Benny Southstreet’s trip notes for late Pick 5 at Gulfstream

@BSouthstreet is at it again, this time posting notes for every applicable runner at Gulfstream for today’s late Pick 5 sequence. We’re also hearing rumors of Benny’s own site ( dedicated to trip notes coming soon to a website near you. You might want to give him a follow to stay in the know, but for now the ‘In The Money’ crew we’ll be posting selected Pick 5 trip notes for a while. FACT: Benny got arrested again and needed YET ANOTHER bailout from his loyal pal, PTF. The latest “bailout” for Benny has left him in debt which he’ll be paying off through writing some trip notes for us! This is a great story for another time, but for now, take it away Benny!

Gulfstream Park


Late P5 Trips

Race 7

1 – Ohmymy


Trip Note:  Away well and clean. Trouble early in turn was next to nothing. Slightest pause and to rail. Saved ground throughout. Pretty much all in by midway in far turn.  Never even got past stopping tracker.

Race Note:  Winner went wire to wire while clear 1 ½ lengths until entering far turn. Asked and adios!  Tracker had 4+ lengths on rest of field.

2 – Lil Bit Dangerous

No applicable notes.  Hasn’t raced in 9 months.

3 – Angelic Knugget


Trip Note:  Away clean. Clean backstretch. 4-3W through turn. Looked to have a little run through turn but flattened into and through lane. Left handed whips caused a lugout and mild bumps which meant nothing. Was already defeated.

Race Note:  Winner was 30-1 surprise that wired field. Top three finishers all saved ground through far turn.

4 – Paola’s Team


Trip Note:  Popped and then bobbled after one stride.  Costly. Lost momentum immediately.  To rail BS and then out and around favorite that was stalking 4 length runoff. Stalker moved with this one and pushed her 3W into the far turn.  Was asked hard midway in turn but was being outrun. Drifted wide late in turn b.c she was tired. Not persevered with in lane.  Excused.

Race Note:  90-1 leader early by 3 lengths.  9-5* for Barboza holds off stretch runners.

5 – Elite Appeal


Trip Note:  Away well.  Clean.  Earned a great spot early into the clubhouse turn. Loose pocket throughout.  Vintage Paco pushed his way out entering the TOS and clear shot through lane. No impression on wire to wire winner.  This was a perfect trip.

Race Note:  Winner went wire to wine on great lone speed trip.             

6 – Strella’s War


Trip Note:  Off a touch slow and then pinched.  Back to last. A touch a eager and so jock moved 3W into and throughout first turn. Horse wanting to “go.”  Jock trying to rate.  3W BS and into far turn.  Was always dragging jock around course. Nice move through far turn while 3W. 4W at TOS. Even lane.  Absolutely excused.  Could argue was best.

Race Note:  Winner never left fence and amazing turf trip from underrated, hot trainer. Place horse was stalker.  Show finisher saved ground and never threatened.

7 – Onezy’s Dream


Trip Note:  Away well.  Clean.  Nibbled at to avoid in BTW spot early and throughout far turn.  Ran evenly for last 3/8.  While saving pretty good ground. 

Race Note:  Winner was 30-1 surprise that wired field. Top three finishers all saved ground through far turn.

8 – Spiced Rum Punch


Trip Note:  Broke best and clean. Straight to lead. Contested by 1-2* from midway point of first turn.  Was asked to keep up with contester late on BS and pretty much done by early in far turn. Jock conceded lead and even dragged back a bit to keep this one safe.  Coasted in from the midway point on the turn to the wire.  She is quick but will need to show more fight for longer.

9 – Abarrio Forever


Misc. Note:  Interesting that this one landed in a sprint that was meant for turf on a day when they had the same class going 8F.  Connections might lean towards this one running shorter.

Trip Note:  Away a hair slow and then outward.  To last early. Reserved at rear.  2-3 entering and early in far turn. Began making up ground.  Moved 3-4-5W in middle of turn and into stretch.  Pushed outward by inside foe.  6-7-8-9-10+ wide through lane.  Obviously no chance with this trip.

Race Note:  Winner was 30-1 surprise that wired field. Top three finishers all saved ground through far turn.

10 – Time to Two Step


Trip Note:  Was off slow.  Last. Quickly recovered and searching for a spot.  Landed in BTW and was keen to get through. Success.  Earned the third spot while pulling.  Jock accommodated and this one took aim at leader.  Leader drifted out nearing TOS and this one aimed inside but just got a bit tired, although strong enough to hold place money.  Big run after the start.  Absolutely worth following.

Race Note:  Winner went wire to wire for 9-5* bet down for Barboza.

