Show 45: Saturday Look Ahead

Jake Ballis of Blacktype Thoroughbreds is here to talk about his latest purchase (27:00). PTF and JK talk about races from WO, CD and SA (39:40). Then Brian Skirka drops by to chat about a stakes-laden Saturday at MTH (54:30).


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Hello. Hello and welcome to the end. The money players podcast. This is show number 45. We are recording it Wednesday night, May 22nd. This is our late week show for the week. Following the Preakness. I am your host, Peter Thomas foreign Italian. Happy to be back with you coming from the Brooklyn bunker once again.

And we’ve got a pretty fun show lined up a little bit later. We’re going to be hearing from Jake ballasts of black type thoroughbreds. And after that, Brian Skurka from Monmouth park. We’ve got some handicapping, Monmouth Churchill downs, Woodbine and Santa Anita, little bit later, but first I’m going to introduce my cohost and we’re going to do a little ask ITM and a little housekeeping as well and asked for that cohost.

You know, I’m talking about he’s the people’s champion, Jonathan kitchen. What’s up JK. PTF was going on. I’m just chilling. I’ve been podcasting for a lot of hours today and I’m trying to figure out what my life is going to look like. You know, my brother Mark for an Italian, getting married in Piedmont next week.

So I’m going to be on the road and over in Italy. So I want to, pre-record a few things, and then we can tack on a few segments, DJ unstable coming out of retirement. He’s willing to help us out. So the show should continue unabated. We’ll see if we can somehow figure out how to get all four shows done next week.

It might require a little extra flexibility from you. Not that you’re not always flexible, but just be warned. It’s a, the craziness is going to continue next week. Isn’t our, in our friend, Quincy Jones, the, uh, the person who gave us the, uh, does national Anthem bet for the super bowl. Isn’t he over there, somewhere in that side of the world?

He is, he is in Lake Como. I believe. I do not think our paths are going to cross. I do know he set an alarm to wake up at two in the morning to watch the Preakness though, such a sicko is he wonder how that went over with his significant other, his significant other gets down. So I probably worked out, Oh, the, the family that gambles together stays together or something like that, something like that.

I want to talk about some of the stuff that you’ve got going on. Oh, one other quick tease. It does look like one of those shows next week is going to be a long form interview with Barry meadow, whose new book just hit the shelves, the skeptical handicapper. Did you ever read the original classic meadow book about money management?

I did it’s it’s like a yellow, yellow. Yeah. It has a very self-published he look it’s from the, and it’s from the day, but it’s a it’s don’t judge a book by its cover. No, it, it kind of was like, I believe it came out before Steve Chris’ book, exotic bedding by a wide margin. Yeah. And it covered a lot of those same topics.

A lot of the, the, the ABC concept of. Of of, of, of, you know, waiting your opinion and having more on this than you have on that. So I do remember that book. It’s a great one. And this is done in partnership in a lot of ways with Ken Massa of HTR. So there’s a massive amount of data queries that go into.

Putting this book together, I’m really eager to talk to him about it and continue the discussion about ways that horse players can use data and our newest partner stats, race lens. We’re going to be talking about them a little bit later in the show. They’re going to come up in an answer to one of our asks, ITM questions, get reading this book, I think is going to give people ideas of the way they can use that product as well.

But really just looking forward to talking to Barry legendary gambler, you know, I’m a big respect, the elders guy. Anyway, all these people who I read and learn from when I’m coming in the game. I always relish the opportunity to sit down and talk with them. We should have a good hour. I think with Barry 45 or an hour, that will be the early week show next week.

Uh, to keep me from having to do a show when totally jet lag. That’s the plan. Anyway, as it stands now, what do you have coming up? Work-wise in terms of your TV appearances, you know, for awhile there, you were rivaling mapper near, you were TVs, Jonathan kitchen. You’ve been quiet for a while, but I heard a little rumor and you know, any spies listening, shouldn’t get too excited, but I heard a little rumor.

You’re going to be on TV a whole lot in the coming weeks and months. I heard you with the spy comment. Um, I am heading back to, uh, to the motherland of Dallas, Texas. Um, I’m going back for lone star. They’ve got a three-year-old turf race, three-year-old filly, turf race, and they’ve, uh, hooked up with the guys at Niara and Fox sports.

And America’s day at the races to, to, to have me there, uh, to cover that probably do, uh, probably do a hit with the cross country, pick five, something like that. And then I w I haven’t seen it released yet. But there’s also supposed to be another racetrack that is going to be covered on this Monday and many, many days moving forward.

But because I haven’t seen it released yet, I can’t say it out loud yet. I’m sure it’s coming somewhere or you’ll just find out on Monday what racetrack that’s going to be, that it’s going to be covered on the Fox sports networks moving forward. So looking forward to getting back to Dallas, always a lot of fun.

Um, and they actually have, and I hope it’s not too late. If you, if you hear this jump online, as soon as you can reach out to Brandon Lee at lone star park, but they’re having a free $2 wind place contest that leads into their next live money contest. I think the top. Five to 10. I don’t want to say exactly people in the $2 wind place will win a thousand dollars entry into their live money contest.

That takes place a little bit later this year. So, uh, definitely a great day to be there. Two birds, one stone. That’s great. And Brandon was on the show talking in advance of the previous contest they ended up doing from what I understand some really strong business don’t know if they were record numbers or not in terms of money, wagered for their contest.

But I would imagine it would have gone close if it didn’t, if it didn’t do that. And this seems like another good opportunity for HorsePlayers. As for you potentially talking out of school about this gig on Monday, be careful JK. You don’t want to get sacked before things really get started here. No the Monday Lonestar, I’m good on that one.

It’s in Belmont. We’ll be covered. It’s the other racetrack I think, is going to be covered as the one that they’ve been waiting to debut. And that’s the one that I don’t want to get. I don’t want to get fired for, uh, for saying that one too early. I crossed on that. Now we have been remiss. We mentioned our t-shirt briefly on another show, but we haven’t really been talking about it enough.

I probably need to create one of those bumper reads to put at the beginning and end of the shows, but I’m really pleased with this shirt, the I’m alive and the pick five shirt. If you’re interested in picking it up, you can simply go to where I’m That is the t-shirt maker that we’ve partnered with.

And I love their stuff in general. I think it’s really a very strong collection. They’ve got an exclusive deal with Baker Mayfield. They’ve got all kinds of cool stuff, but if you want our shirt, which of course you do just use the search function and search for pick five. And if we can get this shirt rolling, right?

Well, we can come up with some other good ones. We can get a, maybe a crush, your soul, or your crush, your soul shirt. We can get a, uh, what else can we get? Uh, you can find me in the paddock bar shirt. We can get up. Uh, uh, this one might be a little bit controversial at the moment. He hasn’t been well received for some of his behavior in the last six months or so, but, uh, or so, but taco for president, uh, we can try to get that one going.

Um, there’s a lot, there’s a lot of shirts on the front. It says, hello and welcome. And on the back, it says, may you, when all your photos come up, that’s a good one. That’s a good to know. How about a JK tries math fails? Oh, I want that one. I might just wear that every day. I might get 40 of them so I can wear it every day at the paddock bar.

I guess I could get seven and clean them, but I might just get 40. It’s easier up there. If you are on that site and you use the promo code, pick five, you will get a 20% discount. Not sure if that’s just on our shirt or on your order. We’ll let you figure that out. But it’s where I’m from. Dot com. Check it out.

There’s a lot of great stuff over there. Yep. For doing a few ask ITM questions JK, before we bring in the guests and then do some handicapping. Let’s do it. All right here is the first one. We had a lot of questions about topical things. That’s why I wanted to get to them. And then we also had one general question.

