Show 51: Royal Ascot Monster Pod!

With great pleasure, we bring you a special Royal Ascot preview pod, geared at players looking to wager along with the NBC coverage of the world’s most prestigious meeting.

We’ve got Nick Luck (2:35), Vanessa Binnie-Ryle (23:25), Emmet Kennedy & Kevin Blake (52:45), Simon Rowlands (78:35), Barry Faulkner (103:50), and Britney Eurton (120:50) all on hand to talk all about the royal meeting from just about every angle imaginable — with ideas and specific tips for all five days.

Sit back, grab a jug of Pimm’s, and enjoy!


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Your listening to the, in the money players podcast.

Hello, welcome to the, in the money players podcast. I’m your host, Peter Thomas foreign.  back with you in the Brooklyn bunker physically, but mentally I am somewhere else. And I’m talking about Royal, ask it. And as a result, we’re going to provide a very special show for you today. It will be posted as one of our regular in the money shows, but really what this is is the Royal Ascott monster pod.

And we’ve got five guests, actually more than five guests. We’ve got five segments in the show, each one covering a different day of Royal ASCA. We’re going about this a little bit differently, specifically with an eye towards promoting the meeting to American betters, the tote pool this year. Co-mingled for the first time with Hong Kong, these pools are going to be very strong.

There are some good opportunities when wagering at Royal ask it, you’ve got some familiar horses from the USA contention. You’ve got exact as and trifectas to play around with. In some of these races, I’ve had some success in the past. You can find some inefficiencies when you’re looking over the probable pays in the exact as, and the actual pays in the tries.

I recommend people dip a toe into the water and check it out and to help you in your efforts, we’ve got a great cast of characters, and we’re going to start off with one with whom I know you’ll be familiar. And now I’d like to bring in our first guest, you know him from his fine work at NBC and the breeders cup.

We’re talking about Nick luck, Nick, what’s going on looking forward to ask it, Pete, particularly bringing it to the U S audience NBCSN Tuesday through Friday from eight 30 Eastern and then from nine o’clock Saturday on the main NBC network. So really looking forward to that, all the finery and the pageantry, as well as the top class sport easier, it really is.

We’re talking a week out from the first day is that storylines can develop as it, as it evolves. It’s not as though you’ve been talking about the same horses for six, eight, 10 months, and everything becomes a disappointment. The stories can grow through the week. So it tends to not have the sense of anticlimax.

Sometimes some of these big. Racing meets can’t have, because you’ve been over auntie. Like, I think that’s a great point. And I know a lot of USA HorsePlayers are going to have, they’re going to be multi screening. They’re going to have the NBC coverage, amazing HD way of watching the races of looking at the paddock proceedings, terrific information for betters as well as fans coming through on there.

And they’ll also have their ADW screen up wagering along as they go. The feedback has been tremendous. I have to think that this NBC coverage is one of the many reasons why ask it has become so popular in the USA. And I want you, Nick. I know it’s far out, but I want to walk through, uh, at least some of the thoughts on this first day as part of our monster pod here, and we’ll start it off.

American racing fans unfamiliar with asking, maybe surprised you don’t sort of start slow and warm up to big races. You start with a big race and it’s the queen. And what is your view this year? It’s incredibly contentious. They’ve whether it’s ideas start with three of the first all races as a group one, and then people think, well, haven’t you fired all your best shots early, but I don’t, I don’t necessarily agree.

I think it’s good. I think it’s good to get, get into the action with a bang. It sort of sets the narrative for the rest of the week. The queen on stakes is now become a traditional curtain raiser into straight mile straightaway mile. This is the race. The tapping famously won. When she came over a few years ago, it’s a very open look to it at the moment.

They’ve got a nine to five, two on the field at the moment. Favorites include Libra Vido who had a Walmart run the other day, uh, and then built on that win a respectable effort in the lock-ins behind his rival mustache. Mustache. Mustache is a bigger price than the Bravida. And I wouldn’t be frightened to take a view against, uh, against both of them to be honest.

And I think last year is when a high to ventilation. I don’t see any reason why he shouldn’t run well. Again, he’s available around 12 and 14 to one. It was a much, much better run in the lock-ins than was expected either by his connections. He said, he’d need the race all by the batting, which gave him no chance at all.

But he ran a terrific race at least as well as he had done in the corresponding race 12 months ago. I think he could step up on that and run a run, or at least a place again in the queen. Anne. And I just think in terms of the value, he’s the, he’s the play, um, The interesting horse in the race, I’ll give you the most interesting horse in the race.

Peter Barney, Roy, who wasn’t from James’s palace steaks a couple of years ago, it looked an absolute top. Not sure the three-year-old, but Richard Hannon. He was something that he bought by Godolphin. He went to start, he couldn’t do the businesses stubs. So he incurred the unkindest cut of all that. Went back into training that very, very rarely worked that appears to have worked with him.

He was quite impressive winner of a stakes race in France last time. And if he came back to his old form and he’d be, he’d be very interesting. I think at the price is accidental agents. The, what I want to be with, all right, let’s move on to the Coventry stakes, little more guesswork in these two year old affairs.

That’s for sure. But certainly some horses here at the top of the market have already made some headlines in the USA. What are you hearing about who’s actually going to turn up here? Well, given the fact that I know Brian has won this race eight times, I think it is you don’t always look at his representative.

He takes the commentary sakes seriously, and he’s won it with some particular horses as well. Um, it looks as though Arizona is going to be his representative and he’s going to be a fairly short price favor. I think he’s still available at around about the 41, Mark. It may well be that he runs Mollica Egypt here as well.

The host by American Pharaoh who made quite an impression on his debut, the horse I like of the horses that the run is Giltman who admittedly only made a debut the other day, but I thought did so sufficiently impressively to Warren. Significant respect here. And I’d be disappointed if he didn’t run a bold race in the commentary where they’re all, you know, once or twice race, two year olds.

So, um, take your think to be honest with Monarch of Egypt, I know a lot of eyes will be on him because of the Pharaoh angle he’d be choosing between this and the Norfolk. Is that, does that sound right? Yeah, I think so. But one on eight, one on a stiffest track on his, on a debut and I, I don’t see any reason why he shouldn’t run six at this stage of his career.

It’s just that the commentary stakes habitually, it tends to be a slightly stronger races and all stakes. And you’re unlikely to run into a two to this an out and out speed, bull trailblazer. So I dunno, I, I, they may, they may go Norfolk, go into Casa, but I think the commentary would be the sensible race to run them.

All right. Let’s go on to the King stand some great USA angles here with impermissive. Who’s been so impressive in the bedding currently at odds, a somewhere between eight to one and 12 to one, depending on where you look, I’ve talked to some friends over there and given my case for impervious being a top-notch horse, and they sort of shake their head and say, Oh, you got a lot of work to do to contend with the ones at the top of the market here.

I’m familiar with their work as well. How do you see it, Nick? As somebody familiar with the racing on both sides of the Atlantic. Well, normally speaking, I think that if, if a horse of that caliber and that basic speed came over, the, the horse would be warrant, significant respect. But, uh, I think on usually in backlash and blue point the two at the top of the market, you’re talking about arguably the two best turf sprinters in the world and on, on their day.

And the one point about backlash that is rarely touched upon it, his ability to handle soft ground, we have 50 millimeters and five over 50 millimeters of rain after yesterday. Now I know it’s not forecast to be as wet as that between now and the opening day, but I don’t think the ground is going to be as soft as it was last year or the year before.

I mean, it just simply can’t be it. We, the most rainfall in 24 hours that the South Southwest area of London has seen for a long, long time. So the long and short of it is that the bad fascist is effective on an easy surface, but he goes on fast ground. Absolutely fine. He’s a very fast forward, but because he seems to be able to act as effectively on an easy surface.

I think that gives him the edge of a blue point. Even though the stiffer five along the ASCA is probably more in blue points, stamina wheelhouse than it is the Tasha. I think the ground could, could swing the balance in, in BetaShares favor this time to keep the ride in with a bit more circumspection than they, than they have before.

So I gave her coffee. I was being quite well backed for Sally Doyle for Aiden. O’Brien a horse. He won occasion. It looked very good and certainly made some money for the horse. The other interesting one, I think at a price, if he, if he turned up his butt’s actually stable companion equilateral, but it sounds as though he might go to the coral charge on coral eclipse.

They found down in a couple of weeks time, but I’d be, I’d be with Battat over Bluepoint in the Kingston. Another horse USA fans will remember from the breeders cup is in the batting here in soldiers. Call what’s been going on with that one. And is this a horse you think could make an impact here? It’s possible, I suppose.

Uh, I just think, I just think, as I say, I think this is an unusually talented duo at the top of the market. Um, so we’ll just call you remember from last year, is it Australian by, uh, Archie Watson? Uh, she Watson continues to make a massive, massive impression as a trainer he’s, uh, particularly with juveniles.

The encouraging thing as far as soldier’s call is concerned is that he’s, he moved forward from, from two to three by the looks of his comeback run in a lifted race that year. And if that comeback run was designed to put him spot on for ASCA, then he’s a horse that you’d have to give some respects to.

But I think he’s going to have to improve intern again, a significant amount to get the better of the two at the top of the market. However he does, of course get the, the, the weight for age allowance. He gets a significant weight allowance as a three-year-old and this is a race in which three-year-olds have had a good record in the past.

Three year olds take center stage in the St. James’s palace, which will go as the fourth or the 1620 on opening Tuesday at Ascott and some horses that even if you pay just a little attention to racing overseas, you’re going to be recognizing in this one. Do you have a view on it from this far out? Well, it brings forward the winners of the English and Irish guineas back in the Grecia and Phoenix of Spain, respectively Magna Grecia ran a stinker when he went back to Ireland and Phoenix, Spain beat him by a significant margin and finishing in second, that day was the much vaunted champion, two year old to Don hot, who had been vanquished in both his starts a three-year-old I, this is not the most physically imposing horse, but I think it’s too early to say that he hasn’t trained on.

I suspect Phoenix of Spain was the recipient of a very good ride in Ireland that drool, I massively respect him and I’d love to see him run a big race for its very likable connection. I suspect he got the benefits of have a very good ride and a very well judged, right? In terms of pace and positioning, which may not have exactly been to, to Don halts.

The benefit to Don also was running just nine days after he’d had a grueling race to finish second on his seasonal debut in the Dantee. And I suspect he may well have had a mini bounds in Ireland. And I think with the, with the nature of the round mile askers and James’s palace on the round vile. A short stretch as well.

I think that will suit too darn handy, little horse with that with plenty of, plenty of speed. And I think this, this could be his coming of age as a three-year-old. So the odds of 41 I’d happily take a chance, but that he can get his career back on track in this. And James is pallet the stable also have King of comedy, fairly prominent in the betting in the son.

James is pallets, whether or not he’s going to run. I’m not sure at this stage, but he’s a, he’s a talented horse who, who want to a good looking running of the Heron steaks at sundown last time. And that is the roots that John goes and took with a similarly unexposed or in, without parole to this race last year.

So at least he should be respected for that. And he’s by Kingman who enjoyed his finest hour when winning this race a few years ago, you mentioned the difference between the straight mile and the round course in terms of your form study, Nick, how differently do you approach those two configurations?

What are you looking for in one versus the other. Well, there’s quite a few interesting nuances with ASCA as regards to the straighten. The round, the straight course, ASCA is wide. It’s a newer, more newly late track. The entire track was re recite and reconfigured in 2006. So the entire Strait is essentially the newest turf Ascott races on.

Therefore it tends to be more free draining. So if you had a horse you wanted decent surface, you’d be less worried about them on the street model than you would on the round mile around mile uses significant portions of six fair, lots of the old course, which if there has been rain tends to get genuinely soft.

Uh, if there hasn’t been a dry spell, it’s fine. It’s even all over the round course. Obviously places less emphasis, somewhat less emphasis on stamina because you’ve got the horses running into the bend and the straight asker is pretty short. Uh, the straight courses obviously got to place more of a, an emphasis on stamina.

And, uh, and I think the round course required that, that little bit more tactical speed. And that’s why I think, um, on this course, I would, I would fancy too darn hotline a little bit more than I might otherwise do on the street course. It makes sense. A handy horse is going to be able to run better around a turn, perhaps a horse with a little bit more stamina going to be benefited by the straight mile in terms of pace.

Does it, is it different how it plays out? I mean, are you more likely to see a strong Gallop on the straight course than the round course because of the band or does it just all depend on which horses have signed up for the engagement? I think it depends on which horses have signed up in all honesty. I really do.

Feedings of Spain was prominently written in, uh, in Ireland. And it may well be that they try and adopt the same tactics. Again, a lot of it is, you know, in these races, it depends on what and how many runners they’d know Brian Hart. That makes perfect sense. Not a we’re no strangers, even in the USA to seeing some, uh, potential team tactics from the yard.

And another point, I think that the round course is actually a little bit short of a mile too, if I’m, if I’m remembering that correctly, Yeah, it might be just a tiny bit shy of a mile, but it is. Yeah. I mean, it’s essentially officially recorded now, moving on to the last two races on the car, this is where things get really tricky in terms of looking at things from a long way out.

