Benny Southstreet Trip Notes for Late P5 for opening day at Churchill Downs

@BSouthstreet is a man of his word! As promised…out of jail and back to America’s finest city, Benny went hard after this late P5 sequence at CD. Enjoy – and don’t be afraid to sign up for his free trips at Tomorrow’s bonus card is for Santa Anita’s late P5.

For now, we have Benny by the short hairs, and God willing, he’ll keep making bad decisions. If I have to keep bailing him out we’ll have loads of great trips for life!!! -PTF

Gulfstream Park


Late P5 Trips

Race 7


1 – Golden Star Lady

Trip Note:  Away clean. Tracked a 3 prong duel from the 4 path early. Top four clear by several.  Stuck wide through the turn & no shot with this trip. Coasted in. Excused.

Race Note:  Pace was very fast. Closers dominated. Show horse best.

Track Bias:  No note.

2 – Skinny Dip


Trip Note: Off inward & 1 length slow after brushing gate. 5W BS. Early contest 4W throughout turn. 4 prong duel. No real shot with this trip. Ridden in lane despite fade.

Race Note: Winner went wire to wire from rail.  Place horse great trip after stalking.

3 – Majestic Blend


Trip Note: Away clean. When Gamine passed this one she became green & lugged out early BS. Cocked her head right & trying see other horses. Green rest of way. This was strong race despite just 4 runners. More here.

Race Note:  Baffert runs 1-2. Gamine next out wins strong Allowance race at Oaklawn.

4 – April in Paris


5 – Say Moi


Trip Note: Slight leap from start. This one made huge move to push 3-5* Chad Brown runner after a slight poor start. Tried hard.  More here & a very, very good run.

Race Note: Looks like strong race. Fast early & late. Very fast pace w/ top 3 about 4-5 lengths clear of others.  Was one of only 2 others in race that were not overlaid. Hammered Chad Brown runner wins at 3-5*.

6 – Tormenta


Trip Note: Pinballed from inside foe early. Last.  Made up some ground through far turn, looking to ease out at TOS. Opted for rail rally and nice kick lane.

Race Note:  Two duelers throughout finished 1-2.

7 – Mystic Miss


Trip Note: Away quick & clean. Rated well at inside. Got pushed into an early move and ended up clearing going into FT.  Ran fine but beat by early mover.

Race Note:  Winner was early mover that earned a clear stalk. Winner hammered at windows.

8 – Saintsation


Trip Note: Mild bump from gate. Midpack early, resenting throwback. Moved widest down BS. 4-5-6-7-8W through turn & into lane. 10W in stretch. Excused.

Race Note:  Very talented Bob Baffert runner wins by a pole without taking a deep breath.

Track Bias:  Race 1-4, no bias.  Races 5-10 strong front running, strong inside.

9 – Rocks That I Got


10 – Offering


Trip Note: Off ½ slow, bumped. Back to last. Despised throwback & climbing badly. Moved to rail for clear air.  Blast-off!!!  Big move, passing several. Pause early on far turn behind wall of three.  Eased around and then shaving a bit.  Good run into and through lane.  Hidden trouble everywhere.  Absolutely follow!

Race Note:  Bob Baffert runner wins at 1-1*.

11 – Bernadette the Jet


Trip Note: Away quick & clean. 5 across duel early. Slight pause & shuffle into FT.  Hard ask to hold spot & avoid another shuffle.  Success.  Rallied BTW and then a very good run in lane.  BTL.

Race Note:  Outside dueler & 5 time winner gains huge lead, doesn’t back up and place horse runs away from pack to try and catch her.

12 – Stonewood


Trip Note:  Broke well & quick. Cleared easy. What you see is what you get here.  Was quick and tried hard.   

Race Note: Pace seemed quick. Winner from well back.  4-5* for Chad Brown slow early, flew late but was off board.  Winner was bet hard right into Chad Brown runner.

Race 8

1 – Bama Breeze


Trip Note: Away clean. Pace fast early & field strung out. Saved ground throughout. On hold in FT hunting for a spot. To rail and spurted through, then around but decided to split. Switched leads twice while zig zagging. Ears forward at wire and huuuuuge gallop out. Impressive despite pace backing up.  Definitely more here.

Race Note:

2 – Hellofhighwater

Trip note not applicable.  Long layoff.

3 – Mind the Gap

Trip note not applicable.  Long layoff.

4 – Tankerville

Trip note not applicable.  Shipper from Ireland.

5 – Danny California

Trip note not applicable.  No recent turf start.

6 – Labeq

Trip note not applicable.  Long layoff.

7 – Limnery


Trip Note: Away well & clean. 3-2W 1st turn. 3W BS.  Moved when far turn arrived with visually very impressive brush. Leader kicked with this one in lane. Outrun in lane by chalk but nice run.