Let’s do the general question first. Um, listener Mike has a great Twitter handle at allergic to chalk. Uh, Russ says respects our opinion. He relies on daily racing forum for PPS, specifically formulated with trip notes. Any sense if the RF is struggling overall and maybe not viable long-term any suggested alternatives to formulator because of trip notes, et cetera, I would say.

Somebody is asking that question. Cause DRF clearly stripping things down to the bone, presumably looking to sell this year again and referring to the closing of DRF press and DRF tournaments. But I think their core product isn’t going anywhere. And I think you don’t have to worry on the level of, Oh, this is going to go away.

I don’t know. I do know you can export those trip notes. I’m sure if it hits the fan, we will find some way of trying to help people. Find some way of repurposing those trip notes, but this is something that’s very unlikely. I think, I think it’s going formulator in one form or another is going to be around for a long time.

I think you can. I think you, it, it, it may morph, but I don’t think the, I don’t think you’re in danger of losing those trip notes anytime soon. Now that said there are some interesting alternatives in terms of past performance products and especially in terms of ways, as we were talking before about putting horse race queries in and JK, I’m going to let you talk a little bit about our new partners, stats, race lands, and how you’ve been using them.

Yeah. I’ve I’ve uh, yeah, I don’t, I don’t think you have a lot to worry about, and if you do have something to worry about, I really don’t know the answer to the best way to worry about it. So, um, maybe an email to customer service, uh, of a, of a way that you can maybe download those, uh, periodically just to keep them in a folder or file or put them in a cloud somewhere and hope that cloud doesn’t go out of business.

Um, As far as stats, race lens. Um, I’ll be very honest. Uh, I, I think that I always underestimated the product. Um, I, I, I think there was a lot of things that it was, it was, it could do that. I, I didn’t really know or understand. And when I dove in and started playing with it, I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

In fact, it’s like a, it’s kind of a necessary for me now just to, to look at some things. Um, the, the two aim, the things that I think are the most powerful. If you’ve never looked or haven’t looked, you want to dive deeper and look at some, some, uh, some tutorials about it, but there’s the angles. And then the research, um, the angles are, are situations where you can highlight angles that you have found to be successful, such as horses, cutting back from seven to six that were morning line favorites, whatever.

Um, you can be alerted when those horses pop up. Um, you could have negative angles that you can be alerted to. So you get kind of a cheat sheet, an entry sheet at the beginning when you first log in, and it will tell you if, if, if a horse has three negatives, four positives, uh, it can be green or red to let you know that there’s some things there and you can kind of dive in.

It can lead you to some plays that you might’ve missed. That’s the angles version. And that goes very, very deep. That’s the cliff notes version of angles research is probably a little bit more specific to the race itself, um, and, and the horses themselves. Um, one of my favorite things to do there is you can look at the dam, um, and you can set some parameters of, of letting me know every time a dam as, as had an offspring, that’s run on wet turf.

Uh, so if it comes up soft, you can find some angles, some angles there, you can find jockeys, uh, uh, which jockeys Excel the most going six furlongs at Belmont. And you can save those as you can save it as today’s racetrack today’s trip today’s surface, and you can just go back. So anytime you can look to see what’s jockeys lead going a mile and a 16th at Pimlico, or what should jockeys lead going six and a half down the Hill at San Anita.

And you can sometimes find some clues. You can find some, some situations that that can lead you, uh, to, uh, horses that, that are excelling in certain situations, um, and trainers situation blinkers off there. It’s endless. I, I absolutely love the product as a supplement. Now my brain still wants to look at the other PPS that I’ve become accustomed to, and I’m not necessarily encouraging you to, to move.

To, to a different PP. However, I do think that this is more powerful than formulator is in terms of looking for angles, trainer, stats, jockey information. You can’t look those things up about the jockeys on, on DRF formulator. You, you can’t look to see, uh, if, uh, if, if Jose or ERAD is better with a horse on the lead, you can do that in stats.

Raceland and, and we’ll, we’ll do some stuff over the next, uh, next year. So covering a lot of different angles and ways that you can use stats, race lens. Uh, to your advantage. Yeah, we were talking about maybe trying to put together a webinar. Uh, Scott Cole’s name was bandied about as somebody who obviously used stats to great effect in winning the NHC and great news for listeners.

If you use the promo code stats, ITM, you get 30% off all unlimited subscription. So we’re talking monthly, quarterly, annual. So try it for a month. You get a big fat discount. If you like it, if like JK, it becomes something incorporated into your daily play. You get, uh, you you’ll be able to learn this new thing and you get to do so at a discount.

And of course, it’s also helping us out by supporting one of our partners. So do check it out more to come on that. Now we’ll tell you this. Be careful. I mean, you know, I’m a big believer in if Netflix is going to let two people log in at once and go ahead and do it. You, what you don’t want to do is use someone else’s log in to check it out.

Start playing around with it. Start setting things because you’re going to lose all this stuff you do when you get your own. So if I would, I would be clean about it. If you’re gonna, if you’re going to investigate, spend a couple of dollars to make sure you like it, because when you, when you’re playing with it and you’re putting in angles and, and you’re putting in research and you’re doing all these things, it lives on your account in your situation.

And you’ll be very annoyed if you can’t get that, when you decide that it’s a product that you need to have and you can’t transfer it over. All right, let’s move on to a couple of these other topical ones. We didn’t talk about the Gary West, uh, challenge JK that came up. Um, my first reaction was to just be amused by it.

And, uh, he basically said he would put up, I think it boiled down to if he, if his horse maximum security runs against and he listed several horses, I don’t remember who the full run was. He would put up a head to head challenge and he would essentially give odds 1.8 million for the challenger. 5 million on his side.

And if he won the money would be donated to charity specifically. I think it was the permanent disabled jockeys. Fondo certainly a worthy cause I just thought it was far preferable to do something bold and WWE like than it was to continue. Whingeing so on that level, I applauded it. But at, you had pointed out off-air that you saw some potential problems with it.

You want to get into that? Yeah. I mean, I look, I I’ve been guilty of this before, right? Like when you lose, you’re playing Madden with your buddies, jump up and you say, Hey, play me for 500 then  and you know, you know, they’re not going to play you for 500. So then you look like the tough guy because you offered the 500.

Oh, like, I just don’t see it materializing, right? No, one’s going to do this. I don’t think, well, what if it’s erase race? They were going to be in any way you think you, you, they, they still might enter the race and not want to do it. Even with the two to one odds. Well, from what I understand and I could be wrong and maybe we should check, I thought the other side has to put up the 5 million to I thought, Oh, well, that’s a big difference.

It’s a free role. I could not AFRI role, but I thought he, I thought he put out, he said they would have to put up the Derby. It was cheeky. It was the Derby winner and perse amount. Uh, yeah. So look, so here’s the thing. I think, whatever, whether it’s, whether it’s a free roll or it’s a, it’s a straight up head to head bet.

Uh, first of all, he’s not Jonathan and they’re not PTs, so I’d be very careful if I was in the second part about me. And I remind you, nevermind. You have the belt at the moment. I do. That’s another video game. Come back. When someone gets mad, you know, I’m better than you. Well, I have the belt. You’re only as good as your last day.

Um, I do that to Texas a and M fans all the time. We played football last year, we beat them. Um, here’s what I will say is I do believe that it causes some integrity issues. Uh, I wouldn’t want to be, I would not want to be alive for a big score in a race where this was taking place. Um, explain that a little more.

I know. I see where you’re going, but for the listeners who might not. Yeah. Well, if it’s say it’s country, let’s say it’s country house and it’s maximum security. Um, you know, I mean, country house is going to make more money beating maximum security than he is winning the race. Right. And so I I’m concerned that that weird stuff could happen and they it’s like they’re writing their own race inside of another race.

And that to me is like not really something that I would want to be involved in. Cause I don’t really know what to expect there or where to go there. And I just worry about the integrity issues that can come up from a wagering standpoint. When it, when, you know, in that funny business is going on, it probably won’t be happening at all.

