Show #20 – Friday, March 1 (Jake Ballis of Black Type Thoroughbreds)


“Jake Ballis of Black Type Thoroughbreds joins to talk about getting started in the horse business, plus what’s happened in his career so far as a bloodstock agent and owner. Jake sticks around to go over all nine graded stakes races at Gulfstream Park on Saturday with PTF and JK.”


In case you don’t know the song that gave Jake’s horse, Join in the Dance, his name. Check it out (was a Pete Sr. favorite):

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You’re listening to the, in the money players podcast. Hello and welcome to the, in the money players podcast. This is show number 20. It is March already Friday, March 1st to be specific. I’m your host, Peter Thomas foreign and town. Back with you in the Brooklyn bunker. Once again, this day ahead of a loaded day of steaks at Gulf stream park.

We’re going to be talking about just about all of them over the course of the next hour, joining me to do so. First up we have the usual co-host on this program, gave them the day off the other day with Tommy Massis on the line. There just wasn’t room for this guy. He is back on the planet, Texas. I don’t know where in the planet, Texas from the background noise.

I was hearing when we were sound checking. I assume there’s a story there. I’m talking of course, about the most electrifying man. In handicapping, the people’s champion, Jonathan kitchen. What’s up? My man. PTF. What’s the word? Yeah, I’m a, I’m over here at a coffee shop here in new Braunfels and, uh, you know, all my Fridays, I take Austin to school.

I just hang out down here instead of driving the hour back and forth. But, uh, I guess everybody wants to be on the radio cause everyone’s back here in the room on that now, but it’s all right. As the excitement. Let’s see if they, who do you like in the fifth? Oh, you don’t know? Okay. Well, there are no help.

This is, we’ve had some weird ones. The show that I did sitting shotgun in Sean Boardman’s car, driving to Cincinnati comes to mind, but this might be one of our biggest challenges broadcasting wise yet, but JK will bring you in when we need to bring you in. The good news is the burden of talking to me for an hour is shared this week.

And it’s shared by. I man, I’m very excited to have on going to become a regular on here. And we talk about them all the time. I don’t know if he’s ever formally appeared on this show. He’s done some seminars with me. He’s been on the Steve Beck show. I’m talking about a guy with a background in thoroughbred ownership.

In fact, he runs the black type thoroughbreds ads partnership. Hang on, let me fix that. He runs the black type thoroughbreds partnership. He’s been an owner for awhile. He’s got great stories to tell and a fine handicapper in his own. Right. Jake, Ballis welcome to the show morning, Pete. Thanks for having me.

I appreciate it. And where are you? You, you, you sound like unlike the other guy on the show, you figured out how to get to a place where there wasn’t 17 things going on to record. It’s pretty easy just to sit in your car and pull over and you haven’t noticed. Yeah, I mean, I’m in Ocala. I just left the

babies train and I’m on my way to go through him for the fountain of youth and a racist Sunday and back to accounts. The starts next week since you brought it up, uh, this spot on Sunday, the horse on Sunday looks pretty interesting. What can you tell us about this one? Well, he w we paid a decent amount of money for him as a yearling.

It’s taken us a little while to get him to the races. He had some bone bruising as a two year old. Uh, got him back to George Weaver, uh, back in November. And, uh, debut amount of 16th on a turf. We’re really excited about him. Uh, we think he has a bright future and, uh, you know, with a little bit of racing luck, especially on the turf, he’s going to think he’s going to run big Sunday.

It’s only an eight horse field, which is a little bit surprising what these, uh, you know, maiden specials on the turf. Usually you get a bigger field in that. No, Chad Brown has one in there and obviously. Uh, it should take money and I will probably be the horse to beat to get them going and, uh, have a good year with them.

You talk about George Weaver. I know you have a long standing relationship with him. That’s also turned into a friendship. What goes into choosing a trainer and what brought you into George’s barn? That’s a good question. There’s a lot of variables and especially I see when you have partners, a lot of people have different opinions and, um, yeah, I think you need to choose the trainer that you feel is right for that horse.

If that makes sense. Uh, you know, a lot of trainers, it’s a program. They all go through the same program and kind of this strong survive type deals. Uh, so with George. I know I’ve been around at the bar and he’s an unbelievable caretaker. He treats every horse out of the individual. Uh, if there’s a, if there’s an issue he will back off in time before it becomes a bigger issue where, you know, other trainers may just try to press on and some horses, some horses don’t and you have to go to the farm for, you know, for a setback.

George is very easy to communicate with, which if you’re in partnerships, people want communication. That’s the number one complaint. With my partners and others that I’ve spoken to. And when this day and age with all the, you know, videos of the works and all the public on the computer with, you know, PPS and, you know, XB TV.

Now there’s a lot more info out there where back in the day, you didn’t have that. You just relied on the trainer telling you whenever you talk to him. Uh, so communication is the number one. The, in my opinion issue with, you know, owners and trainers. And so with George, I had that communication, as you said, we’re we are friends, but I think he does a really, really good job.

You know, he’s always hovering around 20%. He’s never, you know, he’s, he’s had a lot of success without having the real big time, uh, you know, expensive sell horses. And, you know, if you have a, if you have a horse, that’s very, very precocious that you think is going to be limited in distance, you know, you may want to choose to go to it’s just as an example, Wesley ward who wins all the two year old races.

Right? Sure. So if you have that kind of horse that, you know, on the farm, maybe you choose a D you know, I’m not saying George can’t do that, but the question was, how do you select trainers? So if you have a horse that is that precocious, you may go to somebody different. Um, you know, birth, if you have a big two turn horse that you know is going to be a very late developer, you’re not going to send that to a Wesley type trainer.

Uh, so I don’t really believe in throwing every horse to the same trainer. I know a lot of people do. I would prefer to spread them out, not to overextend ourselves, but you know, just, uh, you know, have two or three different trainers I think is that’s, what’s worked for us and. I think that’s important. I’m going to bring JK back in here in a second to ask a question, but it’s just such a natural segue to talk about your relationship with hall of Famer, bill Mott.

How did you first meet him, Andy? What’s your relationship like with bill? I met bill through angel Coursera. We had a horse that got hurt. He was very talented. His name was to Garth street. He broke his maid and broke his maiden second time out with 99 buyer. And he was an unsound horse, or you ran his first three races and he got put on the shelf and court arrow said this horse is very, very talented.

I think you need to move them. Let’s go to New York with him. He was down in, uh, in Kentucky and, uh, fairgrounds. So I’ve never met Martin and I kind of. So angel. So why would he take one horse? You know, but the dam was it for the half to cigar and you know, he couldn’t breed. So there were no cigar babies.

So angel said, I think mom would love it. Not only because the horse is talented, but because it was family. And so you’ve heard everything you read about bill Martin and of course you’re kind of intimidated. No first time you meet them. You’re meeting this hall of Famer and I was at pace and park and probably one of the nicest classes guys I’ve ever been around.

