Show #23 – Sunday, March 10 (Gang of Four’s Kevin Kilroy, Chris Larmey)

PTF and JK talk about Derby prep action from the weekend. Then it’s Kevin Kilroy to explain about “the fours” and talk about his racing — and podcast — fandom. Lastly, Chris Larmey stops by to chat about changes to the NHC free contests as well as handicapping and betting theory. Oh, and we try not to brag too much about all the winners we gave out on Friday.


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  • I guess I am one of the few that think there has been a complete over-reaction to the Gang of Four episode. The contest had a format and rules. The Gang of Seven in this Gang of Four (?) situation played according to the rules and, incredibly, they won! Jeltrin, for (four?) one was not completely unseeable. And, as your guest indicated, once he had a preponderance of legitimately handicapped 4’s he just chucked in the rest. It’s not the way I would do it but, then again, I’ve gotten beat by players staying in too long on a hand in hold ’em tournaments. I don’t see a groundswell to change the rules of hold ’em.

    I was actually more concerned about the tiebreaking procedures – rather than random draw, why wasn’t the procedure something along the lines of, say, length of time as a Tour member, most recent high placing in an NHC tournament, etc. Anything but a random draw. I appreciate the fact that Keith and NTRA reached out to them to talk about their preference for a different tie-breaker but I wonder how many were intimidated into agreeing vs. agreeing via free will.

    I have tremendous respect for the work Chris Larmey and the players committee does. But I think the free tournaments are a nice way to get people INTO the game. One odd outcome ought not make us endeavor harder to find ways to keep them out.
    Bill Duncliffe

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