The other sort of tough guy element of it is match races, famously favor, the speed horse. You would think he would be maximum security would be out in front, in. Whatever race it was. I mean, I wonder if war of will running so well. And if you were to come back and run well again in the Belmont, if it wouldn’t suddenly seem like a proposition that would be appealing to that camp, but mostly I think this is just something to talk about in a podcast, not something that’s actually going to happen true or false.

True. I mean, it sounds like some wager that I would make, I actually made a, I made a silly wager with, with our friend Craig Berneke on the way back from, uh, from, from the Kentucky Oaks, that was a definitely mint Julep induced. But, um, I made a, I made a wager that a Serengeti impress wouldn’t win again.

And, uh, and it wasn’t cause I don’t think she’s a talented horse. It’s just, it was kind of a cheeky idea. And so anyways, I, I wonder if, if, uh, if maybe Gary West had a bottle of wine, but he’d seen a bottle of wine and then came up with this idea of revenge. Uh, it seemed like it came out in daylight. It was a written release.

So obviously it was proof-read and he must mean business. Well, we’ll, we’ll see what, if anything happens with that, the last question, and I think we can dispense with this quickly, but I do think it’s an important enough issue, um, to talk about to some degree, is this HBO thing, Jonathan, which I’m sure you’ve heard about, am I wrong?

I’m not even going to watch it. I just, I don’t it’s I it’s, it’s apparently a very Frank real sports thing depicting racing in an unfavorable light and it, and it sounds like it’s not that there aren’t some good points made, but there’s just there’s enough fallacies and enough things that I know. I don’t want to see baked into the cake here that.

I just, I’m going to skip it because I don’t want to watch a horror, snuff film. And I, well, I’m not dismissing that there might be some important things, raised things that we’ve talked about on the show. I really feel like bringing, I really feel like using Santa Nita as a jumping off point to talk about these other flaws in the business that is specious.

And I’m also disturbed by, as I was with the New York times piece, the other year of lumping in quarter-horse statistics about slaughter with thoroughbreds statistics. And I just I’m uncomfortable. I’m going to skip it. Am I making a mistake? Have you watched it? Do you have any further thoughts? Are you mad at me for even bringing it up?

No, I, I, uh, there’s a lot of questions. All right. First of all, you and I are different. In this regard, we’ve argued about it. Not, not passionately. We’ve argued about it before. I, if there’s a snake in the grass, I want to see him. It’s why I don’t block people. Well, that’s why I didn’t block people. I would just want to know that there’s a snake over there.

I don’t want to act like it doesn’t exist. You prefer to not give the snake any attention. And so I understand completely like, like the, the stupid, the pig three boy video, you have not and refused to watch it. I wanted to see it cause I wanted to see what those idiots, um,

and so, so when it comes to this, I wanted to know what, what, what the world was seeing. And I wanted to be able to address it when friends or family ask about what they saw. And here’s what I’ll tell you. It was a desperate attempt at shock journalism. It was. Um, they didn’t have the other side of the argument.

They only had some guy that looks like he has kids buried underneath his house. They had, uh, they had like a, a very upset, small tract, small time, probably barely making ends meet vet who was angry. And then they have had like, just like some janky old footage from Mountaineer 15 years ago from an old piece that they did.

Um, and if you haven’t seen it in your squeamish, I wouldn’t watch it because it shows at least 20 thoroughbreds dying. It shows horses hanging upside down, like in a slaughter. It’s awful. It’s just shock. It. It’s a PETA video. It looks like a PETA video and for, for an established in quality program and what is real sports and Bernie who usually does a good job.

And whichever one of the gumball brothers is the host. Like it. It’s normally a really good show. The piece after was about a girl who plays in the w MBA and how she doesn’t go play summer ball to make money. She spends time at home with her, with her, uh, with her disabled sister who has autism and is blind and deaf.

And it’s like the sweet story, followed dislike, junky shock journalism of showing 20 horses dying, trying to push your agenda. Um, they, they, they, the only person that resembled the other side was the jockey club. Uh, they had, they had, uh, they had, uh, a representative from the jockey club who just expressed their desire to, to, to see change.

Um, they had a French trainer on that that says that in her extensive career training, she’s never had a horse die. I call BS. I just do. She’s had fewer than a thousand horses, maybe it’s possible. But I mean, if it’s somebody who’s had thousands of horses, I would, I would tend to think that that would be very unlikely.

I, I told, I’ve told a number of people today. You don’t really need to watch it if you don’t want to watch it because there’s nothing in there, ground breaking, you don’t learn anything new. We know we have an issue. We know that, uh, equine fatalities are unacceptable. We also accept that they are going to happen and it’s our job to minimize them.

And what happened in Santa Anita was unfortunate. And I think that, that it will propel people into making some changes into getting that corrected. The two guys that were ruled off at Santa Anita, um, allegedly what I heard their stories deserve for them to be ruled off allegedly. And that’s a good thing.

Has that been widely reported? JK? I’ve heard some racetrack chat about it, but I didn’t, I hadn’t seen it in the trades. I haven’t seen, I’ve heard they were, from what I’ve seen publicly ruled off. What I’ve heard privately was a reason why and the reasons why it makes sense takes care of their horses. I mean, I think you could say it had to do with not taking proper care of their horses, which is that’s a fair, fair, uh, summary.

No lawyers are going to come after us. Great assessment. You’re making me feel excellent about my decision not to watch it. And I don’t think anybody else needs to either. Do you think anybody would just really quick, would they get what our listeners get anything out of watching it or should they really just be skipped?

No, you get a stomach ache and it, and you know, and the good news is, is that game of Thrones, final season aired Sunday. And I’d imagine a lot of people canceled. So hopefully not that many people saw it last night on HBO. Oh my goodness. 13 million watched that along with us. We’re going to be talking about that with the big a Anthony’s to Beale on the Niara bet show this week.

All right. Good job. Handling that very thorny topic that I didn’t even prep you for. Excellent work JK. And that covers my list here. I think it’s time to bring in our first guest right after this. For 35 years, the thoroughbred retirement foundation has been dedicated to saving thoroughbred race horses, no longer able to compete on the racetrack from possible neglect, abuse and slaughter, the oldest and largest charity in the U S devoted to race horses.

The TRF makes a promise of lifelong sanctuary to those horses, unable to pursue a second athletic career unique within the aftercare industry, the horses of the TRF find their second chance in the role of teachers through the TRF second chances program, which provides vocational training in seven correctional facilities across the U S the program is saving horses and saving lives.

Learn more. At www dot TRF Inc org. And please use the special in the money podcast link to donate TRF Inc org slash players. So this next segment is a combination of things that we regularly have this guest on the show to talk about what’s going on with his operation as he’s one of our proud partners, but it’s also a little bit of a preview of the type of content you’re going to be finding on our other new show.

The, in the ring pedigree podcast, folks interested in. Chatter like this, about the sales. Definitely check that out. We’ve got a lot of cool content. They’re looking to go once a week. At least that’s the plan for now. And we’re having a lot of fun with that. There’s a lot. I think that horse players can learn about the breeding business from listening to the folks on that side of the fence.

But now we are going to bring in the man behind black type thoroughbreds, our old pal, Jake Ballis. Jake, how are you today? Great, Pete. Thanks for having me on looked like you had a busy week there in Maryland. I wanted to bring you on to talk about your experience at the sale and, uh, specifically this new purchase for black type.

Yeah, we were, we were busy. I mean, it was, uh, it was, we could have been busier, I guess if we bought more than one horse, but we’re very excited on the one Philly we did get by the big beast and which he’s a first year sire, the horse breeze really well. Um, you know, after going through 600 horses, uh, you know, involve the vetting that took place.