And so we sent the horse there and we had, we had a lot of luck with them when his first three with mom there, we got to the breeders’ cup classic. Unfortunately he ended up getting injured. Uh, but I have a very good relationship with bill. Uh, the main thing is don’t, you know, you don’t need to bother him.

Don’t call them five times a week. Um, did you learn this the hard way? No, I was angel advise me what to do and what not to do. And I just went along with that. And that’s the one thing about a lot of trainers when you don’t get well, you don’t hear anything. No news is good news. So I never heard from bill.

It was fine. Uh, when, when the horses are doing well, the problem is when they’re not running well. And you want some, you kind of want to know why, but there’s no reason why other than you bought a slow horse and you sent it to them, right. There’s usually is usually the answer. So it’s not learn, you know, when and that way, you know, you, when you do call you and answer texts back, you know, so there’s, there’s, don’t bug them.

I mean, they have a hundred horses, you know, and if every owner was calling them five times a week, you wouldn’t be able to train. So angel reduced me to bail. We had a lot of luck with them introducing me with, with George. And this is the first, you know, big horse we’ve sent George, uh, coming up on Sunday.

So those are going to be, those are our two main trainers that, uh, going forward, uh, Hammond and Rudolph or set Mazzola system. We’ll have some, once we, once we grow. So those would be our three main guys. Jake you, you mentioned some of that. And I think it’s probably important to your whole picture in this game, which is kind of this free consulting that you get, uh, from a hall of Famer and that hall of Famers angel Cordell.

Why don’t you tell the listeners a little bit about your relationship with angel and like w kind of where that came from, because you know, when people see you guys walking around together, you got this. This, uh, elderly hall of Famer. That’s under five foot and the six, eight guy who’s who’s in his thirties.

It’s kind of an interesting dynamic. And I think people would be interested to hear, because obviously when you’re going to be on the show, Angel’s name will come up more often than not. No angel wrote for my father back in the eighties. And my dad had a really good horse named groovy angel road. Yeah, we got out of the business.

I graduated college in 2003. The graduation present present was to go to Saratoga for a week by myself. I didn’t know anyone there. And the only thing my father told me was go find Cordelia. Well, that was, you know, you still haven’t slipped on. You’re not Googling on your phone. I didn’t in all fairness, I didn’t know.

And, um, I’ll never forget. I was at city Tavern. On Caroline street, sitting at the bar on a Monday night. How do you even know what dark day was? So I’m talking to the bartender asking, Hey, wouldn’t, you know, there was going to be anywhere to go out. And he said, well, around 10 o’clock the jockeys have a party upstairs.

So I opened the door and then this place is packed. A lot of little people and then there’s myself and I, first person I walked up to and I could tell he was a jockey or a former jockey. I didn’t know. And I said, excuse me, do y’all know of angel Cordero is here. And he said, well, if you don’t kick my ass, I’m angel.

And so there’s myself and the next night took me to dinner. And then the next year he took me to the Derby and fast forward to 2008 angel calls me and says, you want to get you and your family want to get back in the business. And I said, yeah, well, you know, we’re talking about it. And he said, well, I have a horse for you to buy that just ran third.

So we bought a horse and his name was joined in the dance. And he ended up making the Kentucky Derby in 2009, which was great, but it also made me think that this game was easy to run in the Derby. During that walk over your first year, the business that’s pretty crazy. Yeah, we brought 42 people is the best, best time, best day I’ve ever had.

We ran seventh. It was reactive. You won the race and angel has been a mentor and you know, some people can say, Oh, he’s this a jockey? He’s this he’s written the best of the best. He’s seen the best horses. So he helps me purchase horses. I really rely on him just because he knows what a good horse looks like.

And there’s a lot of butts on agents and other people that think they, you know, jockeys should be jockeys. And, um, you know, I, I feel it’s a huge advantage and it’s a big asset to have some of his caliber that we’ll look at horses and explain a little things too. And, um, you know, so we, we, we were very, very close and when I go to Florida, I stay with him, we go on family vacations and, um, he’s, he’s been a really help in our business.

Mainly helping prevent making mistakes. I’ve made plenty of, and majority of those were. Without angel, and you’re not the first person to make that observation to me about how good he is around horseflesh. I know I’ve talked to John Pentagon about how much he’s learned just from being around angel and being around horses and the level of detail and the things that he sees that even people who’ve been around the track a long time, don’t see, because obviously you’re dealing with somebody who’s not only experienced, but just incredibly talented having written, as you said, the best of the best.

I can’t leave. Joining the dance without asking about the name. I don’t know if I’ve even told you this, but of course that line comes from a song by Dan Fogelberg that my father used to play on the radio every year around the Kentucky Derby time. How did the name come about? Well, so since we bought the horse that after he had already run, we weren’t, you know, we didn’t get a name him, so he was already named.

We bought the horse off of Carrie Brockton. And, um, she named him, obviously after that song, I didn’t know what the name, man. I went back and, you know, I Googled it. I listened to the song and every year to this day, I will play it up, leading up to it. That’s great. My dad would love that story. That’s very, very cool.

Yeah. I didn’t, I thought you might be a little young to be a Fogelberg fan being honest. Uh, I’ve never heard of Dan Fogel burden until that song and I can’t name another. Thanks. Hello. This is what Pete does to me all the time. He’s he gives me all these artists with real names. I only know the rappers with, with the fake names.

He gives the real. People with real names. I don’t ever know what to tell them.

J K what is going on there? Are they there? Is your, is your order ready? What, what is, what’s the beeping about? The pig three boys have phoned in and they’re trying to ruin the show. They got their grinding coffee. They’re stocking the shelves. There’s I was back here for 45 minutes by myself. There’s been seven people back here since then, and they know the big fellows on this show, and they’re just trying to ruin everything.

Let’s talk about how your business has emerged Jake and. At some point, you went from owning horses privately to putting together partnerships. And now the latest evolution in that a public partnership in black type thoroughbreds, how has that progression been made? As you said, we were, we were doing everything ourselves and we would partner with others and it would just run under our name and our friend’s name, whoever else was with the horse.

And, um, you know, partnerships are. The new way of owning horses, uh, in my opinion, and it’s only going to keep getting bigger and bigger. So I needed to figure out a way to raise more money. We can try to go get more horses that way, lessens the risk for everybody involved. So this past the past, a year around with it, and, um, finally decided to go full fledged.

With, uh, with doing a partnership. So like this horse is under, that is under that partnership. And we ran a couple of others that were under the partnership, but it was just us. So this will be the first full year that we’re, we all we do have, uh, outside, outside partners. And we still have other partners that in the horse that run under their name.

So you’ll see this ownership group is there’s not just black type thoroughbreds. But it is in some couple of others, but I do think partnerships is the best way to, especially if you’ve never owned a horse, uh, it’s, it’s not as expensive. You’re not taking the full risk. You get all the benefits of owning the horse yourself.

And I’ve learned that if you own 5% or if you own a hundred percent of a horse, the feeling and the excitement of the exact same, you know, when you win a race, You’re not, you’re not cheering less because you own 5% of a horse. And you know, I’ve been around you guys at Saratoga when we’ve won a race and y’all, you know, y’all had no interest in it financially, but y’all act like y’all want as well.

