only race you can go all in on.

So circumstances, I mean, I played fine throughout the day executed the game plan I wanted. I just had, uh, had the wrong opinion in the end. And then, um, came back in the Derby and I mean, I bet a lot of money had a decent day and was alive again where I wanted to be too improbable. I was just, you know, I was wrong, but.

Jonathan. And I had a similar plan, I think, cause we talked at the Derby and got to hang out a little bit, do some camera stuff. That was really cool. Um, got to some VIP access to his way of living in his turf club. I don’t even know where we were at, but I was just trying to find everything. Um, but we both successfully, um, and definitively.

Faded maximum security. He wasn’t going to win and we knew it.

And then I come back one week later and I hit a fixed six for 120 bucks. So I mean, I, I think I’m making new Heights every weekend. The fact that buried in yourself a face in comments is an important lesson. And I just saw somebody send this out on Twitter. From the poker world talking about one of our recurring themes on the end, the money shows, which is the difference between focusing on decisions and focusing on outcomes, as long as you’re making the right decisions.

In the long run you’re going to be okay. There’s going to be all kinds of outcomes that go wrong. If you focus on those and think, Oh, I didn’t get the outcome I wanted, therefore I was wrong. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. You got to back it up. You got to look at the decision-making process and evaluate from there.

And that’s the key I would say I would venture to say, not just in poker, not just in bedding, but honestly in life in general. JK, do you think that’s taking it too far? Absolutely. No, you actually, you almost caught me with a star rivers, jelly bean in my mouth. Um, but I, I cleared it up.

Well, you know, um, on our other show, we talked about a friend of mine from college who’s recently reached back out and wanting to kind of get into horse racing and. Uh, he’s probably played in, I don’t know, 15 head to heads online, uh, since our first conversation, he loves it. And I keep trying to explain to him that this game is a different gambling game than you might be used to what sports and other things you just have to continuously make sure that your money is in, right.

You’re making wagers that present value. And you have to accept the fact that you’re going to lose in terms of, of your actual wagers. You’re going to miss more than you are, right. But when you’re right, you have the opportunity to pay for all those other times and even more. And so that’s, that’s the hardest thing I think for HorsePlayers is, is letting go of the fact that you, you don’t, you’re not going to win every race.

And if you’re playing wagers in which you have a great opportunity to win, every race are probably over bedding using too many horses, spreading too much things like that. So. I completely agree with that tweet. You mentioned about just kind of making sure your money’s in the right place and not being so result oriented.

Uh, and look at more of the big picture. Mike Maloney embedding with an edge has a great line about passing winners. A lot of horse players get almost fearful about the concept of passing winners. And I certainly fall into this category in my own play, wanting to have the winner and whatever emotional value that provides.

However, if, as he points out in the book, if you’re not passing winners, you’re playing way too many races. And I think that’s part and parcel of what you’re talking about to JK. All right. We got to move on to talk about the races. It would be fun to just shoot the breeze here for the remainder of the show, but we’ve got a busy schedule today.

So we’ve only actually got, this is actually isn’t going to work. We’ll do the best we can. In theory, we have 20 minutes to go over the late pick four from Pimlico on Saturday, and then we were going to let Scott jump in JK you and I, we’re going to quickly go through the NYRA bets late, pick five on Saturday.

We’ll just, we’ll keep it as succinct as we can. And we won’t worry too much about the timeframe we’ll we’ll come up with another plan on the fly. Production meeting in the middle of the show style, but we’re going to start off at Pimlico on Saturday talking about race 10, the gala RET and Scott. We’re going to start with you.

All right. I was telling JK a little bit ago that my virtual stable came in hot here. I have three morning on favorites and the pick four. So I apologize, but I treat them like my own horses. So I’m in flexibility. I’ve had that horse in my stable for a long time. I just really like her little bit scared about how she ended the year.

But the latest thing I read from Chad rom was, uh, she was doing well. Um, and you can look at every horse that she was losing to last year and they were all in the breeders cup, filling mirror turf pretty much. I mean, it was just a ridiculous line up. She was facing topped off by sister Charlie. I mean, I think that her class and her ability, if she’s back to normal or how she was, you know, in the middle of the summer last year, I think she’s just the best course.