And we kind of had our eye on her from, from the time she breezed and, uh, you know, we, we paid 230,000 for, and so we’re pretty, we are really excited that she’s going to go to Saratoga. She actually got there this afternoon, George Weaver is going to train her. And, um, yeah, it wasn’t long, long several days and get out bid on some, uh, but you know, she fell right within our price range of what I thought she was going to be.

So I don’t feel that I stretched and overpaid, which does happen in this game, especially in a bidding war. You know, you get some adrenaline going and you kind of feel like you don’t want to, don’t want to lose out on one that you really liked. Uh, but you need to be disciplined and, and hope you don’t, you know, put a cap on the emotional spin and try not to go over that.

Nothing. We do that with her sounds a bit like gambling in that regard in which you can love something, but then, you know, at what price do you love it and you have to make decisions and go from there. How do you equate the two ideas? Yeah. That, that, that is very similar. Um, you know, cause you do fall, you do fall for one, you know, and your fear, your full game, you know, you don’t get this one.

How am I going to get another one? Or am I going to get out, run and out run? Uh, but you still have to be disciplined. There, there are two more sales one’s in California. One is in June. So if we didn’t get her, we would be there working. Uh, but I think we’re, we’re going to be full with our two year olds.

And this year we have three of them. So I am I’m, I’m very excited to get in to get this Philly. We have a cult. Um, and then we have a New York bred coat and now we have a Philly. So hopefully at Saratoga, we can have a three, three, two year olds in three different divisions. Uh, you know, I’ve, I’ve been lucky enough to hang out with you and listen to you.

Talk a little bit about what it is you look for, uh, when you go to the sales, but, uh, for the listeners that might not have heard it. Um, why don’t you kind of walk us through just some of your, your checklist, mental, you know, when you’re, when you’re looking at one physically and, and when it comes to the pedigree and maybe some things that you’re looking for when you’re looking at the workouts, when they’re in these two year olds.

So the, you know, the first thing they look at it, you’re, you’re looking at the video of the horses breeze and, uh, not just the clock, you know, how fast they go, but the, their action are there any wastes that action, how they’re doing it? Um, we have guys on the backside. That are looking at equipment, listening to breathing.

So, you know, you could love something and then come back and say, wow, you’re making a little whistle. And so you’ve got to cross that off your list. So we start with, uh, with the videos and we, we, and we come up with a short list strictly on a video work. Then you go around and you look at every one of those horses on your list and knock a bunch off based on, uh, you know, on physicals.

They have confirmation issues, too small, too big swelling in the knee ankle and et cetera. So you knock horses off that way. Um, the pedigree standpoint at a two year old sale for me is way different than as a year lane. I don’t, I focus much less on pedigree than a two year old sale. I always say it’s a performance based sale.

You can have a most well-bred horse and a two-year-old sale. That breeze is terrible. You’re not going to want it. And yeah, we didn’t have a horse with zero, no pedigree, and you loved the horse. Physically loved the breeze and that’s more important. That’s what we’re trying to do is try to get the best out.

No, obviously if they breeze great pass the vetting and they have the pedigree, they’re going to cost a lot, a lot more money than horses with no pedigree, but it is a performance based sale. So the pedigree is not nearly as important for us now saying that we do the bottom side of there’s a colder mayor.

That’s had 10 horses, a race and agent, none of one or no black type. I would probably stay away from that type of odds are against you. So pedigree does come and play a little bit that way. And then once I, once we start going. Get the list of the horses that we’d liked, physical bedroom, video work physicals.

We come up with that short list, I’ll send the videos to angel Codero on the computer and have him go through the videos to get his opinion of which ones he likes the best. And then we’ll rank them from there and then rank them based on our budget. And then we’ll go do the vet work. And, um, that’s gonna knock off half the horses.

Usually, if not more, you know, with just issues, you don’t want to do a lift or we’re not comfortable dealing with. And then once then you end up with, uh, you know, however many, five, six, seven, three, whatever you can come up with. And, uh, then you hope they fall into your price names without, uh, without going over your budget.

So it does take a lot of time. It’s a lot of work that just kind of summarized it. I hope I did that in, in a good way, but that’s kind of our process, our process. So specifically, I know what comes next. I know that a then you get on group texts with your friends and start coming up with names. But when, when you, uh, this big beast Philly, the Philly that, that you just got a yesterday that, that, um, you’re going to be looking to, to take on some partners on, um, I love the big beast, by the way.

I thought some of his races were just absolutely phenomenal. One of my favorite races of all time, if you hop on YouTube to get you in the big beast mode is the, is the Vanderbilt back in 2015, where Johnny Velazquez dropped the whip and was using the goggles, um, to encourage him. And he just barely got beat by rockfall, but it was one of his best performances ever.

But if I wanted to get involved in this big beast Philly say I had a $10,000, w what would be my steps? What, what would I do? What I do I call you? Do I email? And, and, and what does that 10,000 get me? Or what are we going to do about bills? Obviously, these conversations can get a little bit more in depth when you have people that are interested, but, uh, a quick overview for those who might be interested.

Yeah, you can, you can go to the website, Blackside Send me an email and I’ll respond to that. My phone number is on there. You’re more than welcome to call me and we can go over all the details. Uh, you know, if you had a 10,000, you’ll buy a share into the horse, um, that bills are going to be included for one year.

Um, and, and hopefully the horse would win a race, you know, hit the board. So you’re getting income. So there won’t be a cash call, uh, but there won’t be one for the first year as good that we’ll all be up front and we can go over all the other little details, uh, you know, once just send, send, send an email to me, I’ll call you.

And, um, you know, then plea will, uh, get a big group together. When was Saratoga before they were on. And, you know, I’ll take care of all the tickets and get everybody on the backside and see the horse, talk to George and then et cetera. Uh, but the easiest ways is to get on the website or call me at (713) 540-9000.

You can send me a text, call me or email. I got to ask you about that phone number, Jake, because it’s so unusual. It’s like, it’s like a business’s phone number. It’s actually, uh, one of the only cell numbers I’ve ever heard that can be remembered. How did you, uh, how did you arrange to have an actual memorable cell number?

When I was in college, I switched phone numbers. Well, I was in store and I asked the guy behind the counter. If I can pick my number, he said, no. I said, well, I want something that, that ends in thousand or all eights or something very easy. They just say, come behind the counter. And he just was scrolling through a bunch of available numbers.

And so I saw nine pounds little head and which it was going to everybody. The best part about this story is I can a hundred percent see Jake being like, well, let me, let me, let me pick my number. And he’s like standing behind the counter and he’s hanging out with the guy. Oh, that’s very fun. I want to say one more thing about the, about this Philly and what we ran.

I should have mentioned it earlier, but what we look at is we do look at the stride length on horses and her stride length was 24.9 feet. And on that particular day of the average. For Phillies was 23.2 feet. So it was a big difference on her stride length. And I don’t need to no big stride. I mean, I know the exact footage.

I can just tell that, but I wasn’t a month ago compared to all the other horses and she did have the, you know, the Kofax has work. And then the code the second fastest eighth after the wire work, as well as the second fastest quarter after the wire. So hopefully that means she’ll be able to run fast for a carrier speed a little bit.

We do know we’re getting a sprinter or not a one on acting like we’re going to, we just bought a Kentucky Oaks horse. Um, but we do think we have a very fast Ellison. She had no vet issues for us and, uh, hopefully we’ll be able to run early at Saratoga and have a, have a fun too, you know? Yeah. You can make plenty of money with sprinters that’s for sure.

You mentioned the other two year-olds do you have shares available in them or are those fully booked? And this really is the one right now. You’re you’re still available to bring in some partners on those two are fully booked. Uh, this one, uh, there are shares available on her. And so if, uh, if you are interested, please reach out.

I can go over all the details with you and then, but they wanna, they want to reach out to either one of you guys and y’all put them in touch with me. If they don’t can’t remember the website. That’s fine too. We’re happy to help. We’re happy to be members in this tangential way of the black type team.