Race 8

1 – Lovely Lady Lexi


Trip Note:  Away fine.  Clean.  Had good trip down the BS while eyeing a mild contest of two.  Was by herself most of BS.  Back markers moved in by far turn and briefly in BTW but spurted away from those easily and moved 3W towards leader easily.  Cruised by leader under hand urging.

Race Note:  4/5* was a very distant 4th.

2 – Solid as a Rock


Misc Note:  Winner came back to beat 40k SAW foes by 6 lengths at 1-5*.  Place horse came back to win an optional 75C N1X by 6 lengths.  Fourth place finisher came back to run 2nd with big figure in optional 75C N1X.  Last place finisher came back to beat 25C N2L by 3 ¾ lengths.

Trip Note:  Away well.  Clean.  Contested leader and eventual winner from outside position down BS.  Was all in by midway of far turn but hung on well enough.

Race Note:  Coming out of live heat.

3 – Go Gator Girl Go


Trip Note:  Broke a touch outward but no big deal.  Outquicked early.  Big throwback and jock opted for wide path throughout.  4-5-6W throughout.

Race Note:  1-2-3-4 early finished 1-2-4-3.

4 – Customerexperience


Trip Note:  Average break and immediately outquicked.  Searched for open air down the backstretch.  Moved 4-5W.  Dove into the far turn looking to shave.  Mildly resented the throwback.  Saved ground from here to wire.  Hard ridden all the way to the wire.

Race Note:  Saffie won with his other runner.  Viewing how this run was asked all the way to wire after being well beaten, there is a good chance this one wasn’t well meant and needed the race, hence the hard ask through the lane.  Hmmmm.

5 – Royal Mistress


Trip Note:  Was off 1 length slow.  Recovered on her own.  Nibbled to hold rail spot from outside foe into far turn.  Eased off of rail on the midway point of the turn.  2-3-4W into lane with a clear shot.  Was running well through the lane.

Race Note:  1-2-3-4 early finished 1-2-4-3.

6 – Dancing Destroyer


Trip Note:  Broke fine.  Asked for speed. Was stalking a clearly quicker leader while being nibbled at.  Was trying to hold stalking position midway on the turn but outrun by an outside foe for that spot.  In 3rd now and to rail.  Was pretty much ridden in spots throughout.  Good stretch run trying to get to wire to wire winner, reclaiming place money.  Tried hard.

Race Note:  1-2-3-4 early finished 1-2-4-3.

7 – Bibiana


Trip Note: Away just OK.  Moved outward and bumped.  Big recovery and brush out of in BTW position and steady, consistent gain on the leaders which were hooked and dueling.  Pulled her way to early contest of lead while 3-4W by midway point on the turn.  Pulled away.  Easy.

Race Note:  Saffie wins with 1-1* in a jog.

8 – Grey Jazmine


Trip Note:  Away well.  Clean.  Straight to lead and perfect lone speed trip throughout.  Challenged by 7-5* favorite in turn and easily pulled away…this was a very good trip.

Race Note:  Hot trainer scores with wire to wire winner.  Pace looked slow early and field was quite compact.

Race 9

1 – Desert General        


Trip Note:  Away well.  Clean.  Stalked a fast pace leader that was clear by 5 down BS. Had a 2 length advantage on rest of field. Nice spurt through turn to gain lead but stalled a bit once he made the lead. Engaged by 3-5* late in turn and had no answers.  Good trip and a good run also.

Race Note:  3-5* for McGoey that was dropping from 12.5C wins easy.  Show finisher was also a big dropper.  Might be a good race for the level.

2 – Sensational Ride


Trip Note:  Away well.  Clean.  Hooked up with an inside foe early and these two set impossible fractions.  Was all in by early in the far turn and closers moving past this one.  Was finally given his lungs back just outside the 1/16 pole.  Excused, but the other speed was better.

Race Note:  Closers ran 1-2-3-4.

3 – French Quarter


Misc. Note:  Was a vet scratch on 4-24 in a 12.5C.

Trip Note:  Was off 1 length slow.  Ridden for speed but didn’t make it in BTW and slight pausing early.  Recovery and passing foes while in BTW.  Dove to rail into far turn and made up ground. Behind leaders at rail.  Good move to pass and trying to get around leaders while 3W now.  Stalling.  Even in lane while tired and never switching leads.  This was a BTL effort.

4 – Mr. Creative


Trip Note:  Away fine.  Clean.  Allowed to settle near back of a strung out field.  Was wide throughout.  6-5W down BS. 5-6W through turn.  8-9-10 path in lane.  Didn’t see much running considering the flow of the race.  Yuck.

Race Note:  Top 3 early were last 3 home.  Closers dominated.