What do you know if anything at this point about the, uh, the, the handicap that the asset stakes that goes as, uh, the fifth, they ask us. Thanks. I think you, you kind of have a reasonable stab at a fair way out because it’s a, it’s a race where you’ve got a lot of hard knocking, established old pros in the race and it being two and a half miles.

It’s not surprising that, you know, the excellent trainers who’ve done so well with their jump horses down the years. And you’ll be well familiar with, with, with these guys, Pete have done have had such a good record in the race because they, they, they train their horses for plenty of stamina and horse horses, a piping fit.

Sometimes these are horses that they’d get off the flat, say two, three years ago with a, with a, with a re handicapped rating of, you know, X, and then they’ve gone and improved and improved and improved and improved as they’ve got to the four or five, six, seven, uh, jobs. And then they, they, they return to the flat off the potentially an extremely favorable handicap Mark.

In addition to being conditioned to run the long and run the hard. And I must say I, I re a horse that really piqued my interest. There’s a likely runner in this race. What it was announced yesterday was a horse called  con uh, trained by Gordon Elliot. Oh, Elliot one, the queen Alex, the two miles six race last year after with Palisades and also being jumping.

And I think mainly Carly was similar in a sense, nothing too straightforward sometimes, but he’s a very talented horse was considered to be stakes class for Hugo Palmer and his former incarnation. And I suspect he’s just very well. Andy kept back on the flat now. So I I’d be very interested in him two and a half and the ASCA stakes and he never thought of thought we would get that sort of distance, uh, back in the day.

But he’s, it’s different based there. It can change as they get older. That’s for sure. And I remember the exact move you were talking about being able to use the, the old flat Mark years ago. My first Ascott day ever was a Tuesday when Jr won this race. If you remember, if you remember that runner I do.

And your junior had been a horse that in his younger days was trained by Brian Meehan and was pretty talented, you know, sort of borderline stakes horse. And then he went to, I think he went via, he may even have gone via, uh, Nicki Henderson, but he ended up with David pike for Midland park racing and he ended up off a very favorable, but having already, I think, was a race at the challenge festival.

He certainly had a very rare beast junior insofar as that he’s won races at rural Alaska on the shelf, but he was, uh, he was a well on the capital was when he went to Africa and he D didn’t miss. We will wrap up the first day with the Wolfer 10 steaks. Have you had a chance to see who it looks like we’ll be turning up in this one?

I would be lying if I said I did. I’m going to plead complete plead, complete ignorance is regard which horse might win when the Wolfers in stakes, but I might be able to serve you up a couple for later in the week, if you fancy. That was my next question right here on the list. So yeah, other horses you’re looking forward to seeing rod through, uh, I’m quite looking forward to seeing a horse called Vasper running in the working and that one strain by Charlie Hills thought he was very impressive.

First time up the season, first round for the stable that Doncaster, uh, really enjoyed the softest ground at Haydock the next time. Uh, but I think dropped back to six furlongs. He could win. I still think there’s a bit of, um, a bit of mileage in the, in the price of, uh, invincible army, who is a favorite for the diamond Jubilee.

I think he’s essentially a horse who’s been somewhat underestimated. Uh, and I think he looked, they looked the real deal in the, in the, uh, big race at York, New York last time and in a race, which is, I just think a little bit thin in terms of depth. I think he can, he can, he can win. Uh, I think he, he was trained by somebody else.

He might be shorter than four to one, but James state’s got his horses in excellent form this season. I’m very excited to see whether . So he trained by the Michael Stout can make an impact in the coronation stakes. It’s a big, big leap forward from habit. She looked absolute freak on our last, and if she can lay it down to the jewel guineas winner, her Moser, you know, we’re in a similar situation to the, to the situation essentially we saw in the, uh, in the acorn stakes at Belmont the other day with the completely unexposed, but possibly freakishly talented, fully taking on one, that’s already won a classic.

definitely already going to be being bet in bookies for races later in the summer, based on that, sometimes they can just arrive on the scene and explode, especially modern training methods seem to bring horses along in this fully formed way. It’s interesting to note that that’s a dynamic that can exist exist on either side.

Yeah. And it’s very unstable, like as well to go in deep, unless he thinks he’s got one that’s really, really good. You know, the become associated laterally, particularly in his career as a trainer who brings horses on steady away, steady away, and they get good at four or five six, but you know, this, this Phil is clearly very, very good.

Um, I’m excited about seeing other say whether she can serve it up to her Moser who looks even better in Ireland. And she had done in the, in the new market guineas, it’s going to be a tremendous week of racing, a closing thought for us, Nick, before I let you get out of here and get back to your work. And this week before Royal ask it.

Well, I will leave you with a closing thought that as it was last year in an era where we suggest that everything’s all about speed, that the race of the meeting might yet be the gold cup over two and a half miles. You’ve got last year’s winner Stradivarius taking on the Dubai gold cup winner and Melbourne cup went across counter the last year.

There’ll be runner up DXB last year and lead you win a Q gardens who very nearly won the coronation cup in terms of, in terms of cloth is nearly the race of the meeting, nevermind. In terms of essentially excitement and who’d have thought we’d ever say that a race about a race over such a long distance.

It’s great to say. And we look forward to seeing you on NBC next week, and folks should also be following you in social media. Remind me your handle there. It’s the massively original handle app neglect. Oh yeah. I may or maybe ought to change it. Uh, Pete, because, um, I interviewed the legendary Australian trainer gai Waterhouse, uh, for, uh, um, for a piece that that’ll be add on, on my Sunday program this Sunday on, on racing TV and her husband, Rob has just issued a tweet saying how about gay star really enjoyed her interview with Peter luck?

Huh? Considering changing, changing the Twitter handle, but yeah, at neglect and I will be doing next week. Bye Brittany and all the week, which is a much greater incentive for people to, uh, get involved in the NBC coverage. Uh, Eddie Altech and Dylan drier, uh, laterally in the week. Anyway, super sharp crew there for sure.

Big fans of, uh, of, of Brittany and Eddie in particular, who’ve been on the show. And as for changing your Twitter handle on behalf of all the Peters, Nick, I’ll say we’ll gladly accept you among our ranks. Thank you very much. My friend call them out. Thanks so much, Pete. And now I’d like to welcome to the, ask it monster pod.

She’s a pundit. She’s a producer. She’s a presenter. She’s from sky sports racing. She’s my friend, Vanessa. Ryle. How are you today, Vanessa? I’m very well, thank you. But yeah, the introduction is great. I, it makes me feel like a real star, but actually it’s a case of Jack of all trades master of absolutely none.

I, I find that hard to believe having seen and been a fan of your work. Of course we give sky sports racing, the plug, but, uh, at the is the, the web arm of sky sports racing. You can find a lot of the stuff you’ve worked on over there. And then you’re also, and I need to ask you about this, a frequent guest with, uh, a couple of jokers who are going to be on here a little bit later in the hour to talk about Royal Ascot, the final Furlong podcast.

I’ve never asked you this. How did you get mixed up with that lot? Um, it was ages ago, actually. It was, it was when, um, Kevin Blake, you as always done quite a bit of work with that without the racism, when it was before the, obviously the switch over to sky sports racing, and he was doing the podcast with Emmett and a guy called Noel Hayes.

And basically they just asked me one day, do you know, we need, we need to get that. We need to girl’s voice. So I was like, Oh, okay. I’m a girl. And I got a voice. So how flattering, what a flattering way of asking the question, right. Basically like that. And then, um, you know, a few podcasts and I had said little of any interest, but made some, uh, seemingly hilarious mistakes and general stories.

And the rest really is history. And to be honest, they’re brilliant with me because there’s some months there’s some weeks where I can’t do it for a while. Just. Because of other commitments. And then I jump in and it’s like being back with your two brothers, basically, as you know, they are real jokers, Kevin and Emma, but I love it.

It’s great fun. And they’re really good to me. And it’s really helped my career. Actually. That’s fantastic to hear you will be hearing from them a little bit later. They have, they must’ve been hard up for ASCA guests, cause I’m going to be on there talking about a couple of the days as well for them, for their Ascott coverage.

So yo, if you’re a listener to this show, you’ll be knowing who we’re talking about sooner rather than later when it comes to, uh, Kevin and Emmett. But we’re not here today to talk about them. We are here to talk about Wednesday at Royal Ascot and it all starts off with the queen Mary stakes. This is a race I’m guessing you have some interesting, cause I know you’re very interested in the, the two year olds, especially at this meeting, they have a view in this year’s queen Mary.

Well, it’s just, it’s, it’s really interesting for me this race, because normally what happens or what has happened in obviously previous years is you got you Americans bring some super fast individual over and we all run scared. That’s generally what happens, isn’t it. Um, and normally it’s, you know, we, it could be class, there’s a relatively weak division for us, or has been a couple of times, but this year, this year, we, I genuinely believe we’ve got some really nice two year olds, mainly running in the Godolphin blue.

I’m not going to lie. And, um, this race is where we might see a couple of them now, obviously, where we are, um, recording this before we’ve got any sort of declaration. So it’s very much as what we think might be going there. But the two that are a real interest for me is the villi that obviously tops the market chasing dreams.

She is, she was Charlie Applebee’s first two year old winner of the year. Uh, the crave and meeting. He’s had a fantastic run with his two year old, since multiple winners. And they’d been flying in left right and center. We saw her at new market. She won by five lengths that day. And the form has very much been franked in behind with winners coming around from all sorts of angles.

Um, so she it’s easy to see why she tops the market. Um, and then just keeping with the sort of boys in blue and the Godolphin team, divine spirits is the other one of real interest because she made her debut at. Um, Windsor, but she was a breeze up purchase. She was a very expensive thing, 800,000 that the Craven breeze up sale.

And so she obviously was plenty forward enough. And then they ran her at Windsor. And anyone who was watching would have been surprised because she pulled like a train going down to the stars. I mean, look like a runaway, which was very surprising for a breeze up horse because you know, it’s not their first time they’ve galloped on a race course.

So it was a little bit weird. Anyway, they’ve got it down to the start quite successfully in the ends, you know, manage the settler, but she was a real tearaway, very hot and sweaty. And then one, but had to pull out some of the stops, not all the stops, but some of the stops to win. And she beats a Philly back in second, who was also a pretty smart breeze up horse.

And the third horse has come out on one again since so her form has been franked. And then just to add another interesting angle into divine spirit, her dam was actually second in the queen, Mary herself, and was trained over in America. So by Simon, a Callahan. So there’s loads of tie-ins there and the final point on divine spirit.

And again, I must reiterate, I don’t know if this is the plan with her because they do have chasing dreams. Who’ve tops, the market tops, the betting, but, um, divine spirit originally was declared to run at Ascot on debut and they, she was a non runner because of the ground. So that might just give you a little indication of what their intent was.

Maybe to show her the track, give us some experience on the track before bringing her back as a Royal Ascot horse. In the end, she had the whole, whole incident at Windsor, but she went anyway. And either way, wherever she ends up, she’s a horse that, um, as long as she doesn’t blow up before the race, again, I really think she’s got a proper engine.

I don’t think we’ve seen the half of it. And I think her form and her numbers. At the moment don’t do her justice. So those are the two I’m really looking forward to a gnat. That’s right. That’s terrific. And wherever, even if they end up splitting them, that’s great information to, for us to follow along and be able to become actionable when it comes to bedding.

And a lot of the people listening to this show, we’re going to be bedding through the U S tote pool. And I know Kim Kamari is the one on the ward team that I’ve heard particularly good things about. Sounds like as being pointed here. So those might be some to put in your exact is for the U S listeners as well, depending on who shows up where it’s always the danger doing the show this far out, but at the same time doing the show this far out means that many more people get to listen to it.

So hopefully we give you some steers that are going to help you cash some tickets throughout not only this day, but the five days of the meeting. And with that, let’s move along to the Queen’s VAs at other race. I believe you have, uh, some, a fairly strong opinion if I’m remembering that right. Um, well, I am a strong opinion on the fact, I think it’s a very weak race.

And at the moment we really are very up in the air with what might run Western Australia, tops the betting for obviously the Aiden O’Brian team by Australia Sri, really like, uh, but this is a race that since it’s been upgraded to its group two status, it’s provided winners such as Kew gardens who went on to win a group ones and Stradivarius.

So it’s a race that really, um, it can throw up a really decent horse. And I think punters will really latch onto Western Australia who won last time out. Um, but you know, it’s definitely not up in the very highest echelons of the aide and Brian team. Um, pretty either decent performer too, but nothing to really write home about her, plenty of runs and then has come out again this year and was beat on debut at Dundalk, but a sense one that Navid, um, I think punters will latch on to him because of the Q gardens effect and what that always went on to do latterly running in the same colors, but at that fashionable edge coming in again.

But for me, I actually, until I see what runs this horse, that’s second in the betting is probably going to go for a handicap. I liked dashing Willoughby, but as you good enough to win a race like this, Oh, I. Very up in the air with this at the moment. And it’s not a race that is particularly exciting me at this stage.

Well, that’s the one great thing we have as HorsePlayers the, the opportunity to pass races. If nothing comes into focus by the time they’re going down to the start on Wednesday, we can always, uh, save our money and spend it in other places. And the next opportunity would be one that I know from a sporting point of view, if not a wagering point of view is shaping up as the race of the meeting.