And we look forward to seeing you have success at Saratoga and beyond Jake. Thanks so much for taking time out today. JK, did you have one more before we let the big man out of here? I just, he needs to give us 0.5% free because essentially I’m under, I mean, all I do is win grade ones as an owner. So I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to point point, 0.5% for you guys.

Ah, I don’t know how we keep stepping in this stuff and getting involved with these good horses, JK, but I’m but I’m, I’m happy. You’re brazen enough to ask for this crazy stuff. I I’ll happily ride the coattails. All right, Jake. Thank you so much. We will be talking soon. Thanks. All right. J K it’s handicapping time.

We’re going to be having this segment presented by our new sponsor stats, race lens, go to their website. What is their URL by the way? Do you have it in front of you? You know, I actually, don’t what I always do is I just go to Equibase cause that’s always easy. It’s easy. My always pre-populates on my, uh, on my search bar and I just click stats Raceland and right in the top it says it’s right there in the middle of the canvas that works and stats ITM, you get a 30% discount on any of their unlimited plans.

I would advise. Dipping your toe in the water, starting with the monthly and going from there, I’m going to be hearing a lot more about stats Raceland as we go forward. And the first race we’re going to talk about today is the Greenwood stakes at Woodbine. I feel like we should have had Tommy Massis on to talk about Greenwood, the track where he spent so money of his formative years, and I’ve heard a lot of good horseplayer stories from the likes of him and Ray Arsenault.

It’s cool that they’re naming this steak after the old location. This race is on the synthetic. It is a six for a long sprint. The return to the races of pink Lloyd who put together that big string of wins last year. Is it going to be a pink Lloyd or is it going to be one of these others in the Greenwood stakes?

Well, our buddy we had on earlier those ask ITM question, uh, Allergic to chalk you better. You better grab some, some Claritin or Zyrtec. Um, look, I was looking at this horse pink Lloyd. Very interesting. Right. He’s won. Uh, he’s wanted every distance. So our every sprint distance, six, six and a half seven, he’s run at six furlongs 14 times and he’s won 13 of them and he’s undefeated off the layoff and he’s undefeated.

Second off of a layoff. He’s going to get a good inside trip. He’s tactical enough. He can be forward. He’ll sit right in behind all those horses produce one run. Uh, I, I just don’t see how the other ones being that he’s entirely too classy. His figures are faster than most. Uh, the only one I need in this right.

Shine on you. Crazy diamond for JK and the Greenwood steaks at Woodbine. I did want to ask you about one more horse before we move on. On the time form ratings, Sable Island is actually the highest rated horse in the race. What are your thoughts about Sable Island’s chances of pulling the upset. Like I mentioned, with pink Lloyd that horses never lost off the layoff, uh, Sable Island has never won off of the layoff as a two year old.

The first start ran. Second came back in April of the three-year-old re a year, ran third, then eighth, and now he comes in off 188 day layoff. Sure, absolutely. On figures is quality enough to do so. Uh, but uh, I want the horse that I know who’s going to perform well, no workout reports up at Woodbine. And what I’ve always heard is that it’s hard to get fit, uh, training on a synthetic track, even though if you’re gonna be running on one, it’s so harder to get fit for these horses.

So, uh, I don’t see how this one’s gonna get fit enough. Um, to give a pink Lloyd, the second career loss out of 15 starts going six for a long. All right. I’d make a joke. If we ever did politics on this show, I’d make a joke about the name of the trainer on the three. But since we don’t, I’m going to go ahead and skip that.

And we’re going to move on to Churchill downs, couple of stakes races. We’re going to talk about here, starting with race for an overnight steak, uh, the cure Tonna. And it’s not the longest field in the world, but it is a stakes race. And we’ve got enough to talk about, I think that it’s worth a minute of our time.

How did you see this one? Yeah, yeah. You know, another, another Claritin race and others are tech race. Um, but for good reason here, I don’t know what the price is going to be. I’m not really sure cause there’s no morning lines yet, but, uh, there’s a horse that shows up here by the name of gaining. And if you look at gainings last races, he’s obviously trained by, uh, Brad mushy, his excuse me, training by Brad Cox written by Florencia Ru.

The last race was at Caitlin on a yielding surface, uh, was, was seventh early of that race. And he, she was defeated by a filly that was loose and that Philly was icky macho, who was one of the most impressive winners last weekend at Pimlico, um, uh, affiliate that is, you know, formerly placed in super impressive during that race at Pimlico.

She was never losing that race. Gaining was gaining into that slow pace last time. I think she’ll be extremely tough here in this spot. She’s drawn perfectly well. She’ll save a little bit of ground and I’m, if you look at the time form U S figures, uh, her one 19 last time. Is faster than any of these have ever sniffed, um, recently or, uh, or in the past, I guess a Peru came out of that comes out of the same race, um, was a little bit closer to the one 19.

I don’t see how gaining gets beat here. Um, if another horse beats or I’m not going to be able to find that horse. Uh, so I would single an early and early picks and, and things like that concerned about the pace. I mean, I would almost be concerned about the pace, but I do like the fact that on time form, at least you’ve got the one in the six potentially tangling early.

And the other thing that gives me confidence that gaining could still get it done is wow. That was theoretically a set up according to pace figures that should’ve flattered, maybe a late run a little bit, really not that slow. When you look at being four and a half lengths off of a red coated, one 30, two early, maybe gaining we’ll just be in the perfect spot anyway.

But I did want to just clarify if you had any concerns about that, because I think if gaining gets beat, it would be the pace. I completely agree that pace is always a tricky situation. Here’s what I’ll say is you’re right. Uh, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of pace in the race, the one overthinking, the six gentle ruler or the two that time form us.

Suggest that we’ll be forward. Neither one of those horses has ever been on the lead and the first two calls of any race. So the fact that like I’m supposed to now expect that they’re going to be aggressively written, tactically, get to the front, have you know, there, then they’re going to, you know, shut off after being asked to get there and then finish, uh, out finished a horse that I think is clearly better on figures and on, on class and on previous trip.

Uh, I can’t find my way there all I need. All right. I like it. Let’s move on to the grade three winning colors much later in the card that goes as race 10 at five 26. How did you see this one? You know, this is a really tough race. Um, and, and I kind of gravitated towards a horse that was mentioned on the show.

AUSTRAC obviously. She’s likely to be favored here and should take a lot of money. She won on Derby day, those horses, uh, the names get remembered. A lot of people were paying attention. She’ll probably be bet back here in 22 days since her last race. But a horse that I thought was pretty interesting was a horse coming in off of 265 day break and a trainer change.

And that’s classy act. You know, we saw classy act. Last year, uh, she was participating in the Kentucky Oaks trails. You, you know, she ran in, uh, the Rachel Alexandra, the fairgrounds Oaks, and, and then also in the Kentucky Oaks, then they did the old move where you give up on the, the, uh, the two turn dreams and you start to cut back.

And, uh, she ran well going seven here at Churchill. She, she won in her first race back with a one 20 time form. She comes back at Belmont, going six and a half and goes one 21. And then she just kind of goes sour after the test and then prior S um, and then for whatever reason, there was a switch from, from Brett Calhoun who has a great relationship with the owner.

Carl, Carl Moore. I believe he actually won a breeders’ cup race with him. So the switch to Joe Sharp is interesting. Um, you know, but schizo shows up here, the horse can finish the horse, obviously has some class with the ability to, to be involved in some of those two turn races. And I think she could be one, that’s gonna be a little bit forgotten.

Um, coming into this race and she’s drawn in a good position. She should be able to sit right in behind, uh, behind the speed, if not get out there on the front end. Uh, she might’ve learned her lesson over the last 265 days about being so aggressive. I don’t think she necessarily has to be on the lead. Uh, but she’ll definitely get into a good position if she is forward.

