Show #5 — Tuesday, January 8

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Had a fun show today bringing in Joe Migliore from West Point to talk about his role and the success of Gunmetal Gray. We also talk over the three-year-old Derby preps and play the first edition of Kentucky Derby Buy, Sell, Hold for 2019.

As for today’s photo, that’s from a gas station in Saratoga. Under the visage of Billy Dee was lettering that read “This establishment is Billy Dee Williams approved.” Phenomenal stuff. Our visit to the station was less phenomenal. The tires were looking a little low before the drive back to the Brooklyn Bunker so we figured we’d inflate them a bit. The right front in particular was looking sorry. I sorted that no problem and had a few minutes of air left (one too many quarters I guess). Decided to fill the front right and BOOM. As the cover came off the valve appeared to blow and all the air went out. So the ride home was delayed two hours while I dealt with that nonsense. I felt like some sort of degenerate Buster Keaton.


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