Race Note:  6-5* goes wire to wire and posts impressive speed figure.

Track bias:  Rails at 9 feet favored speed a bit.

8 – El Ahijado

Trip note not applicable.  No recent turf start.

9 – Motagally

Trip note not applicable.  No turf starts.

10 – Sea of Hope

Trip note not applicable.  Long layoff.

11 – Uncapped


Trip Note:  Away well & clean.  Clear stalk throughout on leader’s outside and no ability to stay with leader. Backed up some in lane. Eh.

Race Note:  1-2-3-4-5 early finished 1-4-2-5-3.  Speed dominated and top 3 all saved ground throughout.

Track Bias:  Rails at 0 feet helped speed and rail runners.  Closers big disadvantage.

12 – Clear for Action


Trip Note:  Broke well & to lead. Mild contest on BS & engaged early in turn. Decent resistance but caved in lane, winning all the bob for show money.

Race Note:  Rail at 27 feet gave a late running lean.  Winner from last.

Race 9

1 – Patrol


Trip Note:  Away well & clean. No ask and sat a loose pocket down BS and through midway point of far turn.  Leader spurted away and deep closer got first run on this one while waiting his turn. A very professional fight through lane to split and get win. Very nice debut.

Race Note: N/A

2 – Adhhar


Misc. Note:  Was a VET scratch on 4-19.

Trip Note:  Away fine.  Stuck wide through the first turn.  Looked loaded down the backstretch while wide. Patient ride. Was passing foes with 4-5-6W wide trip when this one wanted to stay in despite jockey correctly guiding and sticking him left handed.  Finally switched leads and leveled late.  Excused.

Race Note:  Winner DQ’d.

Track Bias:  Mild – Strong late running.

3 – News Flash

Trip note not applicable.  Long layoff.

4 – Yamano Maker (JPN)

Trip note not applicable.  Long layoff.

5 – Royal Commission


Trip Note:  Away well & clean.  Outquicked early and midpack with open air in front. 5W BS and 4-5W through turn. 6W entering lane & ridden hard through lane.  Eh.

Race Note:  Winner was 1-1* that went wire to wire from the rail.  Deep closers rand 2nd and 3rd after closing up inside.

Track Bias:  Sprints – no bias.  Routes – strong late running and middle of track.

6 – Sacred Oath


Trip Note:  Away OK & then bumped. Cost some positions. Near back & on hold while wide BS.  4W into far turn and eased 4-5-6-7+ wide entering the stretch. Leveled out well and was running best the last 1/8.

Race Note:  Sacred Oath was bet well.  Pace was fast.  9-5* for “hot” barn wins while stalking lead. 

Track Bias:  None.

7 – Going With Style

Trip note not applicable.  Long layoff.

8 – Hersh


Trip Note:  Away fine & clean.  Found great spot into first turn with open air all around. Maintained great trip throughout & simply outrun. Eh. Needs lesser.

Race Note:  Winner was Baffert runner who was bet hard at windows. Baffert “hot” right now.

Track Bias:  None.

9 – Box of Chocolates


Trip Note:  Away ½ length slow but clean. Uneventful trip down BS. Pace seemed slower for these & compact field up front. Open air middle turn and nice slingshot off turn to widest path.  Good stretch run but nobody backing up.

Race Note:  Slower than normal pace resulted in 4 horse battle for win.

Track Bias: None.

10 – Saratogian


Misc. Note:  Was likely used as a filler for Division 2 of Arkansas Derby.

Trip Note:  Away well & clean.  Stalked lead from outside from 4 path. 4W entering and through far turn. Tough trip with the bias. Excused, but a few others were wider and better.

Race Note:  Pletcher wins clear with rail runner that was nibbled at consistently and hard ridden early.

Track Bias:  Strong inside.

11 – Smile Bryan

Trip note not applicable.  Long layoff.

12 – Admire


Trip Note:  Away fine & clean. Nibbled for speed and made top – only to concede lead and then slightly pulling. Crap ride. Loose pocket down BS.  Maintained rail position but when leader picked up the pace this one couldn’t stay with him. Brief spurt midway on the FT and then packed it in.

Race Note:  Pletcher runner goes wire to wire easily.

Race 10

1 – Mo City


Trip Note:  Away fine & clean.  Landed in a great spot following a contested pace. Open air and clear of 4th horse.  Asked  a bit into far turn and shoved on through turn. Puzzling run.  Would have thought would have been better.  Hated AQU?

Race Note:  Pace was contested and closers ran 1-2-3.

Track Bias:  None.