You hearing anything about how she’s doing. I’m not, you know, unfortunately there’s not a lot of workout information when it comes to, to the Kentucky race track, uh, DRF will do something usually for Keene Lynn they’ll do a DRF. We’ll usually do something leading into Churchill. Um, uh, those are kind of where I restrict myself when it comes to looking at workout reports.

But I think the, you know, if you’re playing in, you know, the race itself exactly as tribes, the tote board should give you a clue, um, on how the horse is doing. But I think the horse makes a ton of sense with some back class now, as a four-year-old should have probably grown up quite a bit, obviously got a lot of time off.

It has had a lot of work leading up to this. Right. Um, kinda got back going, I think maybe in early March and is, has just been kind of consistently, uh, getting around there and, and, uh, I think she’s going the right direction. You make a compelling case. I’ll just cast a tepid vote for divine queen. And here, I just thought she might trip out obviously way too deep.

Last time, 75 to one in the grade one. Back in a field where I still think I’d like to think you’re going to get a decent price and with a lot of speed signed on one who I think wants to run through the lane and maybe that’ll help. That’s just another I’d consider, including in your exotic ex. And with that, we’ll move on to a couple of races at Santa Anita.

Our schedules, unfortunately, are not going to allow us to talk about the gold cup, which is a Monday race. Unfortunately, it’s just not going to draw till Friday. I’m going to be halfway out of the country by then. So we’re not going to be able to do anything with that, but we do have, there are three stakes races that Santa’s needed.

You want to look at all of them or you want to just look at the grade twos. No, we can do all three. And then there’s the, the, the gray three Dane Tona that I think used to be run at six and a half down the Hill. But they’re obviously not doing that at the moment. So we’ll, we’ll hit that going to quick five for longs.

And then we’ve got, uh, the grade twos on the dirt. We can get to it a little bit later. Take it away. My friend, who is your view in the Daytona. Well, I think it’s interesting that  shows up here. You know, he’s always one of those horses that was trying to two turns and he ended up being a good sprinter. Uh, but I don’t know much about, uh, where he’s going to come from the, the, the, as a turf horse.

Um, uh, he kind of comes from out of it time form, suggest that the pace is going to be entirely fast. I don’t really like closers going five, especially horses that look like seven Furlong Furlong types. Don’t fall in love with the name, just because you recognize it. What’s on the agenda is going to be my topic time form has the horse loose, uh, he’s won, uh, or, you know, he’s won sprinting at Santa Anita before.

Obviously it was down the Hill, but he’s been competitive, uh, going five before they, they thought enough of them, uh, to get them into a race at keen Lynn last time, going five and a half with a little bit of cut in the ground. And not sure he loved that, but the two races down the Hill this year at Santa Anita with a one 21 and the one 25.

Forwardly placed down the Hill trips. I think he could be extremely tough, gets, uh, one of my favorite jockey names to say in the world I get Pito DelGaudio drawn outside, gets to check out what’s going to happen here. I think what’s on the agenda could be extremely tough with what looks like a pretty good pace.

Let’s fast forward to race seven, the grade two Winningham old friend turns up here. J K Ashley loves sugar. The eight year old warrior. Will it be his day or one of his rivals? I’ll tell you what I, I always get excited when I see a world horse players, tour, alumni, horse showing up. I feel like, I feel like I’ve said Ashley loves sugar 197,000 times.

And probably 194,000 times I’ve assumed that Ashley loves her, was a girl. I was going to make that joke if you didn’t. So I, I appreciate them. I appreciate them, uh, you know, making it as complicated as possible for me. Look, I think prime attraction coming back here is interesting. I know that he was primed, you know, no pun intended sitting on a big race last time, he’s tactical going a mile and a quarter.

Um, you know, he’s, he’s had some races over his time that suggests that that shouldn’t be an issue ran second in the John Henry going a mile and a quarter and he’ll be out there loose. And I think that Kent is dangerous on the front end when he finds himself there. Uh, I think the surface last time at Churchill, the competition at Churchill probably were a little bit too tough.

Prime attraction makes the most sense to me. Uh, we had, uh, fortunate enough if you haven’t had a chance to listen to our, in the ring, Uh, PA uh, pedigree podcasts that we’ve, we’ve also been, you know, recording. Uh, I’ll be rooting for United a little bit, our buddy Alex. So Lisa came on and was gracious enough to share a L and J Fox woods has that one for Richard Mandela.

Um, nice figure last time, uh, going a little bit shorter, but the Giant’s Causeway makes me feel like a little bit further along. Uh, wouldn’t be a problem for that one. So I think that one could present a little bit of value, nice time for them figures there last time, one 18, and there could be an improvement with that extra ground, my top going to be prime attraction.

Okay. Makes perfect sense with that pace advantage potentially. Let’s move on to the grade two, triple bend, going seven on the main who gets us out here. This is going to be a workout report raised for me. Um, there’s two horses that obviously I have contracts based on their trainer to, to be interested in wagering on, and that would be American Anthem for Bob Baffert who came back at, uh, at Churchill and had a really nice figure ran well that day.

Um, going the, the one turn mile, I’m going to cut back to the seven and then also Nero the horse that I probably bet the most money on and never seem to win. Um, Nero leading up to the Malibu was like the freaky workhorse type. And I know he’s always kind of had some issues with, uh, not physical issues, but mental issues with, uh, you know, he’s, he’s the horse that was famously written at Del Mar by Martine Garcia, where it feels as if someone put, pulled the horse up or it would, might’ve been the horse or might’ve been Martine.

Um, and he’s always just kinda been quirky since then. He’s got the job done. He’s drawn better than American Anthem. I’m gonna try to get out of this race with one of those two it’s Bob Baffert, it’s seven for longs. It’s a graded stake. One of those two is the one for me. Obviously you have to be aware of SIS drawn with.

Uh, John Sadler who ran extremely well in his first dirt start in, in quite some time. And he’s one that, that I think could be a little bit dangerous, but I, I liked the fact that Baffert Scott to here. He could be aggressive with one of them and, uh, and be a little bit more passive with the other. And one of them will end up getting a good trip.

So you’ll have both on your tickets and you may press one or the other based on the workout report information that you get a little bit later on. Whoop. There it is. All right, JK. You’ve done enough for one day. I think you’re now into your fourth hour of broadcasting. Uh, for me, I’m going to go into our five coming up right now with our next guest.

And now I’d like to welcome back to the, in the money airwaves, our friend, Brian Skurka of Monmouth park. Brian, how are you today? I’m doing great. Thanks for having me again. So you’ve got a loaded looking card on Saturday with four stakes races, and you’ve also got a big deadline coming up. I think we’ll start with the latter.

Pick your prize entries have to be in. You can’t leave this to the last minute. You can’t be walking up with cash or trying to write a check. You’ve got to register, tell people how they can do that and what the deadline. Yep. So the deadline is Monday, Monday, May 27th Memorial day. The contest itself is Saturday, June 1st, but because of the nature of the, this contest where there’s a literal prize board, and obviously the prices are determined by how many people we get.

Uh, I don’t allow any walk-ups and you have to be preregistered by this Monday, May 27th. So to do so, uh, easiest way is probably just to call me. Uh, (732) 571-6595 is my number. Just call me, I’ll fill out all your information. You have to pay. The half of the $2,000 is your entry fee. So you have to pay that ahead of time.

I can take credit cards and then the other half for your bank roll, you pay the day of the contest in cash, but easiest way, just give me a call, but I just don’t want people to forget. You do have to pre-register for this one. By this Monday coming up, we do not want anybody to be left out in the cold.

It’s a great opportunity. I would say it’s fair to say. You can double your bank roll and be in pretty good shape to get something up on that prize board. Is that, is that accurate? Would you say. Yeah, pretty close. I think last year, if I’m not mistaken, the 23rd place finisher, I believe got an NHC seat.