And so it’s just exciting. And if you can get a good group of people together and fun partners, it’s kind of like your own way of owning a sports franchise. Majority of us are never going to be homeless, but this is like that because buying these athletes. You get to help manage their career. You pick the where they’re going, help select races with the trainer.

There’s a lot to go into it. And like with our, you know, with our partners, I do get people’s input. You know, it’s not just a here. Give me your check. We’re going here. We’re going there. I’m not listening to you. I want people involved. I want them going to the races. And another benefit is you get all these people together at the races or.

At dinners and they meet other people and figure out what they, what they do and, and in life is their, their main career. And it’s, it’s opened the doors for other investments outside of horse racing for myself and for other partners, which is an advantage. No one really talks about it. Yeah. I’ve never heard that before, but as soon as you said it, it resonated, but I’d never even thought about that or heard anybody make that point before.

Uh, I think it’s a great, it’s a great way to network and, uh, you know, the sport. It’s a good sport that doesn’t get enough publicity and you need more people involved. And so this is a way to get more people involved and you know, every partnership, uh that’s you know, that is their main goal is to bring new people and you know, you’re going to get, you’re going to get you bring in 20 to 30 people.

Some of those are going to catch the bug and want to do it themselves, which is what we want to happen. Let me ask you about your friend Rashard Lewis. Is he involved in the black tie partnership? Is he still pursuing ownership stuff on his own? What’s the latest from him he’s involved with, with black type, he’ll still do stuff, you know, or on his own oral tape, you know, whatever percentage he wants, but he is involved in black type.

Um, you know, with Tamir Nelson’s involved in black type. So we have a couple and they’re both retired now. Vote athletes involved Rashard loves racing. And, um, he follows it. He texted me I’m everyone’s works. He sends me a text and he handicaps, he loves the races he loves going. And so he’s involved and, uh, he’ll, he’ll be around majority of the races when he’s not doing his big three stuff in the summertime, which has prevented as Saratoga.

Outings the last two years, the first year they’ve played in the championship. The second year he ruptured his Achilles. So he couldn’t come, but he loves Saratoga. It’s his favorite place, you know, outside of, you know, traveling with the family, but just to go somewhere with, with his buddies, he absolutely loves you.

He’s still involved and hopefully he’ll be involved for a long time. Give us the backstory on Rashard and his involvement in racing. Did he get into it through you? Is it something you guys got into together? He got in through me when it was with joining the dance, it was 2008 and he, he was in Orlando and it took him awhile to commit to doing it, to buying a piece of the horse.

And once he did, he fell in love with it because he can read, he can really relate to horses as athletes. W knowing they need time off when they get injured. I seen all different types of therapies that they do on, on them. And th and they’re doing the same treatments with the horses. So when he, and when he bought him to joining the dance, they were making there in 2009 is when they went to the, um, to the NBA finals with the magic.

And I remember John Thompson did a big, special on them with T and T. And they were talking about the playoffs. And then the segment goes into, you have a horse in the Kentucky Derby shard, the eyes eyes lit up and Rashard seven. He was playing the Knicks. You’ll never forget. He said Alan Euston was a, I don’t remember if he was playing, but he said Rashard was at the scores table.

You may have been announcing and Alan Euston before you were starved, as checking back in the game, made a comment about the owners are running in the Derby. So you’ve been to be in the locker room, watching the races with his teammates. So that way it was really cool to get him involved. And he had a piece of white Rose, um, who was very good.

So cigar street, he has not taken a piece in everything, you know, whenever we purchase something, I just, I give them an option. Hey, do you want to take a piece of this one or take 1% to 99%? It doesn’t matter. And, um, so he just kind of makes a decision on his own or he’ll call he’ll call angel and talk to him and see what Angel’s thoughts are.

One thing he doesn’t like for some reason, in a lot of people like this, he’s not a big fan of, of owning a turf Wars. Interesting. Even though we had white Rose is he would rather have a dirt horse mainly cause he, you know, the turf horse is the best horse. Doesn’t always win. No, it’s all about trip XYZ with turf and getting covered and blah, blah, blah, and a dirt horse, especially if your speed or as you can go to the front and make it that’s what her sharp, but he loves it.

And I could, again, like I said, hopefully he’s going to be of the game for a long time. He’s a very good ambassador for the sport as well. Definitely. And his opinion on a dirt versus turf sounds a lot like Jonathan Kinchin and truth. JK, you have one for Jake before we get into talking about some of these races.

You’ve had some really good horses with been involved in really good horses, not only ones that you’ve owned, but even ones that you’ve purchased, you know, race day, uh, w what’s comes to mind is one that you’ve purchased. Uh isotherm um, tell us a little bit about the difference between, uh, ones that you own and ones that you’ve, that you’ve purchased.

I know that you get just as much satisfaction is seeing those, those young kids of yours graduate and, and do well for the owners that you’ve been involved with. True. I feel like they’re mine. I think it goes back to the partnership standpoint of if you own 5%, you feel like you own a hundred, you know, I don’t own any percentage of those horses.

And I feel like they’re mine. Cause you know, I did, I did buy them, you know, race day, he had run four times maybe, uh, excuse with Kellen boarder. And he went through a public auction and Windstar owned them and most people said, Oh, you can’t go buy that horse. Why’s Windstar getting rid of him. He can’t buy off those guys.

And so I just, you know, he ran an eight, I believe on the sheet, some of my bottom and a bottom, uh, four client send them to Todd and he’d be, he became a very good odor or sold them to spend for a good amount of money. Uh, you know, same with the isotherm. He was very, he was a very good horse as unfortunate Keem Lynn.

Came up soft. And so they chose to run them on the dirt because George worked them on the soft turf and he hated it. And, uh, so they chose to go to the dirt and the breeders tops. That that was a shame because he was coming off of a wind Belmont. Uh, we have a nice, uh, lemon drop kid, New York bread. I bought that last year in Miami, we paid a hundred and twenty-five thousand a bottle for a client in New York.

He won second out. Uh, ran an eight and a half. I believe we sold percentage for a lot of money. Came back one and allowance. He had a little hiccup he’s back training now. Um, so you know, I do get a lot of it. Obviously you can look at yourself and say, why didn’t I buy it for our group? The truth is there’s a, you can’t just go buy every horse.

You like. No, you didn’t, you don’t have an actual means to yeah, very satisfying. And I get, I mean, very happy for the clients that you know, we’ve done well with and hopefully we’ll have more luck. Uh, this year at the sales are coming up. So hopefully we can get a couple more for our group. Um, Have the same luck we did last year.

And we had a question, someone asked, you know, what, you know, what’s the best way to get involved and ownership and so on and so forth. And so I’ll say this on Jake’s behalf so that he’s not saying it. Um, one of the things that I’ll say is, is that, you know, when I first got involved in this game, I had a big score and I, and I started looking into like getting a piece of a horse.