I am very, also interested in Mitchell road as the new up and coming horse. Um, I like four year olds that keeps showing improvement, uh, showed a new element. Last race. Didn’t wire. The field was able to sit behind a little bit. Um, and people recall who just came back to win on Derby day, pretty impressively and knocked me out in the first race and then pick six.

Um, so the only, the other horse that I looked at I’m so fancy. I was hoping you guys could tell me more about that horse. I know nothing about I’m so fancy. I’m not great with the overseas situation. Um, and I know you guys are a little bit more in tune with that world and especially ups, um, being over there.

As often as you are, I’m hoping that maybe you can tell me something about I’m so fancy, but for me, it’s in flexibility and Mitchell road and I’ll be using a couple others. We get Jay K’s thought and talk a minute about I’m so fancy. I did want to have you clarify a little bit when you talk about the virtual stable and what that is for people who might not know and might want to get in on that concept, because I think it’s also an important part of being a successful horseplayer.

Sure. Um, so right now I’m moving, um, kind of to Equibase. Um, I had done it with TVG for a long time, but there’s a lot of different sites that you can do it on. And basically you’re just starting your own stable, so you can add horses to it and then you’ll get notified, um, based on there’s a bunch of different options where you can get notified when they run.

Um, when they work out, um, and you can just have them all sent to your email. Um, but you can just keep an eye and kind of grouped together horses, you know, that you don’t have real ownership on, but it’s kind of cool to have your own stable of horses and then save trip notes along with those sources or else you’ll forget because the one time I had so many horses and I couldn’t even remember when I was putting some of the men.

So it is important to have notes as to why you have some of them in yours. Cause it could be, you know, they could be claiming horses if you thought they were going to be a great bedding opportunity the next time out, because they got a tough trip or for whatever reason, but there’s also a bunch of top horses that I have that I never miss when they’re entered in case I’m not paying attention.

Um, just so I can get those horses back and kind of keep an eye on all of them. So it just happens to be the three of three of my, I dunno, 20 horses I have in my current aggravate stable are all running in the stick for, so it’ll be interesting. All right. Really quick on I’m so fancy before we get JKS thought the form certainly fits this spot.

I mean, we’re talking about legit group. One form comes out of a, a terrific operation over there. Transferring to a great operation here in the Delta core barn. My concern is with this layoff, knowing this is kind of a home game. And it feels a little sharp, maybe the mile and a 16th. Maybe this is a leg stretcher.

That’s a little bit, my read market action might be telling on this one, but I think you can probably save or even stand against a little bit here. The classmates hell. So, you know, you have to deal with that aspect of it. But my gut is to say, this is one for down the line, JK, a quick thought on this. I say, we have to move fast.

And then I ask extra questions and go on about I’m so fancy. So we’re going to we’ll pick up the pace with you. I’m actually in the process of doing a write-up right now about this race. And, uh, and this pick four in general, I’m going to single a horse here and it kind of reminds me a little bit of what you mentioned earlier about that.

Mike said Mike Maloney said about you have to be willing to pass on winners. Uh I’m so fancy could win and flexibility could win. Mitchell road can win. Um, Viva Vegas can win. I’m going to, I’m going to single a Barca on the outside with us. I read Ortiz and, and Chad Brown horses. Uh, we’ve seen this, we’ve seen this before, right?

This is grade one, French horses that come over for Chad and, and turn in a world world beaters, ask us sister, Charlie, and then, uh, even recently Homer Creek. And when I talk about home wreak, the reason that bark it was on my, in my stable mail is because she worked with Homer in my opinion, which might not be the greatest when it comes to looking at workouts.

Barco was right there with her, if not better than Homer wreak, when they were down in Florida, working on the grass, I think she’s going to be a little bit of value here. They better last time in her first race in the U S I’m going to try to spice up this pick for, with, with a single a horse embark. I’ll have some saver tickets on the other ones I’ve mentioned, but Barker for me here, the guy does one breeding and sales podcast, Scott, and all of a sudden, now he’s an expert on workouts.

