Best of ITM 2020

As 2020 comes to a close – thank goodness – we thought we’d curate some of our best evergreen content from the past year or so.  Hopefully, this comes in handy if you’ve got some vacation time to wrap up the year.  While we are certainly proud of all of our content produced throughout the year, the theme here involved helping you, the listener/reader, become a better horseplayer. Let us know if we missed any of your favorites!

Specific Wagering Strategies


Players’ Podcast: The Pick 5 – Chris Larmey talks with PTF about the Pick 5 and what he learned about the popular wager in conversation with horseplayer luminaries Maury Wolff, Marshall Gramm, Paul Matties, and Tommy “The Hammer” Massis.

How to Bet the Super High 5 with Mike Maloney – Listeners know Mike well and on this show he shared his approach when attacking the Super High 5.  According to Mike this is an under-appreciated wager but one that takes some definite strategy in order to be successful.

The Grand Slam – How to approach the Grand Slam; A multirace wager with a twist.

Horseplayer Spotlights


Sean Boarman – PTF sits down for an hour plus with pro player Sean Boarman to talk about constructing tickets, where he finds his edge, and the underrated importance of preserving capital.

Dave Gutfreund – Contest legend Dave Gutfreund joined PTF to talk about his win at Los Alamitos and to reflect on his time on the game.

Garett Skiba – PTF sits down with Garett Skiba to talk about his process, approach to tournaments, and his recent decision to back away almost entirely from horse racing. There is great stuff here for the experienced player and novice alike.



JK on Diversity in Today’s TDN – JK’s contribution to the TDN Diversity in Racing series.

How to Beat the Best in the World at the NHC with Minimal Work – Warning, this one is heavy on data.  Tony Zhou walks through some analysis of last year’s NHC results and provides some thoughts on strategy.

Finding Your Contest Sweet spot – Hall of Fame Handicapper, Chris Larmey explores which contest format might best suite your handicapping and betting approach.  It’s all about game selection.

Win odds using multi-race wager will pays – Eric Bialek gives you the key to unlocking imputed odds from available pools.

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JK + 1


JK + 1 – Episode 03 – Duke Matties, Professional Horseplayer – JK welcomed professional horseplayer Duke Matties. They dive into his 24 year horseplaying career, the day he retired from college, bowling, almost killing his brother, Vegas in the good ol’ days, rebates, DQs, a 100yr old women handing him his worst beat ever, and his epic run at the blackjack table!

JK + 1 – Ep 06 – Marshall Gramm – JK and Marshall talk about his start as an owner, the condition book, Warrior’s Charge, the claiming game, handicapping contests, takeout, betting Australia, needed changes in the game, and for the first time, his betting model. After digesting this one, it’s definitely worthwhile to check out Marshall’s second JK + 1 appearance where they discuss their successful BCBC performances.

JK + 1 – Ep 14 – Maggie Wolfendale – K and his fellow Fox Sports/NYRA compadre, Maggie Wolfendale, talk about her process,  her notes, trainers getting annoyed, Saratoga, horseback interviews, turf hoof, built downhill, horse memory, and more!

The Matt Bernier Show


Episode 9 – Matt looks at the five best Kentucky Derby fields of the past twenty years (by his estimation).

Talk Racing to Me


Aaron Gryder – Naomi covers a lot of ground with now retired (from US Racing) jockey, Aaron Gryder. He shares his experiences with Sunday Silence and his time learning from legendary handler Charlie Whittingham.

Kentucky Derby Futures with Ed DeRosa – Twinspires’ expert handicapper Ed DeRosa outlines his early 2021 Kentucky Derby interests, as well as how to find and compare value, and look ahead at what horses might come up in the other 4 Future Wagering pools.

Redboard Rewind


Mike Somich – A discussion about Keeneland, understanding what makes a real graded stakes race, and why sires matter more in two year old races.

Barry Meadow – Spencer and Barry discuss ways to improve your bankroll management, why watching all replays and knowing all the horses on your circuit can make your handicapping easier, and why having the fastest quarter in a turf sprint is a positive angle.

Andy Serling – Andy provides his thoughts on a new way to look at key races, a better way to use trainer stats, and why people who think the Remsen is a bad race are idiots.

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