And every time I looked into it, the math always came back really weird. Like I just never could wrap my brain around it. And so when, when people ask Pete and myself, you know, what would you do? There’s two groups that I would go with. If I was going to buy a horse tomorrow, or if I have bought a horse in the past, it would be black type thoroughbreds and Jake.

And then, and then also I’ve had a great experience with Marshall and clay at 10 strike. And the reason that, that I find those two groups to be so much better than other options that are out there is because, Hey, I know the principals involved. And, and know that they’re stand up guys. You know, unfortunately in this game, funny business happens.

And if you’re getting involved in a situation where you are not familiar with the principles, you can be, you can be a victim of the funny business. And I, I can assure you that these two groups of people are not going to pull any funny business. And I think that’s the biggest fear when you’re getting involved.

With these four legged animals, and there’s so many different levels to it from sales to, to bills, to vets, to trainers, to spotting the horses, to selling the horses, to dropping the horses, to claiming the horses. It’s, there’s so many levels and, and honesty is, is a pre, is that a premium? I think. And, uh, and that’s one of the things that, that would grab it.

Then I gravitated towards those two groups, uh, because I know that I’m going to get the, uh, get, get there, get on the right side of things with, with them. And the difference between the two 10 strike being a private partnership, not really out there for public investment, but black type thoroughbreds is set up as a business where you can.

Give Jake a call and look at the website and see what’s coming up in the inventory. How does it work? Jake people who are interested, what are the steps to get involved and where can they find more information? They would just need to call me. And, uh, I can go over everything on the phone. We have the legal documents for the LLC and, um, you know, what usually is going to happen and I’m going to buy the horse and then there’ll be X number of shares available.

And once the shares are gone, then, uh, You know that that one’s closed and the future you would like to probably package horses together, you know, four or five. And then everyone has a piece of that many, because it is very, very difficult to go by one horse and say, all right, this one’s going to be really good.

You know? So if you, if you buy four or five you’re, I mean, obviously I hope they’re all good, but reality is they’re not all going to be good. So you give yourself a better chance, but yeah, they can give me a call, shoot me an email. And, uh, I’ll get right back. I’ll talk to and explain all the positives.

I’ll explain the negative, um, you know, in the risk and the main thing that people always ask that you meet, what’s your ROI. Well, it’s almost impossible. You can’t do that in horses. Cause injury factors, all kinds of stuff, right? Like your projected earnings. Well, you don’t know. So the main thing I would stress to people is.

Don’t give me a check, expecting to go make a lot of money. That’s not what we’re in it for now. Can you? Absolutely. I mean, we, we made big scores with race day, big score with LOGICnow. We’ve made very good scores, but you can’t give a check in my opinion, thinking, okay, we’re going to make this amount of percentage on our money.

And if somebody tells you that they’re lying. And so that would be the main. You know, the main thing I want to stress to whoever I speak to, and then I’ll send the legal documents over and, you know, we’ll go, go from there. Black type That’s the place to find the contact info. Is that right? Jake?

That is correct. Excellent. Check it out. Black type More information there. You’ll be hearing a lot more from Jake starting right now. As we dive into these stakes races at Gulf stream on the weekend, you guys looked at all nine of these. Are we going to do it? We’ll try to speed round through, right.

I have look this, this, this card at Gulf stream. Uh, reminds me of the card at Santa Anita yesterday that I’m very upset that I didn’t play. I apparently every favorite one, I would have made a million dollars. At least you admit it. Please do admit it as our guest, Jake, we’re going to start with you. And the first race we’re going to look at is the Palm beach on the turf.

A thread of blue installed as the morning line favorite at even money. But I wonder if we can’t maybe see something here at a little bit bigger of a price. What did you come up with? No, a threat of Ballou is three winds. Have all come on the lead and the, and the three losses. He hasn’t been on the lead.

So if he, if he goes to the front, you know, obviously he’s got a very, very good chance to win King OCA car, the Mark, Cassie horse, you know, it’s first against winners. I don’t, I don’t really trust that horse. It’s six to one on, uh, you know, the horse that I, I may try to beat him with his motto, horse, Casa creed, and he runs very good.

And then he runs very bad. So his last three races were bad. Good, bad. Some I’m thinking that him and Johnny are teaming up. And that’s the only horse, in my opinion, I think I can beat Kiran, but I would have to use those two horses, um, would be Karen and Mott. And I’m I’m, I’m probably going to be like JK today.

There’s going to be a lot of favorites, the old inner and outer angle for Casa creed, the seven for Jake JK. How do you see it? Yeah. I mean, I agree with everything that Jake said that, you know, the one horse I thought was interesting was King ODA car. Well, what does that, Pete? I’m sure it’s some literature thing that you can tell me exactly who King ODA car was.

Right. I don’t know the reference. I’ll Google it while you give your spiel here, though. Okay. So here’s one of the things, you know, we talked about this, we kind of previewed it in our last show. Like I’ve started kind of playing around with stats, race lends. I think there’s some interesting things you can do.

I think there’s some silly stuff, but I think there’s some real interesting things that you can do as well. And one of those things is I set this angle up where I wanted to see what it says about a horse that wired a field and their previous start with Julien leparoux Julian’s not usually on the front end.

He doesn’t find his way there very often. I feel like when he gets there, it’s because the horse has the talent and the, and the forward speed to get him there. When I looked up his stat, when he is at the, when he’s leading at the first second and stretch call positions and Julian was the rider. Last time they come back and win at 31% with a 42% ROI.

Now, look, it’s not an auto bet where you run to the window and you’ve got all your money because of the stat. But I think it tells you a little bit about the improvement you can expect from, from King Odin car, you know, running in his second race after, after breaking his maiden. Um, he could, you know, he’s going to be forward if he’s sitting outside of Kieran’s horse or, or, or on the lead.

And Kieran’s outside of him, there’s some improvement there that could happen. So at six to one, I’ll take a chance with him using him. Uh, but I think you obviously have to use a threat of blue, uh, based on the, uh, on the, the things that Jake pointed out. But, uh, I’m, I’m gonna try to get cute with this Cassie horse a little bit.

Good call by you on the literary reference. In this case to a, uh, a comic novel comic novel series. I’ve heard of it before. I want to call it as an English speaker, the adventures of tin tin, but it’s probably tauntaun cause it’s French. Anyway, uh, I’ve heard of these, the comic books, these like literary comic books, King older car, apparently a character from there.

We’ll probably have to pick it up, given that there are nine races today, we’re going at do four race speed. And we have, and we have all these extras just as an FYI to you guys. We can keep it short and sweet, but no need to rush. If there’s something we want to pause on, we absolutely have the right to do it.

Let’s talk about the Canadian. We’re staying on the turf. Another grade three JK. We’ll keep it with you. I thought it was only two horses. I think, uh, you know, the six Hembrey or the seven breaking the rules. People like to come in when I’m talking. It’s interesting. What the beef in the back I’ve been breaking, the rules is going to probably be over bed.

