Show 46: Horseplayer and Author Barry Meadow

I enjoy all the shows we present in this space but this one was a particular treat: the opportunity to sit down with one of the most influential handicapping book authors of all time, Barry Meadow. If you made a Mt. Rushmore in this category, his face would be on it, such is the importance of his classic book MONEY SECRETS AT THE RACETRACK. Now, 30 years later, Meadow is back with THE SKEPTICAL HANDICAPPER. Written in collaboration with Ken Massa of HTR, the book uses an enormous database of races to put many old handicapping axioms to the test — and to find ways to help horseplayers in 2019 win more money. If you mention me or the show when you order the book via, you’ll get a special discount.

In this hour long sit down, we cover a lot of ground including Meadow’s days as a professional horseplayers, ways for players to find an edge, the benefits of a value-based approach, and how to deal with the growing amount of computer generated money in the pools.

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did recording it.


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