And that’s the Prince of Wales, his steaks run us through your thoughts on this one from this far out, Vanessa. Oh, this is one that we can definitely get stuck into from a long way out, because if all the main protagonists, uh, tip up in that top form in this race, which is highly unlikely if sips, if some butts, but if they did, then this would be one of the races of the season, hands down, because essentially at the top of the market, you’ve got magical taking on CF class C of class, who last year was just a wonderful revelation and finished the season by running down, enable and then magical, also ran down, enable as well.

So it’s the two horses that chase enable her to fillies that chase the enable home. That’s their crossover form. Obviously you saw magical over the Breeder’s cup and then in behind them, they have to take on some serious, serious Colts and crystal ocean, uh, for the so Michael Stout team, a masseur, the Derby winner, who we haven’t seen in recent times, you know, and over a year now.

And so the race itself is just, it could be really, really wonderful and magical tops. The betting, because a, she is solid as a rock. She’s a solid, solid star really, but also she. Either see, have classes for me. See your class last year was one that was, I just totally fell in love with her. She went on that winning streak.

She was late into training. She won a group one. She ran down a navel, so bravely in the arc and she was just everything you’d want a race horse to be. She, I saw her in the flesh and then obviously followed her throughout her last season. And she is just beautiful. There’s no other words for it. She is absolutely beautiful, but.

She has had no problems their season so far. Um, that’s why we haven’t seen it on the track yet. She missed an early season target because of a temperature. I actually spoke to, um, William Hargis, her trainer today because it was at the press conference. And hilariously, I said to him before, before I grabbed him for an interview like this, I said, Oh, don’t worry, William.

I, you know, just very quickly, I promise we’ll keep this really sharp. And I won’t ask you anything stupid. And he laughed. He was like, Oh, okay. That, so you’d like, trundles interview in the camera and I’m out of vision with this interview. And so Alison, how of classes and the update was really good. And this is very much a starting place, perhaps a starting point for a big season.

And her end of season target is obviously the arc. She has big ends of season targets. This is a starting point. So it led me to say, Oh, okay then. So on that basis, what would you be happy with? Come Wednesday? EG it’s a red hot group once she’s running in. So I thought he was going to turn around and say, well, you know, she ran really well and was placed.

We’d be delighted as a stepping stone going forward. And instead he turned around and said, Vanessa, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. That’s a stupid car.

Right, right. Okay. Then, sorry. Well, we quite liked to win. The Prince of Wales is stakes actually, Vanessa. So that was made that, that made me feel nice and stupid. But anyway, bringing it back to her, she was really the class of last year. And um, if she hadn’t had her niggling setbacks and had had a prep run, I’d be all over her for this race.

But because of her setbacks, magical tops, the market she’s had her prep runs in 10 Furlong races. When there’s definitely a question to be raised about whether some of her other, some of the other runners might want them either do want a mile and a half. And she has had the perfect prep. She’s three from three this year she’s been bolting up.

And her last run was more impressive than ever. I mean, she’s been beating flag of honor every time. And so you might question sort of what she’s been beating and what the form is like. But the fact is, is she’s only been doing as much as she can and her last one was in a group one and she’d be, as you won by seven lengths, she has done everything right.

And she ticks all the boxes in terms of. Just every stepping stone towards this race, obviously masseur, we should probably cover a bit more, been off the track for so long since the Darby’s such a disappointment last year when he picked up that injury. Um, but he is a Darby winner and he was a classy Darby winner at that.

And so he has to be taken very seriously and I know the good dolphin team are delighted with him. Um, and then on top of that, you have all the added interest of like Dierdre coming over from Japan. Can’t tell you how, while people are going for the Japanese. I mean, they are just like, again at this press conference, they are just wild for her running in this race.

And so that’s going to be fascinating to see how that pans out. I mean, I don’t think she’s classy enough to beat some of the best middle distance horses we have seen, but she brings an added element of interest. Doesn’t she? And with the bedding, the tote batting that’s available in the United States being co-mingled with the international pool that’s centered in Hong Kong.

That’s really interesting to hear what you’re saying about Dierdre. If some of that money, if they, if, uh, in addition to being interested as fans, that opinion gets backed with money. This could be a really interesting race for some potential arbitrage or at least a place to maybe get a little bit of a juice in the price on whoever you like.

If it’s not Dierdre do you get the sense that they’re gonna, that they’re going to bet this filling. Yeah, very much. So. I mean, they’re mad about her and they’re delighted with you. That’s all very positive. Like it’s all well and good. Um, being, you know, like delighted to be an Ascot, but I spoke to connections only this morning and it’s like, she’s settled in really well.

She’s galloping really well. She’s in the right mindset. Obviously her form is a bit in and out, but I asked them and slightly broken English. I must’ve met, um, essentially kind of, you know, when she’s put in her best performances, what is she like pre in the buildup to those really good performances? Is she quite buzzy or is she quite laid back?

Like she in the zone, because at the time of doing the interview, she was literally just walking behind us on the loosest of range, look like a pony club hack. I mean, blessing like nothing, not nothing excitable about her tool. And they were like, no, this is exactly the mindset she has to be in. So I think they’re really confident, not con not confident, confident of a big rub.

Right. I think they’re very confident there’ll be in there. There’ll be at a post, as you say, they’ll be, you know, first, second or third in the winner’s enclosure on the best form. That’s that’s reasonable. Yeah, it is reasonable. Definitely. I mean, I think it’s far-fetched to see her winning because I think you’d need a lot of the AFA mentioned horses to, um, the perform due to lack of fitness and slash or trip, but.

I think it’s realist. I think there’ll be betting hair to be placed, I think. All right. Well, it’s going to be fascinating to see what happens in the market. You mentioned a Masar and the, and the Darby run. And the thought that just popped into my head was to ask you to raise your hand. If you ever saw the breeders’ cup, juvenile turf becoming the key prep race for the Darby two in a row.

Now it’s crazy. It’s crazy. Yeah, maybe that’s a part that would that little start to deliberate the father. Now, what do you, is that just total randomness or does it speak to the increased importance of the breeders cup around the globe that some of the better, this isn’t one for the also rans anymore.

This is for the second tier. Some of the better horses are obviously turning up on our shores for the breeders’ cup come 2018, 2019, the 2017. It seems. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I agree with everything you said. I think it’s definitely not also runs. I think, you know, people, the idea of having a breeders cup winner at what, on whatever, um, uh, kind of in one of your major championship races or not a breeders cup winner full stop is huge.

It’s huge over here, you know, it’s. We, you know, I’ve been caught up in the breeders cup more than ever the last few years and, you know, enable a magical last year, coming over for it. Like, like you say, not even just those championship races, but even the Le you know, the, the still very good races, essentially.

I think, you know, people want a breeders’ cup winner and you send over a horse. I don’t know if it’s coincidence. I think my, is there a theory, or maybe you send over a horse that is classy, maybe circumstance doesn’t bring out the best in him, or maybe the trap doesn’t suit, but to take a loss to the breeders’ cup, he has to have some class.

He has to have a level of ability and engine, uh, some class and a constitution to travel, to adapt. He has to take all those very high-end boxes. And maybe that is the correlation more than anything else. Maybe it’s just an idea. No, I like it. I like it very much. Anything else to button up this conversation about the Prince of Wales is before we move on to the Duke of Cambridge, Um, no, I think just, I think that’s bad.

It just enjoy it. I think definitely as from a betting point of view, the takeaway I did take all joking aside from the William Haggas conversation was 100%. Um, this is a starting point, but of course we’re going to win, but we’ve got her, like we’ve got her in the best shape we can for her first run of the season.

If we were, if we were confident that if they were happy with being in the frame, the five to two on magical starts to look big. If we think it’s going to be the sea of class, a 85, 90%, it makes me a little bit more inclined to walk. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, exactly. I think, yeah, you’ve hit the nail on the head.

I just think they really want to go back for another arc. You know, that family live family that own her obviously, and the connection and how she ran this time. Um, they, they want another, they want another crack at arc. I I’d say they’re building to an arc. Um, and. This is her first run at the season. I don’t think anything more needs to be sad.

I think you’ll, you can all gauge that for yourself. Pretty much us punters. We’re so accustomed now to our top trainers, bringing them back super close to fully formed, whether it’s Todd Pletcher or Chad Brown, it’s very, very rare that they, that they need races, but in sort of a more traditional training model, it, it, it’s more of a logical expectation that they’re going to come on for runs throughout the season than it is for ones coming from our top born barns.

Just in the difference in the way horses are trained around the world. It’s going to be fascinating to see. I I’m very, very excited for this race, but we have three more races to at least quickly touch on Vanessa if you’re game and it starts with the Duke of Cambridge steaks group two. Uh, do you, have you had a chance to look through this field?

I know there’s been, uh, a lot of horses discussed as potential entrance for it. Uh, yeah, I think it’s a wide open contest. Isn’t it? I think the betting the top of the market, you can, um, yeah, it’s pretty wide open. There’s a number of runners in now with a chance. One that I suppose I might pick out very tentatively would be pretty baby for the William haggis James doll team.

Um, she won the group three at Lingfield last time out, and she was pretty tough that day. She was right up with the pace most of the way. And then she had to be pretty tough to knuckle down after she was headed. Um, she’s just the whole that’s again, it’s not, I’m not just harping on about haggis horses, but they have really hit a vein of form.

And when I saw that she was in this, I thought that’s interesting in a nice progression one, a group three last time steps up into group two class kind of didn’t maybe do it in the style that will catch loads of people’s eyes as flashy or particularly impressive. But I say she did plenty that day and, um, a draw wasn’t that she wasn’t helped by.

Um, yeah, I I’d say just the way the race was run in the end means that. Maybe under different circumstances, we might see an improved performance. She’s obviously stepping up in class and this next, this race, if she goes to the Duke, Duke of Cambridge will be a plenty, big enough challenge for her. And she’ll be taking on lots of nicer horses than she’s ever met before.

But in a wide open contest, she’s kind of caught my eye a little bit. All right. One to look out for, we’ll move it along to the Royal hunt cup, the penultimate race on Wednesday, uh, with 98 entered to run. I, I I’ll admit I haven’t, uh, parsed my way through this whole field yet. Uh, I will admit I’ve hardly looked there.

I’m afraid. I have literally hardly looked at it. Um, I have very minimal to add, except the fact that the new graduates who tops the betting of 90 whatever entries, tops, the betting because of previous form and the fact horses in behind they’ve come out on one really well. Um, so that’s the why he’s found his way to the top of the market and what will basically be a red hot, open handicap at, as it always is at Ascot.

So I, uh, Jesus, I wouldn’t like to even attempt no need, no need, but I will ask you this question instead, just to help us punters looking at these big fulfill handicaps. I think in, in many instances, the inclination is just going to be to punt, save the money for elsewhere races. Like the, the, the Prince of Wales is where you could actually go through the form and you’ve seen the races already and you’d know a lot of what’s going on, but do you have any general betting advice for these big handicaps?

Do you have any trends where you try to focus on ones that are towards the, that that are, do you see them as favorites races? Do you see them as racist, tilted towards the high weights? Do you, is there anything in general that might help the U S fans when they’re going through this field? When it’s finally determined.

I guess, um, what we see quite a lot of, I think ASCO in general is not a lot of, but there’s a fair few touches landed. You know, if a horse has really been targeted by a good yard for one of those big handicaps gets a decent draw and an interesting jockey booking, I know it’s very obvious, but, um, a good few times that the gamble is landed so that that’s all, and I love that sort of thing.

I’m all for that. Um, it’s about when a plan comes together in a big field handicap, I always just applaud any connections. And then the other thing that often comes to the fore is, um, Well for a race like this. Anyway, I suppose that solid, uh, you know, level, like you have to be a pretty classy performer to operate in this, this sort of race.

And so often the horses near the top of the weights are there for a reason aren’t they? And, uh, I’m always inclined to look for that real bit of class as opposed to a sneaky one as, as Kevin and Emmett would refer to it as, um, so yeah, a bit, a bit, you know, hanging your hat on a bit of past good decent group or listed form.

Um, maybe, you know, obviously from a few runs ago, but where you can really say no, that horse was operated well here before at a higher level. I love that even if potentially their form figures aren’t particularly wonderful. Um, in the lead up, that’s kind of my vague, my vague suggestion. Yeah. I like both pieces of that advice.

And the first part of it basically boils down to following the money and USP. So cheesy, I hate, I hate that. I’ve even said that I’m sure loads of people are listening to like, uh, yeah, of course we follow the money. Well, not necessarily though, because we’re talking about people who are used to betting on the toad.

So for them, the idea of looking at these international markets for signal in terms of what’s going on in the bedding, that’s good advice that I don’t think everybody listening would have known without you, without you telling them. And let me just ask this, what do you think is what’s the best source?

Is there a particular website that will track and tell you the horse that was eight to one in the morning? That’s seven to two. Now, where can Americans look for that information? Well, um, I suppose I should say tow the company line and if there is good, but the out of the races website has this as a specific market movers page, but also as you’re going through the card, um, if a horse has be backed, it’ll have an mm.