It’s it’s, you know, it’s show it gets iRead. Um, I’m going to go with the other one. I think that in a multi race bet, if you’re trying to get alive here, you probably want to use both of them or at least, uh, or at least hammer, one of them. Um, but I think Hembree is the one that I’m going to use in this spot.

I thought he ran well last time at Gulf stream, big figure was bet that time. I’m a big fan of Mike maker. I think he’ll run well. I’m just too deep in breaking the rules camp to go against though. You are not wrong to think about that. The market might go a little bit nuts there, but I’ve got to just cast my little vote for breaking the rules.

How about you, Jake? I like breaking the rules and tone town early on them. And third two for three on the turf. It’s very logical. You know, cowboy culture was interesting to me. There’s not many people that can, that can have had a lot of success claiming off of a Brad Cox. The source is interesting. He came from the clouds.

Last race only got beat a length and a half. And, um, I I’m going to use cowboy culture now, him Embry. Well, then that same race came from out of it as well. Uh, I’m going to use those two to try to beat, uh, breaking the rules. All right. Let’s move on to race for the Gulf stream park sprint championship.

I’ve got a literary reference for you here. J K, we’re gonna, we’re gonna go back, uh, way back in time to Servon days with Quixote, who I can only assume is a donkey Jose reference, right? K. Yeah. I mean, it has to be, I thought Don Quixote was the, was that cartoon character that rode around with the Don coyote that rode around with what, what cartoon was that I’m going to have them talk with.

You’re sending me to the Google machine again. Don Don coyote, I think was his name. And he was like a little goofy guy. He’s like a side kick of somebody else. Well, he, he was your, your, it was a reference. It was, uh, it was, uh, it was a Hanna-Barbera series. That was basically an animated version of the servant, a sort of birth of the novel in the 16th century or so, but yes, you were saying you are correct.

I am a literary. I didn’t even go to NYU. Um, I’ll, I’ll go quick here. I mean, look, I would try to give you something creative that will lead you down the wrong path. I don’t see how they’d beat recruiting, ready, especially down from the inside. He’s going to have to be for the horses that he’s been facing.

Or just better. I just, I, this is, uh, not the greatest running of the Gulfstream park, uh, sprint, but I think recruiting radio will be extremely tough. The only other horse I could give you as a second choice and Don coyote. So I, I don’t know what to say. That’s not the greatest time. This is probably the worst grade three sprint I’ve seen in a long time.

I mean, recruiting ready should absolutely destroy this field. Um, I, this, the only, the surprising thing is there is no. You know, real top trainers that are in the race. There’s no chat. There’s no Todd. There’s no, Karen, that’s a surprising point. I think recruiting readies a single tab. That’s the only way I can go with that.

All right. With that, we’ll go back to the turf in the very one, which goes as Ray seven. Jake, any thoughts here? Can we get off the chalk parade potentially? I think Mark henig’s horse is going to run well. And he’s eligible for a other than five from right. And he’s been running big races instead of the factor that’s SIM person or whatever you pronounce that.

Um, I do like that and then tricky scape. Uh, I’m kind of intrigued by the Carlo is, was riding again, which I like. I think he’s a very good writer. He’s very underrated. Um, those were the two I landed on. And this will be second off a layoff or, uh, for John for live. It’s not that big of a layoff. I’m like, I like to eat steak, tricky escape on top of a little bit of consideration for Semper send 10 Tai.

My Latin serves me correctly. Yeah. How much money, how much money is tricky escape gonna take? Because people think that’s Jason servings. No I’m serious. I mean, I mean, how many people at, you know, how many, you know, kind of weekend warriors are going to open up the form and see service and think, Oh, that’s the guy that’s winning.

He like a 50% clip. And they’d turn turns out to be as brother who, uh, Who won the Kentucky Derby, but, uh, whatever. Um, you know, I kind of kept looking at Lafta I, um, the last race was, was good enough. It wasn’t, it wasn’t great, but good enough. And apparently it’s working well, we’ll check out the, the workout report.

Now the DRF workout report will, should give us some hints there. The horse worked last time on the turf. I love seeing. Turf workers who are gonna run on the turf, uh, majestic being one of them, obviously when the workout report comes out for majestic, uh, his last work was on the grass. So I’m looking forward to seeing, uh, what the Clockers think about how he did last time he was on the glide on the grass.

So laughter I think is interesting, but Holy Halena is the standout here. Um, had a double effort last time, but obviously was going a little bit longer. Um, then there’ll be going today. So those are the two for me. Uh, Holy Helaine is probably the one you’d lean on. I did have a host fail before when we were talking about Jake’s runner on Sunday.

I don’t think I ever got around to mentioning the name, Moe jesting. So take a look at that race in the PPS and let’s move on with that to the here comes the bride JK where you go in here. So this isn’t like a grade one at Keeneland where Chad has three entities on the road. One, two, three. I mean, maybe he is.

Um, it’s kind of tricky. It’s like, he’s got three in for like three of us. I don’t know if Oh, EXOS is one of his biggest owners. I’m assuming maybe there’ll become one, but he’s always got Claire Vich and he’s got dub and Madeket with those three outside runners, you know, I thought Shariece horse, they got Joelle.

It’s just interesting. Just kind of a newcomer 15 to one. Uh, coming from overseas, um, has been working on the, on the turf at pace. And so you’re not going to get any workout buzz on the horse. I just think there’s kind of an opportunity there. And then I also thought bell Laura, uh, for norm Cassie was interesting.

The horse. Ran well, and, uh, uh, against concrete Rose at Kaitlin as a two year old, and then ran, ran in the Breeder’s cup, juvenile Philly turf, where no one was going to win that day other than newspaper of record. So I think she’s a little bit interesting adding blinkers to alternatives, to the most likely scenario of Chad winning with the six, seven or the eight.

Um, but, uh, try to get cute with one of those two and hope that, uh, that Chad entering three is a, is, is from a lack of confidence of any of them. Uh, rather than, uh, I don’t have anywhere else to run them, but it could be, it could be the latter, for sure. It’s funny looking and seeing a trainer have three horses and the top three choices on the morning line at that the two that JK mentioned to bell, Laura and three, I don’t know if he ever said the name prime Mela I’m going to go with and feet to the fire.

You have to pick one for a contest or something JK, which do you prefer? Uh, uh, if you made me single one into pick four, I would single Bella Laura. If I was picking one and a $2 win place contest, I would pick Pramila. And there’s a whole lot of reasoning behind that, that we probably don’t have time to get it, not on this show, but at another time it should be intuitive, but we will, we can come back to that.

Jake, are you also going to do the very dangerous move of fading? Chad Brown completely in this spot. Absolutely not the norm, the norm Cathy horse, it ran, it ran away adjustment. Wasn’t a very, it wasn’t a fast speed figure. It was 50 to one comes back in the breeders cup was no factor there, 50 to one again, off of lay off.

