Benny Southstreet’s trip notes for the Late P5 at Santa Anita

Some people don’t know this, but Benny’s nickname in high school was not
very complimentary after his team lost their final game, barely missing the
playoffs. Not surprising to most, and with his team’s hopes of a playoff run on the line, Benny demanded an audible be called and the pigskin thrown his way. The result? Benny slipped on his quick slant route and a pick six in the opposite direction. For the rest of his senior year, fellow
students, coaches and even teachers dubbed him, “Audible.”

Well, he’s called another one! Let’s hope this doesn’t end as badly. Benny
decided for an ‘only Santa Anita P5 day’ to be sure time wouldn’t be wasted on cards uncertain for surface changes.

When you see him at the track, be nice. Calling him “Audible”
could make for an ugly situation.

Here are the first two races of the sequence, with the remaining race to be found at 

Take it away, Benny….

Santa Anita


Late P5 Trips

Race 6

1 –  Hot Sean


Misc. Note:  Find it interesting that Baffert never tried this one at 6F – always 6.5F.  Did Bob think 6 was too short??

Trip Note:  Was away well and clean – then an outside foe came in and bumped this one 2 times.  Loss of momentum right from the stalls.  Hard to tell how much it cost this one, but for a horse shortening up and needing speed it wasn’t good.  Was inside, midpack and eyeing a fast pace with leader and contester 2-3 clear.  Hit the turn and asked to not lose touch.  Success.  Up rail and trying hard, eased out a touch outside the ⅛ pole for a clear shot at the leader.  Tagged him right on the wire.  

Race Note:  Pace was fast.  Leader tagged last jump by Bob Baffert runner.  Sadler had 2 in here, running 3rd and out.

Track Bias: None.

2 – Loud Mouth


Trip Note:  Away fine.  Outrun early and at rail throughout.  Uneventful trip.

Race Note:  Ran against one of the best distance runners at Los Al in Ballast Point.  Had no shot to win this race.  Race probably used as a prep to a “hopeful” Santa Anita meet.  1st time Los Al horses almost always improve there in the 2nd outing over the track.

Track Bias: None.

3 – St. Joe Bay


Trip Note:  Away clean but slightly below average.  Asked hard early.  Rosario shoving.  Decent spot BS. More asking entering far turn.  Around a stopper from rail, then back to rail.  Tough spot late in the turn in BTW and clumsy for a few strides but Rosario great hands. Cut to rail and stalled in the lane.

Race Note:  Only race in PP’s outside of CA. Sometimes less speed is shown in these efforts.

Track Bias:  Slight late running and outside track.

4 – Rowayton

Trip Note:  Away fine and clean.  Finally a race where the trip note line is accurate.  In a good enough spot down BS by himself and open air.  Eased 3-4-5W through turn and into lane.  Good run through stretch. Brilliant switch of leads by Rosario after Rowayton was on lead – using just whip and up and down rather than side to side. Amazing to watch.  Professional stretch. Can’t knock.

Race Note:  1-5* Shancelot tires late and gets beat after a below average start and going farther than he wants.

Track Bias:  The entire gambling world thought this day was strong outside and dead rail.  We don’t believe this was the case.  Chalk won all day long except for this race and those same horses were just drawn outside.  

5 – Tiger Dad

Trip Note: Uneventful trip. Speed to get lead and chalk right on top of this one throughout. Tried to leave Fashionably Fast early in the far turn but not able.  Didn’t run bad at all – just ran into a very sharp horse.

Race Note:  Pace was strong as was the finish.  Good race for Cal Breds routing (usually their weak spot).  Winner has won 6 in a row, 4 of those being Cal Bred Stakes.

Track Bias: None.

6 – Pepe Tono

Trip Note:  Entire field away clean. Another eventful trip, unfortunately. Rated near back on a relatively compact field.  Pace seemed normal.  Race was a merry go round.  Kershaw a real pro.

Race Note:  1-2-3-4 early finished 1-2-4-3.

Track Bias:  N/A

7 – Collusion Illusion

Trip Note:  Away fine and clean.  Rated behind 4 foes that were pressuring each other some early. Great spot easing around into the far turn.  By midway point of the turn this one had the leaders and only worry was from way back.  Nice kick in lane, especially the last 1/16 when Wrecking Crew looked to have a say.  Was pulling away very late.  This was a very good trip.

Race Note:  Pace was very fast.

Track Bias:  None.

Race 7

1 – Sweet Devil

No applicable note.  Has never raced on dirt.

2 – Last First Kiss


Trip Note:  Away well and clean. Pace seemed on the slower side and the field was compact.  Jock sat rail down BS and big brush for the lead late on far turn. Made the lead but the leader had more.  Hooked with this one for a good 3/16.  Tired and held well enough.  Was a good run.

Race Note:  2-1 second choice goes wire to wire and beats 2-5 Baffert runner.

Track Bias:  None.

4 – Regal Beauty

Trip Note:  Away fine and clean.  To the rail early and saved ground throughout.  Pace was on the slower side with top 2 dominating race.  No excuses while stalking at rail.

Race Note:  Baffert had 3 runners in her, only firing with Merneith who ran 2nd. Joint favorites at 6-5* both missed and winner was massive bomb.

Track Bias: N/A

5 – Madison Parc

No applicable note.  Never raced on dirt.

6 – Classy Ruler

Trip Note:  Away OK and clean.  Found a gap while a touch keen into first turn and took that gap to land outside and tracked top 3 while 3-4W through most of the first turn.  Allowed to relax down the BS and seemed to be in a good enough spot entering far turn.  2-3-4W in turn and given a clear shot in lane.  Called on but leaders kept going.  Jockey token ride late.

Race Note:  Baffert had 3 runners in her, only firing with Merneith who ran 2nd. Joint favorites at 6-5* both missed and winner was massive bomb.

7 – Full Eclipse

No applicable note.  Hasn’t routed on dirt in nearly 7 months.

8 – Saving Sophie

No applicable note.  Hasn’t routed on dirt in nearly 7 months.

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