In green. And if the horses is drifted, it’ll have an M in red. But what I quite like doing on the morning of a big race, it’s just going straight onto the actual dedicated market movers page and just scrolling through. And it’s only, I think it’s only the top 15 market moves of the day are in, uh, so there’s no, you don’t have loads and loads of horses, but it’s interesting just when you take a look at maybe what’s being backed and what’s dripping, what’s drifting from similar stables or similar form lines and things, and there’s often that crossover, then in hindsight, you look back and you think, yeah, no, that was right.

So I’ve been this, there’s our own And then there’s the go-to website for a lot of people, which is obviously OD checker, which, um, you could open up individual horses profile and see how their price change throughout the day. Um, so yeah, both of those websites are good, but yeah, I love a bit of ding dong gamble landed at Royal Ascot because I think it takes a lot.

It makes perfect sense to me. And I’m glad you mentioned odds, checker and all to use. I think folks can use that as signal looking for just looking for differences between the top market. They can bet. And what you see over there. That’s right. Going to be very valuable. And I’d also just mentioned keeping an eye on betting exchanges.

Betfair being at the top of the list to just get an idea of how people are betting internationally. Before you go ahead and make your bets on the tote, I’ve kept you way over time. Uh, we talked about AMA Kennedy before he’s calling me on the other line. I’m I’m supposed to go talk to him soon, but we’re not letting you get out of here without giving at least a quick thought on the Windsor castle stakes, a little tricky to know who’s going to actually turn up here, but do you have anything, uh, along the lines of a view from this far out for this.

Oh, God, honestly. I mean, I, I couldn’t tell you I’m afraid. Gotcha. I honestly it’s. It’s like it just like literally had a quick look through it, listed five for a long contest with the two year olds, all of them. Oh, I probably shouldn’t swear. I’ll leave it I’ll believe it. Don’t worry, but they’re just rockets.

Aren’t they? For them for two year old, five foot long horses, it’s a top and tail the hair and to have that strong middle distance race in the middle, that is just honestly, the Wednesday of rural Alaska is just heaven because there is quite literally something for everyone. And so you start and finish with speed and then you have the middle distance class in the middle and yeah, I love it, but I’m not even going to try and tip a horse in this race.

I have absolutely no idea what’s running and hot, nearly every single one of the however 53 entries have either one, both their starts or one of their starts or nearly one. So you, that that tells you how competitive this will be, but I’m not going to try. I’m afraid. Fair enough. You’ve given us plenty.

And obviously as we get closer, you know, the, the, the, there’ll be a lot more clarity and all this stuff, Vanessa, Riley, thank you so much for your time today. No, thank you for having me on. And that’s been great, fun, much enjoyed. And I hope I haven’t said anything too stupid. I guess tell me or not at all.

I look forward to raising a glass of champagne. I think you sounds like you’re more in the champagne direction than the, than the jug of Pimm’s. Oh, I’ll take everything going, honestly. Absolutely. Well, I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday and thank you once again. Marvelous. Thanks for having me. And now I’d like to welcome to the, in the money players podcast, Royal ask at monster pod to guests who somehow I haven’t bothered to be on this show, even though I’ve been a guest on their show for something like four years.

Now, I am, I’ll introduce them individually, and we’re going to start off with the host of the final Furlong podcast. I’m talking about my friend, Emma Kennedy, Emmett, how are you today? I am very, very well. I’m even better by the fact that I’m finally after blogging my way on to the end, the money players podcast.

I assume this now means that by the name I am in the money last gravy will be flowing my way, but no great. Listen, you’ve been a fantastic guest in the final four on the crucial parts of it. For the last four years, you’re going to be there at Royal Ascot for sky sports racing. And it’s an absolute pleasure to join you on a podcast that continues to go from strength to strength and long may that continue on.

Right. You’re very kind, you’re very kind to say. And we’re going to bring in your broadcasting partner in crime, a tremendous columnist over at, at the as well as a pundit and presenter at a number of places. But we’ll plug, uh, first and foremost, sky sports racing though. You can find them on ITV as well.

I’m talking about Kevin Blake, Kevin, what’s up. Hello. We even get the trademark, the trademark open. I love it. I love it. I’m expecting gift to do that. It’s good. I know. I feel like I’ve gotten the, you know, th th that’s like getting the, the endorsement, you know, it’s the getting the rub from, uh, from, from the real, from the, the sports from the podcast that deals with racing that actually gets rated among the top sports podcasts on iTunes.

I’ll take all the help I can get from you guys. Let’s start off with a little perspective here where this show, we’ve got a lot of people listening who are first getting into betting on racing over in the UK and Ireland, a lot of USA racing fans. What would you say? And I’ll start with you. Emma is the biggest difference between betting on American horses and betting on horses in the UK and Ireland.

Well, I suppose the great thing now is that before hand, if you were to reverse 10 years, it would have been a mirror. In the middle of the Atlantic. Cause we look across at each other, but really we were looking at you and you weren’t necessarily looking at our horses. And so when someone like, Hey know, Brian or John Costa and rocked up to the Breeder’s cup, there was a little bit of scoffing, you know, can a horse really come into it?

Vincent O’Brien that obviously trailblazed for years, but now British and Irish racing is becoming a cornerstone of us spending. And it’s becoming a cornerstone of us broadcasting, which is brilliant. And it’s fantastic that you’ve got a main broadcaster like NBC who are not just bearing it behind paywall or putting it on the web.

They’re putting it on one of their main channels and they’ve got one of the best in the game and neglect to go and do that as well. So American viewers are getting to experience what we get to experience as well as we get to experience what you see. So I think first of all, that’s fantastic and it’s almost the progression of the culture of racing and the multitude of media and outlets and a difference of opinions that we’re able to, to embrace.

Now all the data that we get. And I, I don’t think we pay enough respect to that. You know, racing in Ireland and the UK has got two dedicated channels and it’s got terrestrial broadcasting, 650 million homes around the world. They’re going to watch this in 175 different territories. It’s brilliant in terms of.

How you play this differently as an American Poncer I can’t really put myself in the shoes of an American viewer because you’ve got the comparison of dirt racing, which is obviously so prestigious and something. I’m a very big fan of. I know it was controversial, very big controversy about that, particularly on the West coast currently.

And some of the stuff going on is awful, but this is the Royal music. It’s all tar form turf form. I’m delighted to see has massively improved in the U S over the last few years, there’s almost a transformation that some trainers want to focus more on that. And the prize money is being improved all the time, which is just brilliant.

And a lot of that has to go down to the success that American Raiders have had at Royal Ascot. And obviously that’s been led by what’s the word, but we’ve had other Queensland being won by an American horse was a huge achievement, but Wesley’s had 10 winners in 10 years. He’s bound to add to that this time around.

Um, and so I suppose when you watch the footage, you’re going to have your decimal lots. Uh, you’re going to have the, the tote pool. You made a really interesting point on day one at the final forelimb podcast preview, which you can listen to on Apple podcasts and wherever you want, uh, that the, the tote pool is going to be even bigger this year, because it’s a proper, truly international tote pool.

You’ve got the American cools going into the UK, but you’ve also got Hong Kong going in there as well. So a lot of the American style of betting is, is the exotic ex uh, exactly as trifectas. We’re not really of that mindset. I am to be honest about it. And that’s from watching American racing for so many years on the old app, the racism, the current at the races, that’s just something that’s in my head and to do multiples the daily double you’ve got over there.

I’m very keen to do that. That’s not necessarily something that’s even advised by pro punches in, in the UK. Um, so it’s, it’s going to be something that I think you need to approach in whatever way is comfortable for you. Don’t feel as though, because it’s a foreign meeting on foreign soil that you’ve got to adjust how you play, whatever works for you and whatever you’re comfortable with.

And particularly golden advice from Kevin. Who’s about to come on and with Peter stick to the formula that you know, that that’s what I would say. And look through the list of trainers who were phenomenally successful. Obviously, sir, Michael Stout and Aiden O’Brian leap off that page. Look at the races.

They do well in have a look at trends of, um, and we often scoff at trends, but look at certain races that don’t apply to horses, the rebel stale steaks, for example, Oaks runners. We’ve got a horrific record in that race overall, um, look to those kinds of things and be keen, particularly to be playing that tote market because we’re not going to have the opportunity to do that.

I won’t anymore. I won’t be at ASCO this year. I’m on homebound with an injury. Unfortunately, pause. A lot of sports books just don’t give us the option of betting on the tilt, which is frustrating, but Americans can do that. Take full advantage of it. Cause there’s going to be an awful lot of money up for grabs peachy.

I’ve learned a very valuable lesson there haven’t you don’t that, whatever Kennedy’s opponent don’t ask them an open-ended question because you never know, but it was great though. He, he covered a lot. He covered a lot of ground and there’s a lot to unpack. I don’t want to keep you for the full 45 minutes.

It would take for me to unpack all of that. But I’ll simply back with the question for you, Kevin, what is your advice to American punters? Looking at the English and Irish form that they’re going to be trying to decipher over the five days of this ask at meeting? What, what advice would you give them along the lines?

I mean, I think I might hit on some great things in terms of trends, in terms of, in terms of trainers, in terms of sticking to what, you know, what advice would you give them? Only back winners, God say the losers back the winners. He wrote the book on how to make money and racing. It can be done as available on eBay, Amazon, and all rubbish sites as well.

Give us a little bit more there. Kevin, don’t be afraid to look beyond the front of the Americas. Um, like, you know, it’s a common thing in betting markets all over the world. You know, the people can get a little bit too focused on the very front end of the America. And if you venture outside of that, you can often find horses that walked all last, uh, far behind.

Those are the front of the marketers in recent starts, but maybe we just don’t have quite the same sexy profile. And I’ve been a little bit overlooked by the Americas. Um, the, like the, the biggest meetings in Britain, Ireland, you know, that, that happens regularly. And, uh, it will happen at Ryanair Scott as well.

So that would be. That’d be my one little bit of advice, I suppose. Well, I think it will happen specifically in some of these races. We’re going to be talking about on Thursday. I know Kev, you have some, some interesting ideas. Let’s roll through these races quickly. I’ll just go ahead and underline something else that Emmett mentioned for detailed dives on all five days, you’re going to want to check out the final Furlong podcast.

You can find it on iTunes. You can find it on SoundCloud. You find it wherever you get your pods. And it’s going to be a lot of great content that will go into much greater detail than we have the opportunity to on this show. But if you’re somebody who takes to the, this approach and likes the, some of the international way of looking at form there, there’s, there’s just a ton of gold in there.

And there might be a couple of times where for the Americans who ha who aren’t familiar with all the English parlance, where you’re listening to a foreign language, but you’ll get it very quickly. And both the eminent, Kevin are very good about giving you a very straight forward tipping advice as well.

So make sure you check those out, but for now, we’re going to go with Thursday. We’re going to start with the Norfolk steaks and, uh, Emmett, we’re going to start with you. Where did you end up landing in here till Friday? Um, I ended up landing with whoever Wesley ward was going to run and whoever you were particularly keen on.

So I’ll, I’ll completely steal your, your wording, but there’s been a big build up to Wesley ward. That’s one of the great things about his success. And, and also the fact that he’s so good with the media, that he’ll talk so openly about it. And Maven really set a standard. Obviously a lot would have been expected being a son of the triple crown winner, American Pharaoh, or that the, um, the grand slam winner, if you want to really wait, he was a phenomenal resource.

And, and obviously Wesley’s got a terrific record, particularly over five for alongs at Royal Ascot, Maven sets the standard here. And the fact that we’re getting around about five, six to one in with our sports books stands out to me. Uh, one of the horses that we talked about is also a train by a man called Patty to me in Ireland.

And that was a Sunday sovereign. And he’s recently been picked up by King power racing who will have paid a handsome sum to get this horse. So Sylvester. D’Souza fantastic. Jockey’s going to be on board. I completely see why he would be very, very interesting. He’s a trainer that Kevin can expand the lost an awful lot more on.

He won’t necessarily be known to us viewers too much, but he’s got to be interesting. I just think Maven, you know, you made a really interesting observation at the fact that they elected not to go to Belmont and come to Royal. Ascot is part of a gigantic was the ward team. This looks to be his target and.

It’s a typical was the ward horse on good ground at Ascot. Good night. Good look. 61. We won’t be seeing six to one on the tote. I don’t think though. It’ll be interesting to see what the, that international money does. So with that in mind, Kevin, even if you are, if you’re a Maven fan or if you’re not, who would you take to either oppose him or to throw in, in bets, in the exact, are you with Sunday sovereign as well?

And do you have any other thoughts in this one? Um, bomb-proof is the one on Keenan. He’s not certain to go here. He could potentially go for the lesser race in terms of race class, the Windsor castle, but I’m hoping he goes here. Um, he made a winning debut at York and it looks like one of the, one of the best novice races that’s been run in Britain so far, um, on the clock in terms of overall time on the closing section was bomb-proof what was very, very good in victory.

Uh, the second Menosky, who’s a horse actually quite fancy thrown well in the Coventry sakes on day one, override Alaska, he came out and won by his next stack by six lengths at the third, came out and won a very competitive race against previous winners at Beverley last weekend. And the fifth has come out and one as well as the sense, but, um, in the main.