2 – Portrait


Trip Note:  Away fine & clean.  Stuck 3W into and through 1st turn. Pace seemed measured and field was compact.  Spurt into far turn after 3-4W BS – earned clear shot at lone speed.  Engaged easily.  Won this battle and kicked away from this one but tagged on wire by stretch runner. 

Race Note: Winner came out of this one and ran good 2nd in G3 Honeybee.  3rd place finisher has run twice since this race and both good 2nds vs similar competition.

3 – Blood Curdling

Trip note not applicable.  Long layoff.

4 – Joysome

Trip note not applicable.  Long layoff.

5 – Miss T Too


Trip Note:  Away well and clean. Made the top & contested early. Easily won that contest and opened up.  Hard try through the lane.  Good win considering flow.

Race Note:  Place horse had perfect trip stalking early with plenty of open air.  Should have won but jockey was pitiful and he couldn’t get horse leveled and running straight.  3rd and 4th place finishers were deep closers.

6 – Long Point Beach


Trip Note:  Away fine & clean.  Made the top on measured pace.  Just kept going.  Looked dead at the top of the lane but kept grinding for win. Race had a merry-g-round feel.  Eh.

Race Note:  4-5* for Claudio off board.  1-2-3-4 early finished 1-3-2-4.

7 – Sconsin


Trip Note:  Away well & clean. Bad spot throughout, in BTW and hooked with 2 other foes while 2 clear.  Stalker outside right on by, by many.  This one ran fine and trip wasn’t good, but same could be said for another speed that dueled and was stuck 3W in the duel – and they finished very close at the finish.

Race Note:  Hooked duelers were sitting ducks for outside stalker.

8 – Four Graces


Trip Note:  Away fine & clean.  Decent spot tracking outside early. Earned tracking spot late BS. Was all in by midway point of turn & passed on both sides.  This was a disappointing effort after a promising debut.  Bounced?

Race Note:  Pace was fast.  Early leader backed into winner after tiring. Place horse was best.

9 – French Rose


Trip Note:  Away well and clean.  Literally 5 horses across in an eye ball duel after ¼.  Assumed control heading into FT.  Won race but overall a good trip from Anita’s best rider.

Race Note:  Field was very compact early.  Place horse likely best.

10 – Myeerah


Trip Note: N/A as raced on synthetic

11 – Aurelia Garland

Trip note not applicable.  Long layoff.

12 – Gone Glimmering

Trip note not applicable.  Long layoff.


1 – Bayerly Seen

Trip Note:  Away well and clean. Found a good enough spot early.  When turn arrived this one became flat.  Strange.  Was not expecting this effort.  Trip wise I didn’t see anything that would have given this one an excuse.  Will need a reversal in form.  Rest and new trainer?

Race Note:  Rails at 8 feet. Pace very fast.  Closers a huge advantage.  Top four finishers in this race all saved a ton of ground in turn.

3 – Call On Mischief

Trip Note:  Bumped at break but no big deal. Good speed and settled in dream spot at rail. Saved ground through turn and slightest of pauses.  Again – no big deal. Horse in front of this one eased out in lane and Moses parted the Red Sea at the rail. Nice finish at rail but not many trips better than this one.  Eh.

Race Note:  Rails at 8 feet. Pace very fast.  Closers a huge advantage.  Top four finishers in this race all saved a ton of ground in turn.

4 – Karak

Trip Note:  Away fine and clean.  Was in a good enough spot early, the only problem was the pace.  This one slightly paused into the far turn, went around a stalker and remained 3W through turn. Up to compete for lead at TOS.  Chasing hot fractions took toll on this one.  Didn’t switch leads until inside 1/8 pole…likely from fatigue.  Excused.

Race Note:  Pace was hot.  Closers had a huge advantage.  Could argue 5th place finisher was best.

5 – Ilchester Cheetah                  

Trip note not applicable.  No turf sprints.

Track Bias on 2-21-20 was strong front running & strong inside.

9 – Bredenbury

Trip Note:  Away well and clean. Good speed for lead and rated kindly.  Good trip up front and it showed, kicking clear at TOS, only to get run over by eventual G3 winner Outburst.  Like the way this one moves, just uncertain about the sprint game as she’ll likely need to pass.

Race Note:  Winner is now 4-3-1-0 and a Graded stakes winner.

10 – Fly So Pretty

Trip Note:  Broke outward and bumped. Pause. To last.  Held up at the back. Saved ground the whole way and perfect slingshot off turn to go around tiring horses.  Over the top for the win.  This was a very, very good trip.

Race Note:  Pace was hot.  Closers had a huge advantage.  Could argue 5th place finisher was best.

11 – Chili Petin

Trip Note:  N/A

Race Note:  Pace was a dawdle.

Track Bias:  None.

12 –  Monedas de Oro

Trip note not applicable.  No turf sprints.

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