Show #44: Preakness Wrap Plus TRF Visit

The 2019 Preakness is in the books and PTF and JK are here to answer all your questions: how good is War of Will? (6:05) Did Warrior’s Charge go too fast? (19:25) What’s next for Improbable? (49:50) Who wins the Belmont? (28:45) Tune in for answers to these and more. Plus, a closer look at the TRF Second Chances through a letter from Tyler, a graduate of the program (55:45). And a visit from TRF’s Kim Weir (60:35).


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  • So agree with you about Pimlico. I went to the Preakness/BES in 1999 and it w as a dump then too (that was the year that the A/C went out and people were literally passing out in the upper reaches of the grandstand). Coming from someone who spent his formative years at Suffolk (known colloquially as “Sufferin”) Downs, I know dumps when I see them. I’ve been to small tracks, like the old EvD, and there’s a difference between “old” and “dump”. Pimlico is a dump. It’s in a lousy location (traffic leaving the track is abysmal) and I agree with Stronach that there’s no point in spending their money on it. If the Baltimore City/County officials want it so bad, let them pay for a complete redo and new traffic ingress and egress. Otherwise, if I were Stronach, I’d go as far as to threaten to dump both LRL and PIM rather than spend one single dollar on PIM. Let’s see how many people want to buy the place.

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