5 – Blakey


Trip Note:  Away OK. Clean.  Earned a clear stalk of the leader.  When pace began to pick up entering the far turn this one was asked to hold off an outside stalker that was taking away this one’s clear look at the top 2. Was outrun and lost the spot.  Back markers went by this one early in the turn.  Jock really pissed off and smacked this one hard right handed – almost like he thought he had more and the horse was not giving his all.  To rail last half of turn and coasted home from the top of the stretch, really dropping anchor the last 3/16.  Believe there is more here.

Race Note:  Winner and show horse best trips.  Place horse clearly best.

6 – Dakota’s Dude


No applicable notes.  No recent dirt starts.

7 – Cometin

No applicable notes.  11 month layoff.

8 – Royalston


Trip Note:  Away average but clean.  A decent enough stalking position early and gradually lost ground without apparent excuse.

9 – Pango


Trip Note:  Away well.  Clean.  Showed pretty good speed early.  Quick to find a terrible spot, in BTW and foes slightly ahead of this one on both sides.  Entering the far turn this one was shuffled pretty bad and ended up at the back of the pack.  Jock didn’t coasted in through the lane.  More here and BTL.

10 – So Long Chuck


Trip Note:  Broke through the gate and had to be corralled and brought back around gate.  Broke OK.  Was in front and ceded lead early.  Back around to stalk from outside spot.  Pace was very fast.  Engaged early longshot leader entering far turn and quickly by that one who finished last.  Unable to hold off the winner who spied this one throughout.  Ran pretty well through the lane given the pace.  Held off deep closer for show money.  BTL effort.

Race Note:  Pace was very fast and deep closers ran 2nd and 4th.  Saffie runner wins at 4-5*.  Was clearly 2nd best.

11 – Big Boy Bruno


Trip Note: Stumble and small bump away from the gate but it wasn’t a big deal at all.  Showed good speed and tracked hooked leaders down the BS from 3-4 path.  Fast pace took it’s toll and rider intentionally drifted wide late in turn and gave up.  Was allowed to jog the last ¼ mile and literally dropped anchor the last 1/8th.

Race Note:  Top 3 early were last 3 home.  Closers dominated.

Race 10

1 – Wanderlust


Misc. Note:  Was entered at MTO* runner in 5F turf sprint on 5-9.  Now stretching to 1 1/16??  This is a clear negative.

Trip Note:  Away fine.  Clean.  Showed good speed and tucked in nearest rail down BS.  Nibbled in spots to keep up.  Rail through turn and all the way home.  No apparent excuses and ridden until 1/16 pole.

Race Note:  2-1 favorite goes wire to wire easily after clear lead throughout.

2 – Pleasant Orb


Trip Note:  Away 1 length slow and bumped outward early. Ended up in a good spot down the BS. Field was compact early. Leaders were eye ball dueling and this one the outer most of three lapped trackers.  Earned great spot early in far turn, all by herself stalking duel. Asked late turn and hooked up with early speed horse from rail. These two fought through lane.  Good trip overall.  Average gallop out.

3 – Tonalist’s Shape


Trip Note:  Away fine.  Clean.  Stuck many wide throughout.  Impossible, impossible trip given track bias.  Brief spurt in far turn and wasn’t terrible in the lane despite a good view of the parking lot.  Absolutely follow.  Should have no problem getting this distance if given another chance.

Race Note:  Pace was slow and field compact.  Winner went wire to wire and has since come back to win a G3 event at Oaklawn while posting a 99 Beyer speed figure.

Track Bias:  Strong front running, dominant inside

4 – Money Never Sleeps


Trip Note:  Away well.  Clean.  Had a dream trip throughout, stalking a ¾ length stack of 4 runners down the BS.  At rail and saving ground.  Began easing off rail in turn as 1 by 1 the runners from the rail outward started fading.  Couldn’t have it any better.  Fired big shot through the lane as she should have.  This was a dream come true kind of trip.

Race Note:  Saffie runner and 2nd choice runs 2nd.

5 – Up in Smoke


Trip Note:  Sub par break but clean.  Resented throwback early.  Jock took this one to the middle of the track.  Was 4-5W down BS and 4-5-6W through turn.  Big run at speed and kept coming.  Wide run but a good trip overall as those in front backed up.

Race Note:  Pace was fast for these.

6 – Vigilantes Way


Trip Note:  Away well and clean.  Field was very compact and pace seemed slow. 6 of 7 runners withing 3 lengths down BS. Clear field heading into far turn and top 2 kicked away.  Game stretch run holding off 3-5*.  This was a great trip.

7 – Dream Marie


Trip Note:  Away OK. Slight pause early in first turn. No big deal.  Was stuck pretty wide through the first turn. In BTW, not a good spot and on the wider side BS.  Finally a glimpse of room and guided to rail in far turn.  This is where you wanted to be.  Rail for nearly the last ½ mile.  Ran OK but Tonalist’s Shape was better.