And from his starting bank role of a thousand dollars, I think he finished with about 2300. So roughly if you double your bankroll, you’re at least in contention for some sort of prize you’re you’re right there in shouting distance. So you certainly don’t have to, um, You know, get too crazy here to be in a position to win NHC seat.

It’s it’s pretty much one, one for 10 or close to it. Last year we had 205 entries in 20 NHC seats. So, um, selfishly, this is, this is one of the better opportunities to qualify throughout the year if there ever was one. I mean, and that’s not selfish. That’s, uh, it may, it might be selfish, but it’s also objective fact.

So I have no problem with you saying that. And I would say if you’re in this part of the country and you have any interest at all in the NHC, this is, it’s a terrific way to get your money in. Good and get there. And the prize pool goes way beyond just NHC seats. So check it all out. Get involved. I would love to be there.

I’m going to miss it for the first time in about five years as I have, but I have a very good excuse with my brother getting married in Italy. So I don’t know. I will get down there very soon. I’m not going to be a pickier prize. Unfortunately. Heck maybe I’ll get that down there. As soon as this Saturday to check out these stakes races, whereabouts to talk about, and it starts with race five, the John J.

Riley, we’ve got a field of seven going six furlongs on the Monmouth dirt. You have a strong opinion in this one, Brian. Uh, I, I wouldn’t say strong, I have two horses I’m looking at, um, one. Um, so, so probably the, the horse to beat and the horse that I probably will. We’ll, we’ll try to beat that one with, um, you know, without seeing the morning line, I would have to think of matter of time, uh, is going to be the favorite in there.

Switching back to Jason service kind of looks like so new farm is the owner of the source, and he’s been, they’ve been swapping them back and forth. He looks like he runs a Charlestown with Jeff Bronco in the winter, and then he comes to mom with park being a Jersey brother and runs with Jason service in the summer.

And last year that seemed to work quite well for this source who was four for a three, for four at mom at the only non when was the second place finish over the slop. So it was a perfect three for three over a fast track, all against Jersey breads here at Monmouth park last year, culminating in the wind and the Jersey breeders handicap, which is the biggest stakes race for sprinters, uh, for Jersey bread.

So this horse, you know, certainly likes Monmouth park, having Jason service. Be his conditioner is certainly no detriment, especially here at mama thought. I think that’s the horse to beat. I’m interested by the horse, just to that. One’s inside Royal earn, uh, who’s dropped. He is a Jersey bread, but running all of his races, you know, in Florida, mostly for trainer Michelle, knee-high, who’s here stabled at mama’s for the first time this year.

Just if you go through a lot of, kind of differences in this horses, running lines, you know, there’s sloppy races going short. There’s a racist long on the turf. There’s a race in the jockey club at Churchill. That’s sloppy going two turns. So this horse has only run once. Sprinting on a fast, main track. It was his debut down at Gulf stream.

Obviously you’re going to open company and the source one. So now against Jersey, bread’s going to get a fast track sprinting. Uh, I’m going to try for a minor upset here. They had to think that this horse was at least okay. After again, that maiden debut, when down at Gulf stream, they shipped him right up to Churchill for the grade three.

Iroquois. So they had to think that this horse has some talent and has run in one, two, three, four, five stakes races over his career. So be interesting to see this one drop into state bread company for the first time and get a fast track. I love that subtle class angle there for sure. You know, on raw numbers, you can see why Royal learn is six to one on the morning line, which actually just came through as opposed to a matter of times two to one, but as, as terrific as services and as much as he wins at Monmouth, it seems like he’s not on one of his hot spells at the exact second.

Maybe it’s an interesting time to try to take them on with a horse like Royal earn. I certainly liked that idea. And I have to do a little bit more digging into that, but I, but I like your angle for sure. The next stake race is on the grass. Looking ahead to the weather, it looks like we should knock, knock beyond the turf on Saturday.

It’s the boiling Springs going a mile and a 16th on the green for three-year-old fillies, always kind of an interesting division and one where chaos has been known to happen once in awhile. How do you see this one playing out? Uh, I see this as a great race. It’s a field of 11 with one also eligible. So it should be a full field, regardless, as you said, the weather knock on wood is supposed to be perfect this this weekend.

So it should be pristine racing conditions. And even if you just look at the trainers to start, you know, in this race, Chad has to, Todd has to Graham motion. Bill Mont has one on the second page, Arno Del cor. I mean, th this could easily be, you know, a graded stakes race. And right now it’s just a list of 75,000, but, you know, horses up and down that have been coming out of big time races with big pedigrees and big connection.

So, um, a really, really tough race. You should get a price no matter where you look, I’m interested in kind of two horses, um, ready to tango is one and then a horse more towards the outside Karama. Uh, another, the one thing that I’ve kind of noticed so far in, in the first few days of the mom with park season is speed on the turf has, has been doing really well.

Um, you know, no real. You know, bias or any way on the dirt course, you know, predominantly, I would say Monmouth park is known. You’d rather be closer to the pace and further off in that that’s still true this year, but, but I, I wouldn’t say it’s, it’s playing too severely, but I have noticed that speed on the turf.

Uh, so far it has been doing quite well. So I was looking for horses to be a little bit closer to the pace in this race. And those were the two that I kind of landed on a combination of ready to tango in Karama, ready to tango. I love Jose Loscano on the grass, really, really in any situation, especially in a situation like this when there’s no clear pacesetter, I don’t think so.

You’re looking for one of those horses that might have some tactical speed. Who’s going to end up on the lead. Usually Loscano likes to be aggressive coming out of there coming out of three sprint races. You know, the last two on dirt, his debut was, or excuse me, her debut was on turf down at Gulf stream.

She ran a 78 buyer when finishing cleared that day was, which was her best. By, or by far, actually, she’s kind of been going downhill on the dirt, even though she wasn’t last time. But from a figure standpoint, her turf race was her best. It’s Todd Pletcher obviously. And I think this one coming out of those sprint races and posted more towards the inside as opposed to ramen might end up on the lead Karama.

I mean, I didn’t even have to look up the pedigree to know that this one is, is. Destined for turf. I mean, kitten’s joy, obviously the sire, and then there’s a bunch of horses that I can’t even pronounce their names. So that says turf, you know, all over the place for me. Um, she want her debut wire to wire gold stream.

It was relatively close last time. So I think getting to turf and stretching out, she might be close to the pace too. Um, they might even just be the best two horses in the race, you know, putting aside their tactical position. So they were the two I was looking at, but I mean, Chad Brown has two that the four horse claws won her debut first-time medical stream.

And then was actually the favorite was, was eight to five last time out in the grade two Appalachian at Caitlin. So this was a big drop in class for her. I think a lot of ways you can go, uh, I’m going to go some combination of ready to tango and Karama. Does look pretty darn interesting. Um, and yeah, I know what you mean about those Shadwell female families.

Sometimes they definitely need a pronunciation guide. Um, the time form pays projector actually has Karama clear, which I thought was interesting and definitely increases the amount that I want to look at her and the last race, little trouble at the start, and then sort of hustled up into, uh, into numbers that were coded red on time for him.

I definitely think there’s a lot of ability there. The six to one morning line and five to one on ready to tango. You got some square prices there. And definitely, I think you’ve identified a couple of, uh, runners of real interest, but as you point out, you could use a lot of different ways you could go in there.

Definitely, uh, definitely a pretty cool race from a betting perspective. And with that, we’re going to move on to race nine, the Salvador mile, and we’re going a mile on the dirt here appropriately enough. We’ve got a field of nine morning line. Favorite is sunny Ridge. Where did you land Brian? Uh, I landed towards the outside, this, this, uh, unlike the last turf race we just talked about.