I don’t want to, I don’t see that horse. I mean, I get where Jonathan’s going with it a little bit. I don’t think that he, that, that horse will beat any one, a chance. Um, the, the Medallia door or the 1.2, $5 million horse. I like, I like that Canberra park. If I had to choose one of, one of Chad’s horses, I’m going to go with the European horse, uh, for, for dub.

And in that group, if I’m betting this race, I’m boxing all three of Chad’s horses. And I know that that’s. It’s not crazy. And I’m just playing those three favorites because it’s very, very hard that to differentiate those three horses, in my opinion, for Golkanda the six we could, we have to pause here and have an argument since you’re not only is your strategy, the exact opposite of JKS, but that idea of boxing three favorites, I think JK might or might not have something to say about.

So back to you. Well, I think Jake understands the he’s not, I don’t think, I think would really box those three horses. I think he was just saying it, you know, if he was forced to play the race, that’s how he would have to play it by thinking that one of those three is going to run, or two of those three is going to run one, two or, or whatever.

Um, and it’s not that it’s a complete fate. It’s an opportunity. I think that if you’re, if you feel like you need to play in, in a pool, that’s connecting this race. I don’t know. I think the pick six starts. And yes, he does is like a middle pick for, so loves something around this and you, and you wanted to kind of hook this race up.

I think there’s an opportunity to try to beat the CHADS who are going to take a ton of money, especially in multi race bets. If you can get one of those three out of winning, uh, there’s a real opportunity to make money. It’s not a complete fade. It’s not a, none of those three can win. It’s a, here’s an opportunity to make some money.

If those three don’t win and they’re all three going to likely be over bet. Quick quick questions. J K what is, uh, my gal, Betty, if you take away to Breeder’s cup, where newspaper record, obviously no one is going to come close and there’s something happened there. It was on yielding. So she had already won on yielding.

What do you see in the two that you liked better than, you know, the Bella? Laura? What do you like better than my girl, Betty? Not a ton, not a ton. I, I see what, you’re, what you’re coming from there. I think with, with Bella, Laura, uh, the, the addition of the blinkers, um, is kind of encouraging, um, the fact that she finished behind, uh, what I considered a good horse and concrete roads.

I thought concrete Rose was the, was the second most likely winner I can. In fact, I think concrete Rose, the only horse that could have beaten newspaper of record that day. And she didn’t, um, And, you know, I, I just, it was more that, you know, obviously the, the, the, the last two works had been on the turf.

See how those come across. Um, Mike, now that he’s been working on the turf too, but we’re not going to see a report on that. So nothing, not a ton separating them. I just felt like there was more of an excuse for bell Laura, and it kind of continued to improve versus my gal, Betty. All right. J K mentioned the pick six.

It starts with the ninth race. We’re not going to do the maidens on this show. Reese 11 is the honey Fox. I can’t remember who officially did last cause we, we did another round of questions after I’m throwing it back to JK. Who’s it going to be here? I’m going ice cold here. I got off the chat train for a second ice cold single, uh, with Presley.

You see, I thought that that Philly, uh, she was bet, uh, in her North American debut against UDI. I don’t think UDI needs an introduction. We know how talented she is grade one, winning, uh, Philly for Chad. And I just think that, that, uh, another interesting thing about, about press use is that Peter Brandt owns the horse.

And this Philly where most Peter Brant horses are at pace. And because I think he’s involved with pacing, this one’s at Palm Meadows where Chad’s main string is at. I think she’s going to be extremely tough. There’s no way she’s seven to two. She’s going to, she’s going to have a numb, you know, she’ll be, she’ll have a number and a slash and a number, but it ain’t going to be seven to two.

It’s going to be, you know, six to five, eight to five, nine to five, something along those lines. She should be pretty short here. I think she’ll be extremely tough to be. And I’m going to single in the late pick four. I just love anytime Oni comes up on the show. J K cause that’s the Philly. Of course, we put that wonderful mustache on your face, the other fall at Keeneland.

And I only wish you’d had the proper Afro and that mustache at the same time. I think that look really would have been something so UDI, not only is she the, the affiliate to put the mustache on my face. She’s one of the only horses in the history of the world that I’ve ever put a win in your column.

Totally fair. Totally accurate and fair. Jake, what do you think about the honey Fox? I agree with Jonathan. I think Chad is going to win that race and no Castillano rode Todd’s horse last race. One of the grade three, he goes back to, uh, to ride for Chad. I think, I think Jonathan’s right on single Chad there.

I would use it conquests, heart handy, uh, hard candy underneath. Interestingly boy, would that horse of a friend of mine, Bo uh  and I, we, uh, Pinhook that we bought that horse at, uh, August at Saratoga or a hundred thousand and wheeled it back in the October sale and sold for 150,000 in October. So I’ve always followed the horse and I’m happy the horse has done well.

big, you know, he’s always kind of right there. So I’m going to use that horse. Maybe I’m a little biased, but I’m going to use that horse to pick up the pieces. Let’s move on gentlemen to the Devona Dale. This’ll probably be a quick conversation. I’m guessing return to the races of jaywalk. Will you have a penny bet against her Jake?

No. Uh, She she’s much better than the, than the group she’s facing. Um, I don’t think there’s anyone close, you know, fast enough to run close to her. Uh, I, I can’t, I can’t go anywhere other than jaywalk JK, if you want to bet this Philly, uh, uh, in, uh, in, uh, Kentucky Oaks future, uh, you have between now and what time?

5:01 PM. Mr. Because she’s going to Gallup. And her price is going to get cut in half. So if you’re looking for value, Uh, just like before the saints played the Rams, you’re looking for value. Go ahead and hop on it now. Cause she’s going to cut in half. Nice call back to the old sports forum podcast. There are man somewhere.

Our man Scott Grambling is a smiling. Good, good work there. JK. I wonder if there’s a little bit of an opportunity in the pic bats. You’ve got jaywalk here. Universal, single. I wonder in the race before where you both mentioned potentially singling press use. With that seven to two morning line, a 10 horse field.

If you can get into that race, if you can get alive on the backend of a, of a pick something to a horse like press use and or horses like pressing use and jaywalk, do you think there might be a little bit of extra value because you think the morning line is a little high there, Jonathan. Yeah. I mean, you can definitely try to finish into it, right?

Like your, your, what, your, what you’re insinuating is that the pool it’s dark. If you play a pick three that ends and press use, no, one’s going to see the money. She’s going to take that. But if for whatever reason, the pick three doesn’t fit your, you know, you don’t like anything in the first two legs. The other thing you can do, it’s not as efficient.

The computers will still see it, but the public wall is you can play the pick five. Where press the use is the second leg. Um, and, and, and you won’t, you know, the, the, the world won’t see the fact that she’s six to five or seven to five or whatever. She ends up being. That’s another kind of way you can try to work around it, but don’t do that.

If you don’t have an opinion in the first leg of a pick fuck. All right, we’re going to go out of order in the last two, so we can save the most time for the fountain of youth. I did say we were going to do a quick chat on the Mac D and let’s do that quickly grade two to close out the card with lots of familiar names, including channel maker.