Race Note:  Pace was slow and field compact.  Winner went wire to wire and has since come back to win a G3 event at Oaklawn while posting a 99 Beyer speed figure.

Track Bias:  Strong front running, dominant inside

8 – Cheermeister

No applicable notes.  Has never raced on dirt.

Had a stake on 5-2-20 that was in her wheelhouse and on grass but opted to train instead and point here.

Race 11

1 – Swingin On a Star


Trip Note:  Broke just OK and outward.  Mild bump.  Decent speed and settled midpack.  Tough spot entering the far turn and mild shuffle.  Was a bit green through the turn.  Even stretch.  Would expect improvement.

Race Note:  Turf course looked like it had some give to it.  FTS for Zerpa barn gets bet solidly, pops gate and goes wire to wire outrunning 6-5* through lane.

2 – Mr Impressive


Misc. Note:  Was a vet scratch on March 11.

Trip Note:  Away fine.  Good speed early but in a box.  In between and foes all around.  Feel like this one could have gone faster if he wanted.  Steadied out of that hole when turned arrived, bumped a touch and shuffled some.  A below average run from here but given that this looks like a speed type we’ll give him a pass.

Race Note:  1-5* steadied in the turn, bolted and was basically eased to last.

3 – Nothin But Net


Trip Note:  Broke well and in the clear throughout.  Good spot BS, far turn and eased to a clear shot in stretch. Was never getting to winner.  This was a very good trip.

Race Note:  Turf course looked like it had some give to it.  FTS for Zerpa barn gets bet solidly, pops gate and goes wire to wire outrunning 6-5* through lane.

4 – Youreoutofcontrol


Trip Note:  Broke quick and outward.  Clean.  Was in a good spot early, falling into a tracking position and just started backing up for no apparent reason.

Race Note:  None.

5 – The Big Joker

No applicable notes.  Has not raced in nearly 30 months.

6 – Super Intense


Trip Note:  Broke 1 length slow and bumped soundly.  No real ask for speed but shores recovered well enough.  Made a nice split entering far turn and moved to rail.  Stalled from here and drifted wider late in turn.  Don’t think this one cared for the throwback at all….coasted in from the TOS.  Excused.  Has some speed.

7 – Awesome Enough


Misc. Note:  Has been a vet scratch twice now.  1-30-20 and 3-26-20. 

Trip Note:  Off 1 length slow and clearly last.  Quick.  Recovered under his own courage and began catching up almost immediately.  Had to pause briefly when rail runner was getting shuffled.  Around that one.  Knifed between horses and began chase of the early speed horses.  Eased out in turn and still gaining.  Flattened in the lane and was clearly tired, not switching leads and stalling.  Much more here.  Absolute follow.

Race Note:  Stalkers ran 1-2 and Saffie runner 2nd at 1-1*.

8 – Makinalegacy


Trip Note:  Broke below average and pause to last.  Asked and had to steady out of a tight spot entering first turn.  Reserved at rail from here until early in the far turn.  Made a good little spurt at fence, picking off some foes, but then stalled outside the 1/16 pole and began backing up.  Seems like a “tweener,” stuck in between being a late running sprinter but not quick enough to sprint.  Had some trouble and was BTL, just would like to see more quickness.

Race Note:  Turf course seemed to have some give in it.

9 – Maquiavelo


Trip Note:  Broke below average and bumped away from the gate.  Good run down the BS to get into the race and then dove nicely into the turn. Saved ground throughout the turn and rail stretch, pushing through a narrow hole to claim show money.  Overall I’d say the trip was pretty good.

Race Note:  Turf course looked like it had some give to it.  FTS for Zerpa barn gets bet solidly, pops gate and goes wire to wire outrunning 6-5* through lane.

10 – Mammoth


Trip Note:  Broke a joint last. Maybe 1.5 to 2 lengths slow.  Clean.  Quick.  Recovered well and into a contending spot down the BS.  Pace was fast with hooked duelers.  This one maybe as quick as leaders.  Began backing up early on the far turn but do believe there is more here in terms of quickness.  Worth following.

Race Note:  Pace was very fast early with hooked favorites 4-5 clear for most of race.  Winner was 6-5* for Brissete.

11 – Happy Danza


Trip Note:  Away fine.  Clean.  Good enough speed to track runners from the rail.  Saving ground through the turn and came to a stopper.  Pretty good pause.  Inside of that runner and clear shot from there.

Race Note:  Winner was 3-2* for Zerpa that easily cleared, went uncontested and wired field comfortably.

12 –  King of the North

No applicable notes.  Has never sprinted.  Has never run on turf.

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