There’s plenty of speed in this race. I mean, geez. I’m Jim is clearly, unless something happens at the gate, a source is going to be in front a motor and right along, and then there’s a couple horses, uh, elsewhere in here who should be pretty close. So, uh, I wanted a closer in here. I thought. Even though he’s been on the lead the last couple of times, I thought bell Harbor was very interesting coming back here to mom for Todd Pletcher, Joe Bravo, you know, any horse that Joe Bravo was on at Monmouth, um, you know, he moves up at least half a link just by having Joe Bravo on him.

I’m sure he could probably could probably like outline every crevice of the mom with park racing surface in his sleep. He just makes every right move here. Uh, uh, Bentall hovered won the sapling here back in 2007. And his only start here at Monmouth. Park. And like I said, even though he’d been closer to the pace the last few times, I’m looking at the race for back at Keene Lynn when he rallied from mid-pack.

And then, like I said, even going back to the sapling when he won from third or fourth position that day, there’s just, there’s no way he’s getting close to the lead with some of the other speed horses in here. I think that the outside draw Bravo was going to settle him back a little bit. He’s going to be in a good pouncing position and the hopefully be moving up front of them, uh, in front of him.

Diamond King was interesting too. Um, for a used somewhere bell Harbor will probably be my bet. Uh, I got to look at diamond Kings. I think he might be the best horse in the race. I’m just not sure what trippy is going to get being drawn inside. Um, all of the other speed, diamond things, the horse who likes to be.

Close, you know, you set the pace on the Charlestown classic. Last time he sat just off of it at Gulf stream and his last two races of last year in those grade threes, he set the pace. So I don’t think he’s certainly not a need the lead and he’s not going to get it. Um, but if, if he’s able to settle, maybe sit, you know, third or fourth, I think he might be the best horse in the race, but I’m going to try bell Harbor with a closing victory, hopefully in the Salvador mile, before we pass through this race entirely, I definitely want to put in a word for sunny Ridge.

I mentioned before about service and his form, you know, by this the ninth race on the day. We’ll see if he’s right back in the midst of another hot streak, if he is, or honestly, even if he isn’t sunny Ridge, I think is one, I wouldn’t be too keen to leave off of tickets just because as you pointed out with the speed signed on, it looks like we might have the best closer with a, with a fast pace here in sunny Ridge.

So I wouldn’t be shocked to see some better things from that runner. And now we’ve got another graded stake back on the green stuff. The grade to Monmouth going nine panels and a field of eight signed on Almanar your morning line. Favorite? Who’s it going to be? Uh, that is exactly who it’s going to be.

I’ve always liked the source, Alma, NAR, I think this race, everything about this race to me hit them right between the eyes. I love the distance for him last year was a, a weird year as, as a, as a big fan of this source. You know, I, I love this comeback race in the allowance race. Um, I like the try in the Arlington million.

He ran great. I wasn’t sure going in if a mile and a quarter was going to suit him, but he still ran a great race, cutting them back to a mile. And I never liked that distance for him. I thought it was too short. I always thought he was kind of a mile and a 16th mile and an eighth kind of horse. So this is that it’s a mile and an eighth.

He’s always been affirmed turf. A horse for me, you know, the last three races of last year and he didn’t run any good in any of them that were all listed as good turf courses. They all had some moisture in them. So I’ve had, Almanar, like I said, being a fan of his I’ve had him marked as kind of a middle distance mile on a 16th mile and an eighth from turf course horse.

That’s what he gets today. He gets Joe Bravo, which as I said earlier, you know, moves them up. You know, Bravo on bell Harbor probably moves them up. Half a length on the dirt, Bravo on the turf might move a horse up a length. He just, he’s unbelievable whether it’s, you know, cutting the corner or making the move at just the right time or, or in the stretch he’ll dip in to take advantage of the gap there and get him.

He’s unbelievable. Winning these races. He’s like, he’s he wins the United nations every year. Um, so I love the hometown, Joe Bravo being on him. Um, and it’s Almanar for me, but, but it’s, it’s certainly, I mean, this race is wide open to, um, the, the one horse monarchs, Glen looks really interesting to me. He looks exactly like the winner of the 2015 mamma stakes with a horse named triple threat who was making his us debut for bill Mount that day.

Monica Glenn ran, um, I guess that’s the day before the Oaks. Um, so this is, we can start in the U S but, but Lascano shipped into, to ride triple threat. In 2015, it was for bill Mott has European PPS look very, very similar. Um, the, this source is a must use for me as well. And so I’m already two horses in, I haven’t even mentioned synchrony who, who basically dominated the mom with turf course last year.

Uh, I do think it’s interesting though, that Bravo Bravo was on Almanar, uh, instead of synchrony, um, you know, so those three, probably in that order for me Almanar is going to be a big T on top. Like I said, I just think this race is, is exactly what he, he wants really. He’s going to get from turf, the perfect distance and Bravo, but I could also see a situation where I’m totally wrong.

And one of the speed horses. You know, kind of takes advantage of, of a slow pace. As I said, speed has been playing well on the turf. Um, you know, Mark it off could be that horse. He’s kind of been on slow paces. The last couple of times, I’m hoping that a combination of up the ante and Irish straight, who are, who have been relatively close to the patient and their, their races, keep it honest and set it up for, for the closers.

But all three of the horses that I mentioned, monarchs, Glen Almanar and synchrony, they’re all closers. So if a situation exists where you Mark it off is able to do what he did in the, in the muni that fairgrounds to back and just walk on an easy lead. It’s going to be tough for the closers, but I’m hoping, as I said that up the ante Irish straight, keep them honest and it sets it up for some of the closers for me, led by Alan.

I actually misspoke. So attracted to Al Minnaar was I that I said he was the morning. My favorite is actually synchrony who did have an excuse, I think on that, uh, sort of. Odd playing Churchill turf back over Derby weekend. But for me, you’ve already made most of the points about monarchs Glenn. I’ll just throw in a note about the trip kind of walked out of there last time, seven wide just really ran pretty darn well to be beaten only three and a half.

If that eight to one of the morning line or even anything over five to one became a reality. I might key some stuff around monarchs, Glen being somewhere just from a value point of view, but it’s a quartet of really interesting bedding races and something that should really be on all of our listeners radar when they’re going through the form for Saturday’s races.

Anything else you’re looking forward to this weekend out at Monmouth park, Brian. Oh, we got a they’re keeping me busy this weekend. So we got, like I said, we got pick your prize preregistration closing on Monday, we got the really good card. This is, but this is by far our best card of the year. We have, we have 13 total races.

This is race day. Six, I guess it is for us, you know, but by far, this is, this is our best card. It’s a really, really good card, best card. Actually. I’ve seen this card in a very long time and there’s not relatively speaking. There’s not that much going on nationally. You know, we’re kind of between triple crown races.

So I would really, you know, if you’re looking for something to play, um, Saturday and the, and the whole weekend really give, give us a look. We’re going to have some really good races. And if you’re anywhere within driving distance, um, we have, uh, our biggest event of the year, the Jersey shore food truck festival is here Saturday, Sunday, Monday with over 40 food trucks.

So, uh, they’re keeping me nice and busy, but this is why we wake up every morning for weekends like this. All right. Great stuff, Brian, thank you very much for your time today. I want to thank Jonathan Kenshin of course, for his contributions to the show, Jake ballasts as well of black type thoroughbreds.

Most of all, I want to thank all of you for listening. You make the show so much fun to do, and Hey, if you. Want to support us, support our partners like Brian and Jake, uh, good people doing great work in and around the game. We appreciate it very much. This show has been a production of in the money media in the money media’s business manager is drew kokanee.

I’m Peter Thomas foreign, a towel. May you went all your photos.

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It’s a great opportunity for contest players and just a lot of fun up there. And we’re going to be having fun with them throughout the year. Special guests and deep analysis. Thank you so much for listening to the end, the money players podcast, and we hope you support our new partners Woodbine for more information, check out

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