Show 45: Saturday Look Ahead

Jake Ballis of Blacktype Thoroughbreds is here to talk about his latest purchase (27:00). PTF and JK talk about races from WO, CD and SA (39:40). Then Brian Skirka drops by to chat about a stakes-laden Saturday at MTH (54:30).


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  • I’d be at the front of the line for the “you can find me at the paddock bar” t-shirt.

    One question: I would gladly pay extra for a t-shirt made in USA. They don’t cost that much more. Any chance of getting a limited edition? (no, I didn’t vote for Trump, but I do believe in helping our countrymen when we can).

  • I have been a STATSRaceLens user just about from the beginning. I absolutely love it and it’s even more helpful when looking at the “small tracks” (EVD, WRD – I’m a degenerate). Has STATS commented whether the ITMdiscount includes those extedning existing subscriptions? I doubt it, but I thought I’d ask anyway.

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