Jonathan, we’ll start with you. So I only use two in this race and two in the Holy, uh, another Holy bull, excuse me, two in the fountain of youth. Um, Look, I think if you put me you, Jake, Matt veneer, we can find some other people. We can put a DJ on stable. We can all put us in a horse suit, make her train us going along on the grass.

And we’ll probably be able to get the job done. Zulu alpha was impressive. Last time. I don’t really see any reason why any of those horses in that race are going to turn the tables on Zulu alpha on. So I’m Zulu alpha. I think that that horse is the most likely winner, um, uh, of that race. I guess if you were, if you had a problem with that and you were trying to get cute, I’m going to use channel maker as well.

I’m going to try to hit a hundred dollars, pick four. I’m going to single, single two-by-two and see if I can’t turn it, turn it into something special. I think these races are straight forward. Channel makers got back class. I had an excuse last time being on the soft grass when he faced the bricks and mortar, uh, when it was pouring rain on city of light day.

And so I just feels like one of those two are going to get the job done here. And if someone else wins this race, like I often say, I couldn’t find the horse anyways, uh, in an efficient manner. So I’m going to go with the two that I think are gonna win and see what happens. Makes sense to me, as far as that goes.

Yeah. We had a question JK actually about your, your frequent comment that you and me and a horse suit could be trained by Mike maker to get a mile and a half on the grass. What would the name of that horse Bay? Uh,

you can think about that one. We’ll answer it on the next year. You got it. Okay. I got it. Where’s the oxygen,

Jake, your, your thoughts on how we’re going to close out these pics at Gulf stream on Saturday, before we loop back to the of you, those were, those were the two going on. And, um, it’s interesting. Cast is not riding channel maker back. They put Rosario on and, uh, Castillano is on the target heart horse, I believe.

Yep. Like Kevin had tarred at 15 to one. He didn’t ride. He’s never written that horse. I would like, guess I need to go back and wash that last night, but channel maker, Adam, do you all recall it was a bad ride or? I don’t know. Belmont. Doesn’t just say he doesn’t take horses off. I mean, take jocks off.

He’ll let them ride again. It’s interesting that Javier is not on that horse and that’s the only other horse. That, um, I would like to see run big would be Hunter O’Reilly. And the only reason is because of our time and Sarah, one day with your house friends, hurricane Anthony, hurricane Anthony. I’ve told that story before the soar winter story 16 to one was, I mean, I’ve never seen someone celebrate and so much excitement.

Just be so annoying at the same time. Uh, so it’s not always wins. I’m gonna be thinking about him and Australia doing something great. He’s a new Yorker now. He’ll, he’ll be, he’ll be around. He might even be at Gulf stream. He was out at the NHC where you though Jake, among the people, his wife made him go around to and apologize the next day for his behavior.

Did you get an apology? I, I wasn’t there. I did not show up the next day. I did hear about it. And his wife was 1000% correct. There were kids around. There was, I mean, kids either way. I understand his bat and everything, but he was, maybe you had one or two too three, but it was an unbelievable route. And remember Chris was there and didn’t need Hunter.

O’Reilly. And this guy yelling behind pipes.

The look on Chris’s face, he disappeared for about 45 minutes.

The best part about that story is. If you don’t, we’ve had the Piper on the show before, uh, pipes is a good router. He, uh, but he can be a little bit moody when he gets beat and he does not appreciate, he does not appreciate someone gloating in his, in his failure. He doesn’t enjoy that very much. I would go further than that with pipes.

Pipes. Anybody would have been annoyed with the ridiculous these guys doing somersaults during the race and yelling F bombs. It was the hurricane Anthony route was the worst I’ve ever seen, but even if you’re just a random in our spot cheering for another horse. When pipes is there, like that’ll annoy him.

I’ve seen him after the race, like, Oh man, who is that guy cheering for? The seven, when all that guy was doing was, you know, going like, come on, Havi, you know, something completely benign that anybody is entitled to do. Anyway. Very funny stuff. There’s some rumors swirling about the Piper that we’ll share on a future show possible broadcasting opportunities that if they should happen, The racing podcast world will be a richer place for it.

Let’s just put it that way. All right guys, we can go. Let’s do five minutes on the fountain of youth. It’s a really, really interesting race. Let’s start the discussion, not where most people will, but we’re going to take advantage of the fact that we’ve got a friend of George Weaver’s on the show. And we’re going to ask if you’ve heard anything about how Lacoma is doing.

Yeah, I absolutely loved that. I watched him train. Um, he is really, really fast. And, you know, from the, before he ever ran a new George liked him, George doesn’t tip off horses there. I mean, the first time I asked him, I said, you liked this horse. Yes. I liked them. That’s all I got. But I have had the proof was too often sign and.

Distance is going to be the question. Mark is out of a great one winning mayor, that one going seven. I believe now really good horses will outrun their pedigrees. And especially at goals, train speed, favoring track. This horse is going to be close to the lead. If not on it, he’s going to be sitting right off with Manny.

I do know George really likes the horse, um, uh, saying that what hidden sprawled did in his debut. What’s something. I don’t think we’ve seen very rarely. Everything went 22 and 44 on the backside ears were prick and then open up and one by 14, I know it wasn’t a slop, but the way he did it and his last work was unbelievable.

So I’m sure when. When the news came out about Maximus Mississippian, Andrew I’m sure. George was kind of hoping that was, uh, would have been as a small little setback with hidden scroll. So he wouldn’t make this. Um, but I do, I do think that home is going to run a very, very good race. It’s a tough, you know, coming off of layoff like this quantum mile and a 16th, ideally you probably want to draw it up like that, but there’s nowhere to really go other than the spot.

And he felt he would rather stay here than go ship to the. Uh, to New York, you’d rather run out of his backyard. The horse is extremely, extremely fast. And I’m, I’m really looking forward to that race. Saturday tales from the track. This is a fun, I don’t think I’ve ever told us from before Robert, if Robert Charles listening he’ll remember this.

Uh, I went to my first Derby in 2009. My second Derby was 2010, 2010 was also my Belmont pick four. That was champagne doorway. Got you. But listen. So, so five weeks before that I was at Derby. Um, it was one of my second. I wasn’t heavily involved at the time. I’d busted out all my money and there was a horse running named Mona de mama, and most people are you to know my mom’s name is Mona Mona de mama.

It was May 1st, 2010. I at Churchill and I went to the ATM. Took out my last, like 140 bucks that a bunch of try with Mona de mama on top hunch playing it out. And, uh, I got beat molded. A mama is the, is the damn of Acoma. So Tacoma central, essentially only a horseplayer could conjure that type of logic.

But yeah, I, you know, I. His mom owed me money. So now he owes me money. Cause she’s not running anymore them to get it from him. Oh my goodness. Jake, did you have anything else to add handicapping wise before we go to JK for his opinion, or is it all about Tacoma for you? Um, you know, I think shook sores that code of honor.