It’s the performance on the clock that really draws me to him as well as the style in which he did as he looked like he very much knew his job. You know, Roy Alaska for two year olds is a real test of, uh, precocity and Arity know-how. And he really knew what he was doing first time and he’s entitled to improve from it.

And I suppose if you want a bit of narrative to go alongside, and if he’s trained by Jeremy and the Cedar, uh, multiple group on grade one winner as a trainer, um, bought, he announced last week that he’s retiring. Um, and bomb-proof will be one of his two last runners, his very last runners as a trainer, I rapped Roy Alaska.

So if he does way and it will be a fairytale ending for Jeremy, and I think he has an excellent chance of doing so. And best of all, he’s a 12 to one shutter. So over in this neck of the woods, so hopefully it goes for the Norfolk. And if he goes for the Windsor castle, that goes without saying, I fancy him for that as well.

But, um, hopefully he goes for the Norfolk and we’ll get a bigger price for our trouble and hopefully he’ll go one way. All right, let’s move on to the rebels Dale stakes. We’re going to skip over the Hampton court, not enough info at the moment about what’s happening over there, but let’s go to the rebels, Dale and Kevin we’ll keep it with you.

I’m like, don’t have a big view on this one. Peter, as we, we, we spoke about on the final Furlong, um, and title is probably the most interesting one, um, a sibling to enable. Who we know is clearly one of the current superstars of racing in this neck of the woods and deed in America now, after what she did at the breeders’ cup.

Uh, and what went into the museum door, which is an Oaks trial, uh, very inexperienced had only one, uh, maiden on the old wetter, uh, funnily enough as enabled it in the early stages of her career, but she overcame her inexperience and run. What I thought was an excellent race to finish the next second to nausea.

And there was loads of promise there for better to come. Uh, not just in terms of her improving natural improvement for pelvis only deterred runner for life, but also for stepping up to a mile and a half, which you will ask us. Um, they could have went for the Oaks. They decided to take a more patient approach, and if they could well reap the benefit of that here, it doesn’t look an electric Riversdale in terms of quality on paper, there’s loads of Phillies in there with the potential to improve, but based on current achievements, it doesn’t look all that harsh and entitled might just be able to improve enough to go and win, but it wouldn’t be one of my more bullish shouts for the week.

Emmett had a, you see it? I think it’s all about entitled. It’s an interesting trend with John Gosden. Um, we’ve got a favorite here in queen power, who Kevin made a point to the final four of the podcast is it’s weighted a hundred that essentially gives you your, your idea of the standard of this race.

The Oaks winner and runner up, won’t go. Uh, so sports books who are pricing them, shame on you. And, uh, look, maybe it gives us an option here. Uh, a big advantage in terms of entitled, because she’s a fair price. John Gosden has run some of his superstars on the old ones where we talk about back-end maidens at Leopardstown towards the end of the season, keep an eye on those horses because maybe something’s happened to them and they’re just getting them out and we’ll, we’ll see what they can do as three-year-olds.

Well, John Gosden flips that on its head completely. And he turns these horses out in December and they turn into, some of them turned into absolute superstars. She was fancy enough for her debut at new market. That would have been her pedigree. She was six to one when she won, um, on sky sports racing at Lingfield back in December.

And she was a big enough price, but Frankie Dettori booked, uh, for the Musa Dora erased that her, her half sister had one in enabled and she ran it up through the storm or that day she went an absolute Stormer that day. Uh, and they decided to skip. The yolks and come straight here that has been approved and grown for success in the past, not having been beaten up at Epsom, particularly having to go around those that undulating track like white, like the profile, bro.

She’s never going to be an enabler, but she’s more than capable of taking this. And I’d say she’s one of the better bets of the day, appreciating the irony of you citing sort of a stats based play Emmit. Cause on your other show, of course, one of the, one of the recurring characters, Norvell a stats, man, he doesn’t always get such respect from you.

And yet now here you’re, you’re citing something that I that’s, that I think normal could get behind. Ah, well now hold on there. Now Orlando now secondary stats are D this guy tries to claim a lot of my work at any passes off. Like there’s no stats, but it’s to just listen to what he said, start stats, thoughts, bats.

I’m telling you now stats are the key. I’m so happy, normal getting some exposure in the USA. I think he could have a bright future here, uh, potentially in government, but we’ll leave that alone and we’ll move on to not just the featured race of Thursday, but the featured race of the entire meeting. I have a poster hanging on my wall from 1970 something trumpeting the Ascott gold cup, really looking forward to it.

And it’s a pretty darn interesting renewal as well. Kevin, we’re going to bring you in to give a selection on the featured race of the meeting. Well, it looks, try to various is very, very solid. Clearly he won the race last year. He went through an incredible run of success in the same division last season, and his comeback win at York was, was grand, uh, to use, uh, uh, an Irish autism, um, as in certainly satisfactory, but maybe no better than that.

Um, but you can imagine John Gosden would have left a little bit to work on there in terms of conditioning, and he should be a better horse at Ascot, but he probably needs to be because the gold copy one last season, he grounded out, um, in, in Tufts style. But on paper, this year’s renewal certainly looks to be a fair bit stronger.

He has some very solid candidates come that are moving their way into the same division. Um, in terms of Q gardens DXB and cross counter, who of course is stepping up to this two and a half month trip for the first time, but very much established himself as a, as a stair last season and winning the Melbourne cup.

Um, so it’s definitely a strong gold cup and the Stradivarius won’t have it all to his own way. Um, uh, my inclination is to take a swing at one at a wild price. Uh, and the horse is called Falcon eight. He’s a 25 to one shot here. So in this neck of the woods, and he’s coming in with a very low profile, he’s not even as a stakes winner.

He’s only raised four times. Um, but he’s a really, really dour stair and stamina tests do not get more extreme than the gold cup. And I think he’d absolutely relish that he’s not a certain runner at this stage, but his connections have left him in the race. Um, to this point he was described as a 50, 50 chance a few days ago, and I just, I expect him to let him take his chance and the stamina test should bring out a fair bit of improvement in him cleared.

He needs to, he’s only rated 105 compared to the 120 Mark that Stradivarius Springs into the race, but it just wouldn’t shock me. Now, if he takes a big, big step forward and those big odds might be made, look quite generous. Hopefully as we watch the finish of the race, now warm ratings are going to be kind of foreign to the audience, but you can sort of Intuit what that means.

I mean, it would be, I mean, is it probably roughly correct to say the same thing as a horse, that’s been running a speed figure 20 to 25 points higher. Do you think it comes out about the same form ratings when you’re talking about the likelihood of an upset based on what the official rating is. So there’s 15 pounds in between them in terms of official ratings.

And if you wanted to equate that to lengths, that’s about 16 lengths over this trip. So that’s about the amounts of improvement. Falcon aides would have to find with Stradivarius. I think he has all the scope to do so. And when you have the price on your side like that, I mean, it’s, it’s the same thing.

It’s, uh, England and Ireland, they see the world in pounds. We talk about it in terms of time, but you could do the calculations if you wanted, because it all comes down to trying to equate to lengths. But the fact is it can pay to be speculative when you’re getting paid. Like you will be a Falcon H should run.

And for USA exotics players, whether you want to side with Stradivarius or cross counter or Q gardens, who’s the one I kind of like in here, you can mix them up with some of these longer priced horses and really score out in the exotics pools. If that’s the way you want to go, Emmett, who’s going to win the gold cup.

Let’s start a various is obviously the most likely winner. He’s probably one of the absolute superstars of the entire week. What he did last year, winning the million pound stares bonus was unprecedented. Uh, to be fair, it was the first time that that bonus was ever put up and John Gosden targeted and, uh, went and did it.

It was, it was fantastic to see. I just wonder if that will leave a Mark. We seen over the years, plenty of horses, order St. George, who was fourth in this race last year and had won the race two years previously, then got beaten on what was the questionable ride. And then you look at it afterwards and you want to read it.

Was it a question, but rival, was it just that order of St. George was not the same horse towards the door was in behind. He ran a Stormer. He’s now in training in Germany,  it doesn’t run. This was a very, very hotly contested race last year. And you look afterwards and you see how close towards the door got to him at Goodwood counts.

Octave wasn’t far off from at York. Thomas Hobson got closer than you would have expected it ask us. And he’s only just about in Southern France. Sunday’s reappearance. It’ll be clinging to your fingernails. Like your fingernails is going to be half gone. If you weren’t getting stuck into strata areas, but it will be the narrative of the week.

It’ll be the story of the week and the fairytale. But he’s no price. It’s Frankie it’s cost. And of course he can go and win. I’m inclined to take him on cross counter has become a superstar. He couldn’t run in the classic, the St. Leger because he’s a gelding and we don’t own like America. We don’t allow geldings to run in, in our classics with the exception of the Ari St ledger, which is open for debate and it’s classic status.

Anyway, um, he slammed DXB. He went on to win the Melbourne cup. He won despite himself, I would say in maiden, and he’s been targeted at this race ever since he’s a proper sting superstar. He is more than capable of putting it up, uh, to Stradivarius various. And I’m very, very interested in him at five to one, but the more we talked about him on the podcast, the more I came around to Q gardens last year, he, he was beaten, um, by old Persian, a stable companion of cross cancer, uh, in a prep race, he would go on to win the St.

Leger. He ran a fine race in the Ark. He was a  winner as well. This horse has got a lot of back class and he should have won the coronation cup last time out. You know, Ryan Moore is probably the best, big race jockey in the world. If he could have two rides back, it would be pink Dogwood and Q gardens. Um, I’d say he’d love to have those rights back again.

Kew gardens was the best horse in the race. This is a very much an about turn. It’s a, it’s a turning, it’s a change of mind. You know, they were going down the middle distance route. They’re sticking them up to two mile floor. I kind of liked the fact they’re doing it now. I think that they’ve, they’ve seen something there.

They’ve transformed them into a couple words. The class that he has is group one status. He gets a pound from Stradivarius six to one is fair. I’m going to play the reverse forecast or the box exact cross countering Kew gardens, and hope that for some reason, from a betting perspective, that Stradivarius doesn’t fire on the day.

Um, I think there’s enough reasons to take them on at the price, but if you wins, you can be happy enough to see Frankie do a flying dismounts afterwards, tear your tickets up and be okay, but I’ll, I’ll take them on with CrossCountry around with Q gardens. I love it. I love one of our international pundits giving out a proper exact then that’s good stuff.

We’re not going to talk about the last race of the day. Not enough info yet on the King, George, but I do think there’s enough on the Britannia to maybe give a quick thought, Emily, where did you end up landing there? I ended up landing in the Brittania on taking a look at the next day’s racing and deciding to save my money.

Fair enough. Fair enough. There’s a lot of good stuff to come to be fair. There, there was, there was no point in really getting stuck into it without the access to the trolls. So that’s fair. That’s totally fair with that’s the danger of doing this? Sorry. One thing though, I will say one thing. There is a chance and it was Kevin broke this.

The Constantinople runs in this race and I, no, no, no, no wrong, wrong race. It doesn’t go for here. Okay. Well, whatever Aiden O’Brian runs, keep an eye on that. That’s generally safe advice. I’d ask it and everywhere else on earth. Kevin, give us a quick thought on the Brittania if you would, um, I’ll give a shout for all tram by William Haggas.

He is a, is a big lung striding, big action, Colt. And he’s just, he’s just taking a while to, um, how would you say just for the penny to drop? Um, he was very unlucky on his put onto a Sarah Haydock. He got smashed up, uh, for a longer, so into the race and running quite well considering. And he wanted new market last time and things didn’t really go right for him.

You know, he’s a horse that I feel needs a strong pace covered up behind a strong pace and delivered quite late. And he got no cover. He ended up in front of two for our lungs out and, and he still won and that wind will get, has gotten them up to a rating high enough to sneak in at the bottom of this and, um, a mile up the street and ask us big field loads of pace, loads of Culver available to him.

I think he could. Those sets of circumstances could want to bring about another improved efforts. And I’m at 16 to one or so he’d do it for me. I like it. I will put it a quick word. Regular listeners to the show, know all about Rob dove, one of the top 10 pro punters in the UK today. And he did mention my Gracian for the Brittania based on the trainer’s patterns of bringing handicappers along throughout the season, and also a sectional upgrade coming out of the last race.

So we’ll throw that one in there as well. The show is the final Furlong podcast. If you’re interested at all in international racing, you really should have it in your regular queue of podcasts. These guys do a fantastic job. Thank you so much, Emmett and Kevin. Thank you very much, my friend, and thank you for the kind words.

Cheers speed. And we move on to Friday and we do so with a pundit who, if you’re not familiar with his work, and this is an American audience listening to the show. So some will be because of social media and whatnot. Some won’t be, you really should be. If you’re interested at all in international racing, you want to hear what this man who’s a freelance journalist specializing in.

I’m going to say form study with an emphasis on sectional times has to say he’s Simon, Roland, Simon. What’s going on. Uh, thank you for that buildup, Peter, um, plenty going on PR uh, prepping furiously for next week. Um, well, I’ll ask her is a really big deal when there’s part of the world and also around the world clearly.