I’m kidding. It’s a good, good point. And it’s an interesting horse to throw in who I was originally leaning against, but your, your confidence will make me go back and, uh, and have a think on that one for sure. All right. Let’s move on to the chick Lang, which goes as raised 11. Uh, the pace look fast here, and I thought pie Ron would get a great trip, improving, looking type JK.

How do you see it? Yeah, pyro is my top pick. Um, Look, I think that these races are usually fun and interesting because it’s kind of the, uh, it’s kind of where connections start to realize that they’ve been trying to put a square peg into a round hole, right. With, with, you know, horses that are trying to stretch out for the Derby and on the trail.

And then they kind of end up bringing them back here and cutting them back. There’s not really a cutback in here. So there’s nothing to kind of get me leading in that direction. So just give me the speed of the speed. I thought Python was, was impressive. Uh, Steve asked me, son did this, uh, ran in this race last year with Matola, who is going to be a top choice in, uh, in next month’s met mile.

And, uh, I just think the sources of the, is the speed of the speed and all these races look like they’re going to, they’re going to come back to closers and they never do. They never, ever do. Trading at times when you find a good, closer, none of these closers get me going. Uh, you know, I think pirates would be my top pick.

I’ll also use a horse like mal pace, uh, down on the inside. Who, who, uh, from the three hole for Joe Sharp, who ran really well at Charlestown on or around the, uh, the bull ring. What I like, just to clarify my position. I don’t think pylon will be on the lead, but I love the fact that Python can sit just off.

I think could get a really good trip, the right draw as well. Scott, what do you think in the CIC Lang. Similar. Um, but I’m going to flip them visually. I try to watch replays for these Malpass looks like the most talented horse to me, but I, I, I’m always a little concerned when they’re coming over from Charlestown and the fairgrounds.

I mean, those it’s hard for me to get a great gauge, but visually mouse I use looks the best, but hi, Ron certainly looks like. Uh, he will get the best trip. So those are, those are the two I’m using on top of the couple of others, because I think it’s kind of an open rates. All right. Let’s talk about the Dixie, which goes as race 12, the return to the races of Catholic boy for me, I just thought inspector Lindley fit this like a glove.

And we have an opportunity here to, to, to maybe sneak away with a little bit more of a price than you would get because of the more famous rival to the outside, to the direct outside. As these two are posted in 11 and 12. Scott, who’s your pick in the Dixie? Um, back to my stable Catholic boy, I love that horse.

All heart. I’m praying that, um, he’s crying. Enough to, to win this race. The post makes me nervous. I’ll definitely be using inspector Lindley. I mean, I don’t see how you couldn’t. Um, but I’m going to try to get away with just those two Catholic boys, my topic, because I’m just ready, but the CRF comments, the track comments, what they’re actually shooting for this year.

And the plan kind of makes me nervous, but I love the horse too much to not use Catholic boys. My topic. J K what do you have to add to this discussion of the Dixie? Well, I think the, the first thing you have to do, if you’re handicapping this race, you have to identify whether or not you believe, uh, that the prep for this race, the Henry S.

Clark at Laurel. Um, uh, back in April was a good race or not, if you don’t think it was, which I don’t think it was, then you can toss 33% of this field. Real story. Uh, Oh, I don’t know. What is that? That’s your, you hit me with the mythology. Oh, Dionysus or whatever, just Howard uh, flash, Phelps. Those words are all gone for me.

Give me the two classy ones. I would inspect your Lindley Catholic boy. I think Catholic boys, 85% could be good enough. Uh, in this race and obviously they’re both not drawn well, but to me, one of them has to win. If you look at inspector pick Lindley’s PPS, you’ll notice names of horses that would be like five or six horses.

In, in, in his PPS, that would be odds on in this race. Those are the two for me. The rest of them look a little bit over-matched I thought for a second there, you were going to channel your own personal Richard Grunder and absolutely butcher that name, but Oh, Dionysus, I think that’s right. So I, you got you, you pulled one out of the fire there.