He’s not going to run that horse in this spot. If he doesn’t repeat it really like him, you know, he’s under no pressure to run them with the connections. And if you just throw out that last race, he’s obviously been impressive, I think at the two worst race, um, between hidden scroll and, um, and become, I know, I know they’re high on global campaign.

Um, but ultimately I think that, uh, if Belmont’s horse runs back to that race, that he, that he ran in his debut on the slop. No, one’s beating him. Right. Uh, I just, I don’t see it. And he did it so easy and I know it’s, bearskins winters. He did it in the slop. You hear all that. So I guess if there’s a time that he’s vulnerable, it would be this race.

I just, you know, I’m rooting for Tacoma. I’m bias. Over-comer uh, I think it’s a two horse race. Okay. That’s in my opinion. And those are the only two I’ll land on it’s some good points about code of honor. I did a write-up for, at the races, the work tab, since the last I thought was really interesting. Just the fact that he’s had six works, three of them at five furlongs.

Just, I haven’t seen the works or even heard reports about them, but progressively faster times, the great point you made about no pressure from connections to be running for me in the UK. This is a real possibility cause he’s priced up at 10 to one 12 to one. So you’re in situations there where you can lock in not just the wind price, but also the place price, which is essentially the equivalent of our show.

The idea that the horse could run in the top three and you could still get, you know, five to two or whatever. That’s the bet for me very clearly here, for as long as that lasts, I do wonder on the tote. If he’ll get a little wise guy, E and down into like an unappealing six to one, but I wouldn’t just rule him out yet.

I feel like they have may have gone too far. You know, if you go back to that word, come February 5th. I mean, when you go 48 at pacing, that’s, that’s similar to going 47 anywhere else. That’s a very detract. So, I mean, good point on, on how fast those works have been. And showed is not a trainer. That’s going to have bullet after bullet after bullet.

So, and I do think that orange is going to get played. And, um, what do you think, Jonathan, do you think that code of honor will be? I mean, what, what’s the difference between him and become on the toad? Do you think. Um, you know, a code of honor is gonna, is going to have to, his price is going to drift, I think, based on the last performance.

Um, cause there wasn’t like a real excuse. I mean, I mean, I guess all it’s off of break and the reason, none of them, no one, we didn’t all bet them last time as we thought, you know, she’s not gonna crank them for this one. Um, I hate the draw for him, cause it really, yeah. It only gives them one choice. Right?

It’s like he either has to go and before, and there’s a lot of other horses that are going to try to do the same or he’s got to take back and eat a bunch of dirt. Neither scenario. Do I love, especially going against two talented horses, uh, in Tacoma. And then like you mentioned hidden scroll, uh, you know, I, Craig Burnet tweeted yesterday that he loved the hidden scroll and then a bunch of people were telling him why he was wrong.

I agree with him. I mean, I like the coma and, and McComb was one of the other horses I’m gonna use. I’m only gonna use two. Yeah. But I think hidden the scrolls last performance was, was magical and I get it that he was in a sloppy racetrack. I get it, that it was, it was a Ford li uh, you know, poorly placed horses were rewarded that day.

However, bill not horses. Don’t break from the rail, open up by six and then win by 14 against CHADS. Todd’s on big race days. It’s I don’t care if he was running on. On broken glass. Like the horses is a very talented, talented animal. He showed that, uh, January 26th and I think he’ll show it again. I just think he’s a freak.

I don’t think the slot matters. I think there is something to not getting over overly excited about horses, breaking their Baden on the slot, but that’s when there were running 85 figures and they’re facing horses that have been running 70 eights. This horse ran a triple digit buyer first out for bill bond.

And he’s faith in his triple digit buyer is like 10 points faster than anything. Anyone else has ever run. I think he’s a freak. And I think he’ll show us that on Saturday and speed figures at all, he’s on your tickets. Will he be too short to do anything in the USA wind pool? Yes. And he’s very short in the UK.

I saw a price stop in two books in one place is hidden. Scroll was five to four and another odds on already. Pretty crazy interesting. And yeah, I did see all the people, uh, I don’t know if Craig was trolling or just throwing that out there to see what kind of reaction he got. But let me tell you the people, the people saying that stuff, none of them are going to be a, none of them are going to be in a hurry to book bets on him.

I don’t think. And if they are interested in booking bets on them at anything near five to two DME, I can think of one person who’s gonna a bet $5, but when on ever fast, it has a long list of, of DRF formulator reasons why hidden scroll won’t win. And it kind of makes me sick.

I don’t even know if I understand that reference, but I love getting the obscurity out there. A closing thought from each of you to round out this edition of the, in the money players podcast, JK, we’ll start with you. Saturday’s full of fun races. I can tell you right now, me and Austin will be glued to the TV.

Uh, I think about three 58 race nine on Sunday to watch Jake’s big horse majestic, and I’m very excited to watch him run and rooting like hell for, for, uh, for Jake and for George Weaver, Jacob final thought from you. Obviously I’m more excited about Sunday than I am Saturday. Um, You know, at one, one quick, uh, there is today I’m interested in watching and it’s mucho his return and he’s running against a horse named Lecky that a friend of mine Dermott Magner is training.

I know he’s very high on Lecky. I think, remember it Saratoga and mucho won everyone thought he was the next coming. Yeah. Mucho mucho will be one to nine. Lecky the New York bred. I’ve seen the worst train trains, like a very, very good horse. I’m not saying he can beat mucho, but if something went wrong, I think the horse has that horse has a good shot today.

Um, tomorrow is a great day of racing and, um, again, that’s hope on Sunday, we get lucky and I can come back on the podcast and, and, uh, celebrate via podcasts. If you guys, if we can get lucky enough, we went to one Sunday. He should, he should run well. Godspeed, Jake really appreciate that. My closing thought very simple JK, this experiment of you doing the show from this coffee house, we won’t be repeating that.

Well, we. I could have just gotten the cards. He’s like, I cannot you how quiet it is. What was there like a high school band coming through the door? It was like ding dong, ding dong every 12 seconds. Yeah. I don’t know. I guess people leave and come in. I think they’re like stocking. So like coming in another front door, like, I don’t know.

It’s just bizarre. Blame it on the new Braunfels, public library, renting out. Their, uh, their study room today. You should just have a standing reservation in that place. Anyway, that is all from us. I want to thank Jonathan kitchen. I want to thank Jake Ballis of black type thoroughbreds. For more information on black type, go to black type

Want to thank our friends at 10 strike racing and the thoroughbred retirement foundation. As well special shout out to business manager, drew Kourtney for the, in the money media empire. He’s been working overtime lately. Most of all though, I want to thank all of you. The listeners been really enjoying your hashtag ask ITM questions, keep them coming.

And we will be back next week with a couple of more shows. I’m Peter Thomas four and a towel. When all your photos,

we’re most Peter Brandt horses are at pace. And cause I think he’s involved with pacing. This one was at Prairie Meadows. You’re not pretty much very different. We can cut that out. Yeah. What I have now, I’m going blank on the name of it. Was it Paul Meadows? Palmetto. Okay.

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