Let me ask you this one first with the proliferation of sectional times, maybe not as much as we’d want to have happened in the UK and Ireland by now, but with the information being out there more than ever before, largely due to your work, are you still finding there’s value in the betting markets when it comes to using sectionals to analyze races in?

I am. Uh, yeah. I, I mean, I’m not sure that real standout sectional horses still go up at big prices or anything like that. But the point about using sectionals and the pace at which races are run and, you know, um, measured in a very precise manner is they should inform all sort of race rating and analysis and everything.

And I still find, uh, that people are missing, missing important details in that area so long. May it continue? Although I must admit, I, I do think for the good of the sport, um, sexual timing should be, and hopefully will be embraced a bit more widely. All right. Let’s get to talking about this card on Friday and we’re going to start off with the Albany steaks.

Do you have a view in this one? Yeah, it’s a much more winnable race than it looks just a few days ago. Um, I dunno, Brian’s, uh, useful Philly at 12 will not run. And I think we heard earlier today that chasing dreams who won her only run at Newmarket against two decent horses, uh, is, has had a slight setback.

And we’ll miss role ask it. Now I must admit, I think, near Beth, um, us near Beth, who wasn’t in a good time at Kaitlin, much quicker time than chili pattern over, over a second quicker, I believe. Um, I think she looks up to the usual standard and this might actually be a week of the usual Albany stakes. Uh, she’s now 41 favorite in some parts.

Uh, she was doubled up just a couple of weeks ago. Um, clearly after only one run, uh, Caitlin, we don’t know a huge amount about her. Other than that, she is clearly very fast and pretty good. And there isn’t an awful lot, obviously amongst the home team against her. So I’m hoping for a year success in that race.

Now, war has had so much success with the two year olds races, but generally speaking, five furlongs does the six. Furlongs give you any pause, Neha Beth, as you said, strong figure worked well since it seems to tick all the boxes, but the distance might be an open question. And what do you think about that idea?

I think that’s a perfectly valid query. I don’t know the answer. The fact that mayor Beth has always been lined up for the Albany. Rather than the queen Mary, over five furlongs, um, suggests that the concerns are not that strong with connections. Um, but yeah, and we, you may have heard that we’ve had an awful lot of rain here, um, a months worth of rain in just two or three days, the grounded ASCA is soft.

I’m sure it was dried up quite a bit by this time next week. Uh, but it may still be testing stamina a fair bit. Um, I think they about, um, could just be a class apart from arrivals here, but I’d take your point about possible stamina still bedding, but that’s the one little lingering doubt in the back of my mind, but I think it’s also possible that he wants to win the Albany to show that he can win at six furlongs and maybe she’ll justify the idea that she’s the best of the team, even though the Albany is the race target.

So we’ll see what happens there, but let’s move on to the King Edward, the seventh, which goes as the second race on Friday. What did you come up with here, Simon? Yeah. Um, it’s not clear at this stage, what is going to run and what is known as the asker Darby or B you might call it, um, quite a few of the contenders from the Darby at Absa Marin, but it’s not clear what would run other than likelihood that Japan will run Japan finished third and match with the chocolate, losing his weapon.

I don’t anticipate Japan being favorite for this, but, um, it wasn’t a good absent Dhabi this year. They all finished in a heap and there might be one or two decent horses in that. But, um, I was a little bit interested in that side of train by a, my Brian’s son, Joseph called Buckhurst, um, who finished second in a group three.

Uh, last time I actually in Ireland, hasn’t had a lot of racing is still going the right way. And, uh, I would hope that bucket as my I run is opposite. So a fairly big prize, but it’s a bit unsure, unclear just at this stage as only what will be running in this race. That’s the danger of doing this so far out as we’ve talked to some of the other guests, you know, we want to get everybody this information, but in some instances, you’re going to have to continue to do a little bit of research as we get closer.

Where will your writing be appearing Simon as we get closer? And will you sort of have some final answers columns before we get to that point? Yeah, I’ll be doing big race previews and pretty much every race. It, well, Alaska is a big race, um, daily on at the races, uh, which is the, uh, online presence of skies force racing or covering it, broadcasting it.

Um, so Tuesdays will be previewed on probably Monday evening and Wednesdays and Tuesday evening and so on. Um, that’s the main, my main area of output, but I’ve got two or three other irons in the fire as well, trying to juggle choke on my metaphors, but juggle, there is balls in the air during a busy week.

I can relate with the seven stakes, but not clear whether Cape of good hope would run. That’s another of a no Brian’s horses. Um, he finished fourth in the French equivalent of Darby and which was running course record time. And he’s a private to Highland reel. I think Cape of good hope who was staying on really strongly end of that is going to be a decent horse, perhaps probably not quite as good as his brother Highland reel, but, um, hippy one, I’d be interested in the King, Edward, the seventh, if he were to show up that’s one to keep an eye on.

And again, you can go and look for the final answers on the day before lots of great content there and really. Once you get used to a little bit of the difference in lingo. I think American punters will have no trouble going through and finding horses to, uh, to latch onto from the content over at, at the races.

All right, let’s talk about the Commonwealth cup. We’ve got 10 sovereigns here in the bedding, a few days out looking very hot. Favorite at the top of the market in general, Simon, are you with, or are you opposed? I bet one against them in a very short price. I’m against him. Um, he did look like he might be a real star last year and they can definitely be excused finishing fifth in the 2000 guineas.

He didn’t get home in that, but I didn’t think that at any stage he looked like, uh, you know, a real top notcher in the 2000 guineas, which again may not have been the strongest, the classics, um, absolute years. He was only half length, a head of a horse called Josh who, um, may well go in this race as well.

So I’m, I’m thinking that well, 10 sovereigns very much has the right kind of credentials for this race. I don’t think it has the credentials to make him a short price. Favorite, a very short price. Favorite there’s um, quite an interesting runner from France. The race called the pre CG. Uh, Ashanti has produced the winner of this, um, the Commonwealth cup twice in recent years and a French film called.

Big brothers pride. Um, one that this year by four lengths from, or impressive in the two past winners of this race, um, Anthony she’s overpriced, she’s still 14 to one. I impacted her, uh, slightly bigger than that. Um, given the ground shouldn’t be a problem. She’s pretty speedy. She made nearly all in that race.

Uh, Ashanti. Um, so in summary, I think 10 sovereigns can be taken on strong though. His claims are, and, uh, at this stage, the one I’m most interested is the French outsider. I like it. Uh, excellent idea to follow along as we get closer and see what happens in that market for USA exotics players, though, it does sound like your respect for 10 sovereigns is such that you wouldn’t necessarily be looking to beat out of the top three, but others just might offer more value, especially in the top spot.

Am I summing that up? Okay. I think he wrote ship. I think he wrote, I suspect 10 sovereigns. Yes. Uh, but it’s got what it takes to go pretty close, but I don’t think he’s got, uh, a lot in, uh, Uh, over the rest of the horses here. And I mean, it could be argued that in receipt of, uh, affiliates lands, pick province, pride is achieved as much as he has.

All right, let’s move on to the coronation stakes. This was the race. Once upon a time, we were talking about newspaper of record for something that probably wasn’t ever going to happen, but certainly wasn’t going to happen after, uh, the way that she resumed her campaign as a three-year-old no newspaper of record here, but it is a pretty interesting bedding contest on paper Simon.

What do you think? I must admit, having said that I would go against a show price. I know Brian hot pot in the Commonwealth cup. Um, pretty much with the no O’Brien hot pot in this, in her Moza, um, who won the thousand guineas at new market in Workman lifestyle. And then the 2000, the thousand guineas in Ireland, like a bit of a star, um, and also in a very good time.

Uh, I don’t see any reason why the horses, the Phillies behind her in Ireland are going to overturn her hair. I think she’s really well suited by racing up with a pace, uh, which on a turning track ask it, uh, should be. Very suitable for, uh, she coached with, from ground good to soft. She’s got no real chinks in our armor.

Pretty Pollyanna who was second to her in Ireland probably doesn’t stay as well as she does. She may be a 607 phone performer. Pretty good Philly though. Um, the big talking horse over here is two bellows. Who’s a half sister Frankl. No last has got a huge reputation after two easy wins as a two runs, but, um, that those wins were nowhere near this, um, level of competition and, you know, two or three levels removed.

And while she could be anything, uh, I must admit I’m not too concerned about Juggalos or a second or third favorite. All right. That’s one to maybe try to bust out in those USA style exotics for those playing the last two races on Friday, our handicaps, we don’t have a full sense of what those fields are going to be.

Did you have any ideas for either of those, or maybe I’ll ask you your thoughts on some races on, on the other days, if not. Uh, I don’t have any ideas on those and yeah, the other days, I’ve I think when we first got in touch a few days ago, I admitted I had not looked at, um, many of the races at roll ASCO this stage, but I certainly have since, so you can, you can try me if you like, well, I’ll just ask it this way.

What are your strongest fancies, either horses that you’re already on for the other days of the meat or ones that you look forward, you think the market might take shape a little differently, so you’re not on yet, but are the most looking forward to wagering over the course of the five days? Yeah. I’m on a two year old called Sunday, sovereign, an Irish trained two year old in the Norfolk steaks and at the interest in knowing what, uh, your take on Mayvenn, uh, the us try and Maven up against him is cause Sunday sovereign is probably pretty good and there would have been a downtick about him.

If the grinder had been firmer than good, but I don’t think there’s much danger of that. He’s running Thursday, by the way, in the Norfolk steaks, he ran easily the quickest of three races over five furlongs, uh, on his most recent staff in Ireland. Uh, and the other two races were won by old horses. Two year old.

Shouldn’t be doing that. He won by heart, you know, several lengths. Uh, I think he’s a good, good performer and, uh, probably got conditions in his favor. So somebody sovereign in the Norfolk stakes on Thursdays. One of them. I must’ve met, I reckon. Um, Wesley ward might have a pretty good crack at the queen Mary, despite the absence of lady Pauline in Kamari, um, who has, um, pretty good claims.

And I’m not sure that, um, again, that the home defense is all that deep in that race. So, uh, I’ve had a few, uh, as a bit of a bet on Kamari already. Most of the others at this stage, I mean, they look fascinating races. You’ve got blue pointer games, Natasha, and the King stand on Tuesday. I think the more testing conditions, tips, um, things towards blue points.

He basically outstate, but Ash, over a step five, furlongs in the King stand this time last year. And it’s looking like it might be a little bit more of a test this time round. Um, but potassium is just about the most exciting horse I’ve seen in the last two or three years, um, in terms of absolute raw speed.

So it should be a really interesting. So then between those two, I’m looking forward to that race. And I do give infamous a little bit of a, of a chance to get into the number there. My thought was to play around exact and Trifacta is with impairments with mainly the big two in the market. You mentioned Maven.

I think he certainly live hard to imagine them passing up. What would have been an odds on chance in the Treemont on a Belmont weekend to go run there if they weren’t pretty confident. And also there’s this aspect of trying to market American Pharaoh as a stallion to the world. I would definitely think Maven would be live, but certainly not unbeatable and certainly not crazy to oppose, especially if you got a nice, if you were able to lock in a nice number in the Norfolk.

Yeah, yeah. That that’s, that’s an encouraging take on things that I’ve I’ve well, hopefully I haven’t missed anything obvious there, obviously. And also it may have been coming across the Atlantic to run a roll ASCA. They clearly think plenty of, and they’re not going to do that likely. Um, but I think he’s going to have to be, uh, an above average, well, above average and the holes for this.

Great. If Sunday sovereign delivers is I hope. I like it. And again, no reason U S players can’t be looking at exact as they are pick the one you want and bet that one to win and then maybe cover the other way in a one-way exact that to at least get your stake back, if not have a decent score, it does seem like on the ward team, Naya, Beth and Kamari do sound like the top two.

And that seems to be the way that you’ve, that you’ve waited up as well. When you’re looking at the USA form, what data are you looking at to help make your determination Simon? Or are you making your own numbers? I’m partly making my own numbers, but, um, about 10 years ago, I automated all assessments of North American form.

Uh, the U S and Canada. Uh, we were, uh, time for them was delivered data by Equibase back then to help get going. What was ultimately became time from when you asked now, I don’t have anything to do with time from us any longer, but we still have a database which has populated re results and populated with assessments of form.

So, um, I do go in and have a, particularly at this time of the year, have a good rummage around, try and do some time comparisons and things like that. Um, and try and get a filter. How much, these, these two-year-olds in particular have achieved so far and I’m hoping I’m not too far out. Certainly when I have Beth, I must’ve met Kamari is a horse.

It not come on my radar at all until quite recently, but I, I thought she looked pretty good on paper as well. Time was good. The workouts have been good. I’m very curious to see how they run. One more general form study question for you before I let you go. We’ll have you back at some point to do a detailed discussion of sectionals.

Maybe that’s actually geared at bridging the gap between the audience over there and the audience over here, but for now, I just want a sense for somebody who studies the form like you do, of what your process is, what, what data are you looking at? What are you looking at first when you analyze a race and sort of walk us through how you come up with the horses that you want to bet and tip?