JK let’s move on to the grade one Preakness. Such an interesting race for me. I mean, I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about it. I don’t really understand why. I mean, yeah, I guess I understand why you don’t have the top three finishers and that’s always a little disappointing, but in their stead, I think we have a deep and competitive and interesting race.

I did a full write-up for this. On@theracist.com, I’ll send that around via Twitter or link to it in the, in the money podcast. Blog J K, you mentioned you’re doing a write-up. You should give that a plug as well. Uh, for me at the end of the day, I decided to side against the Derby horses in here and call me a Homer.

Call me a guy secretly rooting for JKS, a stable team in our Derby draft. I’m going with warriors, warriors charge as the best of the speed and to hopefully create quite a party in that tent on the infield on Saturday JK, what is your pick? My heart is definitely with warriors and he’s a horse that I’ll use.

I think he’s got a great shot. I think if war of will is written aggressively from the inside, like I predict that he will be, I can’t imagine the connections. Want to deal with any bumping and grinding in this race? I would imagine that a Warrior’s charge could sit right off of that. And if he’s good enough, which his figures and his last two performances suggests that he is, he can get a great trip and win this race.

I think the biggest question like you mentioned is that not only did the, not top three finishers of the Kentucky Derby not show up and I’m doing the air quotes, the top floor finishes of that race, actually didn’t show up. Um, And, and so it’s a little bit of a trickier race than we’re used to. I’m a believer in improbable, however, Uh, I I’m, I’m going to trademark a new word as the old shooter coming into this race.

I don’t, I feel like he’s going to be over bet. Um, I thought he had a good trip. Not a perfect trip. I think you think? Perfect. I think no, you’re right. You’re right. Watching again. You’re right. But it was a good enough trip, but it wasn’t perfect. It was a good, yeah, it was a good enough trip that if, if here’s the thing, if he had a bad trip, I would single him in this race.

But they’re left. He left enough, uh, to be desired for me to use him because I think he’s probably right the most talented horse in the race, but, um, I’m going to use other horses as well. I’m going to use the first inside five horses in the pick five hope to be alive, hope to be alive to a score. Um, but I’m not going to be pressing.

And probably my top pick is going to be bourbon war. I hated the Florida Derby coming into the Kentucky Derby, maximum security and code of honor. Both kicked me in the face about that. And, uh, and, and bourbon Warren was closing in to that slow pace that the maximum security set in the Florida Derby, uh, for that reason, I think he’s gonna get the pace that he needs with warriors charge and war of will and, and all these other horses that are going to be pressing that, uh, that pace.

I think that, uh, bourbon war could pick up the pieces later adding blinkers for bourbon war, which is interesting. And I could see sort of going either way. Uh, but I’m with you that he certainly wants to be doing a lot of stuff with. All right. We’re going to do a very deep Preakness dive on the other show, but for now, Scott, I want to get your selection in this year’s Preakness, uh, final stable play and hopefully redemption.

Once they added Mike Smith. They’re just teasing me at this point. I mean, it’s, um, it’s redemption Saturday for me with improbable, but I mean, I’m not going to be as ice cold as I was in the Derby about it. Um, I’m going to, I worry a charge. I think it’ll be interesting to hear Marshall talk about the horse and I, I wish you guys all the best with that.

Um, the last race was extremely impressive. I mean, but the last statement on the front end and it’s going to be, if you make the lead in this race, I think you’re gonna have to go extremely fast. Um, which does set up interestingly for, for bourbon war. Um, it’ll be fitting if higher ed beats me after losing on my horse.

Um, and I don’t know what to make of always mining. Um, but yeah, and probably my topic, I’m gonna use a little bit of bourbon war where you’re in charge. I mean, Owendale was impressive, but I don’t think another twist of faith that good. So I’m not sure what he beat. Um, I have to look at this race more, but certainly most of my play will be going through and probable and just, I don’t think he, like, I just don’t think he likes the slop.

He’s running pretty well on it, but he’s acted up both times. He almost flipped over in the gate. Two back. And last time they said he was asked, dumped from the post parade. I just he’s run. Well, he takes them on the face. Fine. Um, but I think if you look at Benny’s trip notes, his first, the first time he ran the slap set, he might not like the flop.

