Show #2: Friday, December 28, 2018

Merry Christmas, everybody! I’m still hanging out on Long Island. JK is back on Planet Texas in between his trip to Santa Anita for Opening Day and his trip to see his bro play on NYE in London (#whatalife). This morning we actually recorded material for our next two shows. On today’s, we review the events of Opening Day and have a little fun. We also recorded the raw material that will be the basis of Monday’s Eclipse Awards preview show where we give our early thoughts.

Christmas itself was a rousing success, culminating in the photo you see above. In addition to receiving many fine gifts, Perrin and I went two out of three falls. In the first, she got me with a small package. Next we traded pins via Tony Atlas-style military presses, so Perrin got her hand raised this time around. Now I just have to explain to my six-year-old that she has to put me over at the Pay-Per-View next month.

In other news, the new pod has hit the ground running, with extremely strong numbers. Thanks to all of you for listening, downloading, and telling your friends about the show. Just to be greedy, I’ll also ask you to leave reviews in any appropriate places to help others find the show.

Speaking of which, you can subscribe on iTunes here and Spotify is another option some listeners may want to check out. The Soundcloud link will be embedded below.

And as always, many thanks to DJ Unstable for his continued tech assistance — only a foal would believe we could find a better producer who’d work only for equine-related puns.

May You Win All Your Photos!



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