Uh, what I would say is that I probably do more post race analysis than almost anybody alive. Um, and some people can’t see the point of that in a way, but I think you have to have you can’t, you can’t tackle every race from a standing start. Really. So I’m looking at crunching sectionals, which in Britain quite often means having to take your own from a video analysis.

So you put into software, slow it down, take sectionals. Um, and things like that. And so I have a, I hope I have a really good handle on what horses have achieved in the past. Then you see what they’re running in and then, you know, a couple of days time or something like that, but that’s really my starting point.

So form ratings and sectionals, then everything else can, you know, come into play like the effect of the drawer, the current form of a trainer, um, likelihood of staying or not staying and things like that. It all goes together ultimately to try and come up with an online. And if I feel that’s, um, the ultimate and offered by the bookmakers are outline with what I think I was going to say, I’ll have it that, but more probably I’ll have another look and convince myself I haven’t got it wrong because sometimes that’s the case.

I have a couple of followups on that. One is I think you’re a great person to ask this question. I’ve never actually asked anybody before the validity of form ratings versus time ratings. Some listeners might not realize that a lot of the speed figures you see in the USA on turf, their speed figures, but they really do have a form rating component over there where you’re looking at separate numbers that are form ratings versus time ratings.

How useful do you find the form ratings versus the more numerical based figures. Right. Well, outside form ratings, a very numerical, I suddenly the way I look at them and, you know, some kind of algorithmic approach in the first place, but, uh, all other things being equal form ratings are more useful. It’s just that in certain circumstances, time ratings, absolutely Trump fat.

Um, when, when a time rating tells you that, Oh, this is good and that might not be apparent otherwise. And there’s no doubt about that matter then that is really powerful information. So I’d say maybe 70% of the time form ratings are what guide me, you know, Jose has beaten horse B. Um, I’m not saying that I would take that blindly, um, particularly with sectionals and, but every now and then a little bit more often that the time itself will tell you such as we have something sovereign that, uh, a horse running in a fairly difficult to assess race has run a really quick time.

And the, the good thing in this part of the world, not in the us, I suspect is that quite a lot of people don’t pay a lot of attention to that and they should. So, um, I think the time takeaway are the real golden nuggets, but the. Um, form ratings are more my bread and butter. That’s a great point. Cause when I’m talking about the USA turf speed figures, those are often made projected if you will, based on the class of the race, but the form ratings that you’re talking about that really are numerical it’s based off of if correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s very strictly based off of who beat whom and a mathematical formula derived from that.

Yeah. Um, and in a way you, you have inputs, you have the horses, previous achievements, you have an understanding of what a race will normally produce, and then you have the result itself and you can run numbers, algorithms against that and come up with the likeliest, um, true assessment of that race after the events, I would say that there’s less of an edge in that than there is in time analysis and particularly in sectional analysis, but you still need for me anyway, to have that framework in place and understanding of what has been achieved.

One holds against the mother and, um, then build. Things on top of that, really? It wouldn’t surprise me if it was the reverse here with the market, responding so much to the speed figures that if you were to derive your own proprietary form rate, actual form ratings, based on who beat whom here, you might be able to find an edge and find some horses that were, that were overvalued, particularly because the dynamics of turf racing can make it so tricky to make accurate speed figures.

It’s a definitely a conversation worthy of pursuing further at another time. But I have one last one for you. You talked about all the post race analysis that you do that is in pieces. You write that are, but in punting terms, how do you keep track of your notes? I mean, you’re not just going back and looking at the actual pieces you wrote every time.

Do you have some sort of database to help you manage all that? I do. Um, I, to be honest, I often refer to, um, timeframes assessments. That horse is in the first place, and then I’ll build my own, uh, more nuanced views of things on top of that. But yeah, I refer to time form. I also have an it guy to knock up something which delivers, um, time figure assessments and sectional upgrades.

Um, as we call them over here, uh, to me on a, on a regular basis, So that I’m not having to, um, as you say, start again at each and every time that I, I look at, right? Simon, Roland. Thank you so much for joining us. One more. Shout out for his work, check it out. We’re going to be

I’ll tell you this folks. I don’t want to bet racing over there unless I read what Simon has to say about it. So check it out. It’s great stuff. And thank you for your time. No problem. Thanks. All right. With that, we’re on to Saturday and to talk about Saturday, bringing in another good friend, somebody I’ve had the chance to have many great days out at the racetrack with who has an impressive knowledge of both American and international form from his three decades in the bedding business though.

Now at least in theory, he’s retired. I’m talking about the wise old owl himself, Barry Faulkner. How are you? My man, I’m very well. And I know by that introduction, you’ve been talking to Richard param, former jockey. We should pay him cause she’s the one who gave me that nickname. I did have the pleasure of doing some.

It was before the turn of the year. So it was at the races, stateside coverage, not sky sports, racing, state sides, coverage, but I did, I did enjoy that. And I remember a certain pundit who won’t be named, uh, using the term with great respect after you got it all over him in the 2007 breeders’ cup turf.

Yeah, that was, um, yeah, I remember probably my finest hour, but that was mainly because of the, um, I need to use a rude word that the comments they made about my, my selection of English channel in the Buddhist cup. All right. Let’s talk about the, ask it meeting and going into Saturday. It’s it’s a marathon, not a sprint, this meat, and there’s still some opportunities, but on the last day, I’ve never done all five days.

This will be my first time. I’m relying on you buried it too. I want to, I want to get some ideas while my brain is still fresh before it turns into a sieve by Saturday. Let’s start off with the Chesham steaks. Did you have a view in here? Yeah.  because you wouldn’t have to go to roll day until 2012, because that was when this was extended to become a Royal day to celebrate the Queens, the golden Jubilee.

So that’s what made it the five day meets as opposed to the four day meet. So, you know, your stamina really has to kick in, as you said, um, named after the third Baron Cheshire who served as the last muster, the Queens book counts irrelevant. It’s interesting people, this race, it’s the longest juvenile race on the undercard on the whole meat.

Rather it’s restricted to juveniles fired by Stalins one going a mile and a quarter or further. So you looking at ones that are reasonably stoutly bred here, it is thought it was being sort of a bit of the lesser of the two load race, especially not really looking for the speedy types. They’ll go to the Coventry, but are a few here that look like the targeting rice low pay Fernandez, a comfortable when it was maiden over this trip over the seven felons two weeks ago, when he headed home a, an aid, no Brian one, two, three, uh, his, uh, basic, uh, form figure.

But given by the racing post looks competitive for this back race. It’s all for the want to greet grade two group two juvenile last year. And there are many positive comments on the other races, stable tour. So there’s a lot of positives for this fall. The problem is the next it’s going to be. There’s obviously no secrets here whatsoever.

It’s no blind horse. It’ll be. Sent over to know Brian Price further down with one Ella El Cano. Who’s a Frankel Colt out of a G bar. We met, he went to a class for novice race, a little allowance racy on the 7th of June at Hayden up his former fig from that, from the racing post. It’s not that far off the, the O’Brien horse.

Um, so wonderful. It’s another O’Brian runner, um, yet to win, but he’s posted a couple of useful, um, speed, speed figures, form figures, um, sorta will improve for this trip. And the last one is always called Albania, trained by Jesse Harrington, who you probably know from, uh, knows how to train a flat horse as well.

This one is, uh, from the now cause a family stable. I think they raised us as Flaxman holdings at this stage. I would probably, um, I have a little interest in one El CarNow that the Frankel co um, unless the loopy, if an unders, um, goes up as a working mom’s price, I love that term, a working man’s price, great stuff.

And those are certainly ones to think about in terms of the exact, as we’ve been talking a lot on the show about with the tote pool being co-mingled with Hong Kong, those pools are going to be robust. There could be some opportunities and hopefully you’ve set up off on the right path. We stay at seven furlongs for the Jersey stakes, but now we’re looking at three-year-olds anything strike your fancy here, Barry.

Well, it’s a cracking racist. One of my favorite racist of the meat that I sell them get right. Thanks for horses to try to get a mile in the 2000 guineas. Generally, it didn’t stay. In fact, the last seven winners of this all run the 2005 of them finishing the first three, but not last year is when an expert I, who was beaten 10th in the Guinness.

I kept trying to get a mild grade one out of a group one after him and the other couple of girls after this, uh, without success, or I think it’s the second and third in both. But then of course he won the Buddhist cup mile, uh, back in November. So, but they have a source. You’re looking for the ones who, um, look like they’re, um, they, they were running out of gas at the end, the, the last fill in beginners, which is run over a mile contenders.

I’ve got a few here again. We’ve got no confirmed interest here. So these are basically ones that look like the types that I think would go in one that looks like she’s certainly going. There is a whole score. That’s really cool. So perfect. And although a no Brian type, she would agree. Three group fit nasty.

Nice. Last time it was six, but she saw seven out. Well when losing us in the head, Bubba in a trial race for the 1000 Guinness, again, she’s a  price, but one interesting step for her. She’s by scat daddy. Now, Scott daddy has had 23 winners at the Royal ASCA meeting. Um, over the last five years, I think it is.

And 20 of them are finished in the first three, including eight. Including eight winners. So there’s a lot of, a lot of positives point to that. She’s affiliated on the boys. Um, the horses that fit the Guinness profile shine so brightly who led this stung side group for a long, long way and phased out a bit late on train by.

Um, embolding one of the horses that ran past him was a horse called King of change. Richard Hannon’s horse is he’s the highest rated horse in the race on the official handicap ratings over here. Another one is another hundred horse urban icon. Um, he was second, last time we listed the race it to attempt some, he run into Guinness, but did wrong well over this trip.

And that was on the 31st of May. And one last one, a horse called I am Superman was six in the Irish Guinness. And he’s the sort of put, come on. Um, again, I’d probably go with shine. So bright here. I think you said a pretty salty pace in the beginning. And, uh, he, the thought was that was a favored group, but I think it’s because he dragged them along a long way and he could well see out of the seven films.

I think we really appreciate the short list and the selection because it gives a lot of options for punters playing in the pools when you analyze a race like that, is that, does that, is that how you always did things or did your time in the States and experience with exotic bedding over here influence how you come up with your selections by this point?

Immensely. I mean, it cannot be overstated how much I spent four and a half years there. And I learned from Jim Quinn, recreational handicapping, and a cracking handicapper. His brother was the auditor at the company I worked at and I got to know him and went racing on a few occasions and I learned a heck of a lot from him.

And it really is a complete industry, changed the way I approached betting. Cool. All right. Let’s move on to the Hardwick steaks. This one, we actually have entries for some names that will be familiar. I believe to a USA ponders, at least once who follow the apples of the international scene. How do you see this one?

Well, it’s interesting because it’s got competing claims with the Prince of Wales, Texas effecting it. Um, because horses would be better suited at 1230 lungs are attracted to the grade one status of the Prince of Wales. So some of them are going though, and I think we should be coming here. Chris lotion, the classic example one this last year.

We’d probably be in it again. Don’t think he’ll win the, uh, the Prince of Wales, but he’s going there. NASA has an interesting one. Um, as of yesterday and this morning, I think, um, Uh, Charlie, after we hadn’t decided which, uh, racing here on massage in it, it’s not when he won the Derby last year and he’s not been seen out since then.

Um, but the water would be, he went for this one. It would be sort of a little wacky ambition because he would add to his resume if he won a 10 felon race at the top level. And not just Sanford, always, that’s a 10, that’s not just a group, one race, that’s a group one plus race. I said, it’s such a strong field in that race.

Uh, if he does run here, I wouldn’t be playing it because this is not his target. So I’d use my pumping pounds elsewhere of the others. You’ve got default defo got his grade one last time of the coronation cup attempt. Some everything seemed to fall into place their frame on that day. Um, and he stepped up significantly on his prior best.

Um, another horse interests me in a way, some sort of gay AF um, Heasley won a grade two at long shore in April. I got a pretty good speed figure and, um, uh, paid for, for that race. Then he finished third well guys to the pre I a grade one, which is a much better ratio sent up a ridiculously short price for me on that at that race at Tucson is a much better fit in this race and the principal.

I hope he goes here cause he’s the one I’m most interested in. Um, so Michael Stout. Uh, you will know over that cracking record basket, but I can’t really fathom the recent betting in street in his Miraj dancer. I think he needs a big step up on the other one is obviously always going to get an old blind horse in these races, Southern France.

It looks like being his one for this, but his last seven races, they’ve all been over longer trips. Uh, Brian is saying he’s showing more speed, which probably seems onto American is talking about Oscar a mile and half showing speed. But I dunno, he’s going to be able to get back in this race if he does go for it.

And again, I’ll look away and I’ll look at gay after I think we might get a prize. We’ve got USA form coming into play in the fourth race on Saturday, the diamond Jubilee steaks with bound for nowhere who ran well at ASCA last year and ran pretty darn well in the prep. Two, all things considered bound for nowhere.

Looking round abouts, a 12 to one, generally speaking at bookmakers. Now, presumably going to be a little bit shorter on the tote price with the American money in there. What is your view in this year’s diamond Jubilee? Well, I, I backed him last year, so I was gritting my teeth when he got done at the end.

And I think he’s got a cracking, my concern, not concerned. It’s just, I wish the American runners had flip-flopped in the sprints. I’d rather see. And for me in this race and I’m baffled no nowhere in the, the shorter sprint. I think Buffalo has kind of a cracking, uh, chance in, in the race. Um, He, so he was, uh, was he, was he third here last year with the city, like just had of him.