And I agreed with that. And now the last one he kind of gave up. It seems like he gave up on him on the strip notes. I’m just hoping that he likes a fast track a little bit more, and that should be what we get. So that’s where I’m at. All right. Great stuff, Scott, we’re going to let you go. J K. I’m going to keep you and we will quickly go over this.

NYRA late pick five on Saturday, but Scott, always a pleasure. We’re going to have you back on soon. Cause you know how it is around here. No good deed goes unpunished. Thanks for your time today. All right. Thanks guys. Good luck. Cheers, my friend. All right, Jonathan. Um, let’s go to New York to Belmont. On Saturday, we’re going to start off with race eight.

I thought this was a very tricky race. I had knocks on many more horses than I liked, and I just came back. It’s almost like the, uh, the virtual stable idea that Scott talked about. If I do the dive on a race. And something isn’t coming up. I’m just going to kind of go with a horse that I’ve liked that I’ve noticed positive things about in the past.

And for me in here that horses number five, fleet Irish, who I just had marked as one heading the right way, had a nice run at the level. Last time, had a track excuse to back when he first came on my radar. I do not like here’s what I don’t like a late runner cutting back in a race without a lot of speed signed on, but I guess that’s attributed to how I feel about the rest of this field.

That I’m going to go with. Number five, fleet Irish. Anyway, JK, how do you see the eighth at Belmont? Well, I think a couple of weeks ago we talked about the, uh, following the jockeys when the, when the big guys had out of town. So, um, that’s something that. That I’ll continue to do on these days. Manny Franco sticks around this time.

Um, he’s obviously the, the leading rider in New York when, you know, Hobie, Johnny and the Ortiz brothers aren’t there. Um, I thought Papa shot made a lot of sense. Um, I like saying Papa shot. It’s my favorite game. When you’re at a bar, I’m pretty good at it. I have lost probably more money on Papa shot than I have on horse racing, but I do enjoy it.

Um, I like to switch to Charlie Baker. I don’t normally like, uh, you know, horses that are coming off of Rudy. I think Rudy, uh, does a great job in New York. Um, but this horse has, you know, he’s got figures he’s drawn outside. Uh, didn’t break, uh, particularly, well, last time still find a way to win going seven furlongs at aqueduct.

Um, he’s won at Belmont. I’m not crazy about the fact that he’s run there 11 times and only run once. But I think he makes a lot of sense. The horse that you mentioned makes sense, formal start drawn to the outside, I think has won a big price that you consider you can consider. And then one more that I’ll throw at you that I’ll be using.

Is analyze the odds with Louis Rayez. Um, I thought he made a lot of sense. I cannot pronounce that, that trainer’s name. So you’re just going to have to look and help me out on that one. But, uh, I thought the last race was impressive at 38 to one, uh, got up there and got involved. I was beaten by five and now he cuts back to seven.

And I think that, uh, I think that he could be tough. He’s won twice at the distance. All right. Lots of good thoughts there. I, we, I would play the pronunciation game with you, but I think given our time, we have to just move on to race nine JK we’ll loop back to that one on a future show and race nine is a maiden claimer on the turf.

And I thought that grand canal had a real opportunity to show a lot more. The grand canal. I say the name as I say, the name wrong. Um, This is one who I think is going to show more early speed than the time form pace projector says. And I just liked it. This pedigree. How about now? I’ll do it now. I’ll do the hay.

I’ve done one breeding and sales show. So I’m going to talk pedigrees. Uh, Judd Mont blood on both sides here with bullet train, an empire maker, bullet train. Of course, the Frankel, one of the two Frankel brothers who we’ve been seeing a lot from in the USA lately, along with, uh, along with noble mission, Linda Rice thrives at this level, I was a little bit interested also in painters prize back on grasped, but somewhat concerned by the layoff.

I’ll save with that one, but it’s the grand canal for me. J K how do you see it? Few flights to London. You’re suddenly have a bullet train judgment Frankel expert, huh? Oh my goodness. So you want to grab a pint at the pub with my mates? Yeah, exactly. I thought, cause for applause made a lot of sense that the, I kind of.

