Benny Southstreet’s trip notes for the Late Pick 5 at Churchill Downs on 6-6-20

OK – hopefully Benny isn’t losing it. His note in the 8th for Volatile is…well…a bit much, right? We shall see.

Stay safe everyone!

Churchill Downs


Late P5 Trips

Race 7

1 – Tipsy Gal


Trip Note:  Had a clear shot throughout and was 4W as PP’s suggest.  Was a good trip overall in what looks like a fast run race.

Race Note:  Top 2 early backed up in this one, leaving the horse in 3rd the best trip…and she took advantage – claiming lead and drawing away through the lane.  Winner was 4YO from Asmussen barn.

Bias: None.

2 – Kapiolani


Trip Note:  Nice stalking spot throughout.  Leader pulled away from this one early in the turn.

Race Note:  Winner was 18-1 FTS for McPeek.

Bias:  N/A

3 – Majestic Blend


Trip Note:  Mild pause early and a mild shuffle.  Intermittent pausing midway down BS.  This one has more speed then shows up.  Was willing. Jock stayed inside throughout and late on turn to midway point in the stretch this one wasn’t sure which direction to head – finally staying inside and moving past and then a nice split late.  Ran well and expecting a better ride today.  More speed than shows on paper.

Race Note:  Winner was 3-5* and a 2nd time starter from the Mott barn.

Bias:  N/A

4 – Extra Effort


Trip Note: Was making up huge ground on the BS and then the turn arrived.  Intimidated and took sharply. Lost ground readily and all the way to the back.  Jock gave up but this one came back on her own courage and while was in tight quarters early in the stretch.  BTL* effort.  Downgrade to 0-28 trainer today.

Race Note:  Pace was slow early.

Bias:  N/A

5 – America’s Surprise

No applicable note. Long layoff.

6 – Skinny Dip


Trip Note:  Off 1L slow and immediate recovery.  On hold at rail for way too long.  This one was on hold and readily losing ground until finally allowed to run.  Very good run once cut loose with a slingshot from the TOS to a wide path in the lane.  

Race Note: Winner was 3-5* and a 2nd time starter from the Mott barn.

Bias:  N/A

9 – It’s Mine


Trip Note:  Bumped hard inward from the gate.  Near the back.  Resented the sloppy throwback down the backstretch.  She wasn’t happy, holding her head high.  When she finally put her head down and started running through it she looked good, albeit with the track near the inside.  This was a BTL* effort and doesn’t show in the PP’s.

Race Note:  Winner was Baffert runner that was 4-5* and shows up today in the Santa Anita Oaks.

Bias:  Dominant inside.

Race 8

1 – Manny Wah


Trip Note:  Borke great and allowed to settle.  Found a great spot with plenty of open air all around.  Moved in while saving ground in turn, spying for a path for the drive, this one knifed to the rail and a good run in the stretch.  This was a very, very good trip.

Race Note:  Place horse was obviously best as was all but completely eliminated at teh start and flew down the stretch to claim second.

Bias:  None.

2 – Honest Mischief

No applicable note. Long layoff.

3 – Heartwood

No applicable note. Long layoff.

4 – Bobby’s Wicked One


Trip Note:  Up for lead early – always looked beaten.  Even when this one had the lead early, the horse to his outside was going much better while this one was being nudged some to maintain a lead.  May have needed race but will need a huge step-up and seems to need a clear advantage early.  When he doesn’t get it his own way he quits. badly.

Race Note:  Previous 2 races vs 3 horse horse fields were on dawdling paces and with the track.

Bias:  None.

5 – Seven Nation Army


Trip Note: Broke well and found perfect spot, stalking a 3-across eyeball duel of three bombs.  Was 4-5W on the stalk and easily up for the lead by late turn while ridden with confidence.  Did his job and got win but he should have from this perfect trip.

Race Note:  2nd, 3rd and 4th place finishers have all come back to run poor figs relative to this race.

Bias:  Slight front running.

6 – Volatile


Trip Note:  Wow.  Broke well and found a good enough spot, lapped on 2nd choice while on the outside.  These two eye balled each other until the TOS when this when absolutely took off when asked.  Destroyed field and jockey was very pleased with this one passing the finish – patting him and clearly very happy.  This is a very, very nice sprinter.  The next Mitole?

Race Note:  N/A

Bias:  None.

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