Um, and this is light is another one I think is that it’s got a cracking chest. The friendship is quite interesting cause they’re, they’re the sprinters. They were in the doldrums for many, many years. And they’ve now come up with a couple of pretty decent longs city lights and Inns of court, Inns of court, beat city lights on the first runs of a season into court then went on and won a grade two.

It Shaun T last time, uh, again, he love a good chance, but, uh, Betsy Marcus has taken it into account. And I think since lights got a little bit more improvement to come, he gets back to the level he was last year. It will be a real, uh, knocking chance in the race. So baffled was similar to my two against the field.

The market is headed by a horse called invisible army. Who’s come back very strongly. His trainer says he couldn’t be happier. And his charge is training. Savagely just mean he’s getting bitten every morning. He’s plenty short enough that fellow for me. So I said, well, since a lot will be my two against the front ones and they’d be the two I’d be featuring heavily in my, my exotics.

All right. We do not have full entries. I don’t think for either of the last two handicaps, the Woking them is the next one. And then the queen Alexandra. But, uh, you mentioned you might have had a quick thought about each one. We might as well. Uh, we might as well bring the lemon dry here. I’ll I’ll I’ll, I’ll show you some stats for this one, a 28 run, a handicap, and last year, the biggest betting plunger of the week, they hammered a horse called dream field into two to one favorite.

In a 20 year, they run a very, very combative handicap and they got nub late by horse called backers who returned. Yeah, but since 1874 only four horses have doubled up last time. It was in 97, 98. Um, but one of them was actually a horse called Wolk and believe it or not the racist name for a town there, ask it, um, give you an idea of the competitive lashes.

Exactly. 205 pounds, 64 pound steak and the trifecta 15,826 pounds the year before it was a tennis short of 20,000. So, um, I’m not sure how you would better go there. He went into the pools cause I know when I got involved in this project in the past that America, when he’s 20 plus fields, he was one to 19, we’re all individual betting slots.

And then 22, whatever number was became the field, which is an interesting. Back because they wouldn’t all be rags, outsiders, rags. We call them and it could include some reasonably fancy types. I mean, last year and all the combined prices of the field as it were, you would have ended up with a seven to four shots for, uh, 20 to 28 and a 64 shot the year before.

So keep an eye on that. If it’s being singly, um, look the price of the field because it should be around, uh, seven to four, nine to five shot. And if it’s anything better than that, I have a few Bob. Good, good tip. Yeah. I’m not sure what they are doing as far as that goes, if there’s going to be, but you’re right there, can’t be individual interests on the number of runners who are going to appear.

So that’s something to pay attention to the program on your ADW should show you what that’s going to be. And that’s an excellent math exercise right there. The going back to the, the, the, the release of content is difficult to have an opinion this far out the current favors favorites all around 14 to one best price leave.

These are the favorites. Remember Kate BARR and Tanzina Foxtrot lady and gunmetal of those, uh, Kate bar. And, um, would probably appreciate the likely easy, easy ground, but a lot of rain here this week, one of our neighbors is making an arc. I think we’ve had so much rain and it was the stable Roger Berry in the trailer is in rocking form.

So that would be the one. I wouldn’t put anyone off that one. The one for me, it’s a big price. The horse called spring loaded. He ran well in both big field, six foot long handicaps last year, this is one of the stewards cup at Goodwood. It found trouble in both which didn’t help his chances. He was finished closer clip for this a lot closer.

Um, it’s not surprising you hit trouble in fields like this. You will need to get every light on green coming through because he’s either late runner. He’s had two socks or so far, and is currently 33 to one in a couple of places. Twenty-five to one generally. And he’s had a couple of my pensions pounds on this morning.

All right. I like it. And, uh, and how are we going to close things out in the final race here of Royal Ascott? You said this is a handicap. It’s not a hundred percent conditions, race, condition, stakes. Um, But no entries out, no betting yet. I don’t think anybody wants to be picked off. So just some general guidelines.

I know you love children festival, which is our major jumps festival of the year. And you be looking at the trainers who are more likely to turn up there than here. Um, in the last, uh, the last four year old winner was Honolulu back in 2008, trained by Aiden O’Brien since then with a five-year-old two sixes, four, seven year olds and two nine-year-olds and the last two years, and one 12 year old, believe it or not, it was trained by Nikki handlers.

Who’s a, a, a Cheltonham festival champion in the past. Um, in the last five years, we’ve had a couple, uh, each for Irish maestros, Gordon, Elliot, Willie Mullins. So really looking at trainers here, uh, at this stage proceedings. And they saw them was with keeping on runners from the train of Mount Johnston, but it was the no interest, no betting.

So it’s difficult to know what’s going to go there. So this is, uh, a day of the race race for me. Makes perfect sense. And that’s still a good overview. Give some people some, some way in some stuff to look at. Barry, thank you so much for your time today, and we wish you a fun and profitable Royal ask at 2019.

Thank you very much. It’s been my pleasure. All right. So that’s the coverage of the five days, but next up, we’re going to button things up with another one of my favorite presenters. This one from our side of the pond, she’s going to be part of the NBC coverage of Royal Ascot, Brittany ERT, and welcome back to the podcast.

Hey, thank you for having me always a pleasure to meet you and you and talking all things racing. But this time, obviously internationally now, what is your experience with the Royal Ascott meeting? Have you been over there before? What’s been your experience watching from afar, et cetera. So I’ve always been fascinated by the Royal meeting and the tradition, obviously with the queen coming in the Royal carriage every single day, the fact that you can bet on which color hat she’s going to wear.

Um, so I always admired it from afar, but I was lucky enough to attend just as a patron. A few years ago, I went with a couple of my friends as a part of a little get together trip for our birthdays. We decided to go one day to where Alaska, and it was an unbelievable experience. And I went back as a patron again, a couple of years later and I actually covered it for the first time between TBG and, um, actually, uh, a local, uh, network racing TV, which used to be racing UK for worked with them for a couple of days, as well as TVG covering the event, which was just an unbelievable experience.

Just something I’ll never forget as it’s so different than anything else I’ve ever done. And that’s what I want to ask you about how different is your preparation when you’re covering a meeting, like ask it then the fine work you’re doing day in, day out, covering the USA stuff. Very different because these aren’t horses that I’m following every single day, much like state side, you kind of know the horses in the back of your mind, their past performances before you even get to a day, say like Belmont with the eight grade one.

So, so preparation for me, it’s a lot longer. Um, I spend a lot of time reading articles, leaning on people like Nick luck who, uh, follows these horses day in and day out to just kind of get a feel for. What’s the betting public leaning towards, um, the American horses going over. How are they going to spare?

I mean, the ground is soft right now. So that’s obviously something that you have to take into account, which we don’t normally take into account here, especially on the West coast. So from that standpoint, um, I very much so spend a lot more time, but the difference between say the NBC coverage versus working on rethink TV or NBC, it’s more about the stories and that’s really what you want to get across as the stories, the flavor, the fashion, it’s all about those five days and how remarkable they are as well as the racing at hand.

So luckily enough, I’m not handling the betting on NBC. That’ll all be Eddie old, Jack, Eddie who’s who’s terrific. And I’m curious to figure out what his data sources are going to be for a meeting like this. I imagine it’s going to be a lot of the anecdotal stuff. Like you said, you can get a lot out of the trainer quotes.

You can get a lot out of watching the videos, but it’ll be interesting to see how he tackles it from your point of view though, Brittany, what are the storylines you’re looking most forward to following this time around. Well for the Americans, of course, it’s all about Leslie ward. He was the pioneer coming over from America.

And now in its 10th year, he has 10 we’re Alaska winners, which is more than some of the most respectable trainers actually based in the UK. And this is something Wesley said before. He feels it is his strongest contingent. Um, but it might, it might well be a NY abbess I know is a horse that he’s really, really looking forward to.

I was so, um, taken by bound for nowhere’s race last year in the diamond Jubilee. We’ll see if he can do it once again and hopefully get the victory. So wisely war is always the story. Um, I also think for American fans seeing an American Pharaoh runner out there is huge. I know there’s a lot, um, of people looking forward to seeing Maven who scratched out of a stake race at Belmont park to run in England for Wesley ward.

So looking forward to that. So at least from the American standpoint, to me, those are really the big stories very much. So looking forward to seeing Preakness winning jockey, Tyler GAF, Leone as a part of it, um, two writers writing for Wesley ward alongside Johnny D. So that will be his first trip over. So from American standpoint, which is obviously the audience there’s a lot to talk about and a lot to cover.

So really, really looking forward to sharing some of those stories. May even in particular, I think is interesting. The fact that they decided not to go to Belmont and to go there just makes me think that had to be a pretty strategic decision. And the idea of helping American Pharaoh really gain a foothold in front of all those, uh, racing people in the UK and Ireland.

Obviously they all know who he is, but it doesn’t sound like he’s got quite the same buzz around him as a stallion over there that he does here yet. You imagine that could all change in a hurry with a big run. I got to think that, that he goes there with a very, very good chance. What are you hearing about, about him in terms of the specifics of, uh, of this race?

Well, I think that was the word. I’m not going to bring over a horse that he doesn’t think has a shot. He’s got plenty of two year olds. So the fact that he’d scratched the horse, particularly to run at Royal Ascot, so is everything that I really need to know. Um, and you’re right about showcasing the American.

Pharaoh’s obviously cool. More stands. American Pharaoh. In Kentucky, but they obviously well backed him in Europe as well. So Monica of Egypt was an American Pharaoh was really looking forward to seeing Ron, but I actually just read yesterday that he will not contest at rural Alaska, which is unfortunate.

Um, but if he can make a name for himself on an international stage, it says a lot, um, about American Pharaoh as a sire, both here and internationally. And I don’t think anybody will be surprised if he does well because early reports, just the two year olds that we’ve seen thus far, either racing or prepping to race have looked fantastic.

So, and have the same demeanor. Um, my father is lucky enough to have an American fair when he said that the demeanor is just so, um, in line with what you would expect from an American Pharaoh based off of what we knew about him when he was with Bob. Um, another exciting story I’m looking forward to is the King stamps stick, which is on the first day, you’re seeing the renewal between Batoche and blue point to have arguably the best sprinters in the world.

So we’ll see if they, uh, battle it out once again, if they’re both on their, a game that could lead to one of the most thrilling races of the entire five days, it’s a great clash. And I think infamous goes there with a chance for America as well off a couple of huge races, turf sprinting in America. I agree.

That’s one of the races I’m most looking forward to. I talked to so many HorsePlayers Brittany. Who say that, ask it is on their bucket list, racing fans as well. I’ll let you close with just a very simple one. You started to get at it a little bit earlier when I, when I brought you in, but what is it that makes this meat special?

What can people look forward to when they finally make the long way to trip over to the Royal beating? Well, I’m going to take a page out of Wellesley awards, but cause I asked them the same exact thing and I could not agree with him more. It’s the queen. She sets it apart from anything else. She loves these horses and to see her come every single day, uh, to watch these horses run.

And it’s a meeting that she is held for many, many years, it’s been around for centuries. And I, I have to say that seeing her come in and the carrot horse-drawn carriages with, um, other Royals, to me, that’s what makes the meeting. That’s why it’s special. The Queen’s there. It’s not like anything else. And it is fun to see the cheese into it, walking around the paddock with the program, like really paying attention.

She loves her racing as did her. I wouldn’t, she, she knows all of the horses too. You can see her when she stepped out of the care. She’s taking a look at every single one of those horses in the lineup. And undoubtedly, you know, that she knows every single one and I believe it. 90. How old is she now? 94 years old, 92 years old.

She still gets a board, her horse. So, um, if I could speak to anybody in this, uh, horse racing world and talk to them about their experiences, I would just love to sit down and have five minutes with her, but I doubt I’ll be ever so lucky. Hey, you never know. You never know. Stranger things have happened.

Racing brings people together from all different nationalities, et cetera. Tell us one more time where, uh, where NBC, which, and NBC networks you’re going to be on. And when, so folks can follow along at home and bet along as the festival continues. Absolutely where well, the first day is Tuesday, June 18th.

And for the first four days, coverage will be on NBCSN. 8:30 AM. Eastern time is when it begins. And then on Saturday, the final day of the world meeting coverage begins at 9:00 AM and it’ll be on, it’ll be on the main channel NBC. And thank you so much and have a great trip. I look forward to seeing you over there.

Thank you. Thank you very much. Thanks for having me and have a great day. That’s going to do it for the Royal ask at monster pod. So many people to thank well, thank JK and obsessed Shia. And then we’ll just take it from the top. Thank you. Nick luck, Vanessa. Ryle Emmett Kennedy, Kevin Blake, Simon Roland’s Barry Faulkner, and Brittany Earnin for your contributions to this show.

Boy, that was a lot of fun. Hopefully we gave out a bunch of winners. God speed. Next week at the Royal Ascott meeting, this show has been a production of in the money media in the money media’s business manager is drew Kotani I’m Peter Thomas foreign, a towel. May you win all your Royal Ascott photos. .

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