Paid attention to that horse, um, back in December and it was an unbelievably rough run race. This, the break came running fast. Um, Christophe will do that from time to time. He’ll start them on the dirt and then get them to where he ultimately needs to get them. And that’s on the turf. Uh, the last race was, was, was good enough.

He was beaten by three. He was, you know, you see the six, six place there, but wasn’t far out of it. I thought he made a lot of sense, but the horse that. That I thought was interesting. Um, and it’s just a strictly a connections play for me. And that’s game break. Um, you got Kendrick car motion, Danny Garcia, when you have these kinds of.

Uh, this is not, there’s a no offense to any of these cheaper type horses. Not these aren’t like bottom 40 claimers, not embarrassing at any means, but Kendrick put forces in the race. Um, and when you have these unexperienced horses and these lightly raised horses, I prefer a horse. That’s going to be formerly placed.

It’s in the mix. Danny Gargan is a, is a very cagey trainer and debuting. This one for a tag is not something that, uh, that concerns me much where it might concern me with a Chad Brown or a Todd Pletcher. Yeah, I think Kendrick will put this one in the race. I think he’ll have a extremely live shot of getting involved.

So, uh, the one you mentioned. Uh, with your pedigree play, I have to respect the Pete’s pedigree place. So, um, but I thought game break was interesting and you’re not going to know a lot about, um, the, uh, the tote board might tell you a little something. And if you’re, if you’re in position a trick, when it comes to races like this, that that I would do is I would look at the double probables from the race prior to this, to have an idea of which one of these horses is taking money.

Let me, before you pop in your pick five ticket, you’ll have some information of what the, uh, the odds are going to open up at. All right. Let’s move on to race 10 for me. It’s hayfield in here coming off of two poor setups wrangled back off the slow pace. Last time, too close to the hot pace at the time, before that your angle to hear JK with Franco, keeping the call, and hopefully we can just work out a better journey.

Carerra cat, an obvious improving one to use as well, but hayfield my topic. Career account was the one that the only one that I needed here, um, very flashy, uh, w with a surface that had some moisture in it going seven, uh, like the cutback to two to six and a half, um, six and a half is a distance for me all over the country that I like to look for horses that can finish.

And this horse did wire, but he opened up. He extended. He was, he was, he was clear by two clear, by four clear by eight clear by 10. So yes, it was a wire job and he is a second wire job in a row. But he’s finishing, he’s got fast numbers, fast paced. Um, regime, Mariah, I think is a, is a, is a phenomenal judge at pace from coming from off of it.

He doesn’t necessarily have to be on the lead, but if he finds himself, is himself there, uh, with this filly, I think she’ll continue to run a little bit. And I thought that her last performance was one that, uh, that could give you a little bit of confidence. If you wanted a single year, I wouldn’t talk you off of it.

Off the off the horse that man is riding in hayfield. Um, but I was, I was drawn to career cat. Okay. Fair enough. Race 11. I like Stillwater Cove here, who I’m hoping that last race showed a little bit of a new dimension in terms of settling a little bit more early, because this is one who she had a lot of problems settling.

If you remember the run at Royal Alaska, just set off on a Torrid Gallup, and there was a headwind that day, too. And just, you know, basically blew the chance there. I think it’s a little counterintuitive too, which is why I like it. I think a lot of people are going to see, Oh, she gave up the lead in the lane last time at five and a half.

How’s she going to like seven, but you know, for me, that’s the old Andy buyer trip, handicapping angle. Of moving to hot end of the fast paced, maybe with a little bit more settle early and maybe we’ll see something a little different at a Stillwater Cove here. I mean, I’ve talked in a long time, about a five to two shot.

Who’s going to probably be the favorite, but she’s the one for me. What do you think JK I’m against two horses that I think will ultimately take some money. The morning line is not exactly low on Chad Brown and seek and destroy, but. Uh, seek and destroy has never has really wowed me. Um, and, and, and, and obviously the morning line and is an indicator of that as well.

Pretty long break I’m completely against Stillwater Cove. Nope, no offense to Wesley ward, but. His horses Excel in my opinion of shorter distances. And, and we’ve talked about this on the show prior, but the seven for a long distance at Belmont is one that I want a horse that has really good finish, who can relax and kind of get me home late.

Um, I just don’t think that’s how Wesley’s horses are trained. They’re trying to, he’s trying to, you know, if you look back at the last April at Keelan, his horse, one going four and a half and opened up by five and four and got caught late in his is always been very involved in the race early. I thought field glorious made a ton of sense here, um, with a cutback from a mile and a 16th, the horse will be finishing Christoph Claremont.

We’ll get you a winner on the turf. I, I probably can’t single in here just because I’m taking a stand against the favorite. Um, but I love field glorious and I think I’ll probably also use the inside horse. My Yelina who watered the field last time. I’m hoping that the inside draw in the presence of that other speed.

We’ll get this one to take back a little bit. Um, and, and kind of sit that pocket trip and then have a little bit of run left, uh, with, with based on the way that, that, uh, she ran last time. So those are the only two I need and I’ll just hold my breath and, and think that the Stillwater Cove will come back.

When they get to the eighth hole, let’s do a little head to head here. Maybe I can improve my record to three and 178 all time. Stillwater Cove feel glorious. If you’re good with that. I am. I am good with that. I feel glorious too. A lot as a horse, I was just worried about setup, potentially being so far back.

At least when you look at the pace figures, but I mean on talent, uh, would be, would be another I would use anyway, despite that criticism, but it’s always fun to have you kick my head in a head-to-head. So we’ll go and do that. And then we’ll move on to the 12th race. I love the improvement that my almond Jaina has showed last time for turf looks to get a good inside trip here for an underrated turf trainer in George Weaver.

Um, just an unexposed type. I really like in this spot. How about you JK? Yeah. For the sake of, of not repeating exactly what you said. I agree with all those things in a horse, that would definitely be an, a type for me. The question I have is with like, Bunyan’s Zach’s, the figures are nice. Three seconds in a row, uh, is this always kind of knocking on the door, but then you start to get the impression that maybe he doesn’t want to pass horses.

He’s one of those horses that I hate seeing in a sequence because you want to toss him. Cause you know, he’s going to take money. Uh, but it’s like, did the light come on and, and, and do you, are you going to be able to sleep at night to know you hit all these other situations? And you let a horse, it was knocking on the door with the fastest figures, beat you, because you wanted to try to be your hero and say that the horse didn’t want to pass horses.

So I’m going to probably need to use the horse, another danger there’s combination that I’ve seen. And, and I got to start programming. My brain Saratoga feels like it’s right around the corner is a cataract, uh, with Eric cancel and David Don. Cause they’ll, they’ll jump up and bite you in a big price. And then they’ve got a great relationship and, and they’ll get some prices home for you.

So he’s a first, uh, uh, first year that I think I’ll consider. It was entered for the maiden special weight. And, uh, in scratch that day now running for a tag, uh, could be a little bit sneaky, a little bit dangerous. I think those are the only three I need at this lower level. I usually look for horses that are, that are dropping.

Um, and there’s nothing that really moved me about that. I guess maybe the, the one that Christophe has sporting art. Who they started, uh, on the dirt and now they’re dropping, but the horse is beach 50 lengths. You don’t see that very often. No, that’s true. All right, JK we’re at a time. So we’re going to abruptly end this edition of the NYRA bets late pick five podcast.

I want to thank you. I want to thank. Scott Coles for coming by. Most of all, I want to thank all of you for listening and tuning in week after week asking us great questions. You’ve really helped get this podcast going off the ground in a really positive direction. And we appreciate that and look to do more of the same as we get into some beautiful weather here in New York.

Gorgeous here today. All right. So what else do I have to say? I have to say that this show has been a production of in the money media. In the money media’s business manager is drew Courtney. I’m Peter Thomas . May you want all your photos? I love spring time in New York spring to

spring time in New York, springtime in New York.

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